Samsung SGH-X820 Unlocked Cell Phone with 2 MP Camera, MP3 Player--International Version with No Warranty (Black)
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Product Description

Samsung exemplifies technological determination and progressive ideals. From technology to business to the philanthropy, Samsung has become a world leader for which the possibilities are truly endless.PRODUCT FEATURES:Tri-band (900/1800/1900 MHz);GPRS Class 10 / EDGE;262144 Color TFT Screen (220x176 pixels, 1.9");2.0 Megapixel Camera and 4x Zoom;Music Player (MP3/ AMR/ AAC/ AAC+/ e-AAC+);Video Recording;Black & White GUI;Bluetooth 1.2/ USB 1.1;Offline Mode / Document Viewer;Speakerphone/64Poly Ringtones;Simple Search;Background Music Play;Voice Memo/ Voice Mail/ MMS;User Memory: 80MB (Java: 4MB).

Don't turn this phone sideways. It's likely to disappear. Meet one of the thinnest phones on the market, the Samsung SGH-X820. At just about a quarter of an inch thick at its widest point, this phone slides effortlessly into the tightest jeans pocket. It also looks great, with a unique beveled faceplate that makes it comfortable to hold. Somehow, Samsung has also managed to fit some amazing features into this small package, including stereo Bluetooth, a music player, support for EDGE high-speed data, an email client, and a speakerphone. Perhaps most impressively, the X820 also sports a two-megapixel camera.

The X820 packs impressive features into its incredibly slim frame.
The X820 takes the candybar form factor and runs it under a steamroller, making this one flat phone. Constructed of fiberglass-infused plastic, the case might be thin, but it's also strong enough to handle rough and tumble days. The large, 220 x 176 display supports up to 262,000 colors -- plenty of resolution and color depth for your videos and photos. A five-way center control button is positioned below the display, as are shortcut and selection keys. The phone's two-megapixel camera is housed on the rear of the phone, and a USB data port is provided, as well. Side keys allow you to quickly control the volume while you're on a call.

Calling Features
With 80 MB of internal memory, the X820 is designed to hold 1000 contacts, phone numbers and addresses. A call list remembers your most recent missed, received and dialed calls, and in addition to a vibrating alert, the phone supports polyphonic ringtones and MP3-based music ringtones. A speakerphone lets you talk hands-free while you're doing other things, and picture caller ID lets you assign a photo to specific callers. Similarly, a ringer ID lets you assign ringtones to callers. The X820's Bluetooth wireless technology lets talk freely on a wireless headset or sync up seamlessly with your PC and other compatible Bluetooth devices. You can even use it with wireless stereo headphones.

Messaging, Internet, and Tools
The X820 has all the bases covered when it comes to messaging. Support is built in for sending and receiving text, video, graphics and sound via messages. When used in combination with the phone's built-in camera, MMS opens up a whole new world of messaging fun. A built-in email client lets you keep tabs on your important communications throughout the day.

Getting on the Internet is easy with the X820, too. It supports the GPRS protocol, as well as the high speed EDGE data protocol. When used with your carrier's data service and the phone's USB or Bluetooth data capability, the phone can be used as a wireless modem for laptops and PDAs. There's also a built-in browser for downloads and mobile Web browsing. T9 text entry, which is a technology that makes it easier for people to enter words and text on handsets, is built into the unit-- a plus for mobile text messaging users.

A number of handy productivity tools are bundled with the X820 including an alarm clock, a calculator with currency converter, a calendar, and a timer. And because the X820 supports the SyncML synchronization standard, you can easily sync your PC-based contacts via USB or Bluetooth.

Imaging and Entertainment
The X820's built-in 2-megapixel camera captures stills and video to the phone's internal memory, and you can easily print your pictures without a PC, thanks to the phone's PictBridge compatibility. Simply connect the phone via USB to a PictBridge-compatible printer and print away.

Into music? You're in luck with the X820. Store your favorite MP3- or AAC-based music on the X820 and listen whenever the feeling strikes you on the built-in stereo speakers. When you want to jam out in private you can use a Bluetooth wireless stereo headset. Lastly, if you want to dress up your X820, picture effects, custom screensavers, backgrounds, and themes can be set to fit your personality.

