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Product Description

The open design of the CS 2029 allows for great flexibility. After being submerged in ground water, it dries faster exposed to the air. Installing the CS 2029 is very easy. Simply secure the base to the vertical flow pipe with the supplied tie-wrap. The CS 2029 can be mounted anywhere in the sump well by utilizing the molded boss and screw hole on the upper rear of the base. The boss conforms to the holes found in standard pipe strapping and once attached to the CS 2029, it can be mounted on any material or the sump well cover itself. If the contact should ever need replacing, it simply pulls out from its housing without removing the anchored base. The swing-arm can also be removed from the base for cleaning and inspecting. It operates by air being captured in the air-lock float by rising water. The float forces the swing-arm to rotate counter clockwise, swinging a magnet secured on the other end, away from the reed switch contact that is mounted on the top of the base.

  • Very low maintenance
  • Form C relay
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to change contact
  • Trouble-free open design