Monster iCarPlay Wireless Plus FM Transmitter/Charger for iPod
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for docking iPods, including video iPods, iPod photos, iPod nanos and iPod minis * 3 programmable station presets (88.1MHz, 98.1MHz and 107.9MHz) * dimmable LED display * cigarette lighter adapter * 24k gold contacts maximize power transfer and resist corrosion *

Why shuffle through stacks of CDs and tapes to find the song you want in the car when you can listen to the iPod? The Monster Cable iCarPlay Wireless Plus FM transmitter gives your car stereo great-sounding, wireless access to your entire iPod library, all while charging the portable jukebox to keep the music playing. Simply plug one end of the iCarPlay Wireless Plus into the 12-volt cigarette lighter and the other end into the dock connector on the bottom of your iPod. Once you select matching FM stations on your car stereo and the iCarPlay device, you're ready to roll. Your favorite music will transmit wirelessly to your car stereo using FM frequencies, and because it offers full FM tuning flexibility (excluding 87.7 and 87.9 MHz), you're guaranteed top-quality, interference-free sound. Meanwhile, Monster's Smart Digital Charging technology will rapidly charge your iPod when the power is low, and when its fully charged, the transmitter switches to a trickle charge to optimize the iPod's performance. You'll never have to worry about running out of power when using the iCarPlay. Additional features include three programmable "favorite station" preset buttons, an easy-to-ready LED display, and 24k gold contacts for maximum corrosion resistance and power transfer. The iCarPlay is compatible with all iPods that utilize a dock connector, including the iPod mini.

iPod Compatibility
iPod nano 1G, iPod nano 2G, iPod mini, iPod 3G, iPod 4G (Clickwheel), iPod Color, iPod 5G/5.5G Video

  • Full FM tuning capability for clear sound anywhere
  • Digital FM tuner with programmable station presets
  • 3 programmable favorite station preset buttons and easy-to-read LED display
  • Smart Digital Charger for fast charges; maximizes battery life
  • Compatibility: iPod nano (1G and 2G), iPod mini, 3G iPod, 4G iPod with click wheel, iPod Color, iPod Video
Customer Reviews:
  • Buen Transmisor
    Me parece muy buen transmisor a FM, sin embargo es importante leer bien su manejo, solo así sacaras el mejor provecho de esta herramienta....more info
  • Decent signal but will NOT charge your iPhone
    This works for in the SF Bay Area where lots of other FM transmitters failed to relay a decent signal, but it won't charge the iPhone. If it weren't for that, I would have given it five stars....more info
  • Not for me!
    I had an iGriffin and had no problems. It was stolen so I purchased the Monster iCarPlay. The transmission is weak and fades out no matter what station you select. The presets were difficult to set. I am going to buy another iGriffin....more info
  • Monster iCarPlay
    good sound, easy set up but has limited reception in urban areas.
    Price-benefit worth it....more info
  • Fantastic
    Very durable product. Had it about a month now out here in Baghdad, Iraq working under harsh conditions. Lasting alo longer that the other brands....more info
  • Go Monster!!
    This product works great! I've had a Monster car player/charger before that I broke. I tried a Belkin product as a replacement and can't imagine a crappier product. Then I bought this ipod player/charger and it's been working great!...more info
  • Like product, but crashes my iPod
    I have no problem finding an FM station that allows me to hear my iPod over the radio. My problem is that when I turn off my car with my iPod still plugged into the iCarPlay my iPod crashes--goes completely dead, and I have to re-boot it. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or if it's my car or the iCarPlay. If it wasn't for that problem I would give this product five stars. I'm still trying to figure it out, but if you know the solution, please post it. Thanks!...more info
  • mountainous areas are iffy
    It was really good for the most part, near populated areas but, once you get into the mountains it cuts in and out and alot of static noise...more info
  • Static
    It works ok, about half of the time. Even with the option of 3 different radio stations I get plenty of static. I wouldn't recommend this product. ...more info
  • Monster iCarPlay iPod FM Transmitter
    Great product!

    The gold plated connectors allow for FM transmission with little or no static at all. I love how it charges my ipod while it's connected. I had a monster iCarPlay before for a year and i tried the DLO Dock Station after that but it was horrible! I just wish the connecter was easier to remove from the cigarette lighter. It seems i have to really yank at it and i fear this may ultimately break the iCarPlay. But i love it and use it whenever i go anywhere!...more info
  • Monster iCarPlay the best!
    The Monster iCarPlay is the third such item I have bought to use in cars with my iPod. In over a month of using it in a large urban area (Washington, DC 'burbs mostly) I've had clear sound & reception from my iPod. Only once, has there been sound bleed,at a stop light) and we moved the car a foot or less, the sound was fine! I gave up using my previous in-car FM transmitters because I couldn't take the sound bleed, but this is great! Really pleased! And I've only programed one station so far -- haven't needed to do the others yet!...more info
  • does not charge ipod nano 4G
    The transmitter itself works very well but I was very disappointed to find out that it does not charge my new ipod nano 4G even though it states it charges. I called Monster and they said that it indeed does NOT charge the new ipod nano even though it does not state that anywhere on its product information....more info
  • Excellent product
    This is the fourth FM transmitter; and it is the best one I have tried. The only time I have seen a better result in a transmitter system is when I had a transmitter that used an antenna system that plugged into the radio's antenna (part of a built-in DVD system). This transmitter provides clear transmission with minimal interference. No radio system is perfect since stray radio interference can occur, but I have had this one for a couple of weeks so far with no complaints....more info
  • Won't charge Ipod Touch 2G
    Transmits FM well but won't charge Touch 2G. Would be perfect if it charged larest generation Ipods and iPhone. I should have done more research before buying the product. Had originally bought Griffin itrip from Amazon but then canceled when it wouldn't ship for 6 weeks....more info
  • Easy to use, but still a poor product
    Very easy to use. If that were the only criteria I was assessing, my rating would be much higher - However, that is not the case. I NEVER was able to establish a clear audio transmission. No matter the location or the station, the audio was always weak and fuzzy. The only thing that differed was just how weak and fuzzy the output. Save your $$$ and look for another solution....more info
  • Over a year, now what?
    I got this thing a while back now, never had a problem with it because I was almost always able to keep it on one channel for iPod tuning. Then just the other day it just fizzled worked once or twice after that, but now, nothing. I can hear it over ride the static when I first turn on my car, and it still charges but no sound. At 80 bucks, gimme a break Monster, they have an top notch image but this only tarnishes it after a year of service.

    Yeah, it WAS great minus some minute flaws, but now I'm just pissed....more info
  • great item
    this is a great item, works well, easy to understand instructions, will enjoy it for a long time...more info
  • Piece of Junk! I actually rate it 0 stars...
    I bought this from Amazon as a gift to my husband who was out to sea so he did not receive it until he got back a couple of months later. When we tried it out, it only worked on one speaker in his car. So we thought maybe it was a problem with his car but when we tried it out in my car, the exact same thing happened! It's too late to return it so we're stuck with a $50 piece of junk that we can do nothing with. Very unhappy with the purchase!...more info
  • Great
    Good quality product, works with any radio station you want and also charges your ipod...more info
  • I-pod car adapter
    Does a nice job with a good sound. Sometimes, in between uses, gets bumped and have to reset the station, probably operator error though....more info
  • Very Pleased.
    I was a little hesitant with the mixed reviews that FM transmitters seem to get. The Monster brand seems to get the most consistantly satisfactory reviews so I went ahead and gave it a try. I've been very pleased wtih the ease of use and the sound quality. I do occaisionally have to change stations to keep from losing my reception, with 3 preset stations that is very simple. I've been amazed at just how much radio noise this thing will broadcast over. I get pretty decent reception even on radio stations that I can clearly hear staticy broadcasting on. The sound quality is a bit lower than the CD deck, but as good or better than anything on the FM band, a fair trade since the other option to listen to my ipod in the car would be a costly new stereo.

