Eva-dry Renewable EDV-300/E-333 Wireless Mini Dehumidifer
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Eva-Dry Mini-Dehumidifier - 300.... This mini dehumidifier has been design to adsorb moisture from small enclosed areas. It will help protect clothes and valuables from the damaging effects of mold/mildew and moisture rot. It is 100% renewable and needs no power to operate. Just hang the eva-dry unit in a closet, or you can place it in other small enclosed spaces, and it will start to adsorb moisture. There are no batteries required nor cords to plug in, the unit works without power. There is an indicator window with special "moisture meter crystals" that change from blue (when dry) to pink (when wet) to indicate when the unit needs to be "re-newed". The unit will adsorb approximately 6 ounces of moisture (depending on humidity levels this should take between 3 - 8 weeks). Once the moisture has been adsorbed it cannot leak or spill. This unit uses a specialized engineered crystallized silica gel that is odorless, non-toxic and completely safe. When the indicator crystals turn Pink it is time to "re-new" the unit. Simply remove the unit from where it is adsorbing moisture and plug it into a power outlet in a well ventilated area (bathroom with extraction fan, garage, outside,etc.). There is a built-in heater that will warm the crystals allowing them to expand and release the moisture as water vapor into the outside air. It takes about 8 hours to completely re-new the unit. When it is completely renewed the indicator crystal

  • 100% wireless
  • 100% renewable
  • 10 year life span
Customer Reviews:
  • RES eva-dry review
    I like this product. I have several of them, and they seem to work very well. My only complaint is the hanger - it causes the unit to not hang as the clothes do (the hook needs to be turned 90 degrees). I would recommend them to anyone wanting a product like this....more info
  • Big, heavy, and relatively fragile, but it does work
    I bought this to put inside a medium sized safe and it does seem to be doing a good job of controlling moisture, it's been in there 7-10 days and still doing okay, no need to recharge yet.

    That being said, my main complaint is that this thing is big, like 4x7x1.5" or so, and most of that space is for the electric heater that "recharges" it by heating the gel balls inside. So it takes up a lot of space, relative to the inside of my modest safe.

    Also, this thing is heavy, and if you drop it from even just a couple feet, it can cause damage both to your floor and the device. It slipped out of my hands once and the impact separated the housing some and gel balls started leaking out. I was able to snap it back together, but this is pretty cheap design that could have been fixed with some screws instead of plastic snaps.

    Note this gets quite warm when "charging" so keep it out of reach of children to be safe....more info
  • Ziggy's New Air..
    We have a beautiful and loving cat Ziggy who has breathing problems;
    this dehumidifer has been so good for him plus all you do is plug it in
    and it has an almost invisible presence in the room...it has helped
    Ziggy so much...we are very pleased with this product....more info
  • received different product
    In looking at the pictures I realized I didn't receive the mini dehumidifier I got another EDV 300 which I had ordered on the same day. I thought it seemed weird but since one came from Ace Hardware and the others came from Amazon I thought maybe I'd read the descriptions wrong and had actually ordered the same thing even though I'd paid more. I learned to order from Amazon and not Ace Hardware....more info
  • Works beautifully
    If you are on the fence as whether to order the larger EVA-DRY 500 or the smaller 333, do yourself a favor and order the 500. I was recharging FOUR of the EV-333 *weekly* when they were in two small (~4hx3wx2d w/one shelf) problem cabinets with funky smells and zero air circulation. And the 500 has a more stable base (if you are not hanging it).

    Perhaps those who have had a negative experience w/ EVA-DRY didn't give the product enough time: do not expect complete dryness & a fresh smell immediately after placement. I have found that after a couple months of religious drying out of the EVA DRYs when (almost) pink, I have had a *significant* reduction of the funky odor. I could not be more pleased. We had drilled holes in the backing of these cabinets to increase air circulation and it didn't do squat. These WORK.

    My only complaint is that there are zero instructions as to where the hangers should be inserted. 300/333 = hole in back opposite plug end. 500 = hanger goes through the holes in the plug.

    I recharge both the 333 & 500 on a power slip placed on my kitchen counter (ceramic tile) because of other reviewers comments about the difficulty of wall outlet recharging due to Eva-dry's weight & because it does heat up when being renewed.

    I have now bought 8 of the EVA-DRY 500 & 4 of the 333. I would give them as presents.

