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Product Description

All PowerWave transmitters, including the custom key rings, wristbands and pendants are designed for convenience and ease of operation. For example, each personal transmitter is water proof up to 60 ft. Also, each transmitter is powered by a long life, maintenance free, lithium battery. In a typical application, the capacity of the battery combined with the exclusive low current draw circuitry, allows for up to 100000 operating seconds. this means a battery life that will easily exceed 10 years and beyond. All PowerWave transmitters are encoded to one of 65000 unique key codes. This coding is done randomly unless otherwise specified. Each PowerWave single channel transmitter is versatile and can be use as a key ring or pendant with a custom necklace. (Sold separately.)

  • Waterproof up to 60 ft.
  • Encoded to one of 65000 unique codes
  • Single channel key ring
  • Custom cosmetic design
  • Low battery supervised on transmission