Motorola Razr V3x UNLOCKED GSM Bluetooth Camera Cell Phone
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  • Cinderella after midnight
    I think this is a nice phone, but extremely expensive, considering the plastic casing and the not-so-handy design.
    It looks cool, though. Not as much as I wanted a cell phone to be, but it was the best that I could get.
    Be warned, mine suddenly stopped working after I owned it for less than 6 months. I woke up and discovered I slept close to a dead phone.
    I had bought it on a whim, and was quite satisfied until I had yesterday morning's not so nice surprise.
    I could get myself another similar one, but I think that it would be wiser to look for one with a better design. Something sleeker and, maybe really solid.
    I guess I should not expect that from clamshell-type phones any more.

    Purchase at your own risks :)

    ahem: i'm back. It's been one month since it has been 'repaired' and the camera is NO MORE functionning. Will Mauritel give me a new one?? Anyway, this choice of mine was a really bad one. Wondering which phone I should look after now..... ...more info