Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000
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Product Description

The Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter 800 Bluetooth Laser Mouse lets you do more while carrying less with integrated slide presenter, laser pointer and media remote control. It is an all-in-one tool for the office, road and home. Operating System Requirements - Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista or later 2 AAA alkaline batteries required (included)

Do more and carry less with the first ever notebook mouse with an integrated slide presenter, laser pointer, and media remote control. It's an all-in-one super tool for the office, road, and home--the only input device you need.

  1. Presentation controls
  2. Media remote
  3. Battery life indicator
  4. 2.4 GHz Bluetooth with First Connect technology
  5. High definition laser technology
  6. Laser pointer
Designed for use by people on the go, the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 is compact and comfortable, with a focus on convenience and mobility. Plus, it has a sleek and stylish design that looks great on any desktop in your home or office. Customizable buttons help you get quick access to the media, programs, and files you use most often, while 4-way scrolling takes advantage of Microsoft's Tilt Wheel technology, letting you scroll four ways for greater efficiency and comfort. Meanwhile, the Instant Viewer function allows you to click the scroll wheel button to instantly display your open windows. Then you just point and click to select the window you want. Another feature, the Magnifier, lets you point and click to enlarge and edit details on your screen.

The Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000's presentation controls allow you to smoothly navigate through Microsoft Office PowerPoint and other presentations from up to 30 feet away from your PC. Using the integrated Digital Ink technology, you can give your presentations more impact by highlighting vital information on screen. You can also use the device as a media remote for multimedia presentations, or to control digital entertainment from the comfort of your living room sofa.
And don't worry, thanks to a built-in battery life indicator, you won't get caught with a dead battery--the Battery Status LED Indicator glows red when the battery is running low. An on/off switch lets you turn your three-in-one device off to extend battery life even longer.

The Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 features 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity with First Connect technology that makes it easy to connect wirelessly right out of the box. This wireless mouse technology also lets you work without worrying about tangled wires. Meanwhile, high definition laser technology offers more precision, more response, and smoother tracking during use.

What's in the Box
Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000, carrying case, software CD-ROM, AAA battery, and Microsoft Mini Bluetooth Transceiver.

  • Handle rotation
  • Zoom wheel
  • Laser pointer
  • Scrolling 4-way button
  • High Definition Laser Technology
Customer Reviews:
  • Worthless
    -The batteries last an average of two weeks.
    -It constantly looses the connection with the computer
    -The settings are reset every time the computer is restarted
    -The scroll is extremely sensitive
    -The buttons are not as responsive as a $10 Microsoft mouse

    I had read about these complaints before I purchased this mouse, but I chose to ignore them. After using this mouse, I went back to my $10 wired Microsoft mouse.

    Even when I turn the mouse off every night and reduce the sensitivity, my batteries last about two weeks. The mouse constantly looses the connection with the computer. When this occurs, you must reset the mouse (pressing the button on the bottom), open the mouse properties dialog box, instigate a search, wait 30 seconds, then you must reselect the mouse when it is discovered (if you are fortunate, it it will be found, otherwise repeat the process five to ten times). Each time I reboot my computer, my settings (pointer speed, scroll speed...) are reset to the defaults. The scroll speed is so sensitive that I cannot use the wheel to scroll through web pages or PDF documents. Changing the setting does not help, because it will either be too fast or too slow. I have always been partial to Microsoft products because of the responsiveness of the buttons. However, this mouse is different than any of my other Microsoft devices that I have owned in the past. After using this $80 mouse, I returned to my $10 mouse and enjoy it much more.
    ...more info
  • microsoft laser presenter bluetooth mouse
    A very good deal. Item arrived at hotel before I did from Brisbane Australia after ordering on our Friday and arriving late on Monday in Chicago. Bluetooth works seemlessly under vista business. button functions seem to go to sleep after extended use without using magnifier button etc. the magnifier option very handy for my screen eyes so poor over short distances and very common problem i guess. laser pointer handy addition great mouse cheap price excellent software very happy....more info
  • Very Disappointed
    Ordered this wonderful product. Confusion over shipping address caused the product to be returned. In talking with a person from INDIA, they could not get the address right.

    Ordered this mouse from CDW and got it quickly and spoke with an AMERICAN in Chicago, IL. Great service from CDW; will continue to get my products from them until Amazon quits using people in India for customer service. What a joke!...more info
  • Great device- use with my EEE PC
    Works great, just as described. I read that some people have problems utilizing presenter features if you don't use the included bluetooth fob. I had no problems using all the features while connected through the internal bluetooth of my Asus EEE PC. It's very handy. First set of batteries lasted just shy of two months.
    Connection occasionally goes out or has a hard time connecting, but I think that is common to most wireless devices, especially in an environment with a lot of wireless signals. It is certainly not a dealbreaker. I use it everyday. Definitely better to buy it here rather than pay retail. Almost half the price!...more info
  • Love it
    Great product. I was drawn to this mouse because I have bluetooth on my laptop, so I don't need to plug in the wireless widget that came with the mouse.