    That said, I wonder how much difference they type of car and stereo antena you have makes. I have a small SUV with an in-windshield stereo antenna, so the unit is just a few feet from the antenna. I wonder if some of the reviewers who have had poor experiences have cars with external antennas. As far as the reviews that say that big citys are a problem, i haven't noticed that either, i live near Detroit and drive there every day, i've taken it on roadtrips to Baltimore and had no problem there either....more info
  • Does the trick
    Once I got my license, I was so excited to finally hit the road on my own. I made a couple CDs to listen to in the car while I was driving, but soon grew bored with them, or wanted to add more/different songs to the mix and was wasting multiple CDs burning different versions of mixes I had made, and I can't stand the radio stations where I live so I bought myself this gadget, which was reccomended to me by a friend (another relatively new driver fed up with the radio and tired of wasting CDs). The car I drive has a great sound system, but there is still some static every once in a while. Overall, though, it does the trick and is easy to use. And I no longer have to listen to the radio (thank goodness!), which actually makes me a safer drive as I fuss less with changing the station multiple times. Plus, it doubles as a charger, which is perfect for me who always forgets to actually charge my iPod. So, to sum it up, if you're tired of the radio and your taste in music changes often, this will definitely make your car rides more enjoyable....more info
  • Hated it!!!!
    I was so excited to get this thing and jam out to my iPod in my car. I read all the reviews saying how good it was, but it just didn't work for me. I bought a DLo Transdock and it works 110 times better then this piece of junk. I couldn't get any clear station but DLo gives me alot more static free stations and bangs the iPod loud!!!! Monster gets 2 thumbs DOWN!...more info
  • Works Great
    My Monster cord arrived promptly and works great. I would order from this seller again. ...more info
  • Not the best
    This is not the best FM transmitter I have used, but it works pretty well most of the time. I had a Kensington FM tranmitter (that was stolen) that worked much better. I live in a metro area, so it is somewhat difficult to find open stations; I have to change stations at least once on my way to work most days. That being said, I used it while driving 500 miles this past weekend and rarely had to change the station....more info
  • Better than the newer version
    I had one of these before and lost it. Bought the newer, pricier, "improved" version and hated it. It would take control of the ipod and mess up the settings. This one works great and leaves the controls and settings on the ipod alone....more info
  • Improvement over others
    I was relatively impressed. It locks onto stations a lot better than a battery-powered Belkin and that's what matters the most to me. It does not perform all that well in urban areas. But it is enough to get by if you don't have a cassette player in your car....more info
  • Super-Duper Excellent
    This product is superb for several reasons:
    1. Custom presets for listening (not just limited to 6 factory set presets)
    2. The iPod automatically starts playing when the car starts up
    3. The iPod automatically stops when the car is turned off (usually...see below)
    4. The iPod continuously charges for optimal battery power

    Sometimes, however, the iPod will continue to play even though the car has been turned off. It happens randomly and not every time.

    FEATURE REQUEST: It would be sweet if the cord was retractable in some fashion. This would keep the car a bit more clean/tidy looking and less cluttered. Ultimately a retractable cord for both ends of the transmitter would be best.

    Overall, this is a great product and works well. The biggest plus is the custom presets and wide range of channels to pick from....more info
  • Fm Transmitter for Ipod
    The product was shipped on time and it works well in the city. I would highly recommend for other customers to use this product....more info
  • works great!
    I had the Monster A IP FM-CH 200 iCarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter for iPod w/ Auto-Scan

    it sounds fine - it's clear etc.... rarely static... however... I have a case for my ipod.. the connector stays connected most of the time.. but you bump it and it comes out... it's not made for an ipod with a case...

    My friend has the Monster iCarPlay Wireless Plus FM Transmitter/Charger for iPod --- He was two cars ahead of me on the same station and his music over took mine... so I had to go with the plus.......more info
  • monster icarplay
    Great consept without all the wireing to tap into the f.m. reception. We have to change the station in town it get's fuzzy. Overal it work's great....more info
  • Not great for urban areas
    When I used the iCarPlay I noticed a background hiss and it had interference problems as I drove around. It is probably a good product if you are out of the city. But, if you are in a city with a number of FM stations, try another brand.
    ...more info
  • Works with Iphone
    According to Monster's site this FM transmitter will work with the iphone as long as you turn on Airplane mode. I picked one up and it works well as an FM transmitter and iphone charger. Airplane mode (which turns off the data transfer and phone funtions) is optional, but if you don't you'll hear the occasional buzzing over your speakers. Also, once connected the volume level coming out of the iphone will not be adjustable. It remains fixed since you are using the docking port and not the headphone jack....more info
  • Very satisfied
    Product came in on time. I was skeptical buying it used, but it looks brand new and works perfectly.

    -You can pick your own station to get the best reception, you're not limited to certain stations
    -Once you find a couple of good stations you can preset them so you don't have to always search for one
    -The part that plugs into your iPod locks in so it's secure and won't fall out
    -Other transmitters are bulky and don't freely move about, but this one moves around

    Bad: the screen is sometimes difficult to read during the daytime, but that's about it

    Overall: a great product for a great price, I would highly recommend it...more info
  • nice for my car
    Actually went to a website that matches the best transmitter/charger to your car...for mine it was this device. Can't complain about the item, although I wish the sound quality was a little better (a little tinny at
    times) for the price, it's not too bad....more info
  • Excellent FM Transmitter for your Vehicle
    I have been very happy with this product for using my iPod in my car. The power levels give a good signal to my car's stock radio. It features 3 programmable channel presets which is handy while traveling. On long road trips camping, I have experienced bleed over while in a new area and my preferred FM channel now has a radio station on it. Seriously, I wish the FCC would designate a channel just for this purpose but alas they're too short sighted....more info
  • Not bad at all!
    I like my Monster iCarPlay very much because it is easy to use, easy to hide in the glove compartment, easy to adjust and program, and the sound quality is good depending on the radio station and your quality of music download. It also allows you flexiability by being able to program up to 3 stations at one time and change them with relative easy too. This product was referred to me by a friend and I would also refer someone to buy one as well....more info
  • Satisfied
    I ordered a used Monster iCarPlay Wireless Plus FM Transmitter/Charger for iPod. The one that I received did not work. I returned it and they very promptly mailed me a new one. I was very satisfied with the customer service I received and in the end product. ...more info
  • Pretty much as good as you can get
    I have owned a Monster iCarPlay Plus FM Transmitter and have also tried similar offerings from Belkin and Griffin; to make a long story short, the Monster product was the only one that did the job.

    You're always going to have some static when transmitting low-power signals over the radio, but the Monster product was the only one where the noise was reduced to an acceptable level.

    Nevertheless there is some room for improvement; the frequency selection is slightly confusing and could be made more intuitive.

    My Monster iCarPlay Plus was stolen recently, but I will be buying another one.
    ...more info
  • Did not work!!!
    I recieved it late and did not work from the beginning i tried it in 3 different cars and it did not work in any of them, I give this product Zero stars i would recommend that no one deals with these people they will only Rip you off and they will not offer any solutions for your problems Horrible Experience!!!...more info
  • Not a bad option.....
    Purchased this for use with my iPod Classic 80gb & 97' Ford F150. Unit is easy to setup and use, although finding a good place for the iPod to rest was difficult. Have used this now for about 1 month. I don't live in a big city so finding a relatively clear fm channel was not too hard. Sound quality is good, with decent dynamic range, but the station drift often sounds like distant FM radio station static. Built-in Ipod charger is a plus. Station id led is bright and readable. Utilizing the iPod's data connector provides the cleanest signal, but be warned your iTunes volume & EQ settings will not apply, and the volume is controlled with vehicle's radio controls only.

    Since my truck is a '97, it has the factory cassette player so i tried a Phillips cassette adaptor that plugs into the iPod's headphone jack. Dynamic range is not quite as good, but the lack of static, ease of use and the fact that my volume & EQ settings work makes the cassette adaptor the choice for me until I purchase a new vehicle with some type of built-in iPod inputs.

    The Monster iCarPlay FM transmitter is a fair to good choice for those that do not have a cassette player or other type of iPod input, but don't be surprised by frequent static, particularly if you live in a large city....more info
  • Best FM Transmitter Available
    I have a Pontiac Vibe (sister to Toyota Matrix), and this transmitter works wonderfully. I haven't even needed to try different channels yet; I have just used the default (88.1) with great results. Even in towns and small/medium cities the transmission is clear, loud and without static. (I don't know about large metro areas because I have not traveled to one since purchasing.) The added convenience of this one is that it charges your iPod also.

