Linksys WRT350N Wireless-N Gigabit Router with Storage Link
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The Wireless-N Gigabit Router with Storage Link is four devices in one. First, there's the Wireless Access Point, which lets you connect to the network without wires. There's also a built-in 4-port full-duplex 10/100/1000 Switch to connect your wired-Ethernet devices together at up to gigabit speeds. The Router function ties it all together and lets your whole network share a high-speed cable or DSL Internet connection. The built-in Media Server streams music, video, and photos from the attached storage device to any UPnP compatible media adapter and you can get to your files from anywhere in the world through the Internet. The Access Point built into the Router uses the very latest wireless networking technology, Wireless-N (draft 802.11n). By overlaying the signals of multiple radios, Wireless-N's Multiple In, Multiple Out (MIMO) technology multiplies the effective data rate. The robust signal travels farther, maintaining wireless connections up to 3 times farther than standard Wireless-G. To help protect your data and privacy, the Router can encode all wireless transmissions with industrial-strength 256-bit encryption. It can serve as your network's DHCP Server, has a powerful SPI firewall to protect your PCs against intruders and most known Internet attacks, and supports VPN pass-through. Configuration is a snap with the web browser-based configuration utility. The incredible speed of Wireless-N and gigabit wired networking is ideal for media-centric applications like streaming video, gaming, and Voice over IP telephony, and gives you plenty of headroom to run multiple media-intense data streams through the network at the same time, with no degradation in performance.

The Linksys WRT350N Wireless-N Gigabit Router with Storage Link is really four devices in one. The fastest and most advanced wireless solution currently available, this unit provides you with wireless access, connects your various devices or computers at high speeds, provides hassle-free storage options, and acts as a server to allow you access to your data and media from virtually anywhere. With the Linksys Wireless-N Gigabit Router with Storage Link at the center of your home or office network, you can easily add storage, share a high-speed Internet connection, files, printers and multi-player games, and run media-intensive applications at amazing speeds, without the hassle or expense of stringing a lot of wires.

This Linksys Wireless-N Router with Storage link provides you with a Wireless Access Point (WAP) that lets you connect to the network without wires, and a built-in, four-port, full-duplex 10/100/1000 switch to connect your wired-Ethernet devices together at up to one-gigabit speeds. A built-in router function ties everything together and lets your whole network share a high-speed cable or DSL Internet connection, while a Storage Link feature lets you easily add gigabytes of storage space onto your network using readily available USB 2.0 hard drives, or plug in a USB flash disk for a convenient means of accessing your portable data files. There is also a built-in Media Server that streams music, video, and photos from an attached storage device to any UPnP compatible media adapter, allowing you to get your files from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

The Access Point built into this router uses the very latest in wireless networking technology -- Wireless-N (draft 802.11n). By overlaying the signals of multiple radios, Wireless-N's Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) technology multiplies the effective data rate. Whereas ordinary wireless technologies are confused by signal reflections, MIMO actually makes use of these reflections to increase the range while reducing dead spots in the coverage area. This means the signal travels farther, maintaining wireless connections at up to three times the distance of standard Wireless-G, so the farther away you are, the more speed advantage you get. This Wireless-N router is fully backward compatible, so it works great with standard Wireless-G and -B devices, but when both ends of the wireless link are Wireless-N enabled, the router can increase the throughput even more by using twice as much radio band. This allows speeds up to 15 times that of standard Wireless-G. As a further convenience, unlike other speed-enhanced technologies, Wireless-N can dynamically enable this double-speed mode for Wireless-N devices, while still connecting to other wireless devices at their respective fastest speeds. For especially congested areas, there is a good neighbor mode that makes sure the router checks for other wireless devices in the area before gobbling up all the available radio band.

To help protect your data and privacy, this router can encode all its wireless transmissions with iron-clad, 256-bit Wireless Protected Access (WPA2) encryption. This unit can also serve as your network's DHCP server, includes a powerful SPI firewall to protect your all your PCs against intruders and most known Internet attacks, and supports VPN (Virtual Private Network) pass-through for the ultimate in network security. Despite all its features and functionality, configuration is simple and easy, thanks to the included web browser-based configuration utility. The incredible speed of Wireless-N and gigabit-wired networking is ideal for media-centric applications like streaming video, gaming, and voice-over-IP telephony, and gives you plenty of headroom to run multiple media-intense data streams through the network at the same time, without worrying about a degradation in performance.

This Linksys router features four Ethernet ports with numbered LEDs that indicate device connection and activity, LEDs indicating power, Internet activity, wireless activity, and security, as well as a top-panel button that is reserved for future functionality. There are ports for power, Internet, and Ethernet (four), a reset and security button, and three antennas. This unit uses CAT 5 cabling, and allows WEP, PSK, PSK2, and Radius security features, as well as 64 and 128 WEP key bits. The Linksys WRT350N is FCC, CE, and IC-03 certified, runs on 12-volts via an included adapter, measures approximately 1.57 x 6.93 x 7.4 inches (WxDxH), and is backed by a manufacturer's limited three-year warranty.