    I occasionally give powerpoint presentations and the presenter features are awesome as well. The built in laser pointer alone is great, I love the acceleration feature of the scroll wheel, and the plastic carrying case that came with it....more info
  • Works Awfully Bad with OS X
    Setup is a breeze, but when moving the mouse back and forth, it will skip and jump ahead, which can be VERY frustrating for precision type stuff (my batteries are 100% full at this point). I thought this was because I did not have the MS drivers. I downloaded them, installed it and now none of the other buttons are customizable.

    There is no uninstaller so who know what files are wreaking havoc on my machine's drivers.

    I usually buy Logitech mice, dunno why I gave this a try but I sure am regretting it now :S...more info
  • Almost Perfect
    The bluetooth paring directly to my bluetooth enabled laptop, the laser pointer, and the powerpoint presentation interface work well. I even like the magnifier feature which has actually come in handy once or twice. It's also nice that it has an on/off switch to save on battery life, and the carrying case is nice to have since it gets tossed around in my laptop bag. I've had it for over a month now and use it almost daily and have had no problems with it. My only complaint is the build quality. The latch for the battery compartment is poorly designed and thus within the first 5 minutes of openning the package I was having to decide whether to return it or fix it. Had it not been for the low price I paid on Amazon I would likely have returned it. My solution was to cut a piece off of a wide rubber band and use it for its spring action for the battery cover latch, which has been working fine since then. I am pleased with my purchase, so I recommend the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 with one caveat about the build quality of the battery compartment latch. I would give it 3.5 stars....more info
  • Bluetooth bliss!
    I got this mouse about a year ago. I had no idea it had Bluetooth capabilities. My laptop has built in Bluetooth, so I decided to use that instead of the included dongle. At first, it asked for the USB receiver, but I was eventually able to get it paired up with the built in radio. I can't remember exactly how to do it, but I know it's not hard to get around the "default" USB method. I use Vista.

    I love the small form, and use it in my home office every day. My hand (small) can rest entirely on the desk while I operate the mouse with a couple of fingers. This has reduced the strain most mice exert on my wrists. Rechargeable batteries seem to last for a few weeks of heavy use. I use the presenter function seldom, but works great too. I don't care much for the included "case". When travelling, I just turn it off and make sure I don't sit on the laptop bag. That seems to be enough.

    In all, I highly recommend it for all users....more info
  • Great mouse, Great Software 2 Greats make one Perfect
    I bought this just 5 days ago and couldnt find a better mouse. I dont use this mouse for presentations. If you dont do presentations, that shouldnt stop your from buying it. It is a great mouse to use. The IntelliPoint software makes it even better to manage buttons, speed, and performance and battery. 30 Feet signal makes it so much better when you are using a VGA Cable and your laptop is on your desk.
    Great battery life
    Great Signal
    Great for presentations