    I have tried five different transmitters and this is by far the best, and most convenient, at any price. The only thing I would have preferred is a curly cord instead of the long, straight (3+ feet) one. But I just keep a tie holding the portion that I don't need to extend. Whatever vehicle you drive, this one is worth a try! ...more info
  • not the best fm transmitter but it does the trick
    sometimes i think a $5.00 casette transmitter is much better because there is no reception problem. If you like to listen to your music without a distruptive background noise then this item is not for you. Whenever i take a tunnel, bridge or pass by a construction site or police precinct or cell phone tower or what not the reception gets lost so i end up changing it to my cd player. If your car is old like mine and dont have a built in IPOD competible stereo system this item is OK to try to do the trick. With more than $50 on the price tag i expected more from this little toy.
    Another thing is to be extra careful when you take your IPOD off from the transmitter not to damage that part. ...more info
  • Died after a year
    I bought this product after reading several reviews online and also after receiving recommendations from friends. It worked great for the most part (major cities like Seattle gave me some problems) and did fairly well...and then it died after only one year and shortly before I was about to make a 10 hour road trip from Florida to Georgia. When I buy an electronic product I would like to know that it will last me for a few years rather than having to replace it on an annual basis.To those customers who highly rated this product more than a year ago, I would be interested to hear what your current recommendation is for this FM transmitter.Is the life expectancy of these things only a year? If so that seems rather ludicrous to me....more info
  • Very Good
    This worked great for me. The ability to be able to pick any channel to stream the music through. The charging feature is also great!...more info
  • Pretty darn tootin good
    This product works great! I previously had an itrip, but when I got a new iPod I wanted something that charged it as well (and my itrip didn't work either) so I went with this one. I live in a medium sized community and I have no problems with it whatsoever. However, last time I tested it in a metropolis area, I had bad luck (as the radio stations are so cluttered). But don't get me wrong, this is a great product. Monster has an awesome reputation for quality products, and this does not fail to meet that. If you need charging as well as music bumping : this product is for you....more info
  • Best I've Used
    I've had a few adapters and been in my friends car using them, and so far this is the best. It's hard to find a clear station sometimes (considering I live in Cincinnati) but that being said, there is always a station that works with no static at all. Hope that helps!...more info
  • New Conditions
    The product arrived in excellent conditions & working perfectly! I'm very happy with that!! Oh and arrived in 3 days!!! God Bless you. Fabiola...more info
  • Stay away from this product
    Does NOT work well - I was never able to find a clear station that transmitted well with this device. Full of static and interference from other vehicles/devices. Invest in a car stereo with an auxiliary jack....more info
  • Good enough
    This things just works out of the box, really easy set up, no more than 2 minutes, and it works great....more info
  • Best transmitter I've ever used!
    I've used several different types of transmitters over the years and this one is by far my favorite.

    It's digital, it charges your iPod, AND is a transmitter all in one small package. Not to mention, it's VERY durable. The fact that you can select from LOTS of stations makes it worth the money alone! Many transmitters on the market have "select switches" that only allow you to function between maybe 4 stations, and if those stations are already, then it's pretty much useless.

    I'm not sure if everyone understands this, but in order for a transmitter to work properly, especially with good sound quality, the radio station, or selected frequency, has to be unused! If you hear music playing on a selected radio station, your going to get crappy sound quality from your transmitter! This is true for EVERY transmitter! These devices just aren't made to override a signal completely. They don't have that kind of power.

    ...more info
  • Great if you don't live in a large city.
    The Monster iCarPlay works great in and around the mid-size southern Puget Sound city where I live as I can find several frequencies without strong broadcast signals. When traveling to nearby large urban cities (Seattle, Tacoma, Portland) it is much more difficult to find FM frequencies free of interference. This is not a problem with the iCarPlay in particular but a shortcoming of using a FM transmitter to listen to your iPod in the car.

    That said, I love the iCarPlay so much I bought a second one for my wife to use in her car.


    - charges the iPod while you are listening to it
    - allows 3 preset FM frequencies
    - sturdy, my first iCarPlay is still going strong after 3 years of hard use

    - somewhat difficult to change the presets quickly
    ...more info
  • Problem with overheating
    I've tried this in two cars over several days and it works great for about 30 minutes then stops. In each case, the control unit gets very hot. After about six hours, it works great again for another 30 minutes, then stops. Am I the only one with this problem? I'd like to exchange it rather than switch. When this works, it performs better than the Belkin Tunecast in our area....more info
  • Love it
    20 yr. old son has had a few different ones. When my kids got me an iPod for Christmas they also got me this. I like it because you're not limited to any preset stations. As I travel and will take this, that's important to me. I can set/use any stations I need to in different areas. Also charges your iPod at the same time. I looked at a bunch (long story I thought I was looking for my daughter!) then he told me no way, just get this one. It's solid, works great and you can choose you're own stations. Haven't traveled with it yet but has worked great around here. ...more info
  • Excellent Ipod Transmitter

    This product works just great. Its easy to setup and works with a very good quality of sound - no noticable hiss and crackle or interference.
    I use it with my old generation Ipods, the Ipod Classic and the Ipod Touch and it works well with all of them...more info
  • Hard and inconvenient to program channels, weak signal.
    I got this FM transmitter as my 3rd try to find something that would play my mp3s from my ipod through my radio. Like all the others, signals were weak, there was alot of static sometimes, and it wasn't clear. Sometimes you had to juggle the wires or reposition the wires to get a better signal. That cluttered up my console space. I'd give a fair rating because it was good to charge my ipod and the channels that it did work on, worked well. But all other times, it was so so....more info
  • Monster Charger and FM Transmitter
    This works awsome!! Monster does it again. If I'm looking for something, I check Monster first, because their stuff is the best, and it shows on this, it makes the iPod experience better....more info
  • died
    I bought this overpriced car adapter cuz it would charge my ipod and play at the same time. After 2 months it started to die and now it only plays audio out of my car's right side speakers. When I go over a bridge it comes in on all speakers but until then this thing sucks! ...more info
  • Magnificent performance
    This item surpassed my expectations. I was skeptical about "FM" transmissions up to 30', but darned if the thing doesn't play the iPod on the car radio in bell-clear tones. The wires are a bit messy, but that is unavoidable, especially for this bargain-priced item....more info
  • Too much buzz
    This product was returned because of the incessant buzz. I could not find an fm frequency that worked well, and the product was hard to use. Frequency change was not intuitive....more info
    The first one I got was out of order and I had to return it. The replacement lasted only 2 months since it broke into pieces. On top of that, the receiver was so weak that every certain miles I had to reset it - while driving. The connector to the ipod is probably the least user-friendly connector I've seen. I bought it because I've had execellent experience with Monster products in the past, but truly, I cannot believe how bad qaulity this product is....more info
  • The best I've tried so far.
    This is the 4th transmitter I have tried and it has the best sound so far. It's very clear and low to no static. I've tried a Belkin, a DLO and a Monster iTrip. I haven't used it long, but so far so good. I'd recommend it....more info
  • Better than the rest!
    I bought iCarPlay a few weeks ago after purchasing several other fm transmitters. The Monster is the best yet! I have a Honda Accord and it would not pick up a clear signal from any other transmitter. Then, I bought the Monster. Its signal came in clearly on all three channels. Switching channels is easy with the lighted presets. I am very happy with the product and wish I had not spent $99 on an inferior transmitter....more info
  • mobile gateway
    I have had this product for 2 weeks. I works great here in kuwait with my IPOD. Tried it in THE US, Too much static from urban areas. Overall great product for areas without a lot of urban interference....more info
  • I don't like it
    I've used a few different FM transmitters with my ipod and this one worked just as well as any of the other's I've tried as far as sound quality. The wiring on this product frustrated me endlessly though. Between the ipod and the plug there is around three feet of wire with the fm control/transmitter piece right in the middle. I found that the wires were constantly in my way and slipped in between my seat and the center console smashing the wires and the control buttons. I also found the buttons irritating and impossible to operate while driving. The three buttons work as preset stations and if you hold down one of them for several seconds you can scan through all the stations. I really don't like the buttons. They're close together, and constantly bumping up against things changing the stations....more info
  • Great Product!
    Great product! My wife and I have a Zune and an Ipod, and it works for both which is great! Now we fight over who gets to use it. I wish I had another one!...more info
  • Stinks
    I had the Monster transmitter for maybe two months before it started pausing randomly every time I went over a bump in the road... Super disappointed, especially for $79. Pass on this one. ...more info
  • Pretty Good
    A little problem finding an 'empty' station in my town, and it seems as though the 'stereo' quality is lacking on more than a few songs (could be song quality, but I doubt it). But overall it's great to have access to my iPod in the car....more info
  • Monster iCarPlay wireless
    Sturdy, high-quality wireless FM transmitter + charger for my 30 GB iPod video. Easy to use, but the car charger does not fit in the front cigarette lighter of my '04 Passat. I have to use the cigarette lighter outlet in the backseat....more info
  • Burned out
    I had this transmitter for about a year and it worked pretty good, though the sound could be better. However, the transmitter burned out and now it no longer works. I won't buy another one, instead I will buy another brand. ...more info
  • Stop!!
    No Good. Bought this one because I liked that fact that it's a charger as well, big mistake. Used for about a month before it fried the USB port on my iPod. The sound quality is also mediocre at best. Don't do it....more info
  • Excellent iPod accessory!
    I have had a Monster iCarPlay Wireless Plus FM Transmitter/Charger for iPod for about a year and have been very pleased with how well it works. I bought this second one as a gift for someone who is always borrowing mine, and the new one is working just as well for him. We prefer this transmitter because you can use it on any channel/station - you are not limited to only a few choices. Whether we're in rural or urban areas, we are always able to an open channel to play our tunes static-free. ...more info
  • Works in one city
    The problem with a radio transmitter versus being plugged in is that when you are on a road trip, you are going through many different areas of airwaves. In one area, there is a free station at 89.1, but 10 miles away, a station is breaking in and you have to change the channel. But in town, you can choose one station and stick with it. It works very nicely in this situation. Small and useful, it's mostly an awesome product. The problems I've experienced would be the same with any radio transmitter, in any case....more info
  • No Bass, hardly a station I can tune to.
    This thing does not transmit much bass. If you like bass, don't buy this because there's just not enough power to make it work.
    Also, most stations are separated by about two frequencies -- 96.3 to 96.7, leaving 96.5 open for bleeding between stations. So, in order for this to work properly, you need a larger separation like 96.3 to 97.1 for it to work right. That way, you have 96.5 and 96.9 for cushion against the bleeding signals from the other stations.
    Where I live, that leaves only 3 stations I can choose from, but even they keep getting interference from other stations from time to time. Makes me want to find out which stations those are and see if they are supposed to be transmitting over those frequencies. If they're not, then I should probably report them to the FCC. Either way, we need more empty channels to surf. The ones that are normally open are on the lower end of the range, and this thing won't reach them.
    Also, if you own a Prius, 99.9 seems to be the same frequency at which they vibrate when charging the battery when I'm slowing down. So the electromagnetic discharge given by the charging mechanism in the drive train seems to be resonate about about that frequency. It's weird and cool at the same time if you're taking physics when you notice it, but annoying otherwise....more info
  • Product ok
    The product itself was ok, but I'm not impressed with the company it came from. I purchased two at the same time. They both came from etronics in plastic bags with instructions to a different model of monster icarplay directions. . . no manufacturers box. One of the two didn't work. In order to exchange they insisted in the directions that it must be returned in the manufacturers box. and that you pay the shipping for the return. Although I got a good price for each, because one was broke and I was unable to return I ended up paying what I could have paid at the store....more info
  • Sturdy
    Not much to say about the monster cable that every one who is familiar with the brand already knows. The cable is sturdy, the conection via the dock port guarantees that the video/audio transfer is made perfectly. I tried it on a 15" monitor and the video does not distort significantly. I mainly bought the cable because of the audio interface, I have tried other generic cables and the audio was always a pain, oone of the channel was reproduced or there was a lot of noise. This is perfect so far, a have ot tested it in a big hi-fi sound device though. I also own rthe monster cable Fm transmitter for the CAR, and the volume is a bit low compare to the normal audio level for CD's