  • Product Type - Router
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Features 256-bit Wireless Protected Access (WPA2) encryption at either 64 or 128 WEP key bits, and is backed by a manufacturer's limited three-year warranty
  • - Up to 12 times faster than Wireless-G, but also works great with Wireless-G and -B devices
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't Pay Too Much
    The price was great I can't deny that, I paid $65. But the product has some complications. Such as losing connectivity from time to time out of no where. I believe Linksys is working on a new firmware to update this issue. If this product is over a $100.....DON'T BUY IT....more info
  • mmmm...
    ok... here's the thing:
    I bought the router... I have a windows vista pc... and a "mybook" usb harddisk... my brother didn't have any problem connecting with the mybook plugged in into the storage link cause he has a windows XP pc... bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuttttttt... I did... so I did a little research at the linksys website and it said that I had to upgrade the firmware... fine.. I did it...

    the whole thing crashed... I had to contact linksys to fix the problem... and still... when I thought that it was working fine... It started to freeze. I had to turn off and on every hour...

    The only thing that I could do to finally fix the router... (is how i have it right now) is using an open source firmware... and STIIIILLLL the storage link doesn't work... BUUUT is better than nothing...

    I like linksys... I never had a problem with linksys untill now......more info
  • A great router if you install the rigth firmware.
    A few weeks ago lighting burned my ADSL modem, my old mighty WRT54G v2 and a 5 ports gigabit switch.

    I was looking for a device with more memory and perhaps a faster CPU and I found the WRT350N v1. This Pre-N device has a Broadcom 4785 @ 300MHz (The WRT54G v2 had a BCM4712 @ 200MHz), It has 32 MB of RAM, 8 MB of flash, an USB port, a 4 port gigabit switch and it was compatible with DD-WRT (min. version: v24 - build 0616). I went ahead and bought it from Amazon (good price and outstanding delivery service). When I got it, and immediately after plugging it, I upgraded it to DD-WRT (v24 SP1 final - mega build). I cannot comment on the device with stock Linksys firmware, but with DD-WRT, it is an outstanding router. My laptop immediately recognized it and connected at 130 Mbps. All other wireless devices worked just fine. The speed was right and the coverage was on-par to my old router (increased TX power to 83mw).

    I have not yet finished configuring all the additional features I intend to enable, but so far it has been a smooth and flawless experience. If you are having problems with a Linksys WRT350N I really recommend you upgrading it to DD-WRT, it is not as difficult as it first seems, and after you have done so, you will end with a much more capable and reliable device....more info
  • DD-WRT works great on this router
    i updated it with DD-WRT right when i got it and it has been up and running ever since with no restarts for over a month now...more info
  • Linksys WRT350N -- not all it should be...
    I purchased this product from Their sales, product shipping all was excellent. I received the router within 3 business days, at regular shipping. Great...
    Well, that is when the problems began. The software included with the router did not set up the router properly (I followed the instructions to the letter). Following that failure, I spent over 2 hours with a very patient and cordial Linksys Rep. who helped me set it least to the point that it would let my computers access the internet. The USB port on this unit has proved to be worthless, as I cannot access the additional storage drive from my wireless laptop, or the hard wired PC machine. This port was included by Linksys to add an additional storage device... Using a USB Port on a hub works much better.
    I will have to call Linksys again to try and resolve this storage drive problem as well as the fact that I cannot communicate wirelessly with my wireless HP Printer. The printer was working fine on the old Linksys Router. If I had it to do over again, I would keep my money and the old router... the set up problems, the lack of performance for the storage port are not worth the additional cost of this router...
    ...more info
  • WRT350N, Avoid This Product As Though It Was The Black Death
    I purchased this router after having the Linksys 802.11G product. I was looking forward to the external USB storage connection as well as the suppossed speed increase. I provide IT support for a major corporation and I consider myself to be a fairly advanced user. I made every attempt to make this product work with some stability with absolutley no success. Updated firmware, various configurations of Wireless settings etc. From what I can tell the biggest problem is that this product really does not know how to deal with any other wireless networks that might be near by. I get "Excellent" signal strength, at least that's what the Linksys utility says, but I get only 6 Mbps throughput and the connection drops every few minutes. And yes I found the setting to force it higher. So unless you live on an island with no other inhabitants, avoid this product as though it was the black death....more info
  • Drops signal, loses ISP connection
    My intentions when purchasing this router was to upgrade my junk wireless G router from Radio Shack and get increased range and speed with the N signal. I was let down by Linksys right from the start. As soon as I opened the box I noticed the large antennas and was excited to see how much range I could get out of this router. I set up the router in place of my wired Linksys BEFSR, hoping this router would replace my whole network nightmare. I attempted to run the install cd that came with the router, the EasyLink. It failed, several times. Finally I decided to just manually set up the router, which worked, for about a day. When I moved about my house I noticed no difference between my internal G wireless adapter on my laptop, and my shiny new wireless N PCI card. Bummer. As with the signal, I noticed NO increase in wireless speed between laptops as well as my Xbox 360. Bummer, again. I decided to keep the router because it was Linksys. I figuered it had to be better than my junk Radio Shack router. Well, once again, bummer. The router was stable, for the first 24 hours. After that, the router would drop wireless signal and require a restart of the router. Once I called Linksys and dealt with their tech support for 3 hours, they decided the problem was the IP address of the router. WHAT?! Their solution to my problem was to change the router from to Wow! It worked. My router stays stable, but now it loses connection with my ISP. Having it Release and Renew does nothing. The only way to fix the problem is to restart the ENTIRE network. I have not tried the USB storage device, as I cannot get the router to work for basic internet activity for longer than 48 hours. I have called tech support several times, and each time there is nothing they can do. The firmware has been changed by Linksys' request several times. I've even gone as far as having my ISP replace my modem 3 times, each time the results are the same. Unfortunately I did not use Amazon to purchase the router, and the retailer where I purchased this router will not take it back.