    No grip
    Not that confortable...more info
  • Nice product overall
    Overall this is a nice product, no regrets on the purchase. It's very responsive and the most accurate on almost any surface without a mousepad. It's a little small, but not too bad. I like the integrated laser pointer and the ability to control presentations. However, in order to use the presentation controls, you need to have their software installed, and this causes your screen to flicker every so often. This is well documented on various websites as being caused by the ipoint software. I figured out how to install/uninstall it on the fly so if I need the presentation "stuff" it is available but I can turn it off for all the other times and avoid the flickering. Battery life isn't all that great, a couple weeks on a pair of AAA's. I'm trying out rechargeables to see how they work. Overall I would recommend this, I got a great deal on Amazon, around 50% off list at the time I purchased it. ...more info
  • Great for Sales Reps or Presentors
    I found this item great for PowerPoint presentations on sales calls. Wireless mouse, laser pointer and PowerPoint advancer. Great Item!...more info
  • Makes you use a USB plug-in - BOO!
    I bought this bluetooth mouse for my HP bluetooth-enabled laptop - only to find out it won't take advantage of the built-in bluetooth and instead will force me to keep track of a little tiny part that I was trying to avoid (a usb plug-in)...more info
  • The small wireless Microsoft mouse
    We saw this little compact mouse unit at a friends house and really were impressed with it. We are very pleased with the convenience of the mouse as well as the job it does. I would reccommend it to anyone....more info
  • a good mouse
    it is very good mouse.I like it very much.I want mbuy one more but it is too dear now,...more info
  • less than ideal due to short battery life and poor construction
    The mouse works reasonably well, is accurate and the software installed just fine. Its small size takes a bit to get used to but the mouse is quite comfortable,and yes, it works well with Powerpoint and my built-in Bluetooth.
    What makes it less than ideal for traveling are its rather limited battery life (always carry a spare set!) and whimpy design. When carrying it in my bag it has happened quite often that the battery compartment opened up and the batteries escaped into the depths of my travel bag. The mouse comes packaged in a sturdy, bulky plastic shell which doubles as a travel case, but packing a small mouse into a bulky shell defeats the purpose of having a small travel mouse in the first place.
    Is it a deal breaker - no. Is it annoying - definitely....more info
  • Good Wireless Mouse
    Baught a cheaper microsoft wireless mouse before this one and was not saitisfied with it because the connection was poor and the response was delayed or non existent. Not so with this mouse. It has many features which I have not yet used such as an infrared pointer! So far I am very satisfied with this mouse. ...more info
  • Produto Excelente!
    É o melhor mouse que poderia ter adquirido. Sou professor universitário e atente às minhas necessidades de casa e do trabalho...more info
  • Just what I was looking for
    I just started TA-ing a statistics class this year and needed a laser pointer to direct students' attention to different parts of my presentations. But I also happened to want a wireless mouse. This product is perfect for my purposes... It has lots of function buttons, and the wireless USB key is plug-and-play so I can use it in any computer on campus. I've also found that the wireless has a large range--I can get pretty far away from the computer (walking around the room while giving a lecture), and still control my presentation w/o any problems. Plus this mouse is really affordable compared with what you can buy at Best Buy etc....more info
  • A great buy for a multi-function mouse
    I am pleased to say that for the price this is one of the best mouse's on the market. For those of you who are thinking that you don't have bluetooth on your computer worry not. This mouse comes with a bluetooth adapter. Whats better? You can use this same adapter to hook up other devices such as cellphones, mp3 players, and even connect to other computers wirelessly! There are some bluetooth receivers that sell for almost the same price as this mouse!!! Another great feature is that this mouse pairs as a presenter mouse. It has a laser pointer, buttons on the bottom so that you can click through slides, and it has a feature to write on the slides during the powerpoint presentation. Another great added feature is that this thing also pairs as a remote control for windows media and since it runs off bluetooth you can be almost 45ft. away and still use the wireless features!!! And i shouldn't forget to mention that this thing comes with a HARD-polycarbonate carrying case so that it doenst get damaged in your laptop bag. I havent been able to test out to battery life yet but it runs off of 2 AA batteries. And the only downsides i see of this mouse is that the bluetooth adapter is a little big so some people might want one of those "nano" style adapter. The only other thing that might concern some people is that it is not a Very small mouse or a Big mouse. It is in between and i know there are some people out there who prefer one or the other. But if you needa mouse that has a lot of features at a resonable price look no further. I bought this off Amazon for about $36 with free shipping. ...more info
  • I Love My Mouse!
    I recently purchased a new notebook and a PowerPoint projector for use at the seminars I lead all across the country. I can't stand in front of a group of professional people and have equipment that is not reliable. This product delivers everything it promises. I love using it with my notebook as a regular mouse (plus it has additional features such as the ability to scroll sideways which is great for working with spreadsheets for instance). When I am presenting I simply press a button on top and it changes over to "presentation mode" - yes, it is that simple. In presentation mode you also have a laser pointer built in, can change to a "black" screen and, of course, easily move forward or backward and it does have a 30 foot range so I'm not tied to the presentation equipment. I have over twenty years of professional presentation experience and can strongly recommend this excellently built product....more info
  • Good mouse, needs some work...
    Overall I am satisfied with my purchase of this product, however I also have some concerns that I'm sure Microsoft will cover in their next model...

    First of all, the mouse needs to emulate keyboard shortcuts with the presentation buttons, instead of using "Microsoft Specific" commands for their software (Office 2003, 2007, and their Powerpoint Viewers). For those who want to use this product with OpenOffice, or StarOffice, it will not work unless software is released to "patch" to these programs.

    Second, I find that some of the ports on my computer have problems running the Bluetooth Receiver. It could be my computer, but on some of the ports, the mouse becomes unresponsive.

    Third, Some of the buttons on the mouse are awkwardly placed. I think that even if they made the mouse a little bit bigger to make them fit better it would improve my overall thoughts about this mouse.

    If you looking to use it for Microsoft software, this will work for you. Though I would personally wait for future models....more info
  • buy at your own risk! nice idea but faulty ergonomics
    I see now that the price of this thing has gone down dramatically. There are certainly good reasons for that! Let me tell you what i've learn from three month of trying to use this presenter/mouse.

    I do a lot of presentations all over the world. I keep trying presenters or "clickers" because they make a big difference to my ability to exercise more control on the presenation.

    I paid handsomely when this first came out as the combination of a bluetooth mouse and a presenter was really tempting. As a mouse it turned out ok. Even though it is compact, most of the controls, especially the wheel and the main click buttons are comfortable (not the little ones though). The mouse is quite precise. The laser is quite powerful as it is driven by two AAA batteries rather than a smaller clock type battery.

    However as a presentation tool it turned out to be a disaster for me. I have run into several problems that in front of a large audience could completely ruin the presentation. Push the wrong button, the presenter switches to mouse, and before you know it slides start jumping, video clips are launched before intended, and so on.

    How this might happen? While doing a presentation with this item one can inadvertently switch mode of the device from presenter to mouse. Mouse controls are at the top of the device and the presenter's at the opposite side. One can switch modes back and forth using a toggle button on the mouse side which is facing downwards (palm of the hand) when the device is used as a presenter.