    ...more info
  • Works like a charm
    I have bought four of these for firearms and ammunition storage and all have worked outstandingly well. My only complaint is the size of the units. I wish they had one that was smaller that functioned the same way. But overall I am really happy with these units and it sure beats the sillica packets....more info
  • PERFECT portable dehumidification for camera and video cases!!
    This is the most convenient (portable) dehumidifying system I've ever used. ONLY two things kept me from giving this device a "5-star" rating; one, there is no smart (trickle) charging system...you must unplug it after 12-hours or it gets HOT!! Two, its somewhat heavy and will easily fall out of a vertically-mounted wall outlet if bumped (I recommend using a power strip or floor plug when recharging so the unit remains horizontal)...otherwise, I absolutely love the Eva-Dry. I purchased two units for portable dehumidification in my camera cases. I store all my photography gear in a digitally controlled dry cabinet when not in use, and I wouldn't trust the Eva-Dry (or anything else for that matter) to protect my equipment in a space larger than my camera bag, or for extended periods of time. However, for a weekend shoot in a wet environment, this unit works perfect!! The EDV300 is larger than what I expected (from looking at the photos). I was previously using "Indicating Drierite" desiccant in an aluminum dry box about the size of a bar of soap. The Eva-Dry is TWICE that size, but still fits nicely in both my bags. However, it would not be ideal for a smaller camera bag. The best thing about the Eva-Dry is the "plug-and-go" convenience. I do NOT miss baking desiccant in my oven for 3-hours to recharge it (making sure not to OVER cook it...or burn my hands). I recommend using a power strip (or floor plug) so the unit remains horizontal for recharge...its somewhat heavy and will easily fall out of a vertically-mounted wall outlet if bumped.

    I haven't had it long enough to determine the life of the silica contained within, but I've recharged my units at least 10 times and found no decline in the effectiveness of the product. Although I return my camera equipment to the dry cabinet when not in use, I leave the Eva-Dry in my bags and they're usually good for approximately 10-days (before silica turns completely pink) inside an air conditioned house. Obviously the results are dependant on the RH of environment, but this is what I'm experiencing during the muggy Summer climate in Dallas. I was so impressed with the convenience of the Eva-Dry that I ordered two more units for my tool cabinet in the garage. I've noticed a dramatic decrease in surface rust inside the drawers, however, the units require recharge about once every 4-days.

    I highly recommend this product for the applications mentioned above....more info
  • Works to a point
    I purchased two of these for my cabinet which is 2' X 3' x 2', and they work fine for about 24 hours, then I have to recharge it. I found having 2 allows me to recharge one while one stays in the cabinet. It is a bit of a pain to change daily, but for the price it works. Unless you live in a dry area, I would buy 2 so you can cycle them back and forth and have constant dehumidifying rather then 1 and letting the area get damp while it recharges....more info
  • Needs charging every 2-3 days
    Very disappointing. There is no way this unit holds 8 oz. a day. I have used other dehumidifier products that lasted 2 weeks, absorbing up to 16 oz. I bought 4 based on positive reviews... It was a mistake....more info
  • Great performance
    My house has some places where humidity is around 80%. I have been using the Eva-dry in closets and it works perfectly. This is de cheapest way to keep your clothes or things dry. No refills necesary and it is reset easily and fast....more info
  • no noticible improvement
    I've had this in a closet for about a week. It is very humid where we live. So far it has not made any noticeable difference and I've had to recharge twice this week alone.

    It is beasically the same as those crystals you get at the drug store for a couple of dollars, but it plugs in (awkwardly) instead of being put in an oven to dry.

    It may work well where it is not very humid, but then, what's the point?

    I also bought 2 other everdry units at the same time. The next one up is effectively the same as this but larger. The "petit" unit work like the larger ones, collecting water in a resevoir. It has made more difference in a few hours then this one did in a week.

    I'm considering another one of those, but would not buy this one again.
    Very disappointing....more info
  • Great use for paper collectibles
    Great use for small and quiet areas. I collect comic books, and this is a great size and use for storage in a closet. ...more info
  • Nice Product
    I live in Haiku on the island of Maui, HI. There is so much moisture here that leather goods get moldy within days. I have a lot of electronic equipment, leather and canvas bags, that I had moisture/mold problems with when we moved here. Now I keep them in plastic boxes with one of your products in each box and ever since I have had no problems! If your product can work here it can work anywhere!

    Thanks...more info
  • excellent little dehumidifier
    This is an excellent little dehumidifier. I've tested it out in my basement in an area that gets damp when it rains and it does it's job, with the little crystals changing colors and absorbing the extra moisture in the air. Then you just plug it in and let it re-charge/dry-out and you can re-use it over and over. This simple dehumidifier is perfect for your car or small spaces that can get moist....more info
  • I love this thing
    I've been discovering moldy clothes in my closet for years and having to get rid of some and dryclean some; they all still smell somewhat.