    The result is I now have a very expensive wired router, with the old BEFSR picking up some slack as an access point working in parallel to feed the 6 connections in the house. Running everything with wires, the router works great. I have to reboot the whole network once every 6 months, as the high network traffic eventually gets the best of the router.

    If you want a router that drops signal when it feels necessary, or want to talk to a tech support person, then this router is for you. If you want something reliable with great support, choose a different router or company all together. ...more info
  • Do not order Linksys WRT350N ship from & sold by ANTOnline
    I ordered a new WRT350N router on July 19,2008. ANTOnline shipped a old/reburbished item and no Setup CD and documentation in the box. The package is unsealed and the item old/used router. There is no luck to contact the Seller ANTOnline. I have to end up to filled a complain with AMAZON....more info
  • Storage Link is not ready for prime time.
    This router has a nice setup process. It appears to have better range, especially from one floor of my home to the next. And I'm seeing excellent transfer rates across gigabyte NICs that are wired directly to the router.

    But it hardly makes up for two big issues: First, the Storage Link is not ready from prime time. Yes, there are some users that understand routers, group policies, and all of the other settings required to make this thing work. Mapping a Network drive is not beyond all users. Linksys does a lousy job describing how to setup and use this feature.

    Yes, I read the manual. Yes, I surfed several forums for tips. And, yes, I did finally get it to connect. But the hassle factor is really high. And, for some reason the process to reconnect to the mapped drive is problematic. Eventually I unplugged the USB drive and returned it to its' base computer. I wanted a single repository of music and images, but Storage Link does not appear to be the solution.

    A second issue is the preference for "wireless" connections. Where my wireless devices connected without a problem, I am still working to configure wired devices and my ethernet/network enabled printer. The setup wizard that makes everything seem so smooth and easy - also hides the ability to manually intervene. Renaming workgroups, users and computers is not my idea of a fun time.

    I gave this router a 3-star rating based on the basic speed improvements (within my LAN) and simple wireless setup. You can find other products, even from Linksys, for $50-$60 less that will give you most of the same functionality, speed and range. If they would let someone dedicate a few hours to improve the User Manual this product could be a real winner.
    ...more info
  • Flashing the POS commonly known as the WRT350N
    Since this router came out I have found myself flashing more and more of them. People are fed up with the constant unstable connections, and constant default setting resets needed to keep this thing going. I myself have one and will soon be selling it to my friend to get a new router.

    I have had problems with it dropping my connections usually every 10-15 minutes. I too voided the warranty on this product by flashing it to use "DD-WRT" (WARNING: flashing your router WILL void your warranty and Linksys will not give any support once they find out you have done it. So do it at your own descretion. You will also lose the ability to use the network USB storage feature.)

    Once i installed DD-WRT mini on the router it restarted and yes everything seemed just fine. Next i upgraded DD-WRT mini to DD-WRT v.24 and uh oh... No access to the web GUI to edit the settings. Simple work around... NO I DID NOT BRICK the router. Anyways... i used TELNET to connect to the router using the standard login: ROOT and password: ADMIN and TURNED ON web GUI access by entering the following command "httpd -h /www" (This seems to happen every now and then when i am installing it on a new router for the first time.) If you cant TELNET into it try SSH using "PuTTy".

    For all the info you need and more or access to download the files used above just google the UPPERCASE words above ;)

    In the end... after flashing it you may have voided the warranty but i guarantee you will have a MUCH BETTER router in the end. DO NOT ATTEMPT FLASHING IF YOU ARE NOT TECHY!!! TAKE IT TO A TECH TO HAVE IT DONE. If you dont know anyone then take it to GEEK SQUAD or FIREDOG and bring the disks with the files for DDWRT and have them do it... (but no clue what they may charge for it... nor guarantee that the techs there will even accept the job since it voids product warranty. GOODLUCK)

    Video of another guy who did what i do on a weekly basis:

    What i usually charge people is around [...] (The price changes depending on how far i have to travel to do the work... with gas prices so high these days i might need to start charging [...] just to make the trips worth it.)...more info
  • Avoid this product if you use more than one wireless connection
    The firmware has serious problems in many areas:

    NAT: doesn't save settings, you must try more times before getting it right

    Wireless connection: if you have more computers connected the connection will drop continuously. Even every 2-3 minutes

    USB storage: Very limited features and many times it doesn't work or save settings.

    From time to time you need to reset it because the DHCP server stops working.
    If connected through DHCP to the provider, it won't rapidly recover from a connection drop.

    The only positive thing about this router is the easy to use management web interface.

    My suggestion is to avoid this product because it needs a new, more reliable, firmware.
    ...more info
  • I Have to Reboot this Router Once a Day
    When it works, it works great. Unfortunately, to get it to work right, I have to reboot this device at least once a day. Most of the time, the reboot is due to the router no longer seeing my attached USB hard drive. Hopefully, Linksys will come out with updated firmware to fix this issue....more info
  • It may work at first, but it WILL break.
    I bought this product last fall after being enticed by the fact that it has Wireless N and that it has a USB slot for an external drive. The wireless speed was very slow for an N router, but I only had one N-able device and the rest were G, so I just dealt with it. I didn't have many issues at first, with the sole exception of the connection to the external drive on the USB, which has always been very, very slow and unstable.

