15dB RF Amplifier With Return Path
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Product Description

  • Ideal for modem and cable box applications
  • +15dB gain from 5-42MHz
  • 1dB insertion loss from 54-1000MHz
  • Includes power supply with coax connection
  • Features:
    • Works with existing amplifiers that have a passive return path
    • Easy to install
    • 15dB gain from 5-42MHz (return path)
    Customer Reviews:
    • Excellent results!
      I was having trouble with my VOIP cable phone. People on the other end of the phone would complain about static and brake up. Even though my cable modem and TV were working fine, my signal was 58 dBmV which is outside of what is considered acceptable. After hooking up the Channel Vision C-0300 Return Path RF Amplifier the signal improved to 44 dBmV! I'll have to update this post to verify that my phone problem went away. After one day there have been no complaints so far.

      Update: I have been using the Channel Vision C-0300 Return Path RF Amplifier for several weeks and it has fixed my VIOP issues. Hello cable phone, and goodbye Verizon. Snip snip. :)...more info