    Because of the location of that control you might press accidentaly that button with the palm of your hand when holding it in your hand. When that happens everything goes haywire because the mouse buttons activate instead of the presenter buttons and take control of the computer. I will let you imagine in just how many different ways things could go wrong in your own presentation in a situation like this. Likewise, one can inadvertently open the battery cover while holding the device as a presenter because the release button can also be pushed accidentally.

    Both things happened to me and to other high level executives while we were making high stake presentations, causing a bit of panic. We rapidly switched back to our tried and true clickers as we could not tame this presenter.

    Yes, things can go wrong with any clicker. However I think that the design of this particular one puts it in a class of its own to cause confusion.

    So buy at your own risk! nice idea but confusing to use.

    ...more info
  • Great mouse for everyday use and travel
    This is a great mouse. I at first thought that this would be a mouse that spends most of its time in my bag waiting for me to travel. As it tuns out, I use it every day. The battery life seems great, it has ben a month so far and I am still on the factory issued batteries. I don't even turn it off overnight. The feature buttons are nice and the presentation piece works like a charm. It is small, so it may not be as comfy if you have large hands....more info
  • A very good mouse with a few extras
    This mouse was just what I was looking for and delivered. Many other mice have a delay in waking up, but this mouse was always responsive. I purchased this mouse specifically for it's PowerPoint/presenter capability and have to say that I have not been disappointed. I do wish the magnifier capability was better (and am looking for a replacement that better suits my needs)....more info
  • presentor mouse
    Great mouse, Always works, Magnifying function is really useful. laser pointer works very well....more info
  • a good mouse, a fair presenter
    If you use it mainly as a mouse and present ppt once a while, this is a perfect choice. ...more info
  • Almost the perfect mouse...
    Just a little perspective, I purchased this mouse for three reasons: 1) For the Powerpoint controls; 2) Because I didn't like my Dell regular sized bluetooth mouse (too big for me); and 3) Because I tried out the Razer bluetooth wireless Pro, which always went to sleep after just 5 seconds of idle-time, thereby resulting in jerky-wake-up movements and making it too annoying.

    Like others have said, to use the Powerpoint controls, the mouse's software/drivers need to be installed. However, controlling powerpoint is great. All the necessary buttons are on the bottom of the mouse. I even like the 'pause' feature, which blacks out the presentation when pressed. This is helpful if you have extra slides at the end that you don't want the audience to necessarily see. The button on the top of the mouse that shifts control to the powerpoint buttons also prevents unwanted pressing of the top mouse buttons.

    My only complaints are: 1) The wheel's tilting to the right and left cannot be customized. It appears as though tilting to the right and left is strictly reserved for scrolling to the right and left. I would have preferred to instead use these maneuvers for moving backwards and forwards in web-browsing; and 2) The mouse's buttons for moving back and forward during web-browsing are awkwardly placed. Using them requires hand-shifting which becomes annoying after a while.

    Aside from these complaints, I am pleased with the mouse. I like the small size factor. The mouse is light but doesn't feel cheap. It fits my hand nicely and its clicking is nice and quiet. The finish is also terrific.

    So all in all, a 4 out of 5 stars. If the left and right tilting could be customized, I would have given it a full 5 star review. ...more info
  • Presenter is not "plug in and play"
    I want a good presenter and a regular mouse. I chose Microsoft because I thought it would support its own product. But surprisingly, it can't. I have to install a software to make it fully functional for presenter.
    If you just go to someplace to do a presentation, do you think you are allowed to install a software to other peoples' computer?
    As a mouse it is good, but as a presenter it is terrible. It also seems that if your laptop has a Bluetooth device already, the mouse's Bluethooth will interfere with it....more info
  • Works well but might break.
    I bought one of these. Used it approximately 20 times. As a mouse/pointer/presenter it works just fine. But... Trying to replace the battery, I pressed the button to the battery door. The door partially released and was stuck half way out. Needless to say eventually the little attachment hinge broke. A frail little piece of plastic at the top of the device gave way. Door won't close now. Microsoft won't give a replacement door and doesn't warranty that part of the mouse. "Because they get jammed." There's a very weak link in a fairly expensive piece of kit.

    Lesson learned? Don't buy an expensive all in one item. Buy something that looks bullet proof. Of course you don't know whether it is until you buy it. Next I'll try a Kensington presenter and laser pointer. Mouse will be a separate item from now on.

    Other than that, the mouse/pointer/presenter worked fine. Be aware that some of the many extra function buttons are easy to press inadvertently while giving a presentation. You might want to disable them in software....more info
  • Great presenter and trainer tool!!
    This wireless presenter mouse is one of the best mice that I have ever had. It's compact, protected with its carrying case, and it has all the functions that I need as a trainer. I can move about the room within 30 feet and manipulate the screen from all angles using a projector. The one button to switch between mouse mode and presenter mode makes tasks simple. At first the sensitivity was a little high, but you're able to modify that with the Microsoft Mouse software. As long as you use the same USB port for the dongle every time, installation is quick and easy. You even have the ability to configure additional buttons for quick access to key functions you use frequently. With the double A batteries, you won't have to worry about losing or forgetting a charger. Lastly, I honestly haven't noticed any change to my battery life of my laptop.