    After about six months of use, the router just stopped working. No amount of soft resets, hard resets, and firmware flashes have gotten this back to working condition. It is now a brick, and I will never, ever, ever buy a Linksys product again....more info
  • Linksys WRT350N Wireless-N Gigabit Router with Storage Link
    The software setup is easy it is fast on the host computer but the range leaves a little to be desired....more info
  • Complete Dissatisfaction
    I am writing this review because of my COMPLETE DISSATISFACTION with Linksys's customer service. (and the fact that the router doesn't work)

    I spent over 2 hours on the phone with 2 different technicians plus an additional 1 hour on the phone with Verizon.

    After all of this we were not able to get the Linksys router working. I could connect to the internet but no matter which way we configured the DSL modem and router the Linksys will not work.

    The Linksys did work for about a week then suddenly stopped working and we starting having this problem.

    It was determined that a new router should be sent. A Linksys technical rep. contacted a supervisor and got the replacement approved. The tech. rep told me to call customer service the following day when they open and request a replacement.

    I did that but was told by customer service rep. that the replacement wasn't authorized. They wanted me to continue to troubleshoot which I refuse to do. After 3 hours of troubleshooting I feel that I did my job as a customer and it is time that they did their job. They offered to call the store and try to get it replaced. They told me that Linksys wouldn't replace the router but I would have to go back to the store with it.

    Then another customer service representative called me back and told me that they can't contact the store with the information that I supplied, (which I got off my VISA bill), I bought the router on line from Circuit City. I am feed up with Linksys and just wanted a replacement router sent. But Linksys feels that 3 hours of my time on a Sunday afternoon is not good enough for a replacement.

    I will be sending this piece of electronic plastic back to circuit city and purchasing another router from another manufacturer. I will NEVER purchase a Linksys product again.

  • Storage Link Does NOT Work
    The Storage Link on the Linksys WRT350N does NOT work.

    I have tried more than once, in different configurations, and it does not work. Period. Upgrading the firmware will not resolve the issue.

    If you have folders and files on an existing USB drive and then attach it to the router, they will not appear as they should. Directories will appear as subdirectories of others in cases where they really are not. In other words, directory A will appear beneath directory B even when it is not! It's simply WRONG.

    Also, it is absolutely impossible to assign read/write permissions for different users to different folders. 75% of the time the router software will not save your changes. Even when it does save your changes, randomly, the security permission will not work as you define them.

    Do not buy this product.
    ...more info
  • Buy it.
    Not sure why people don't like it, works great for me. No lost connections and my PS3 works well with it. 2girls1cup plays just fine, couldn't ask for anything else....more info
  • Linksys
    Installation was simple with the CD and material provided. Works great. Wireless printer works great. I am disappointed in the wireless storage feature. After an hour on the phone with Linksys support we discover it will not work with an NTFS formatted drive. Overall, satisfied. If you want to use the storage feature suggest digging further into requirements and capabilites before buying external storage....more info
  • Intermittent wireless connections; frequent resets required.
    I have had 2 problems with this router and have received factory support and replacement units without resolving the problem.
    1. Wireless connections on several of my home computers are intermittent
    2. The router occasionally loses the ability to connect to the internet without any changes on my part. To resolve, I must reset the unit and reconfigure using the reset port in back.

    Review the Linksys user forum for further evidence of these issues. I would avoid this router....more info
  • Worst router I've ever owned.
    The WRT350N is about the 10th router I've owned and the 8th Linksys brand. I purchased it to get Wireless-N draft 2.0 as I upgrade all my wireless devices slowly to Wireless-N. I live in an apartment where about 8 or so other wireless networks will pop up on my list when searching.

    I've had the classic WRT54G which is a classic, bulletproof, and totally reliable. It worked well in my environment full of competing routers. I wanted to go to N level, though, to get the higher throughput and better range. I'm sorry I chose to go with this WRT350N model.

    Even with the latest firmware installed (1.03.7 9/27/2007), this router is garbage. It drops the wireless connection about once every 5-10 minutes (though sometimes can go an hour without doing so). It spontaneously resets itself about 4 times per day (almost as if I had power cycled it), so even my wired connections get dropped regularly.

    The "Storage Link" is a joke. The router is so unstable that if you try to copy a file larger than a couple of megabytes, it'll drop the whole connection/drive mapping. I lost the ability to map to the USB hard drive plugged in the back for a good week once b/c the router mysteriously didn't want to cooperate.

    I've tried everything I can think of. I updated to the latest firmware, which seemed to make everything worse. I slowed the connection down to Wireless-G (802.11g) connection only, and it still dropped connections just as frequently. I've done a complete reset several times, to no avail.

    I should have known it was going to be a problem when I first tried to run the installation software that came with it. Normally, on most routers, you can set them up simply by opening up your internet browser and typing in the default IP address of the router (Linksys is usually, password admin, no user name). Well, this unit refused to work even when set up properly this way, so I had to go through the pain of installing the included software (which, by the way, is also poorly thought out and nearly impossible to use). Then it magically started to work. Well, sort of (see above).

