Wireless Rubber Hose Alert Kit- 3000' Max Range
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Product Description

Don't be caught unaware by unexpected visitors. The WRH-3000 Wireless Rubber Hose Alert is a very reliable and easy to install driveway alarm. The transmitter operates on a 9V battery and has 25' of 3/8'' diameter exterior hose that lies across the drive. When a vehicle drives over the hose, a signal is sent to the WR-3000 receiver up to 3000' away. The transmitter is weatherproof and designed for exterior locations. Dakota Alert WRH-3000 / Includes one transmitter connected to 25' of rubber hose and one Receiver / Transmitter will send wireless signal to the receiver up to 3000' away (actual range will vary depending on local terrain) / Operating temp range: -30 degrees F to 120 degress F.

Customer Reviews:

  • This is a great unit!!!
    We ordered this to replace a system that had not worked consistently for us. We own a small used car lot, and it's very important to be alerted when a customer drives in.

    The Dakota system is easy to hook up; and simply stepping on the hose will trigger the alert. There's no false alerts not can it be triggered by reflected light or small animals. I love the feature that lets us pick the ring tone AND adjust the volume of it. In our case, we added an optional 12v bell wired to our receiver, which rings back in the shop area.

    Yes, this is more expensive than the first system we had (a motion-sensing unit) - but it's consistency is more than worth the price!...more info
  • Works as advertised
    This product has given me great peace of mind. We have a circular driveway at the end of a dead-end road, and often get unwanted traffic, as well as cars "parking" in the middle of the night. Now I always know when somebody drives in. It's also very nice as an announcement of the arrival of expected visitors....more info
  • Wireless Rubber Hose Alert Kit- 3000' Max Range