    The only con is the bulkiness, pretty thick....more info
  • Does not work with the iPhone (FM transmitter a NO GO)
    Bought this mostly to use as an FM Transmitter for my iPhone after reading that it does work on the Monster cable website if the iPhone is put into Airplane mode. Well, like most Monster cable products we were lied to and another expensive mistake and disappointment. Charges the iPhone fine, but will get NO music transmitted to the car stereo in any mode. Granted I know that there is no FM transmitter made exclusive for the iPhone right now, but Monster says that it would work on their site and obviously it doesn't. Just a warning to potential iPhone users there looking for a FM transmitter. Better off just waiting I guess and currently anticipating Griffen Tech's iPhone FM transmitter...

    Gave it 2 stars just because it a.) does charge the iPhone w/o problem (my older Keningston unit would reboot the phone and b.) works fine with my iPod mini and iPod photo....more info
  • IPOD Speaks to Car Stereo
    This was a cool gift idea, and it works...sort of as advertised. I would give it 5 stars, are the is noisy on two of three fixed frequencies that it transmits on. I had the impression, for some reason that one could manually fine tune these frequency choices -- that is not so. When you turn on or off the car, with the unit plugged in, and the stereo on, it makes a very loud series of noises that are less than musical. The sound quality is good, not great. Background noise and a very limited bandwidth seem to render its clarity well below the listening experience of the IPOD headphones. Also, the volume level seems to be a good bit below that of the radio, so if you switch from the IPOD back to standard FM, that will be a blast! Finally, the digital frequency display on the power adaptor is faint to the point of being nearly useless. It does have high quality construction, and the cigarette lighter/accessory power adaptor is especially well made, with a nice red light showing when there is power. The cables and connectors are also of excellent quality, and despite the negatives, it has been a delight to be able to transport my favorite road music into my Volvo while doing the field service drives that can be pretty long and boring, and where radio signals just plain fizzle out. It's not audiophile, but it does a decent job and I would still recommend it as a gift or for anyone who wants to hear their IPOD over their car stereo with minimal fuss....more info
  • What a hassle...
    This product is more of a hassle than fumbling with CD's while driving.
    Here's why:

    1. Even with full FM tuning capability, alot of interference and static.
    2. LED display is very, very dim (you would have to cast a shadow over the display with your hand in order for it to be visable).
    3. Poor button design on LED display (preset station can accidently be changed by the slightest touch).

    Only positive feature is that it charges your ipod...big wow!...more info
  • Nice accesory
    This is a nice accesory for my Nano. It is intuitive and easy to use....more info
  • Monster iCarPlay Plus iPod Wireless FM Transmitter/Charger
    I bought the Monster iCarPlay FM Transmitter/ Charger to listen to my two year old color iPod in the car. I had previously used a DLO FM Transmitter/ Charger. The DLO was of a cradle design and it was somewhat heavy when my iPod was placed in it. The power oulet in my car became loose due to the combined weight of the DLO and the iPod. I wanted to get a transmitter and charger that would not have this issue so I decided to get the Monster iCarPlay.

    The iCarPlay was very easy to use, I just selected one of the preset frequencies, tuned my car radio, and was able to listen to my iPod without much of a problem. I tried to select a custom frequency with the '+' and '-' keys and that worked perfectly. All the little buttons on the iCarPlay are lit with red LED's and it has a red digital display for the broadcast frequency which is clearly visible during daytime. One of the problems I had with DLO was that due to my sitting position in the minivan was unable to see the broadcast frequency.

    The signal from the iCarPlay is strong and clear, and I've tried this in my car, antenna in the back, and in the minivan, antenna in the front. It completely charges my iPod in about ninety minutes. The only issues that I have with the iCarPlay is that the keys feel flimsy, I am afraid that they won't take a lot of abuse, and it is a little pricey especially in comparision to the iTrip.
    ...more info
  • A lifesaver!
    I'm actually in Iraq and this thing is a lifesaver! I use it everyday while driving around this place and without this, I would have to listen to endless hours of Armed Forces Network radio which is horrible. A good tune once in a great with this...great tunes all day long. VERY tough as well since its been subjected to hours of extreme heat and more dust than you could imagine. sure it was not made for this specific purpose but it sure does work well. I had another FM Transmitter and it died within a week. This has worked just fine for over 5 months now. ...more info
  • awesome
    This product works great ! I have driven across the United States with it and had little or no problems at all.
    I have driven thru major urban areas, (downtown L.A and San Diego) with NO PROBLEMS.
    Unfortunantly, I have had it for 1 year and 2 months and it finally broke. Must have been from all the tugging and pulling, getting caught on things. I feel lost without one, so...time to buy another!...more info
  • Poor sound quality
    Yes, the biggest problem is the poor sound quality you get from this unit. Then there's the problem of station selection. It gives you 8 possible choices for stations to use. If you live in a large metropolitan area like I do, it is extremely likely that every one of those stations is going to be picking up a signal. Only one of the stations is usable in my area and I still get occasional signals from radio broadcasts.

    Do yourself a favor and avoid the FM transmitters. If you can't get a direct aux connection to your car stereo system and you have a cassette deck, get a cassette adapter. The sound quality is much better and they're much cheaper too.