    All in all, this is a nicely priced mouse (I paid $50 + tax w/free s&h), especially for the value to receive with this product. Great Buy!...more info
  • Great !
    Excellent mouse, conectivity, range, confort to use, battery life. Features: it has everything I could have asked for when I am standing in front of tons of strangers giving a presentation.

    Excellent overall....more info
  • All True Presenters Must Have This Mouse
    I'm floored when I see people presenting without one of these. It truly enables a smooth and rich presentation....more info
  • Nice Mouse - Power Point interface and Laser Pointer...
    Finally a bluetooth mouse that actually works right! I've had others that go to sleep, lose connectivity, or are otherwise not quite right. This one seems solid (so far!). Nice feel, light weight, very good battery life (depending on how much you play with the laser pointer)...
    Works with the native bluetooth im my Dell laptop, or it comes with a bluetooth USB dongle - and a nice hinged plastic carry box so you don't lose the pieces...

    Recommend highly. ...more info
  • Best Wireless Mouse
    By far the best wireless mouse out there. Performs great even at large distances from the receiver. Presenter controls are very easy to use. Love the magnify glass button for web pages. Can't comment on the battery life as I've only had the mouse for a little over a month but have seen no degradation in performance during that time and I use it just about every day for 8-10 hour stretches....more info
  • From a long time presenter
    This is OK at best. If you want to have a one stop unit (both mouse and presentation controller), it's a really great option. It can perform basic functions, but the only drawback is that you have to isntall the software to get the buttons to work right. I'm not sure why Microsoft didn't just have the buttons emulate interrupts for keystrokes that move slides forward and things like that. I have several other wireless presentation devces (Gyros and remote controls) and they all work with no need for extra drivers.

    Now, as a mouse... it's one of the best portabile mice I've owned. I've had mice from Logitecha and Microsoft in this small form factor and, as a mouse, it's definitely my favorite. I really like the addition on the newe cordless mice of the on/off switch so you can save battery. This also comes with a great hardshell carrying case.

    If the presentation features were a bit more powerful and didn't reqire the installation of the drivers, I could give it five stars. If those issues don't matter to you, it may work out great for you....more info
  • Exceeded Expectations, a few minor flaws
    I purchased this mouse for the sole reason that it was the only one on the shelf that allowed me to use my laptop's internal bluetooth networking instead of a clunky external dongle plugged into a USB port.

    This mouse includes a USB bluetooth adapter for those who don't have bluetooth built in, but you're not required to use it.

    I had zero problems installing the software and pairing it with my laptop running Vista. The software is not difficult to follow and includes helpful pictures for those who don't like to read. It even gives you an option when it's time to pair the device - if you have built in bluetooth or if you're going to use the dongle.

    The mouse is as accurate as any other laser mouse I've owned. One notch above the red LED based optical, and exponentially better than the ball mice. It still has problems tracking on glass top tables, but that's a physical limitation with optical tracking - not a Microsoft issue. A simple piece of paper or notepad works in a pinch.

    Having four buttons (programable in the software), a smooth scroll wheel with click and tilt is also a very nice extra.

    A middle button just behind the scroll wheel toggles the presentation mode. This deactivates the mouse buttons on top and activates the presentation controls on the bottom. A great feature for people like me with big hands that would normally be mashing the mouse buttons while clicking the presentation controls.

    The presentation features are your average standard front, back, play/pause. I like the fact that you can adjust the volume remotely - handy when you leave an IM session in the background of a presentation and you need to quickly mute your laptop. The presentation controls any multimedia software including iTunes, MediaPlayer, PowerPoint, and others. The laser pointer is a great extra, just don't over use it (sitting through a poorly made PowerPoint presentation is bad enough without a jumpy laser pointer on every frame pointing out every bullet point...)

    At this point, I opened up a support case with Microsoft because mine seems to have a very weak battery door latch. Just brushing the latch button (the silver triangle button shown just above the Microsoft logo on the rear of the mouse) causes the door to pop open and spew batteries.

    I don't think this is par for the mice though as I've read many reviews from trusted sites and I don't see that mentioned on any of the reviews. I'm going to assume mine had a manufacturing flaw that wasn't caught during Q.A. I've always had positive results when I contact Microsoft support with hardware issues, so I'm going to leave my final opinion after they had a chance to fix this issue.

    Using bluetooth and wifi at the same time can increase your mouse's lag. This is NOT a problem during normal wifi usage, but can be noticable if you're using > 80% of your wireless bandwidth or playing an online game with a high packet rate. The radios use the same frequency and are competing for air time. Using the dongle may improve this, but this is a physical limitation.

    *Hardcase increases travel survivability exponentially.
    *Included BT dongle for those who need it, not required for those who don't.
    *Software support is universal.
    *Presentation controls are tactile, useful for presentation in dark rooms.