    Then I got this product for my closet and it's been amazing. No moldy clothes yet, and I can feel the difference in the closet. This puppy works overtime!

    Plusses: Renewable. Does not require the same resources as Damp-Rid. Works better than Damp-Rid. Easy to use. Inexpensive.

    Minus: Needs recharging too often--for me, about every 2-2 1/2 weeks....more info
  • Does the job!
    Handy, practical and an essential piece of kit when travelling in tropical climates to protect photographic and electronic equipment as well as long term storage....more info
  • Excellent Camera Bag Dehumidifier
    What a great little product. I was looking for something to keep my camera bag moisture free and happened to see an article in Pop Photo magazine talking about this product. If you own a DSLR and lenses, you should know that moisture can cause mold and fungus to grow IN and on your lenses.

    If you have a large(ish) camera bag - which most DSLR owners do - this is almost perfect - slightly on the large size but I still managed to get it, my Nikon D80 with a lens attached and two addition lenses, all three lens hoods, my extra battery and USB cable to fit in the bottom of my LowePro Orion Trekker II.

    I love the fact that it is reusable by simply plugging it in for 8 hours to dry itself....more info
  • Too large
    Unfortunately, I purchased two of these and can't use them because they are too large to fit into a camera bag. They would work in a closet nicely I think....more info
  • Use it in your camera bag
    To help keep camera gear dry in the field when shooting in damp conditions, one of these in the camera bag will work nicely. Then just plug it in back in the hotel room, and it's good for the next day....more info
  • Good item
    does the job, does it well, just have to recharge it every week or so! ...more info
  • Dehumidifier
    In the area where I use it, only works for a week, not months, before needing recharged. But it is a nicer option (less messy) than loose crystals....more info
  • Needs recharging often
    I have been using this in a small container for the past month or so. It seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping things from mildewing. My experience is that it needs to be charged about every 10 days to two weeks. I'd rather not have to keep that close of a watch on it. This is a very small area to keep dehumidified and the claim was that it would hold a charge from 3-8 weeks depending on the humidity level....more info
  • Does the job, reusable, and easy to use
    I've not had the chance to write a review before for any home electronic or home appliance bought from Amazon until now, but I have to say, I am pleased with the product.

    We recently moved into an old home built in 1888, and the basement obviously lacks modern ventilation. Because we have a finished basement with closet space, we store our seasonal wardrobe down there, and controlling humidity is critical to preserve our clothes and prevent mold and mildew from destroying the leather and fabric of what we store.

    This Mini Dehumidifier simply plugs in to dry out the absorbing microbeads in the unit. The beads turn blue when dry, meaning its ready to place un your closet. After a few days (longer depending on the moisture level of the space it is used) the beads turn pink and the user simply plugs the unit it to recharge the beads. It's really quite effective, and simple to use.

    For $20, think of it as an insurance policy for your wardrobe. I haven't seen anything similar in terms of cost, function, and ease of use, and even gave one as a gift to my parents (who I might add are both technologically challenged). To them, its as easy to use as mothballs -- so it doesn't get much easier, or convenient then that. ...more info
  • Looks impressive but works from an outlet!
    I just received this item. I ordered two thinking I could place it in the closets. However, there are two things they do not tell you.

    Yes, it does not work on batteries but is somewhat dependent on electricity. If you do not have an outlet in the room you want to put it you are out of luck. I was planning to put it in my closet but won't work unless I put an extension cord which I do not see it practical.

    The other thing they do not tell you is that you cannot use it for more than 18 hours. Well, what happens after this? Does it go on fire? I thought it could be left unattended until the colors changed but not with a limitation. So beware and consider this.

    I cannot grade it because I have yet to tested. Most likely I will return the second one if I cannot use it just any place as it requires an outlet.

    ...more info
  • Amazingly Dry in one day
    Wow, am I impressed. This item delivers. I had a small safe that was getting musty and all the documents felt soft and damp. I charged up the Eva-dry, stuck it in and BAM! (Emeril Style) The next day everything was dry and crisp. I recharged the unit over night and stuck it back in the safe. It couldn't be easier!