    It gets one star because, frankly, Amazon doesn't allow you to give negative stars. It'll make a fine doorstop, though....more info
  • Save your money and more importantly time!
    This product is horrible. I couldn't get it to work with my DSL out of the box. I called tech support (India) and they were no help. I finally connected my old router, downloaded the latest firmware and got it working on my own only to find that performance was horrible. Wireless range and data transfer speeds are sub-par and Internet performance was worse than my previous router. It barely works with my Xbox 360, I had to modify multiple setting just to get my xbox to connect to live. I strongly advise you not to waste your time and money on this product. I replaced my WRT350N with a DLink DGL-4500 and had it up and running perfectly in 5 minutes. Performance, range and internet on the Dlink have all been great. Xbox live worked with minimal configuring which the Dlink automatically does for you if you select live under the gaming category in its setup....more info
  • Easy And Fast
    I have installed many wireless routers. The step by step wizard complete with animated connection video really takes the guess work out of it. It worked the first time. I would recommend this device to anyone....more info
  • Great Hardware Very Very Poor Firmware
    This Box Is Great Piece of Hardware but the LinkSYS standerd firmware sucks, it needs a reboot daily because it hangs and the performance of the USB is very very slow
    I had to change the firmware to the dd-wrt firmware and now we can play.
    It is very good box if you are a computer geek because you will learn how to handle and fix it.
    If you are a regular user do not try to buy it or you will get very disappointed....more info
  • A mixed but ultimately disappointing bag from Linksys
    This is my third Linksys router, and in general I have been very pleased with their products. I bought this one for the claimed increased range, and I was also interested in the storage link feature.

    Basic setup was a breeze, and the router came up on my home network flawlessly in a matter of minutes. The range is noticeably better than my trusty 54G, but not by much. I was certainly expecting more based on the claims.

    The storage link feature is very confusing. I was unable to use it with my Drobo, which works perfectly as a directly attached device. The documentation of this feature is completely inadequate, and judging by the experiences reported here, calling Linksys customer service is not much help. Storage link may indeed work in some cases, but I am unwilling to make the investment of time in phone calls to figure out how to get it to work for me. I have to agree with others here that Linksys has released this product prematurely....more info
  • Ver 1.0 of this router still has major firmware problems.
    This review is for the version 1.0 router with Broadcom chipset. Linksys has a habit of selling the same hardware with completely different internals, later versions of this router have a Marvell chip set and users with this chip set may have a different experience.

    I bought this router in the hopes that I could replace a 12 year old OpenBSD/DEC Alpha box that had been doing my routing reliably for a number of years. I wanted something that would use less power, provide fast wireless, QOS and reliable routing. I purchased this router even after reading the poor reviews. I hoped the latest firmware would have most of the problems fixed. This was not the case. The router was fast when it was working, but it required daily reboots, or more than daily if it was under high load.

    I have since re-flashed the router with DD-WRT v24 RC3 3rd party firmware (only works on ver1 of this router) and have not had to reboot the router since. I really cannot figure out how the single guy that maintains DD-WRT can create a more reliable firmware than Linksys/Cisco. I am glad the hardware works, and that I can use the router with DD-WRT... but I am very disappointed with the product out of the box from Linksys....more info
  • Waste of Money
    I wasted $200 by purchasing the router. Wireless connection keep dropping every two days and you need to reset the router, wireless range is very less when compared to WRT54. Stay away from the router. I really don't understand how linksys can release such a worst product....more info
  • Highly Unreliable router.
    I replaced an old D-Link wireless router with the latest from Linksys and my troubles started. The router was a piece of cake to setup and ran fine for a couple of days. A power interruption and, try as I could, I failed to get the wireless devices to access it. Replacement product took two months to arrive and same story repeated. Replacement one worked fine for a day and then wireless devices could connect to it but not the internet.
    Support asked me to upgrade the firmware and again it worked for a day. Then support asked me to change frequencies. Worked again for a day and then stopped. Wireless communication when I replace it with my old DLink is perfect but I have had multiple sessions to trouble shoot what works fine for a while and with no changes decides to quit and I have spend hours trying to resolve issues and it has been days now that one problem or the other keeps appearing. I regret my decision and strongly vote against the product which I bought because of the Cisco name associated with Linksys.
    ...more info
  • Setup is a snap!
    If you've set up a wireless router before, you'll find this to be a snap. Administration is virtually the same as with my old G router from Linksys. I had it up and running in minutes with the latest firmware.

    DHCP Reservation is a huge addition in my opinion. Now, when the power to your router goes off, your machines come back with the same IP addresses as before. When your different IP devices interact over the network, that can be important.

    Range seems to be about the same as my old G router, but I think the range boost comes when using N hardware on the clients....more info
  • Substandard
    I've been buying Linksys products for years without much disappointment, but I have to give this device a 40% rating. The ethernet and wireless features were fine, although I was not getting the kind of range on the 802.11 that I was hoping for (even though I have not switch my perephials over to N, I was under the impression that the G service would be somewhat improved). Internally, I never had a problem connecting between wired devices, but that should be a no-brainer. The feature that interested me on this router was the USB storage link features, which are pretty much useless. This is not a 'Media Server' in any sense of the word, and the data storage is rudimentary and problematic.