    *Bluetooth performance is directly affected by wireless usage, but only when you're flogging your wireless connection (game play or large file transmissions)

    Final verdict - worth the cost if you present and travel *and* have a laptop with bluetooth built in. Save your money if you don't have built in bluetooth as you'll get better performance and longer battery life using one of the lower priced wireless mice with presentation controls....more info
  • Finally, a Laser Bluetooth mouse that actually works!
    After trying (and dropping) other bluetooth laser mice I came accross this one by accident. The presenter features simply seduced me.
    Installation instructions are less than perfect, but after fiddling arround a little I got it working fine with my built-in Bluetooth.
    All seems stable and reliable after a couple days of use.
    - Laser tracking is very smooth, doesn't fail or goes to sleep at all (not that one can tell at least)
    - scrollwheel smooth tracking is comfortable and nice
    - hard pressure for the scrollwheel downward click is actually a plus, since you never click it by accident while side-scrolling
    - size is very usable on my larger than average hands
    - good quality hardware in general
    - on-off switch is a nice thing to have

    - location of the side (backwards and forwards) buttons make them awkward to use (you have to let go of the mouse to get to them)
    - presenter buttons are not shure-fire reliable. In particular the laser pointer button needs to be pressed beyond the click feedback to actually work.

    Overall I give it a 5 star for these reasons:
    - Excellent concept
    - Excellent general quality
    - Excellent laser tracking on a bluetooth package
    - Good presenter functions
    - up to date extra controls on mouse (side scrolling, fwd, bkwd,e tc.)

    UPDATE after a couple weeks of use:
    I've gone through a couple of battery cycles (I am using rechargeables)
    - Every now and then the mouse de-couples itself from the computer as if the batteries were low (only the tracking stops working, all other functions/buttons work fine) after fiddling with the buttons a little, or turning it off and back on again it continues to work fine
    - I've noticed that the the 'media' button in presenter mode assumes you're working in the english version of powerpoint. I work with the spanish version and there the 'B' keystroke in a presentation doesn't mean Black, it means Blanco (white) therefore blanking the screen white, defeating the purpose of the 'B' keystroke which 'turns off' the presentation momentarily. This button is not programmable in IntelliPoint software. Bummer....more info
  • Excellent Wireless Mouse
    This was one of my best online purchases ever. I got a great price on a great product.

    I really like this mouse. It looks good, feels good, is highly functional, is not hard on batteries, etc, etc. When you flip it over the bottom of the mouse has 6 additional flat buttons on it. These are for controlling powerpoint presentations and changing the volume through the mouse. A very neat feature on the bottom is a red laser built into the mouse. I have not actually got to use the laser in a presentation setting but have shown it off at other times. It is very impressive.

    This mouse also comes with a hard clear plastic carry case for it and the USB bluetooth receiver. It fits very well in my powersupply neopreme bag....more info
  • Great mouse.....Well worth the money...
    My wife presents for Microsoft, Java and a lot of other products...So she wanted an all in one mouse...She states this mouse works great for her presentations.....The sensitivity of the mouse is really cool and it does not have the laser underneath to read mouse motion... Well worth the money......more info
  • Rather by a lazer pointer
    Bought the mouse as a replacement for the MS Notebook mouse 4000, which I had interference problems with but was otherwise a great mouse. I hoped that being bluetooth, this mouse would have a better connection. After a long conversation with Microsoft support, I'm sending it back on their Money Back guarantee program because:

    1. Using the internal bluetooth receiver in my Dell laptop, the signal is so choppy the mouse is barely usable.

    2. I couldn't get the supplied bluetooth dongle to work at all on XP. According to MS it's not compatible with a laptop that has an internal bluetooth receiver.

    As mentioned a number in a number of other reviews the software and documentation are shocking.

    As a replacement for this, I've bought the Logitech VX Nano and so far it's a MUCH better choice. Perhaps MS should see if Logitech could write them some drivers for their hardware products...
    ...more info
  • Presenting an excellent mouse!
    I was simply looking for a Bluetooth mouse. I found an excellent replacement for my Logitech Media Mouse. It has some different functions, but all of the multi-button functions are there and the presenter buttons on the bottom are really cool. My IT guy set up the mouse for me (thems the rules) so I do not know how it is to setup, but it works flawlessly.

    I only have 2 observations (not really complaints). The first is that while this mouse has all of the whistles and bells of a desktop mouse, it is still notebook size. It is a little small for extended use. The second is that the extra buttons on the sides normally used for 'back' and 'forward' are in awkward positions.

    The 'click' is smooth, the scroll is smooth and the pointer motion and positioning is precise. This is an excellent mouse....more info
  • microsoft's big hit
    a really functional and elegant mouse with lots of really great features. works fine, fast and realiably and looks very classy. trully recommended peripheral....more info
  • Less than perfect, better than awful
    First of all, I have to assume that Microsoft has improved the documentation since some of the earlier reviews were written, as I DID find instructions on how to use the mouse with another Bluetooth adapter, such as the one found in a notebook. What they don't tell you is that the Microsoft IntelliPoint software will not recognize such a connection so you can't use any of its special features. But you can do almost everything needed.