Java support is built into the X820, making it a powerful gaming companion. You can also download games directly to the device, or use the handset's USB data connection to load more games and files onto the phone.

Vital Statistics
The Samsung SGH-X820 weighs 2.33 ounces and measures 4.45 x 1.97 x 0.27 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 2.5 hours of digital talk time, and up to 210 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900 frequencies.

  • Unlocked for use with your existing GSM 1800 MHz, GSM 900 MHz or GSM 1900 MHz service provider and SIM card. Note: This phone does not come with service or a SIM card.
  • Capture those unexpected moments with the powerful 2.0 Megapixel Camera
  • Bluetooth™ wireless technology for hands free communication, easy file transfers and wireless printing
  • view your photos on a larger scale, the Direct TV-output+ connects the phone to a larger screen
  • On board MP3 Player lets you listen to your own music on the go
Customer Reviews:
  • Buyer Beware
    Now where do i start...
    Please read the whole review.

    1.The main thing is that the Phone processor is unstable. Shuts off when talking, texting or dialing. Not good when your on an important phone call. Cuts out on me about 2-3 times a day
    2. Antenna is weak. Doesn't pick up signels where my Razor did! Always has dead spots. Will cut out more than any other phone.
    3. Too thin! Need blue tooth to talk. Holding it is like holding a barbie phone to your ear
    4. Cannot lay on shoulder to talk. Must use bluetooth.
    5. doesn't have a function for Vibrate and Ringer. One or other
    6. My fingers aren't big and they still have a hard time hitting the keys accuratly. Keys are too small

    I've had this phone for 6 months now and looking for a different one. I thought small was good but not for a phone. Fits in the pocket, picture is awesome but it doesn't make up for all negatives. I DO NOT RECOMMEND. TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE WHO USES THE PHONE 5000 MINUTES A MONTH. ...more info
  • one amazing cell phone
    it is a great phone. it does not hold too much space, has a very strong reception capability. ...more info
  • Makes the RAZR look like The Nutty Professor!
    This is, hands down, the thinnest phone on the market right now. If you put it next to the RAZR, you will wonder how you ever thought the RAZR was thin. Not only is this phone slick and stylish, it functions great too. It has everything you'd expect, plus more. Camera, video, voice recorder, mp3 player, internet, email, even applications like calculator, stopwatch, currency converters, etc. It supports Java games and applications. You can even view txt/word/pdf documents (although they require a lot of zooming and panning to be readable on the small screen). The sound on this phone is top notch. The speakers are crystal clear and super-loud. Speaker-phone works great. And the included headphones are nice quality (even better than the stock iPod headphones). Overall it does everything you would need a phone to do and does it with style.

    But who cares what the phone does when it looks this sexy? The design of the phone is very nice. The buttons actually feel like real buttons (unlike those esoteric designs on the Motorolas). The screen is bright and crisp, not blurry like most phones. The menus look nice, clean design and are easy to navigate. Everything about this device is quality. Bottom-line, this is the phone that James Bond would have. You will not be disappointed....more info
  • Poor battery life
    Samsung phones, in general, have very poor battery life. I find myself charging this phone each night. ...more info
  • Samsung knows how to make a thin phone!
    Now this is how you make an ultra-thin phone! I bought this phone after the screen on my Motorola RAZR died and I couldn't get it replaced under warranty. This is by far the thinnest phone I have ever seen. Not just that, it is one of the thinnest devices I have ever used, period. Reading the specs simply cannot prepare you for how shockingly thin this phone is the first time you hold it in your hands, and the RAZR is already a thin phone.

    The user interface and response time of this phone make Motorola phones, especially the RAZR, seem like they are from the early 90's, seriously. After using this phone I could never go back to the slow, clunky Motorola UI. This phone also implements almost every feature very intuitively and does it well. There is no expandable memory, but that doesn't bother me personally, I didn't buy this phone to replace my iPod or digital camera, I got this phone because I wanted to make phone calls and send text messages without having a giant bulge in my pocket when I go out.