    If you must get an FM transmitter, don't get this one....more info
  • Love this ipod player/charger!
    This is my second one (I slammed the first in my car door). It works wonders! Unfortunately, I'm a bit rough on my "toys" and my ipod nano has passed away. Looks like I'll need another ipod for my second charger. ...more info
  • VERY Poor Reception on Every Station
    The first one I purchased melted when I plugged it into my car outlet. I then exchanged it for another. No matter what station I tuned it into, there was always static, even on the stations that are normally the clearest in our area. I do not recommed this at all....more info
  • frustrating
    I can't see the lighted display in the daylight although it shows up great at night. It's so annoying (I need to find new stations as I travel) that I haven't used this much and went back to the original iCarPlay (not iCarPlay PLUS) which is easier to see AND use and gives the same quality sound.

    I tried to set new stations as presets before I left home one day only to find that the thing is ALSO broken (button 'stuck' and can't be used) from the little I did use it.

    Not happy with this purchase. I liked the original product well-enough for what it's worth.
    ...more info
  • monster icarplay fm transmitter/charger for ipod
    bought it for the car, one of our best investments, great for road trips (just the wife and I)keeps the ipod charged as we drive, also great for pulling in fm stations. we're very satisified....more info
  • flawless work
    is fine in most cars.. no complains.. it doesn't have 5 stars because one of the gold contacts is broke... so is not tight now when i plugged......more info
  • Works great
    This item did exactly what it promised. The only thing to be aware of is when you find a station you have tuned to, give your radio a few moments to lock in and it will work fantasic....more info
  • my review on this newer monster icarPlay
    I am an ipod user, I have owned a monster Ipod FM Transmitter for so long, when this model came out, i decided to go ahead and purchase it and so i did just few months ago, I have been nothing but extremely frustrated with it, it keeps on disconnecting, imagine having your Ipod playing and suddenly everything is static, your Ipod is completely disconnected, the cable lights disappear and guess what there is absolutely nothing you can do but to unplug the cable, wait for good few minutes then connect it again and pray that electricity will run through it this time.
    the previous model was nothing but the best i have seen so far. ...more info
  • Great for Metropolitan Areas...
    After reading many reviews for similar products, I tried this one and have not been dissapointed. For the most part, I get good reception, but I live in LA so sometimes I do get static depending where I am on the freeway. Play around with the station presets and eventually you can find one that works.
    Also, make sure you purchase the one with the charger/dock hookup not the earphone connection. My husband accidentally got that one and the sound quality is just awful....more info
  • monster icarplay plus wireless fm transmitter/charger for ipod blows
    this product by far is not at the top class of monster cable. monster cable has made a name for themselves and this certainly doesnt reflect that by any means. I returned this product within a week after purchasing. i trust almost all monster cable products just not this one....more info
  • Great purchase!
    I've had my monster cable about a month and havent had any issues at all! The quality in sound is awesome! This is the 2nd one i've had because my first one was stolen out of my car, so make sure you don't leave it sitting out....more info
  • Best Product On The Market
    This is easily the best product on the market for playing your ipod in your car. All that nonsense that I read about it not working in an urban area is just that, nonsense. I live in New York City and go driving through Manhattan (it does not get anymore urban than Manhattan) and the reception and quality is fine. No, it's not CD quality, just what the radio plays but depending on your speakers and sound system and ipod sound settings, the sound would be up to par with CD sound. I've tried other products from griffin and everyone else, by far and away this is the best and gets a 5 star rating. Oh, and if you should get some static, put it closer to your car antenna or raise on a holster or something and the static will go away. And unlike your tape deck, there is no hissing, assuming you have found a good and clear station....more info
  • Works great
    This is an excellent product and it sounds great in my car. The price was right. I'm getting one for my daughter too, since she keeps taking mine. The sound is really good and I get hardly any static. If I do, I just change the station and it's clear again....more info
  • Well.... What can I say..?
    First and last one I ever buy. It's not that it's bad, it's just that there's always some static now and then. Considering this a MONSTER product, which everybody knows are the best out there, it's a pitty they couldn't live up to their name on this device.

    I am pretty sure that any other trademark will give you the same problems as this one so, my advice is give the cheaper ones a chance first. All and all, it let's you hear your Ipod music pretty decently. I would give a 3 stars rating, no more....more info
  • Does its job perfectly.
    I can't testify to the longevity of iCarPlay, but it performs perfectly.
    The transmitter even stomped on an existing signal on my 06 Corolla radio,
    blotting out the received station with the iPod output. The quality of
    the sound is as good as the radio can produce, and much better than
    any strong FM station. It's not quite CD quality, but close enough
    for my pop, rock, folk and classical tracks on my 8GB nano.
    The cars antenna is on the rear of the roof, almost as far from the ICarPlay
    sitting in the front seat drinks holder as it could be and still gets
    full quieting, broad stereo quality, better than
    my hi fi quality earphones. Great Product....more info
  • ...
    It worked fairly decent for the two months I had it before the wires snapped inside the casing and the audio went kaput. I pretty much just have a charger now....more info
  • Great for the 4gb nano
    I live in the New York City area and find this works well on whichever preset I set it to. It's one of the few that supports the 4gb nano. Sound quality isn't quite CD quality, but I'm very happy with the sound of it!...more info
  • Wish it lasted longer
    I live in a relatively rural area, so I have my picks of open stations. When I got this transmitter, it worked like a charm, but over the months (I've had it since last August), I've noticed the quality of the signal has really waned. I used to get a very strong signal, but now I'm lucky if I can play one song clearly. And I have to have my radio turned almost all the way up in order to hear the music. Bummer. I will be looking for another. Another bad thing I found is that the plug-in is a hair too big to work with the case I have my iPod in (an aluminum case), if the plug-in was just a little lower profile, it would have worked perfectly, but I unfortunately have to take my iPod out of the case when I want to listen to it in the car....more info
  • Monster icarplay
    Great reception using mainly one FM signal to play my ipod through car FM radio over much of Western NY....more info
  • great item for long road trips
    We borrowed our friend's transmitter for a trip to Texas and bought our own for our spring break trip. Sure beats hauling CDs in a case. My husband just hooked up his Ipod and away we went. Sure helped on those long 12 hour drives to Texas....more info
  • Monster iCarPlay Worth a Try
    From what I have read and have experienced, you should not expect audio as rich and strong as a strong FM station or CD from any FM transmitter. That being said, I am very satisfied with this product after a month or so of use - ease of use, price, and quality. The sound has less depth and strength as a direct connection or FM station, but is more than adequate if you want to leverage your iPod to bring your whole audio library into your car. It's easier than fumbling around with all of your CDs....more info
  • Quality met my expectations
    My car only has a radio, no CD nor tape. Therefore I need it smt like that just to play the favorite music. I got what I actually expected, quality is not the best but at least I enjoy listening to my favorite songs. Most of the time it works without static so I can say I am pretty satisfied with the product....more info
  • less than expected
    Perhaps I just had unrealistic expectations, but I haven't been happy with this product. Nomatter what station I choose, the static is obvious and annoying. I wish I hadn't paid money for this poor product....more info
  • The best purchases
    This product is very useful because you can charge your Ipod and listen your favorite music while you are driving your car. The quality audio is very good, but you need free frequencies and some time you have to change the frequency during your journey. I've been using this products during last 3 monthsand I haven't had any problem with it ...more info
  • Not the best but not the worst either
    I have tried a few of these now and have found this one to be in my top two. I left my old kensington in a rental and never got it back. I decided to try the monster because I thought they had a more reputable name. I find I get more interruptions or skips from the connection to the transmitter than I did with the kensington. Overall it works well. I paid more for a DLO transmitter with the base unit but didn't like how it blocked my whole dash console with where my power outlet was located. I returned it after a week. I think the quality of sound from the monster and kensington was way better than the DLO which was the most expensive. Overall, the monster is a good choice for the price from Amazon. I don't know why anyone would buy from best buy when you can get these for $20-$30 cheaper from amazon. Also consider the Kensington if you want a quality transmitter at a reasonable price....more info
  • What you need for the 2nd gen nano.
    I had gone through 2 previous FM transmitters trying to fit my daughter's 2nd generation nano. After contacting the Monster's e-mail support, they confirmed it would work.

    It does.

    It works well, although we haven't had a huge amount of time with it as of yet.

    Only reason for 4 stars, is the difficulty in determining the newer nano capability....more info
  • Good product and customer service
    After a little over a year, my Monster iCarPlay died. I called Monster to find out if there was a reset I could try. Against everything I expected, a human answered the phone, transferred me to a simple voice menu where I then was transferred to another human! I was in shock. The gentleman who helped me diagnosed the problem immediately (blown internal fuse) and offered to send me a new one with his apologies! This is what customer service really is.

