KJB Security SH--055 RF Signal Detector
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Product Description

Beeper size Camera/Mobile/Bug Detector. Made for general use, no need for professional electronic training or knowledge. This unique technique is applied to detect peeping cameras, tapping, cellular phones and other radio frequency devices. Avoid peeping or tapping to protect privacy or protect information being disclosed secretly. Stop disturbance of cellular phones communication within desired control areas.

  • SH--055 RF Signal Detector
Customer Reviews:
  • Cell phone detector
    The product is not all that useful in that it detects too much. It apparently scans the RF spectrum so anything can be picked up. It has limited range of about 10 feet. ...more info
  • Works well.
    I tested this unit at 50 mhz up to 5.8 ghz and it did detect RF in that range. The only con is it will pick up cell towers at very long ranges. This can be a problem when looking for lower power devices such as cell phones when a cell tower is nearby. However, you can adjust the sensitivity of the unit to compensate. Overall, I do like the unit and the price wasn't bad....more info