Elk Self Contained Electronic Siren, 118db
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Product Description

The ELK-45 is a loud self-contained electronic siren in a compact and attractive housing. This siren draws less current than many competitive units and features the ability to produce two distinct sounds from a single input trigger. The ComboTrigger option allows controls which have a single alarm output and pulsing option to activate both the burglar and fire alarm sounds. The MilliMiser option allows the already low current draw of the ELK-45 to be reduced even lower. This is ideal for controls with limited alarm output power. The ELK-45's removable "U" shaped mounting bracket makes installation quick and simple. It's small and compact size allows it to be placed in vents, attic eaves and soffits, and other unique locations where large and bulky units will not fit.

  • Operating Voltage: 6 to 14 Volts DC
  • Current Draw: 1.2 Amps, (700 mA on MilliMiser setting)
  • Sound Level: 118 db @ 1 meter, 14 vdc
  • Size: 4" x 4" x 3.5" D4"
  • Pre-Wired For Easy Installation