    Besides great customer service, its a great product. A friend told me to dump my cumbersome Road Trip to get a Monster. I have since bought several for friends and family as gifts and everyone loves it.

    Lyn deMartin
    ...more info
  • Sar Far, So Good!
    A couple of years ago, I bought an iTrip by Griffin. It worked beautifully exactly one time. After that it would not pick up any frequency without so much static that it was worthless.

    I decided to try again with the Monster iCarPlay Plus. I have only used it a few times, but I have to say that the sound is excellent and there has been no interference to speak of! I live 25 miles north of Philadelphia and 65 miles south of NY City. Virtually every frequency is used or picks up the frequency next to it. I still get clear, uninterrupted sound.

    I don't know if it is related, but there was one instance when I used the iCar & my iPod froze and I had to reset it . . . . I hope it doesn't have anything to do with the iCar. Time will tell.

    Overall, tho, I am extremely happy with the Monster....more info
  • The best FM transmitter available by far
    It's only three stars now, because the Monster iCarPlay 200 wireless is a much better solution. It finds stations you could not find with the iCarPlay Plus, which I stopped using because it was just more hassle than fun to use driving in Los Angeles. Below is my original review of the iCarPlay Plus, before the "200" model came out:


    I have used the Griffin and Belkin FM transmitters, and the Monster is the only one that is useful for me driving around Los Angeles, where almost all of the available FM stations are in use. The Monster has a lot less static and locks onto the station a lot better than the other two. It is good to have the three pre-sets on teh Monster ... that are easy to set. I need the three pre-sets bacause as you drive, one station gets noisy (as you get closer to the transmitter of the real owner of that frequency) and you need to change to another. It is a hassle to change the station on the radio and also change the station on the Monster, but that is life with an FM transmitter. It is definitely an imperfect solution. (If you have a cassette tape player in your car, use the Sony cassette adapter instead. I never tried the Monster cassette adapter.) For people who drive shorter distances or who don't have as many FM station broadcasting nearby, the other brands might be ok....more info
  • IPod / car stereo hookup
    The Monster iCarPlay Plus is great. I love hooking up my iPod to it. I haven't taken it out on the road to see if it's just as good out of town as it is in town without any problems. To remove the iPod from the Monster hookup takes a little patience but it will come free....more info
  • Best one I've ever used
    Great sound, durable, best one I have ever used. Only con, doesn't have a channel lack feature, easy to bump one the the buttons to chnage the ferquency....more info
  • good product for low cost
    I recently purchased this product and am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The set-up time was approximately 1 minute. It is easy to use and the clarity is surprising - it sounds as though I am listening to a CD when I use this thing with my iPod. Amazing! I just bought another one to give to my dad. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a quality FM transmitter for your iPod....more info
  • Sort of disappointing
    I bought this because I was tired of going through cds while I drove. Seeing as my car in iPod incompatible, I bought this adapter after hearing such "great" reviews. I was slightly disappointed on the first day of use. I only seemed to have three radio station options: one has way too much static, the other still had a little static, and the third, well, didn't have that much static.

    I live in LA, so when I'm sitting through traffic, I'll notice that sometimes when I'm rocking out to my music, mid-song there will be static interference and sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of the gospel radio station that I have to tune my radio to just to listen to my iPod (which is really wierd if, say, I happen to be listening to some death metal band).

    I've only had this for a month, and my experiences are only getting worse. A couple of days ago, I noticed that my iPod was no longer charging when I had it plugged in. I wish I still had my receipt so I could return this damn thing :(...more info
  • Great price and pretty neat in the car for the ipod
    I was very happy with the price of this one (which was $20 cheaper than the one at our local Target). The quality is superb and we like the fact that it charges while it works so we don't ever have to put new batteries in there. ...more info
    I own two of these IcarPlay Transmitters. My wife travels extensively and is in a rental car all the time and it is the best thing ever. Actually I have three units one for each car at home and the one my wife has for travel. We, I, never have a problem finding a channel, and the signal is much stronger than the old versions. I suspect you could put it in the back seat if the cord was long enough and it still would perform excellent. I highly recommend it. It is also nice that you can pick up your Ipod and change songs easily with the long cord. Can't say enough positive things about it. Cliff Mills...more info
  • Best bang for the bucks
    After having experienced a cheap MusicGear FM transmitter, I had no other reason to believe that this idea would ever work. My friend had suggested the Monster brand to me because she had one and it worked fine in her car, so I bought it on Amazon after having searched for it at electronics stores and finding it for $30 more. I received it and it's been working great. I live in Las Vegas and it's hard to find a frequency that's not already in use, but this product works even when the station is in use. There's no static and I hear my music with no problems. I'm definitely happy with my purchase!...more info
  • this was made by monster, I know youre lying if you wrote a bad review
    I bought this at radio shack because our new car had no iPod connection or tape player, for my old tape adapter. I was surprised to see all the horrible reviews it got. It works fine if you find a station with no interference at all. Even if there is nothing on the station, that does not mean there is no interference. It takes a while to find a perfect station, but once you do, this works very well. Personally, I don't believe anyone that says that this broke after a few days. This is made by monster, and everything they make is good, thats why it costs so much more than other FM transmitters. ...more info
  • Not for audiophiles
    This product works, but it does not do the iPod justice. Because it relies on FM frequencies, it sounds, well, very FM-ish. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to listen to your iPod while on the road, this product will do that. But, if hiss and slight static sounds are bothersome to you, you won't be satisfied.

    I still use it because at least it gives me "something", but am seriously considering investing in getting my car retrofitted the right way to get the premium sound so I can truly enjoy my tunes....more info
  • music on the go
    I got this as a Christmas gift since I listen to music so often, and it's a great little device! Simple to use--you just plug one end into your cigarette lighter, the other into your iPod, and you're all set. The actual interface is always lit up and has large user-friendly buttons to change the channel (I haven't had to use anything but the three presets, and depending on your location, you will probably have the same luck).

    And as if being simple enough to set up and operate within 15 seconds wasn't cool enough, it charges your iPod while you travel. If you wanted to drive all the way across the country, your music supply will never be dependent on a battery! I really am in love with this product, and although there is occasionally static, this only occurs during quieter songs (and in my opinion, it's inevitable in that case). So don't judge these transmitters on that score unless you've changed frequencies and it's still a major problem. Highly recommended....more info
  • They are not durable
    I have had 2 of these. They both stopped working after a couple of days. They just won't power on any more. The power in the car is fine. This thing just does not power up as if it had a fuse burn out....more info
  • Not the best charger
    I bought the Monster Wireless Transmitter and it worked great for a week or two... now the reception is horrible and if the song is even remotely loud, the sound is badly distorted and a lot of static comes through. I don't know if it broke or if I'm in a place that has radio interference, but I wouldn't recommend the product unless its the only thing available like it was to me....more info
    I ordered an iCarPlay from ANTOnline from Amazon, and the item I received was damaged (it was broken into 4 separate pieces when it arrived), and ANTOnline refused to refund or replace the item. Read this company's return policy before you buy. Their customer service is horrible. Buy this product elsewhere....more info
  • GREAT!!
    The BEST part is that it is also a charger. I gave it to my young Sister as a XMas Gift & she LOVED it. It doesn't have a base, but it sure serves it's purpose....more info
  • Pretty awesome
    That would be my daughter's response to this product. One of her girlfriends brought hers with us on a road trip and my daughter thought it was great. I bought her one for Christmas and she just loves it. She doesn't leave home without it and is very pleased with the product. I was very pleased with the price as I saved $20 purchasing it from ... ...more info
  • Broke after 3 days
    I was not happy with this product as it broke after only 3 days! I would therefore not reccommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Plug not universal
    This was a Christmas gift for my daughter. I spent several days researching online ipod transmitters for the car. The one I have for myself doesn't work very well. The Monster iCarPlay seemed to get the best reviews from people. Unfortunately, the plug which goes into the cigarette lighter in the car doesn't fit....I figured it would be a universal plug, but no luck. Pretty disappointing. She drives an Acura TL, not an unusual I said, disappointing....more info
  • Great!
    I gave this as a Christmas gift to my son-in-law and he was extremely excited. He thought it would be great and immediately opened it and went to his car to try it out. Quick shipment too....more info
  • Does Well If You Have No Alternative
    As someone else already noted, there are better methods of listening to your MP3 player in your car, such as through the tape transmitter. For those of us who don't have it, though, this is a sufficiently apt substitute.

