Dish Network Dish Now DP 301 Receiver w PREPAID 30 Day Subscription. and Dish 500 Dish kit
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Just like a prepaid cell phone, Dish Network allows anyone to get cable no matter what their credit history is. Just keep prepaying as little as $30 a month for America's Top 60 Cable channels, or Dish Latino Packages, or International programming packages. Includes channels like ESPN, CNN, Lifetime, WTBS, Discovery, Nickelodeon, MTV, and more. Want more? In August you'll be able to expand to America's Top 120 or 180 packages. Again, you just call an 800 number and prepay for the services you want. No address required, so you aren't bombarded with mail! Please be aware that this equipment is only available for activation on THIS program. Don't buy it thinking you can add it to your existing account. To activate this through Dish Network you will only be able set up a NEW account with this equipment. You cannot add multiple receivers to this account. In the future this may change but these are the limitations right now.