    And those of you who read the other reviews and see people write things about not being able to tell if the crystals are blue or pink, IGNORE THEM. The people that wrote those are obviously dumb or blind. This product couldn't be easier to use. If all the crystals aren't the same color, then either plug it back into the wall, or keep letting it do it's thing. Enough said....more info
  • Eva-Dry 300 Dehumidifer
    Outstanding product for controlling humidity in smaller spaces. The Amazon free shipping arrived in 2 days. Great feature of just plugging in to remove collected moisture and recharge unit. Outstanding Amazon service....more info
  • EDV-300
    This renewable dehumidifier is very good for small, enclosed space. In a small space, it normally needs recharging after 5 to 7 days. Its dual voltage charging system is versatile for travel purposes....more info
  • I have mixed emotions
    I bought it i put 2 in my closets but after the 3rd day they are in the pale rose. Ok nothing smells, But i'm confused. the same happens with a little cabinet maybe of 20cms by 20cms....i put to charge and they where dark blue and now i checked and they are pink....so i don't know if they are working or not i gues i will have to try them until i decide if they are worth the money. that is the only thing i can say about them and i have 4, 2 in my room's closet and one in 2 little cabinets. I can not understand why they changed in 3 days from dark blue and more than 15 hours of charging to pink....On the other hand i can not say they are bad , at least i'm not smelling anything , but then how i could get the indication that they are full?...more info
  • Get the EDV-500 instead
    I purchased one EDV-300 for a small closet and one EDV-500 for a larger closet. I LOVE the EDV-500 but this smaller version seems to always be "pink" -- meaning it needs to be charged/dried out. It was even pink in the package when I received it. Once charged, the granules do turn blue but they get pink very quickly (a few days). Also, my husband knocked it over and granules fell out all over the place. I was able to repair it but lost a lot of granules. My advice is spend the extra money and get the EDV-500....more info
  • Simple and effective
    I use this unit in a 2 cubic ft. fire safe. I had been using silica bags, but I could tell they weren't working well as papers in the safe actually felt limp and slightly damp. Popped this unit in after recharging it, and the next day the crystals had gone from blue to pink meaning it had sucked out a lot of moisture. Recharged it, next time around it took a few days to max out. Now I'm up to recharging about once every other week. Papers now feel dry, and safe doesn't smell musty. My only caution is to be aware of the size. The unit is a bit bigger than I expected (about 6x5x1.5 inches)....more info
  • Eva-dry EDV-300 Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifer
    The thing works well. But in my 16 gun fire rated safe it lasts only about two weeks before needing recharging. I expect the unit I need should be bigger than this one. It would be hard pressed to do more than a chest or something smaller than a regular size guns safe. However it works fine I have to rate it high for that. It's just undersized for my needs. I might just get another one and twin them up. Or move it to the ammo box and get one of thier bigger ones for my safe. ...more info
  • works well for small areas...not so much for large ones
    we got these to dehumidify our master bedroom closet (about 4ft by 9ft) because there is some dampness under the house. they work well and remove moisture but we're constantly recharging them every week or so that we now rotate 5 of them into the closet all the time. while they are a great product, their niche is aimed at smaller areas. ...more info
  • Plug In Dehumidifier for your safe
    This product is great. I plug it in every week for about 12 hours and it dries out and then I place it in my safe. It is small, does not take up much room, works well and is easy to store. I am so happy I found this product!...more info
  • Good-Bye Silica bags ....
    This is the third one I've purchased (two were already in use in two separate cases doing a fantastic job). With having to care for vintage costume jewelry, these units are perfectly sized to fit in my showcases and not be an eyesore. Usually requiring a recharge every 2-3 weeks, I purchased the third so I never have a minute without one protecting my collection. Definitely great value considering what silica packs cost every 3 months. Anyone with a prized collection (whether it be paper, guns, gems or art) should seriously consider purchasing this product for smaller storage areas (safes, cabinets, etc). ...more info
  • Great product!
    We are using this in our master bathroom and it works great! When it changes color, all we do is plug it in for 10-12 hours to dry it out. It really is a great product! Environmentally friendly, too!...more info
  • It's a joke...
    I purchased this mini dehumidifier more than a month ago. I am still looking for a space in my small condo to put it so I'd finally see how it works....more info
  • The Eva-dry EDV-300 Dehumidifer is a Hummer !
    This Dehumidifer is The handy`s thing I`ve ever see ..... I use the EDV-300 in a Fire Prof. Safe that I keep about $1000.00 worth of Gun Powder and Primers in . It works Very Well and keeps my powder And primers 100 % "DRY" ! It has a set of Blue BB`s incased in the front of it that tells you the unit is ready for use . It will last for about 2 weeks or so , then the BB`s in it will turn Pink and you can see a little mosture in the glass housing the BB`s , Which means the unit needs to be recharge , or dryed out . All you do is ..... Plug the unit into a wall outlet (110 Volt) for about 4 hours with the flop down and out plug on the back of the unit ..... When you see the BB`s Turn Blue again , un-plug the unit .... Flop the plug shut or Close on the back of the unit , And it`s ready to put back in My Powder Safe for about Two week`s . Does a VERY Good Job and O-Mosture in my Powder Safe ! ... this unit is Worth More than 5 *****`s .... It`s Worth 10*`s ... Wouldn`t Take Nothing For It .