    I do have a few complaints about this phone. The battery life isn't the best. I would not recommend using a Bluetooth headset or headphones with this phone because it would never last the entire day. The vibrate functionality of this phone is, I have to admit, a bit infuriating and is the one thing I miss from my Motorola. There is no option for vibrate and ring to work at the same time. Not only that, but it does not alternate between them in the vibrate + ring mode. It vibrates for 2-3 rings and then makes the tone after this. I can see why it might work this way, after all if you can feel the vibration you can answer the phone before it starts ringing, but to not even have the option to do them simultaneously is absurd. Also, you can set vibration for when you receive text messages, but there is no separate option for further notifications like there is on Motorolas. Again, a major oversight because I used to set the text reception to a beep and then if I missed it my phone would vibrate until I checked the massage (same with vocemail messages which have this same problem). Why would I want it to continue to beep? I probably missed the beep because I didn't hear it, and a phone that beeps nonstop until you check your voicemail or text messages or whatever it's whining about can be irritating in situations where you can't do so immediately.

    My last complaint has to do with reception. This is a Tri-band phone, which means it does not utilize the 850Mhz frequency that is still used in many areas in the USA. This is not a problem in most medium-large cities because the GSM carriers (I have Cingular) are rolling out their new 3G networks which don't use the 850Mhz frequency, but once you're outside of the city you can run into some reception problems. Luckily most GSM carriers, even in the US, are switching over to their 3G networks nationwide in the coming year or so, so you really won't have to worry about these kinds of problems for much longer, but if you live in an area that is known for shoddy reception do not, I repeat, do not get this phone.

    Overall this is the best phone I have purchased so far, but I have not traveled with it so I'll have to find out how the Tri-band works in other areas I visit frequently. I'm giving it 4 stars because of the inexplicable lack of options for the vibrate feature and their choice of Tri-band over Quad....more info
  • My Best mobile
    I bought this phone in Russia and it's simply the best phone. I had plenty of mobiles with everything on them, you name it, but this Samsung is everything you need and maybe more. Crisp display; amazing sound, I couldn't believe this little phone could sound so good. Different, not common and nice options to dial; you can even use and display Word documents, I use this option and it opens faster than my Palm and computer. Photo quality of 2megapixels. If you want to use this phone as MP3 you have limited memory, and you can't add a memory card. I used it in Europe, USA, and Mexico and never had any connection problems. Great reception. Functional and classy phone....more info
  • Unbelievably thin and sexy but.....
    This phone is so thin sometimes I don't even notice it existing in my pocket! Now that sounds cool doesn't it, however, the chances of it slipping out of your pocket are much greater as well, it's fallen out of mine once on to the floor, still workin fine, no problems, no scratches. Thia happened within the first week of me purchasing the phone, so ya! Compared to my previous phone; Motorola V620, this phone is a 100 times faster. I've compared it with my friends' Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones and even other Samsung phones and well, I gotta be honest, nothing came close to being this quick in messaging (sms). The screen is very clear & crisp. User friendly interface and speedy response in terms of terminating calls, opening menus, typing messages etc. In addition to that, it's got a very very smooth keypad.
    Now that's the good stuff, let me list the down sides of this phone as well. To start with, if your even thinking about buying this phone but not thinking of getting an extra battery, forget about it. You NEED an extra battery so keep those extra bucks for it. T9 has to be switched on every single time you select 'create message', this can get annoying but I guess you just need to get used to it, but still 'annoying', if you reply to a message you received T9 will be switched on, weird isn't it. There is no memory slot so you gotta live with the memory built into the phone which is not horrific but it's not amazing either, basically, if your looking for one to store 100's of mp3 songs, this phone isn't for you. Unlike other phones, the Samsung X820 has no selection of profiles, there is just one basic 'sound settings' option where you select your ringtone etc. but, it gets worse. For incoming calls you either got only melody, only vibrate or vibrate then melody, there is no option of vibrate AND melody, again, very very annoying. For messaging, you got either vibrate or melody, not both.
    The camera quality is good but I would say...."I've seen better".
    This phone is amazing and I love it but if your not willing to get used to the few flaws I've mentioned about, don't bother thinking about this phone. If your an extensive user of the cell phone, forget the Samsung X820. I, personally would not give this phone up and the reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because of the lack of sound profiles, the rest of it, I can get used to....more info
  • Pricing
    You can buy this phone on dynamism dat com for $289 plus $11 shipping......more info
  • Tri-Band is French for "useless"
    This phone looks super cool, but it's completely useless in the USA. it only works on one of the 2 GSM freqnencies (bands) in the US. This means that if you got a 4-bar signal with your old phone you'll get 2 now. Or maybe one or none.