    The mouse does work with the built-in Bluetooth of my ThinkPad T42p, but not all features are available. The mouse motion, left and right buttons and scroll wheel work, as do the presentation buttons, but the two side buttons for the magnifier and "digital ink", etc., do not. More to the point, Microsoft's software does not recognize any connection other than through their dongle, so you can't customize anything.

    Contrary to a comment I read, the IntelliPoint software did NOT disable my Thinkpad's Trackpoint mouse. It did make me uninstall Logitech mouse software I had, though.

    On my ThinkPad T42p, I used the ThinkPad's Bluetooth Setup Wizard, select "I want to find a specific Bluetooth device". Then put the mouse into discovery mode by pushing and holding the recessed button on the bottom until the light flashes. Click Next and have it search for devices. It will find the mouse and then find the service. You're done.

    With this setup, everything (that I have tried so far) works with the exception of the side buttons and clicking the mouse wheel. The rest of the mouse functions and the presenter functions work, even blanking the screen in PowerPoint. I have not tried the media buttons, though.

    Some things I like about this product:
    - Nice shape for the hand
    - Compact
    - Good quality laser pointer
    - Smooth scroll wheel with the side scrolling feature
    - Handy presenter functions

    Some things I don't like:
    - Wobbles a bit when clicking a mouse button
    - No visible indicator that it is switched on
    - Software does not recognize non-MS Bluetooth
    - Case is bulky and does not securely hold dongle (if you're using it.)
    - Can't use mouse pointer without switching modes (my separate presentation mouse had its own directional pad plus left and right buttons.)

    I was previously using a Logitech wireless (non-BT) travel mouse and a separate presentation mouse, each of which had its own dongle. I'm happy to go dongle-less with one device....more info
  • I like it
    It's a mouse, it does not cook, clean or do the laundry, but it's small, easy to carry around, comes with USB BT so it can be used on more then one PC at a time. One thing that MS should look into is making the scroll wheel with some resistance, sometimes, while moving the mouse, the page would scroll, because it trigerred the scroll wheel. The good things is mouse works during Windows install, which is great! The small size will make some people dislike it, because the buttons will seem out of place, then again, some people don't like notebook keyboards or cell phones for the same reason. My suggestion is, if you don't have overly large hands, like tiny cell phones that gets lost in your pocket, then this is for you - assuming you need a small mouse to go with the small notebook....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000
    Easy to install and use, better touch
    than a USB Mouse, remote use works as
    advertised. Highly recommend. Just be
    sure to turn off after use, so the
    batteries don't run down.
    ...more info
  • Worthless without supplied dongle
    This mouse is advertised as "bluetooth" but must use the supplied Microsoft dongle to function. Useless with any built in bluetooth receiver, which is the entire point of having a bluetooth capable computer!!!...more info
  • Mouse is great, directions are bad, and how about a word spelled incorrectly?
    I have barely had an opportunity to use this so please note that.

    HOWEVER, the main thing that I have experienced is that the packaging
    is the WORST that I have dealt with to simply just open.
    And, ladies --
    if you have long nails that you would like to keep professional while
    traveling, warning! DO NOT use the traveling carry case as it was
    awful to open and almost ripped my nail off a few moments before my

    Another pet peeve -- words that are spelled wrong especially on
    professional packaging. Remember the "i before e except after c...?"

    Or just plain old spell check for Microsoft?? On the back of the package,
    what is right below the little Bluetooth icon? Why, it reads "Mini
    Bluetooth Reciever USB Only." That's right, folks, Reciever spelled
    oh-so-wrong... Should be Receiver -- "i before e except after c..."

    Other than that, I am enjoying the gliding and smooth use, easy
    point-click functionality. (After you figure out how to use it without
    downloading the software...)

    I tried to find a place on the Microsoft website that I could email to them and let them know of the misspelled word, but alas, I couldn't spend the hours trying to track where to send comments to them, so I thought I would just make it very public here... Technical writers and proofreaders are not their strong suit, I guess...
    ...more info
  • Good when it works, but it stops working frequently
    I'm using this mouse with my MacBook's built-in bluetooth. The buttons and feel are great, and although the size is a little small in my hand I find the mouse to be very usable. The "forward" button is in a really awkward place -- nowhere near any of my fingers -- so it took considerable practice to learn how to reach it.

    And despite what others have said here, there is a new version of the MS keyboard/mouse software which lets you use all of the buttons and program them to do specific things in each application. Even the presenter controls work -- to do a degree. I find the presentation controls frequently lock up the mouse, and it rarely works to switch from presentation mode back into pointer mode.

    The big problem with this mouse is that it frequently cuts off. It will disconnect from the computer for about 5 seconds. This frequently happens 3 or 4 times in a row, so that it takes about 25 seconds of shaking the mouse around to get it back into working condition. This happens most frequently when the computer has been sleeping, but also randomly happens if I use the computer for a while (say...over an hour). This is why I'm giving the mouse 2 stars. I paid $90 for it, and the darn thing still slows me down when I'm trying to jump on my computer and do something really quickly. Plus nothing is more irritating than being in the zone, working on a project, and all of a sudden the mouse cuts out and you lose your train of thought trying to fix it.

