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The BW-DA500 drive-alert driveway alarm system is the security industry's most-often used method for detecting when a vehicle enters a driveway. A variety of features and options make this unit ideal for both residential and commercial applications. The drive-alert is a multi-purpose, solid-state electronic alarm system designed to detect vehicle traffic in driveway, farm lanes, intersections and any areas where knowledge of vehicle movement is desired or necessary. The drive-alert is basically a low voltage vehicle sensor connected to X-10 powerflash modules. When a car passes the sensor. The powerflash modules send out signals to included chime modules and/or lamp modules. Nice packaging, including a wall-mountable control box, complete the package.

  • When placed alongside a stationary metal object the sensor will detect any movement preventing theft and vandalism.
  • Sensor is buried 6'' deep parallel to the area being protected.
  • Mounted easily in any enclosed area.
  • Detects someone entering driveway.
  • Enhancing safety