Elk 7-Inch TFT Touchscreen
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Product Description

Graphic touchscreen interface designed to simplify the automation and security operation. Control your Elk M1 or Elk EZ8 security/automation system with this colorful, plug-and-play touchscreen interface. This interface features a 7-inch color, backlit LCD screen that allows you to adjust lighting, set temperatures, and view status of security measures with the tap of an icon or labeled button on the screen. Connect to your M1 or EZ8 system through an Ethernet port expander (sold separately). The pre-installed ElkRM Remote Management Software provides a powerful graphic user interface to an M1 or EZ8 home automation/security system. This Windows-based software allows the control of many aspects of the M1 or EZ8 system including security, lighting, climate, and outputs. When connected to a LAN that has high-speed Internet service, the Elk 7-Inch TFT Touchscreen is fully capable of Internet browsing. Internet Explorer is pre-installed as part of the Windows CE operating system. Access different home systems through graphic buttons on the backlit touchscreen and you'll be able to make adjustments easily through this interface. The security status window displays the current arm status and allows access to the event log. Function buttons can be set to open or close the garage door, turn on lights, or turn on sprinklers; the system is completely customizable. Turn lights on and off and dim them or schedule them to turn on at specific times. See the current indoor temperature and outdoor temperature (through remote probes) on this LCD and adjust the thermostat settings accordingly. A power supply is included with the touchscreen controller, but for ultimate ease of installation, the TS07 features PoE (Power over Ethernet) compliance. Just connect a PoE-compliant LAN router/switch or a mid-span injector device (both sold separately) to power the touchscreen directly through the same cat. 5 Ethernet cable that connects it to the network.

  • Make adjustments to security/HVAC/lighting/other connected control system on a touchscreen interface
  • 7" color touchscreen shows system status at a glance
  • Pre-installed software includes Internet browser for easy web access without booting up a computer