Wireless G Network Camera
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Product Description

The Hawking Net-Vision HNC290G Wireless-G Network Camera is a high performance stand-alone camera that enables remote monitoring, surveillance, or viewing of live video from both within your local area network (LAN) and from outside the network via the Internet. Unlike "web cameras", which require an attached PC for operation, the HNC290G connects directly to the network and has its own IP address, thereby allowing users to access the video from anywhere on the network, as well as from anywhere in the world via the web. The HNC290G supports both the 802.11b/g wireless standard and the 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet standard, and can stream high-quality live video at up to 30 frames per second. The camera features a Quick Setup Wizard utility with automatic router configuration and web address (URL) setup, which allows users to easily install and view their cameras from remote locations via the Internet. Also included with the camera are security features such as built-in motion detection, as well as a management and control software application for playback, recording, and more. The versatile HNC290G offers a broad array of applications and can be used to monitor your home, office, and other critical locations.

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Customer Reviews:
  • wireless works great except
    I found that if it looses power while wireless. I would have to connect cable and reconfigure it. might work with dhcp but Imm always static.
    as using port 83.
    remember its an indoor camera. but worked good....more info
  • Driveway Surveillance
    The original camera had an intermittent picture, and finally quit completely. It was replaced quickly and cheerfully by what must be the friendliest customer service rep on the Internet.

    The second camera has shown no faults in operation. I am doing surveillance on a driveway. The motion detector is so sensitive (pixel by pixel comparison?) that I am using the scheduled mode. The 320x240 resolution provides pretty good images that can be analyzed by slowing the playback. I have experienced some unexpected terminations of the surveillance file. The 640x480 mode gives a larger picture on playback, but a nearby car in sunlight apparently saturates the camera and the car literally disappears. Also, I have experienced 640x480 runs where no picture file is made. Hawking says that I don't have enough bandwidth and my IT weenie says that a 1500 mhz CPU with 324 mb RAM is not fast enough.

    The camera quits, due to lack of light, around sunset. Tech Support has been very responsive to my email queries as I learn how to use the camera. It is cabled into a PC, and I have no need for Internet access to images, nor for the wireless link. File sizes, per hour, are about 720 mb at low res and 240 mb at high res (due to 1/3 the frame rate at high res).

    In summary, it works for me. Would I buy another? Probably yes. Would I trust it to do 100% security surveillance? No
    ...more info
  • Much promise, no delivery
    In spite of the bad reviews I thought I'd give it a try. It works for some people. But not for me. I could get an image through the ethernet cable much of the time, but not always. The browser interface had to be reset over and over, and the image often just disappeared. It would never remember my wireless settings and was never able to communicate wirelessly, even though the router was right next to it and the signal strength was "excellent". Hawking tech support answered several emails in one day, but he really had no idea why it didn't work. He gave me new firmware which didn't help and suggested turning off wireless security, which is not something I'm willing to do. It's too bad. The product has been out for quite a while. If it worked like they describe, it would be a great little gizmo....more info
  • Not worth buying.
    This camera has all the features to make it look like a buy, but it's not worth it. First, the motion detection is worthless it only sends an email with snapshots that are corupt most of the time. The Camera Viewer that must be used with the camera in order to record video, doesn't compress the video and again most of the time the utility will not play back saved videos. ...more info
  • I see plus's and minus's. I LOVE it, and I HATE it.
    Let's face it, we are all interested in this unit because it's unique and inexpensive. You don't need a PC, and it has wireless network access. (Except for the power cord.) I've owned this unit for about 6 months, and it has it's up and downs. When it works, it's GREAT. It can send images over the internet either by jpg or video feed. The motion detection sent emails, and the image quality was decent. I could also contact the camera over the internet, and capture either video or still images on demand. How cool is that!!! For a little over a hundred, I could monitor a second home without needing to buy a PC or an expensive security system!!!! At times the signal would get week, like more than 30 feet away from the network, the image would get more choppy, or only work on one of two lower resolution settings. But, these settings could all be adjusted remotely - over the internet. However, in the last few months, the unit has gotten really buggy. The unit is set up remotely now for me to monitor activity at my second home. When the camera locks up, I can try to reboot it remotely. But if that doesn't work, I'm SOL. If it were more reliable, I'd buy three more. Great idea - 5 stars; Reasonable cost - 5 stars; Reliable - 3 Stars; Tech Support - 2 stars; Image quality - 3 stars. Even with the headaches involved, I'm actually thinking of buying a second unit - almost as a back-up to the first. I really wish they would come out with a second generation unit that has the kinks worked out. But at this point, I haven't seen anything in this price range that is even close to the same level of functionality. If you are interested in a fun toy, that needs some tinkering now and then, go for it. If you need solid state reliability, I wouldn't recommend it. ...more info
  • Didn't work as advertised
    The good: Good image quality in many lighting conditions. Wireless worked well with WEP.

    The bad: Email on motion detection sends one email then locks up till power reset. DDNS setup did not work, just gave error messages. I had to set up my own, which is not so hard but I wasted a lot of time trying to make it work. The camera viewer program does not record on motion as advertised. Phone tech support is useless and email support is slow and unhelpful and now they seem to have given up on me.

    If they come through I'll revise my opinion but for now I cannot recomend this product for anything but real time web viewing. The motion detection does not seem to work as advertised...more info
  • Terrible Experience
    I bought this camera to tell which of our cats is engaging in "bad" behavior. After five hours, including 1.5 hours with Hawking's outsourced, overseas Tech Support, I could not get one image. The quick set up did not work. The semi-automated set up did not work. The manual set up did not work. Tech support had me changing the IP addrresses of both my wireless router and the camera several times without explaining why. Had to change ports (80 & 5000) did not work.. I returned it the next day for a refund....more info
  • Hawking HNC290G Web Camera
    November 29, 2006 - When I got it new - I rated this 4.5 stars. The quick summary is that it works period. I can view this camera anywhere in the world. The price is great and the configuration was a snap. It was working (world-wide) in about 15 minutes because I did not need to do any special configurations (like change the html port from 80 (the normal default) to another port #). However, even you have to change the web port or video port because ISP blocking, you can!

    This product works without a PC and also works on both a wired LAN or a wireless (802.11g) lan. It defaults to wired if connected. For the camera to work you only have to have your local network up (eg: DSL or Cable Modem, your router, and the camera turned on). I would give it 5 stars but the video quality is not as good as a TV but more that good enough to see what is going on (people, weather, flooded basement, etc). I am getting an effective of 3 - 6 frames / sec in the WWW. I get 15 - 20 in my local home network. The camera does not have a mic so there is no sound but that is not a problem for security monitoring etc.

    UPDATED: 3/2008 - The camera died this month (worked for a total of 16 months - just past the 12 month warranty). For the last 6 - 9 months it became quite flakey, so much so, I could not count on it because it needed to be unplugged (reset). My recommendation is now to avoid this device, mainly because of its flaky operation and life.
    ...more info