    But the trouble doesn't stop there. The phone I got had the language set to French and only came with a French manual. On the Samsung website this phone doesn't even exist so you can't download the English manual from there. It took me about 30 frustrating minutes to figure out how to set the language to English.

    So back in the box it went, back to Amazon. Amazon was kind enough deduct the cost of that "free super saver shipping" from my refund, as well as making me pay the cost of shipping this worthless phone-shaped piece of plastic back to them. ...more info
  • One of the best unlocked phones out there
    Though few people use unlocked phones in career-dominated US market, they have some distinct advantages - more customization, more freedom and none of the annoying commercial links hard-coded into your phone (like mMode, MediaNet or T-Zone). If you decide to go for a unlocked phone, this beauty is worth serious consideration.

    This phone is unbelievably thin and cool-looking - a definite conversation starter at the parties. But along with beauty, there is brain, too. X820 has a BRILLIANT 2" TFT-LCD screen which is joy to behold (though like all TFT displays, it gets washed out in direct sunlight), super-intuitive intelligent menu systems, one of the best cameras I have seen in phones, copius phone book (1000 entries with lots of fields per entry) and a surprisingly good speaker phone. Hold on, there's more: the built-in bluetooth supports virtually every profile, including A2DP, and syncs contacts/calender with Outlook in a breeze. Also you get a workable e-mail client, and web-browser with EDGE connectivity. What more can you ask from a phone with practically vanishes the moment you put it in your jeans' pocket? And did I mention you can view Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files directly in the phone as well?

    X820 has a couple of shortcomings. First, it is only tri-band (900/1800/1900), so if you live in a place where 850 MHz band is vital for coverage, look elsewhere. Second, to design the thinnest phone in the world, Samsung had to sacrifice the memory card reader. Third, the reception is worse than my older Nokia (but few cell-phone makers can compete with the Finnish giant in this department). Lastly, I wish the battery would last longer . However, these are the compromises you'd have to make to possess an extremely stylish and sexy phone.

    T-Mobile has recently launched a slightly rebranded version of this phone (T-519 aka Trace, I have bought and then returned it) - however its dull silver color is nowhere as elegant as the black matte finish of X820. Plus, in a manner very typical of the mobile careers, the classy UI of X820 was literally butchered in T-519 (one small example, the black/orange theme of the X820 is replaced with hideous T-Mobile white/pink theme, and you CANNOT change it - joys of a career subsidized phone!).

    Bottomline, if you are looking for a stylish, classy, elegant and yet functional, feature-rich cell-phone of the 21st century, X820 deserves a very serious consideration....more info
  • If you want slim and sexy
    As I said, if it's slim & sexy you're looking for then this phone is for you. After lugging a Treo 650 around for nearly two years I couldn't take it anymore, I had to go thin. I looked at several options and settled on the x820 and it hasn't disappointed yet. I have my POP3 email, SMS and MMS a good camera (unlike the Treo which was a waste of time) and a good screen too. I'd even say that the keys give good feedback when they're pressed unlike the Motorola which look very cool but that's where it stops.

    The menu's are a little long but work fast unlike motorola or sony-ericsson that try to do too much with no processing power. The memory size is only 80MB, so if you want a full-on MP3 play this isn't it, go for something with a micro SD slot instead.

    I am still figuring out how long the battery life really is due to my irratic charging of the phone the first couple of days, as you'll appreciate, the battery is also very thin so there's not much of it, best guess at present is about 3 days with about 1-2 hours of talk time.

    In conclusion, if you want a very very good phone and you're only away from your computer for short periods and wont need Gigs of email or MP3's then this phone is worth considering seriously. I love it

    ...more info