    I connected a LaCie 500GB USB drive to it, and was able to get it to tell me that it was working properly, but never successfully wrote any data to the drive. Also, whenever I created a share on the external drive, my internet link failed and required a factory default restart. Every time. I tried every version of Linksys firmware to address this, and they all failed. I eventually flashed a 3rd party firmware to it, which seems to have bricked it for good. Good riddance, I say. I'm tossing this thing in the garbage and going with another brand. With hindsight, I wish I had paid more attention to the useful reviews on Amazon, rather than relying on my past experiences alone....more info
  • Terrible software and poor performance
    I am a tech guy, and this is a terrible unit and mine died after one week. Hey Linksys, or Cisco if you wish, change your software and make it more user friendly without having to go to the IP which most ppl know nothing about...more info
  • WRT350N Wireless Connection Simply Unstable
    Watch Video Here: ...more info
  • works well
    web based Setup is easier if you know a little about wireless network Setup then the Included Utility.
    Too bad the Included USB does not work with printers. But all in all as advertised....more info
  • No More Dead Spots
    This router is much faster, but, more importantly, it eliminated the dead spots in my house that my Wireless-G router was experiencing....more info
  • Don't buy a WRT350N Wireless Router!!!
    I will make this short and to the point.

    I have used a WRT54G wireless router for a number of years. It worked fine and I had faith in Linksys products. No more. Lured by the hype of Linksys advertising of drastically increased range and speed, I purchased a 350N. The router also had a USB port for a controller that was supposed to allow me to use a network drive. THe results: after one week of disappointing calls to linksys and several hours of work by my technician we were never able to get the Iomega drive to work properly. It was painfully slow (taking 6 hours to back up a file I backed up on a connected drive in 15 minustes) and the security functions of the router seemed to restrict access by my backup programs no matter what we did to fix the problem.

    But the real kicker was the fact that the wireless N network was actually noticablely slower than the wireless G with a G Range Expander. After discussing the problem and reconfiguring everything with the 5th Linksys technician I learned from her that I am not the only one complaining that I spent $300 for a router and N-USB receiver for my laptop which resulted in less speed. Also, be warned that the Linksys technicians at the first level are not trained on this unit for the USB attachment. First they tell you they are equipped to deal with the issues, then as soon as you mention the storage link, they pass the call to a higher level. This resulted in dropped telephone calls, unrealized promises to call me back within a half hour etc.

    Prior to the purchase I had purchased a Linksys Controller for my network drive. This unit connected into one of ports ont he back of the WRT54G. It never worked which was why I opted to go for the N model which included the port as a built in unit. Bad decision on my part!

    Save yourself a lot of money and even more valuable time and don't believe what this company is telling you about this product. It is a lie....more info
  • Many features, few work reliably
    First: I am a Linksys LOVER. I have used their wireless stuff since their original wireless router and while they haven't always been the fastest, they have always been SOLID.

    I have had this device since a month after it came out and all I can say is that they needed another year or more to work on it before they released it. My issues:

    Save and restore configurations doesn't work reliably. (big issue because of the following other problems...)

    Putting anything more than a few files on the Storage Link and the router will lock up regularly.

    If the router locks up/stops working (like you can see the internet but you can't access it), then you will likely have to reset to FACTORY config and then re-add all your settings to get it working again.

    Using the QoS feature seems to lock up the router.

    If I move or otherwise disturb the router at all once I *do* get it working it will often lock up.

    I have been waiting for a version of the firmware that works for over 6 months, to no avail. I am going to find something I can RELY on. All the features in the world don't matter if the router won't ROUTE. ...more info
  • Not ready for prime time.
    As a simple G router it works fine but as something that promises more, it is a failure.

    First, the wireless range is no better than a G router.
    Second, the USB attachment for a network shared disk drive works poorly when it works at all, which isn't often.
    Third, Linksys was unable to help me get my network printer working at all which had previously been working just fine on a G router.

    So, all in all, I would recommend that you avoid this product....more info
  • Seamless Network Configuration and Seamless Storage Feature
    I know some people found it easy to configure the unit and some has found it to be very touchy... In my case, the network configuration was straightforward. In a few minutes, the wizard made everything and I was browsing the Internet. My wife's notebook easily connected too.

    The storage link is working as expected with my external 120 GB Iomega disk. By "expected" I mean I was not looking for anything fancy. I needed only the basic features it offers: ability to create/delete users (read/read-write priviledges), ability to configure separate folders for different users etc. Basically, my customers over the Internet use FTP to reach the files I make available.

    It was pretty much easy to configure DDNS. It started working in the next minute.

    I have also configured some port port forwarding rules. I appreciated that it's now possible to map external ports to internal ports, which allows all my web servers to run on the standard port 80 internally - while externally they are seem as 8010, 8020, 8030 etc. This was also very easy and quick to configure and use.

    I'm also managing the router through the Internet without problems.
    No problems, no need for reboots etc. It's simply working perfectly.