    Be Sure You Buy The Right Size EDV Unit For Your Size Safe and it Will keep the thing in Your Safe "DRY" ! I have a larger EDV Unit in a Gun safe that Works Just As Well ....more info
  • Dehumidifer
    This thing is great!! I have 3 of them and use them in my safe. Very handy....more info
  • eva small dehumidifier
    The product arrived within a reasonable time period so I have no problem with the purchase from the supplier. However, I should inform those who want to dehumidify a space larger than a cabinet that it needs recharging regularly. I have placed them in closets, a glass-fronted bookcase, and out in the open and they take only a few days to require reccharging via evaporation using an outlet. I would have ordered a larger unit if I had known this. They do work but are for small spaces. I live in a fairly arid environment as well so those who live in a more humid locale - say the east coast should upgrade to a larger model from the same manufacturer. Otherwise, the service was good. ...more info
  • Works like a charm; love that it's renewable
    We were steaming off wallpaper in our house which is a pretty damp job, so I picked up two EvaDry units (the EDV-300 and the EDV-500) from Amazon, and I'm very please with the results. Both are very easy to use; just take them out if the package, set them in a damp area, and they go to work. The little globules that you can see through the tiny window on the front gradually turn from blue to a very light pink as they fill up with moisture. When they're all totally pink, you just flip out the fold-down plug on the back, plug it into the wall (it hangs by its plug on the outlet), and it dries itself out. When the globules return to a dark indigo blue, you unplug it and it's soaking up moisture again.

    Since the wallpaper project, we've been keeping them in a storage area in the basement, and they've effectively been removing the moisture (and the subsequent smells) from there as well.

    What's really neat about these is the technology. I love that it's renewable and easy to use, and I feel a lot better since it's in an enclosed case; I no longer have to worry about pet poisoning or toxicity like I have in the past with those white pellets that were exposed to everyone and everything to possibly touch (or eat!). This is a much better system, and I love that it's easy to use and creates no mess or waste.

    One thing to note is that they can get pretty hot if you leave them plugged in for a very long time (like a week). No problems, it just seems like an avoidable risk when you can just unplug them the next day or as soon as they're ready.

    Regarding another reviewer's concerns about his or her inability to distinguish the differences in color: If you're using them properly, it's incredibly easy to distinguish between the colors at their extremes (and I'm even a little bit colorblind). Yes, as it soaks in moisture, some beads soak it in faster than others, making some pink while others remain blue. But if you leave it alone and let it do it's job, it will be unmistakeable when they all become a very light pink. Same with drying out; the rich indigo color is unmistakeable. You may want to give it another try. ...more info
  • Gets the job done! :)
    I purchased this product to lower the humidity in my geckos' tanks (as it gets a bit humid here during the summertime). The dehumidifier comes with a detachable hook, which I used to hang it above their tanks, and voila, the humidity dropped. :) And, per reading other reviews here (and reading the products directions is always helpful!), I knew that I only needed to plug it in when the beads were pink -- and it took far less than the 8 hours to "burn" the water off & turn the beads back to blue (or dry). This works great & I'd definitely use it elsewhere in my home. :)...more info
  • Great for Basement, Closet, Garage!
    This is the BEST mini dehumidifier I have seen. No Chemicals. No Batteries. No Fuss. Just hang it in the damp room - mine is in the basement. When the beads turn pink, plug it into an outlet and it "burns out" the water, ready to be put to work again. It has completley eliminiated that damp, musty smell from my room....more info
  • KK "Reader" MISUSED the product: Do NOT plug in...
    You do NOT plug it in in the humid room. You plug it in when you want to RELEASE the collected moisture!

    I've weighed mine repeatedly on a postal scale and the cyclic change shows it's working - it will absorb and release about 1/2 cup (4 oz) of water....more info
  • Agreed! Not for bathrooms!
    I wish I had seen the other reviewer's comments about this. I purchased this for the same reason (ad said it worked well in small room), but it is insufficient to remove the moisture from a bathroom. It may do well, as suggested, in a closet that is not a source of moisture but suffers from some humidity, but despite leaving it plugged in around the clock in my bathroom, we are still having problems with moisture....more info
  • Not for bathrooms!
    I thought this thing would work to absorb moisture in our bathroom since the add I saw in skymall magazine said it would work well in a small room. Well, don't think it will take the moisture out of a bathroom. Maybe the larger one will work better. I am keeping it in the bathroom anyways. I becomes moisture locked within a week even with the window open 24/7....more info