    First, whoever said that there are 8 presets must be thinking of some other device. You only have 3 presets here, but you define them yourself from the whole FM range, an you can always deviate from them. Hence, this thing has an advantage over, say, the iTrip because you can easily surf between three stations if the one you're listening to now starts getting static.

    Second, I find it powerful enough in most situations. I live in Boston, and drive around it often enough. Downtown, most stations will give you a small amount of interference, and that is probably the best you will get. Drive around the suburbs, though, and you can easily find around 3 stations that will play almost as well as your CD player in terms of quality.

    The secret to this is to set your iPod volume somewhere around the middle to upper two-thirds of its capacity. If you set it to the maximum, all bass lines will be completely distorted. Set it to the middle, though, and you'll have rather crisp audio, although you will have to compensate for the lost volume by turning up the car radio. Hardly anything to complain about, though.

    My two complaints with this device are these:

    First, the marked price is far too high. You can find a much cheaper device on eBay, or even in the Amazon marketplace. I paid around $20 for it, plus delivery.

    Second, some types of music sound distorted even at medium volumes on a lot of the stations. I have in mind the Waltz of the Snowflakes from the Nutcracker when I write this. Beside it, just about every song I played sounded clean, although sometimes a given station would encounter pockets of interference.

    Given that a more powerful transmitter would probably end up messing up the radio reception of neighboring cars, I'm prone to think that this is an inherent problem to all FM transmitters. I think this is one of the better ones, though, because of its preset options, its ability to scan the whole FM range, the fact that it doesn't drain your iPod's battery, and the fact that you can manipulate your iPod volume on it for better performance. The iTrip can't do three of these. You will, of course, have to sit down in your car and look for usable stations manually, .2 by .2, but ultimately, and if you have no other option available, I think you will find this device to do a good job. Just do yourself a favor, and find a cheaper source....more info
  • Monster iCarPlay
    This product works really well! We used it in the middle of the desert on the way to Vegas and it still gave us a clear reception for the music on the iPod. I recommend this version of an iPod car player over the rest. It charges your iPod too... and it came in the mail a LOT earlier than I had expected it to, especially since it was the holiday season. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    Absolutely awesome product, easy to set up, great sound quality. Have an iPod? Get one of these!!!...more info
  • Broke after an hour
    I bought one of these to use on a long car trip. It worked wonderfully for about an hour - good audio quality, no problem finding an open frequency, even amongst Chicago's crowded airwaves. Then it stopped working. The LED on the power plug showed that it was still receiving power, but the LEDs that display the FM frequency went dead, along with the audio.

    Nice idea, but garbage....more info
  • Good if you don't have other options
    I like the system and it works well although my first one failed after about 25 hours of use. I find it very useful although you may need to change the three memorized stations if you are traveling heavily through different towns. But I did find three stations that work well (are not used) in my city. The only issue I run into now is if someone else sits next to me at a red light and overrides my station so I suddenly get their music. That has happened twice. You get FM static as you raise the volume but it is insignificant at normal listening levels for me. I'll switch to a direct audio connection when I get a new car but for now, a definite hit for using in my 8 year old car....more info
  • Monster iCarPlay Plus Wireless FM Transmitter/Charger for iPod
    excellent performance. easy to figure out how to operate it and easy to store away....more info
  • Very pleased with this unit
    I have a friend that swears by this product and I consider him to be quite the A/V maven. I asked him about the negative reviews for this product and he blew them off. I ordered the Monster iCarPlay Plus and have been tickled with its performance. There are two things to consider before you purchase this product.

    If you live in a very large city (I'm talking as big as one of the top 10 cities in the U.S.) you may have trouble finding a clear frequency. That seems to jive with what some negative reviews are saying (like New York City and San Francisco). I live in the 15th largest city in the U.S. and I have no problems.

    If you travel a lot you may have to fiddle a bit along the way to maintain a clear signal. On long trips you may come across frequencies that are being used by local radio stations. When this happens you will have to switch the channel you're on and try a different frequency. It's no problem really but something you need to be aware of.

    For me, and keeping those two points in mind, this product workes fabulously! I highly recommend it....more info
  • Good quality, but difficult to unplug
    The sound is good, not too much static. But, it can be hard to unplug my iPod from it....more info
  • Not very impressed
    I purchased this model back in early December and was very pleased with its performance. Signal strength was very good and did not notice static very rarely. Audio quality was good, a little muddy though.I live in Montana so most frequencies are vacant. I also took a trip across two states and it performed very well. About a week ago while traveling out of town, my unit started to crackle and then stopped working all together. I smelled a faint electrical burning and disconnected it immediately from my ipod. I returned this unit to Target and exchanged it for another one. The signal on the new one seemed just a tad weaker then the other and after reading some similar reviews about units "frying" and also some disabled ipods, I decided to return it and experiment with some others. I purchased Belkins TuneFm and performance was not very good. Much more frequent periods of static than the Monster. I have also tested my wife's Griffin itrip and would say that it performed better than the Belkin. I currently have a Kensington on order and will post review under that item after testing. My vehicle is a Honda 05 civic w/rear window antenna. ...more info
  • Great ICarPlay
    I purchased this item just before a rode trip. It was great. I have used it several times and have not had a single problem. I live in the country and have no problems getting stations to work. Its easy to use and the price was good....more info
  • Satisfied, does what I wanted.
    This is a decent product. Alot of people complain of static, which occurs for me on occasion, mostly near big cities. Near big cities it's harder to find empty FM stations. My only complaint is that it is very difficult to change stations on the transmitter unless you have the directions handy. It is not very user friendly. In Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. this product sells for $80. I bought mine at Amazon for $51. So, for the price I paid, I can't complain....more info
  • ipod car charger fm modulator
    everything went great already got another one
    since the last purchase...more info
  • Fried
    I used this product twice. Second time I smelled smoke and sure enough it's fried. It still works as a charger but a little expensive for a charger....more info
  • static
    This FM device is the from what I hear the best one available and from the three that I have use (iPod, monster, another type) it is the best that I have used. Though there is stil a lot of static when I am driving in my car. I am lucky if I can find one decent station. I also live in a major city so there might be a lot of stations and that might give me less of a signal. Overall if I could find something else that worked better, I would. But this is the best one that I have used out of all the FM Transmitters. ...more info
  • Very Good Product, But NOT Perfect
    This wireless FM transmitter from Monster does an exceptional job playing your iPod's music over FM radio frequencies. However, it must be noted that you have to use low frequency stations to avoid any interference such as 88.1 or some frequency close to that.

    I've had this product for about a month and have not experienced any problems after I found a good station to use. As far as the sound is concerned, it is very good but not quite as crisp as a CD player's sound. But make no mistake, it is more than respectable.

    Personally, I think the tape adaptor is the best way to go, but if your car no longer has one like mine, then this is definitely the next best possible way to use your iPod with your car stereo system.

    Overall, this is a product I definitely recommend purchasing until something better comes out in the future....more info
  • Hmm ...
    Hmm ... It's easy to use and reasonably priced. The transmission quality is as one would expect from any portable FM type of device such as this. (That being from "bad" to "fair".) However, mine inexplicably stopped operating after about a week's normal use. Nothing I tried could unlock it from it's apparent freeze up. I ended up throwing it away and purchasing a digital direct-to-audio system, hard-wired product for my iPod instead. No more "through the air" for me, thank you. :-)...more info
  • Terrible product
    What creates more static?
    a). Rubbing a balloon on your head?
    b). Putting 20 pairs of pantyhose in the dryer with no dryer sheet.
    c). This product.

    Answer: C.

    I have three major problems with this product. The first is a huge amount of static that it couldn't overcome. In fact, the static was louder than the MP3 I was trying to play.
    Second, the station options are written so small on the device, they are very difficult to read. I have 20/20 vision and had to hold it up to my face to read it (not very safe to do while driving!).
    Thirdly, if its dark out and you yet again have to try and find another station to play over the static, you have to turn the car's interior lights on to read the tiny letters, as they are not backlit.

    Overall, this is a poorly designed product that does not work well at all.
    The best experience I had with this product was returning it! ...more info
  • Best Buy!
    I love this product! It is a charger and transmitter all in one - a perfect combination for a resonable price....more info
  • Amazing Product (in San Francisco, CA no less...)
    I've been looking for a way to play my iPod music in my car for the past two years, ever since I first purchased my iPod. With no tape deck, the car adapter was not an option fo rme. I also was too cheap to purchase a completely new car audio system designed specifically for iPods or even one simply with a line-in plug, so I decided to try this gadget out for giggles, almost confident it wouldn't work. My optimism stemmed from the fact that I live part time in San Francisco, a city occupying one of the busiest airwaves in the nation. Nonetheless, I took the plunge, and prayed for the best.