    That's my experience after one week of use....more info
  • Would like to give it 5 stars but...
    I bought this router for the Intel Viiv feature. It is not listed as a feature, on the Linksys website, because it was just recently certified for Viiv-enabled devices by Intel. But anyways, the Viiv feature works flawlessly with my PC and wireless media player, both of which are Viiv-enabled. I also bought this router for the Storage Link function. I had already own the WRTSL54GS router that had the Storage Link function (but no Gigabit ethernet) and it worked very well. Initally, trying to get Storage Link function to work under Vista was a serious pain, but eventually found out to make it work you MUST map a drive letter. I have not had a chance to use the Wireless-N, but the Wireless-G is not very stable with my notebook's Intel 2945ABG wireless network card. It regualarly drops the connection and within 20 seconds or so it will reconnect. Hopefully, Linksys will not put this router on the backburner and forget about. It appears to be a great router and another firmware update that is based on real world usage and not just in-house lab test scenarios may do the trick to fixing some of the querkiness....more info
  • Good stable product
    I've got two of these units in my SOHO and since configured I've been able to forget that they are there. They are mre configurable that some other units that I've worked with for the home. That's what I expect from a router and these units have not disappointed me. I'd recommend any day....more info
  • Excellent Wireless Router
    After reading some of the reviews, you may have a bad impression of this Wireless Router. My experience is this is the best router I have had in years. This replaced an old Netgear router which kept locking up my internet connection. This WRT350N was probably the easiest thing I have ever installed on my home network. You simply plug it in, connect to the internet, put in a few credentials and you are up and running. I have not experienced a single lock up since I purchased this router for over 1 month. As for the Speed, definably faster than my older Linksys G.

    Next the ability to add a USB drive is awesome. No issue with that either. I plugged in a Seagate FreeAgent drive and the router saw it, and I was able to use it in minutes as well. I can FTP from my office PC to the router / storage and move large files quickly and virtually effortlessly. I love it!

    This really is the closest thing to Plug and Play I for a router I have seen in years. You plug it in and forget about it! Great Job Linksys!!
    ...more info
  • Storage Link has limited utility, only supports R & W.
    I do like my new router, but was disappointed, especially after 3 days of working with my backup software and many chats with about 6 company tech support folks to discover the following:

    The firmware does not support full access to the USB-attached drive. Sure, you can map the drive and write to it and read from it, but you don't have the level of access necessary to adjust the attributes of the files. (For example, you can't unset the modified attribute and the file timestamp you get when you xcopy the file will always be the current time, not the original timestamp of the file. This renders many backup solutions useless. (A senior tech at the company finally explained -- after many hours going 'round and 'round with 3 different firmware replacements -- that this is a known "product limitation" and she pointed me to the NSLU2. ...more info
  • Given up on Linksys
    This product has finally made me give up entirely on Linksys. After buying nothing but Linksys for my home network and recommending them to countless people, it is time to move on to something else. These people are terrible. The only thing worse than the awful hardware, is the awful support. By the way, if you open it and it doesn't work, they'll make you pay to ship it back to them. That's after weeks of discussions even after it is clear the box isn't working. They finally did send me a new one, to replace the router that failed after three weeks, that was a replacement for the earlier model that only worked 6 - 9 months. The new one didn't even work out of the box, so I am looking for something other than Linksys. By the way, I have a Masters degree in Information Systems, It's not too complicated, it's just poorly made, and poorly supported. and I don't work for a competitor, just an unsatisfied customer. ...more info
  • Poor Router That Does Not Function As Advertised
    Linksys have released a real dud here. Don't buy this router if you're looking for (a) reliability, (b) good customer service or (c) USB storage connectivity. You'll be disappointed, I promise you. This is at best an early beta of a product that promises a lot but reliably delivers very little. Plus the maddening customer services where I literally spoke with 4 people on the same call - each time patiently explaining my issue and being told that they couldn't help me (but incesently telling me their faux-English name and badge number, whatever that is). FYI, I tried everything up to and including the 1.05.8 firmware without luck. Fortunately was able to return this POS to Amazon for a refund and replace it with the great D-Link DIR-655......more info
  • Needs documentation.
    Received the router and got it up and running with no problems - but I am familiar with linksys routers. The storage link documentation is lacking at best. I was able to finally stumble through and get it working as a FTP server, but if you ain't a network engineer, you might be puzzled as to how to set it up. It is a share on a network, not a stand-alone like you would think. Gave it a 4 cause of documentation. Otherwise, kicks. ...more info
  • works okay with some problems
    I have only had this for a week or so, so I am still playing around with the settings to get the best performance. A couple of things that you should know, however:

    The range is advertised as 4 times the G routers. Not true. It might be slightly better, but not much. The throughput with a good to excellent signal will be much higher than a G system, 270 mbps versus 54. But, with a low signal, this drops off quickly. And the signal will be low in pretty much the same places as the G router.

    This router does not like older G adapters. It is supposed to be backward compatible, but the range of my other laptop, with a linksys G card, is probably 1/3 to 1/4 of what it was with a G router. More than 30 feet away and it is not usable. I find this odd.

    Setting up the network drive is a bitch. The instructions cover about half of what you need to know. I spent more than an hour talking to customer support. I hung in that long hoping to get transfered to someone that knew something. The level 1 people know absolutely nothing and read from a script. I know more about this stuff than the 2 or 3 people I talked to there. Finally, got it to work through trial and error and it seems to function as it should. One thing, though, is that it takes forever now to get to the My Network Places on XP. Seriously, click on that icon and go grab a smoke...

    I have had to reboot the router a couple of times. The laptop with the N card would only connect for a minute or two and then drop. had to reboot the router to get it working again.

