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Product Description

Protection of your network is a mission critical activity. Linksys builds powerful security into every product, to keep your wired and wireless networks safe. Linksys Small Business Series systems have advanced firewall, encryption and authentication features to protect you from network threats - threats that can seriously disrupt or damage your business by stealing your valuable data, slowing down your network and interfering with business-critical applications. Linksys' systems ensure maximum application availability enabling you to meet corporate governance and business continuance requirements. The Linksys Small Business Series is the affordable, reliable, high quality networking solution that helps you do business smarter. Secure and easy to install and maintain, it's built to grow with your business.The RVL200 features a Virtual Private Network (VPN) security engine that creates encrypted "SSL tunnels" through the Internet. The SSL VPN tunnels enable remote users from at home, or on the road to easily, and securely connect to the office network through a typical wired or wireless broadband connection. When used with the RV016 or other Linksys VPN router, "IPSec branch-to-branch" connections can be established allowing users in a remote office to connect to the corporate network. The RVL200 features a built-in 4-port full-duplex 10/100 Ethernet switch to connect four PCs directly, or additional switches. As an essential element of your business, this product provides security functions for authentication and encryption. Linksys' proven SPI Firewall is integrated into the gateway providing security from outside threats. The QoS features provide consistent voice and video quality throughout your business.

  • LAN Ports - 4
  • WAN Ports - N/A
  • Firewall - SPI
Customer Reviews:
  • No support, FTP issues, slow
    I was a real Linksys fan until I tried this guy. Now, I find myself with a router that does NOT work properly when passing FTP client traffic to the net and (when it is not rebooting) runs VERY slowly. I am in the market for another brand if anybody has any suggestions....more info
  • SSL VPN has issues with Vista - -support nonexistent
    Works fine as a router, and SSL VPN client works fine with XP (note that you need admin permissions on your machine to install the virtual adaptor).

    Vista is another issue. Linksys recently released new firmware 1.17 which supports Vista, and I did get it to work breifly before it started doing some weird things.

    Trying to resolve with Linksys tech support, but I am not hopeful.

    Note that this product falls into a special category - you need to call for support. Make sure you say you are a business or you get shunted into the "stay on hold forever and then get hung up on" area.

    update: after No call back from Linksys, returned unit and bought a cisco 871 Cudos to Amazon for a great return policy.

    As for this product. I'd have to put it in The toy category based on the lack of Support....more info
  • RVL200 supports both IPSec and SSL VPN
    I just bought a RVL200 and completed deployment.
    It supports both IPSec and SSL VPN, and several authentication types for SSL user management. I use the existing Active Directory Server for user management with easy configuration, and my colleagues in branch office, work at home and outside mobile sales people can access network resource and their desktop just like they are at office.

    You could buy one and give it a try....more info
  • Simple to use and it works
    I want to be able to view and control my IP cameras installed around my home when I am away. The IP camera I have comes with a web interface for realtime viewing from a PC in the local network. This SSL VPN router allows me to connect back to the web interface of my IP camera when I am at work. The out of the box experience is good - I have no trouble in setting it up and connect to the internet with my cable modem. After I changed my default password, created a few user accounts for my family members, and enabled the Remote Management, I put the device into test. First, I have to find the ip address that my cable company assigned to me and the ip address of my camera given by the router - all available from the router administration web interface at When I was at work the next day, I was able to get to the internet address of my SSL router and connect to my home network within a minute. Just want to share my success story with the community that might have the same need. The QoS feature may come to rescue when I am working from home, using my company's VPN, and my kids are playing bandwidth extensive internet games. I have to see how well it would work....more info