Motorola V360 UNLOCKED GSM Triband Bluetooth Camera Cell Phone - Grey
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  • Very Very nice cell phone
    This cell phone is the best I could ever have bought because I've got all those things I wanted in a $ 400 Phone in this less $200 phone....
    I give it 4 stars of 5... It's not perfect but I strongly recommend this cell phone and now I'm going to describe you every point of this wonder.


    Screen: It's true that external screen is monochrome but Internal screen is good enough and one of the most colorful I've ever seen! It gives you all the colors you want

    Web Access: It has a good way to web access... My problem is that I can't configure it here my country well...I can but I'm lazy and I don't want to...

    Battery Life: It's wonderful, even using the mp3 player I don't have to charge it everyday. It lasts enough for all the things you want to use: Camera, mp3 player and so on.

    Charges quickly: This is also true and I feel it charges quickly and that It won't be charging all night and It's useful when you're in a hurry and you need your phone (camera and mp3 also)

    Contacts: The way it manages the contacts is awesome because it gives you the chance to assign Photo and a ring tone for every contact and this way you'll know who's calling you and not only calling because when a contact sends you a message the ringer ID sounds... I know this is an old issue but it's new for me.

    USB Connection: another thing I love.... Directly to the computer... No software's needed. You only connect your USB Cable to the phone and then to the PC and that's all... You copy all the files you want...

    Camera: For people like me (Don't like photos) it's a nice camera, only taking some pictures when it's a special occasion and obviously it's not like a 5 mega pixels camera but it's good enough and it permits you to modify light conditions and it takes acceptable pictures.

    Menus: Menus are good and responsive. The only thing in this point is that I came from 3 Nokia Cell Phones and I wasn't accustomed to these Motorola menus.

    Memory: You can add up to 512 MB... It's not the biggest but you can add your favorite music, ring tones, videos and pictures.

    Bluetooth: I had never used Bluetooth and now I see it's a wonder... To transfer files... I love it!

    Very customizable phone

    Two ways to play music: Using the specialized Mp3 player or in your Sound Menu... Both are good.


    Signal sometimes fails and you can't hear clearly... It's not always

    Sound quality maybe is not the best but I've bought a stereo earphones and it sounds better


    THE only bad thing is that well... This is not a specialized mp3 player and I don't know why it can't play very well files with a quality of 224 kbps or more.... I can understand that but what I can't understand is why it has problems with songs of 160 kbps and when you play them after certain period of time playing the song it stops an displays "System Error"... It's not like a specialized mp3 player (I own a very good San Disk player) but...
    What I do is that I get all my music in 128 kbps or 192 kbps...
    At the end... A good phone

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  • Excellent cell phone
    Motorola V360 is an excellent MP3 player, and a cell phone, too. This tiny little phone has extremely large number of features, such as camera, ring tones, calendar, Bluetooth, mini USB, memory card placeholder, and lot more exciting goodies. Creating a ring tone from my composed MIDI file was easy, just copied the file into the phone, and that's all. I bought this cell phone with a headset and data cable. With USB cable I can connect the phone directly to my computer running Windows operating system. Synchronizing music with Windows Media Player is a click! The Media Player recognizes the phone right away when it is connected. You can also use Bluetooth connection to connect the phone to the computer or other peripheral. The computer software that comes with the data cable is outstanding. I can now write short messages using my keyboard, and more! V360 really is worth buying. It's small, lightweight and has huge number of features!...more info
  • Best Phone for the Money
    You cant go wrong with this phone for the has so many up to date features..Camera, Video Camera, Mp3 Player Bluetooth, Edge, Up to 1 Gig of external memory...keep in mind it doesnt have a 1.3 megapixel camera with a flash like others...also the Bluetooth is the 1.2 version not doesnt have a voice external color screen..its black and white...also the internal memory is only 5 Mb other thing if you use a Motorola phone you know that to switch the ring preferences you have to press two buttons at the same time...and even though this is the case some times the ring preferences can change without you knowing in you pocket or purse...this is one of things Motorla hasnt changed since the last models...but cant find a phone with this many features and that performs this well for this price on the market today..Motorola is the cell phone leader...continues to innovate and change the word for you...HELLOMOTO...more info
  • simple yet packed with useful features
    this phone rocks. by today's phone standards and with all those feature rich new options, this phone probably isn't under most people's radar screen, but anyone who is looking for a simple but rock solid phone that also has just enough bell and whistles should really seriously consider this one. In addition to the standard phone book, calculator, call waiting, call forwarding, calendar, text messaging, the phone also features PPT (push-to-talk), similar to a walkie-talkie, speaker phone (now more easier and friendier than the previous models, plus the sounds are crisp clear from both ends), bluetooth 2.0 (a neat feature. it takes less than two minutes to pair, and then all you have to do is walk in to your car, close the door, start your car, and instantly it's a handsfree phone.), camera, camcorder, music player (MP3 and ACC), additional memory card slot (for songs, data...etc), voice dialing, voice recorder, alarm clock (i use it quite often for morning wake up calls.). The best of all is that this phone is cheap, virtually free, or costs $0 to buy. Now what more could anyone ask for? The only big difference between this one and the expensive models is the picture pixels used on the screens and for taking photos, but since I already own a Canon 10D (30D is the latest), which is considered a highend camera, having large-pixel-count camera within the phone isn't a top priority for me....more info