    All in all, I am not blown away by this product, but it shows promise. Maybe with a firmware revision or two......more info
  • Nice
    I had a WatchGuard FireBox router before this and I always had problems with my VoIP, so I looked this up. I enjoy the easy setup that Linksys offers. The Storage Link needs a bit of work, but it works even if you have a Active Directory controlled network at home like me. The gigabit speed is cool to boot. All of this for under $200!!! Oh did I forget it has Wifi Pre-N, but that is worth $150 by itself. The pricing is very aggressive for everything you get....more info
  • Faster than wired
    This thing is amazing. I haven't had a wireless network before this, and was ready for some problems when I installed it. Happily, the install went smoothly & quickly, with no problems at all. The adapter installed in my notebook just as fast. My home desktop has a 6MB connection, and is pretty quick. This router is at least just as fast. Pages load quickly, and work files upload to the network like I was connected at my desk. Extremely happy with it. Next up is adding a hard drive to it so I can share music/files....more info
  • GREAT!!!!
    Upgraded from a netgear-g router to resolve issues with the distance. The neighbor gets a great signal as well. Easy setup, the restrictions work great (The kids hate it). I've run Battlefield 2142 from three systems without a problem. I had some issues with it locking up with PSK2 security but changed it to WEP and have not seen a problem since....more info
  • A good product function-wise, but a big disappointment when putting into use
    This product is a good for my need: 802.11N and a built-in media server to serve the D-Link DSM-320 media player I bought. The built-in ftp server and remote access to storage is also I want.

    However, this unit doesn't provide internet connectivity after setup. The setup procedure is straightforward and easy to follow. I can see the router obtained the DHCP IP address via the cable modem. But in the end, I cannot reach internet from my LAN PCs. It appears the NAT function simply breaks.

    I am on the latest firmware. I am waiting for the response from Linksys Tech support before I can decide what to do next.

    A big disappointment considering the band recognition Linksys receives.
    ...more info
  • Not very friendly with other devices
    After a week of testing I returned this product. I'll wait for Version 2 of the hardware, which is supposed to come out soon.
    I had problems in particular with a Core 2 Duo Mac Book Pro, which kept dropping the connection.
    I went back to the faithful WRT-54GS V4, which is 100 times more reliable but limited to b/g.
    After making a lot of online research, I believe it's better to wait for newer N models in general.
    I plan to try the Apple one when it comes out or the WRT-350N V2....more info
  • High potential - But misses the mark
    The Linksys WRT350N has weak ineffective control software, and support that's even worse! Cisco, shame on you! For a flagship consumer product, unfortunately the Linksys WRT350N is far below par. I lived with one for 3 weeks (as I invested many, many hours in failed attempts to obtain effective Linksys technical support) before I returned it to Best Buy.

    The firewall (and associated tech support) was what drove it back to the store. I have had many routers: Net Gear, D-Link, SMC, and several Linksys over the years. First, understand that I use the firewall's access control for parental control purposes. So far the one that had the best potential to serve my needs was this one. I initially setup the access control, and found that while all settings were saved successfully, they were not in effect. I found my 16 year old still web surfing well after 2:00AM on a school night. So I called for help. I spent hours getting to someone who understood me. I thought those hours were well spent when they told me that I had not configured it right. The person said first you have to deny all access; then setup permission to allow. She said; "you can not just apply restrictions." Ok I did that, with the same effect, none. I called again and the next person who could understand what I was saying, after I explained my problem told me that the first Linksys tech support was wrong, and I should do it the way I had initially done it, but I must power cycle the router to invoke the rules. Ok I'm game. I thought I was doing it right in the first place, Power cycling invoked the set rules, and all was right with the world. Then a day or so later I added another rule. Same story, the rule would not work until power was cycled. Now I'm getting the hang of this, power cycling to invoke rules is inconvenient but effective. BUT NOW, every time I power cycle the router after a rule change... and only after a rule change... all Internet access is blocked on all nodes for 2 to 4 hours. Once it recovers, its fine, the rules work, and all is well until you touch the rules and power cycle it again.

    The last Linksys technical support person I spoke to said that the product team would be in touch with me to help resolve the product's issues. I said I was glad to work with them. The promise was to expect a call in the next 48 hours. After 72 hours, the same person called back and said the product team need clarifications on all of the things we had already been over. So now I'm repeating this and dozens of other lame and unrelated questions to the same person because the product team did not have time to share directly with me. Three more days went by, no call from the product team, during the return process and again for the benefit of a salesperson I told this story at the Best Buy. Avoid the WRT350N, it's not worth the money or trouble.
    ...more info
  • Good router....
    I purchased the 350N to replace a defective Pre-N wireless router from another vendor. The storage link option caught my attention as I thought it'd allow me to share mp3 files to other computers on the net without having to keep my main system on all the time.

    Setting up the unit was easy. I was able to configure the following items with ease: dynamic DNS service, remote access, shared storage, opening ports for remote desktop and slingbox, reserve some DHCP addresses and wireless security in a few minutes.

    I haven't been able to test the gigabit performance as I need to upgrade my network card, but I'm sure that'll work fine. Hooking up a 250GB USB 2 driver to the router was easy and sharing that to all the systems on the net works great. The 1.0 firmware had a bug that ocassionally dropped my shared storage, but the latest firmware seems to have fixed it.

    The only reason why I gave this 4 stars rather than 5 stars is that the range of the wireless signal seems smaller than my previous pre-n router from the other vendor. At the same location of system and router, my signal appears to be about 30% weaker than with the previous router. This limits my mobility with the laptop for now, pending moving around the router to other locations.

    But a good wireless router with good features and easy to use and setup.
    ...more info