    I can't begin to elaborate about how pleased I am with this product. I use 93.7FM as the station to trasmit signals to, and it works like a charm. I have not had to tune it once since I've gotten the product, and most of all, the signal has been extremely clear - no interference whatsoever. Granted, the audio quality is not going to be as good, say as with a car adapter or with getting an entirely new audio system, but it does its job quite effectively, as I may add. It plays my iPod's music in my car, it charges my iPod at the same time, and I don't need to install any un-necessary products to make this product work.

    Overall, I am extremely happy. Before getting the product, I'd check out which station provides the most static on the FM dial. That specific station will probably be the one you'd use for the transmitting. Then I'd tune the iCarPlay to the station, and presto, it should work in an instant. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • It's ok.
    Got this as a gift. Not perfect but it does the job. In South Jersey I use 88.7fm. Sometimes I get a little static but overall it works. Sound is not bad at all. I'm happy with it. ...more info
  • Great product
    I think this is an exceptional fm transmitter for ipods. For those looking for decent quality products, spend a bit more and get this product. This will work great on a daily use basis, if you travel within a city.

    If you do a lot of interstate travel you may face problems with changing fm frequencies regularly. But understand that this problem is going to be present in all fm transmitters because of the way they are made to work.

    It allows to set 3 freqencies that i can sqith between very easily. However, changing a preset frequency is not very easy and not recommeded while you are driving.

    Overall great product, great clarity (i think better than normal fm radio if you happen to find a free band on ur fm)
    ...more info
  • Works better than I expected.
    Just hooked this up, and love it. The one station here that it won't actually overpower has the max allowed signal by the FCC and it nearly drowns out the chatter. Not sure about CA or NY, but this is a great item in the midwest. This is my 5th, and I would have saved a boatload by spending more the first time to get a transmitter that actually works.......more info
  • It works well
    I love my Ipod, I don't realize me driving with out my music, with this transmiter I use my Ipod in any car, when I travel I rent a car and I can use my Ipod everywhere I am.

    You charge your Ipod while traveling, and when you are out of your car, it's charged, now you don't have to carry the Ipod charger with you.

    The sound is good, is not the best quality, but this is becuase you are transmiting thru FM not in digital way, but its ok. If you want more fidelity you can chose an original conection to your car stereo.

    A good option to have 3 progamable preset stations...more info
  • Works Well In Both My Cars
    I have two of these. One for my truck and one for my van. My wife and I both really enjoy this device, as it works extremely well for us. There is a slight bit of static no matter what station I choose to transmit on, but neither my wife nor myself can hear it once the music (or video or whatever) starts to play. It's a very convenient device, especially since the stereo in my truck doesn't have a tape player (CD and Radio only) so a tape cassette adapter wouldn't work for me. The three programmable buttons make it easy to switch to different frequencies should the one we're using suddenly become "unavailable".

    Of course, you have to realize that this is a low-power transmitter. It's not going to produce the same quality signal you'll get from your local 100-watt radio station. It's designed strictly to be used as a local transmitter with a range of only about a dozen feet (if that). So don't expect crystal clear, static-free operation. Like I said, once the music starts, that static can't be heard. And even what's there, truly, isn't that bad at all.

    If I had to give any down sides to this, it's the cost. Truly, it doesn't seem like it's an $80.00 device. Why Monster can produce the generic version of this product that will hook into any player at half the cost but charge $80.00 for this one is beyond me. This is specifically built for the iPod. I guess that's why they feel they can double the price....more info
  • Not worth the money
    The reception I received while using this was never very good. I tried many stations to try and get the best reception. I ended up going back to the tape deck method. It did charge the iPod which was great, but then one day it fell apart in my hands. The 2 pieces that enclose the connector seperated , and left the part that goes into the iPod exposed. It wasn't worth the $75 I paid for it....more info
  • Charges great, reception poor
    I purchased this so I can take all my tunes with me, like everyone wants to. In my area, it's hard to find a "clear" FM station unless its at the extreme lower end of the band, (88.*, 89.*) The tuner does not have the capacity or capability to tune below 90.*, therefore, in my area at least, reception really stinks. FM stations still come in loud and clear, but very disappointed of the performance of this product.....but it does charge great. (So what....)...more info
  • Good little product
    Worked well and sound quite acceptable. Would be good if they allowed "even number" FM stations - only odd number frequencies available but doesn't seem to be a serious problem. Also the dock connection could have been more like the standard Apple connector and would have more easily fit through my iPod case. However, these are minor reservations and overall I found this to be good value for the money....more info
  • Better Than I Thought
    I did a lot of online research before buying this transmitter. I had low expectations since it seemed like most of them have mediocre quality and problems of one kind or another especially in metro areas. I decided on this one since this best met the criteria I had set for the purchase:
    1. Good Reviews
    2. Price at $50
    3. Easily protable from one car to another
    4. Wanted the passenger to be able to control it in addition to the driver.

    This product more than exceeded my expectations. The sound quality is awesome. I have never had any difficulty finding at least one station where there is no interference. Also, the protability and passenger use has really come in handy. It is great to let the passenger control the tunes.

    I would highly recommend this product if your needs are similar to mine....more info
  • Much better than the Belkin Tunebase FM
    This is my second FM transmitter and works much better than the Belkin that I ended up returning because it simply wasn't working.

    It plugs firmly into my cigarette lighter and stays there, unlike the Belkin (I drive a 2001 BMW 325ci). It is easy to use with the preset FM stations. It works right out of the box, you'll be ready to go within seconds. The sound is crisp, with some static interference, which can be expected in a big city. Unmounting my car's antenna helps a little but doesn't completely cure the interference. I have a factory BMW Business radio which picks up FM signals pretty much without an antenna.
    There is nothing to mount the iPod so you'll either have to set it in your cup holder or purchase a case separately.

    I wouldn't spend more than $45 on any FM transmitter as there will always be minor interference in urban areas. I won't be getting rid of my CD changer just yet....more info
  • absolute junk
    I bought two and had to return both of them. They had shorts, didn't work, and then died all together....more info
  • Just not good enough
    I SO wanted to love this thing. I have an iPod that I am seldom without, and my car isn't iPod compatible. I bought a Monster Wireless FM Transmitter/Charger so I could listen to my music on the way to my class reunion. Unfortunately, the thing just didn't work for me.

    There are 8 preset stations (low on the dial) and if all of them are in use, you're out of luck. I don't live in a huge city (maybe 60,000 with farmland all around), but only two of these stations were available. Although I was able to tune in to my iPod, it wasn't crystal clear. In fact, it wasn't even plastic clear. The static sometimes overrode the music, which drove me nuts. This is like a fax machine - the original may be spotless, but the fax will be a little fuzzy.

    If you have a cassette player in your car, there are adapters that go through the cassette player and are much better. If your car isn't iPod compatible and you don't have a cassette player, you're better off just burning a bunch of CD's....more info
  • Awesome
    I live in the Boston area and have no problem at all with the transmission this product is great, monster lives up to their name, and I highly reccomend it....more info
  • I enjoyed our son's ipod collection during our weekend trip
    Recently we drove seven hours each way to a wedding. Our son brought along his ipod with his Monster transmitter. I did not know this product was available. What a great way to play the ipod! We all enjoyed listening to his collection of music. The sound was clear and very good. I don't remember any problems with the sound transmition except brief periods when we went across certain bridges, tunnels and mountain areas; times when one's radio would have difficulty transmitting also. I am definitely buying one of these for my husband for Christmas and for my daughter for her birthday....more info
  • Weak FM Output and Poor Audio
    I have owned this iPod FM transmitter for about 11 months and have used it while driving thousands of miles through many FM radio markets. In urban areas this unit is not useable, because, despite the availability of the three FM presets, you can't find open FM frequencies in urban areas, and if you do, the unit's FM modulator is not strong enough to overcome adjacent channel interference from city FM radio powerhouses, and typical poor car stereo FM tuner performance (selectivity).

    If you live in the country this unit's FM performance is just fine, unless of course you regularly travel to a nearby urban area.

    Also, my unit "overdeviates"--the iPpod audio is distorted on loud passages when hooked up to my Dodge Durango with the factory stereo installed. When the FM transmitter is hooked to my Subaru's top-of-the-line McIntosh stereo, the audio is good.

    I believe this product is overpriced, and should be sold with a caveat: Not useable in and around major cities. ...more info