    So I think it's a good pack-in mouse to travel with, and I use it day to day for most tasks, but when I'm working I get a USB mouse and plug that in, so I don't put up with the constant annoyance of this mouse not doing its most basic function. I would have given it one star, but I think the laser pointer built in is an interesting novelty and definitely something that will catch people's attention when you're giving a presentation. Just hope your mouse doesn't die in the middle of the presentation....more info
  • Worked for a couple of months and now drops the connection
    This mouse worked well for about a month. Then the magnify button stuck, so I had to disable it. Now the mouse randomly drops the connection. I have to reconnect several times a day, especially when the computer goes into standby or hibernate. Also, the batteries only last for about a week.

    On the plus side, the mouse is very comfortable. Also, the laser is fun to tease my dog with. Probably works well with cats too....more info
  • Nice!
    It is a nice mouse come up by MS. However, there are a few things that i need to discuss with any prospective buyer. I think it is a bit over priced for the features it offers. i mean, had it been priced around $40 / $50, then it would have really been value for money. Secondly, i think it should have had more buttons so that you could have more functions from it as offered in its list. Rest, i would say it is a good device, integrates nice with the computer and works fine with windows XP. No complaints. The presenter is great, the media remote is nice as well (synchronizes well with windows media player, but not with any other; the vol. control works anyway.)...more info
  • Nice mouse for LapTops mostly
    besides the true laser (not the led like all the rest of the mouse) the biggest advantage it has is: BlueTooth!
    even though it's a bit tough you can configure it with the built in BT of your LapTop and not with the MS Dongle! and one the pairing is done you can enjoy it to the fullest!
    doesn't eat as much batteries as i thought it would, so... hooray on that!
    all and all a very nice mouse, easy to stop music while not looking at the computer!! (people start talking to you and you want to look at them and not on the PC, you can do that with this mouse! blind-folded!!!)
    i love it!...more info
  • A Presenter's Best Friend
    As for the Presenter part, since I no longer have to stand beside the Notebook to advance the PowerPoint slides, my presentation style has become more fluid and natural.

    As far as using it as a Mouse, it is small, even for my small hands. If it were a standard size, I would have given it the 5th star.

    As part of the industrial-strength "retail packaging", there is a clear plastic carrying case for the Mouse and the Bluetooth Dongle to protect them when you are traveling. A nice touch.

    ...more info
  • Just not worth the money.
    I was thrilled when I first got this mouse and then my enthusiasm waned quickly. My major complaint was how fast it goes through batteries. I have spent more in AAA batteries in the past three months than I did on the mouse. My second problem is that it seems to switch modes if left unattended for a few moments. I will get up from my computer and when I get back - even less than a minute later, it is on Presentation Mode or Magnify Mode. It also was not a smooth mouse and it was difficult to do tasks that needed to be very accurate, like photo modification or graphics.

    The laser pointer was cool, though.

    I just would not recommend this product unless you have very light mouse use and want it almost entirely as a secondary mouse for presentations....more info
  • presenter mouse
    I bought one of these and the battery door latch broke the first time I had to open it to replace the batteries. I taped it shut, but there isn't a way to really keep the batteries in for any period of time. Basically it was a waste of money. I'm out shopping for a new one. :)...more info
  • Works great on a MAC
    I have seen some reports that it does not work with a MAC. I downloaded the latest intellipoint 6.2 drivers from microsoft and then set up the mouse and all the features work great. I have full support for power point and all the other features. I am not sure if microsoft fixed the drivers recently but I know it works. I just wish Apple could make a good mouse. The only thing I have against it is its price is high...more info
  • Presenter Mouse-- Glitchy, but LOVE it anyway.
    I bought this mouse a month ago, and the presenter button just stopped working-- I couldnt switch between presenter and regular mouse mode, so I returned it and got another one. This new one seems to work fine, so maybe it was just the original software I had, or maybe the button on the mouse, itself, just didn't work. Regardless, I exchanged it for a new one, which works flawlessly now.

    I love this mouse-- I perform powerpoint presentations at least once a month, and I love how you can scroll through from afar and I also love how it has a laser pointer built in. I also watch movies on Itunes, and the mouse can control Itunes, as well, so I can essentially lie down in my bed with the mouse, place the computer maybe 10 feet away just like a television, and kick back with my "remote." And you can also use the Magnify feature to make things bigger when you're sitting so far away so you can see what you're doing. LOVE it.

    Watch out though, it doesnt work with all mp3 software, like Winamp. So far, I can only get it to work iTunes.

    I also just got a new bluetooth phone that I can connect to my computer now-- USB devices that allow your computer to connect to Bluetooth can cost up to 25 bucks on their own.

    If you use powerpoint, iTunes, Bluetooth devices, and want a small wireless mouse, I say go for it ;) Otherwise, I'd stick to a regular wireless mouse-- It's overpriced if you're not going to use the Bluetooth or Powerpoint buttons....more info
    I bought this mouse from my laptop and I liked it verymuch.It is very handy and the wheel rolls very smoothly under the finger.The presenter and player option is a nice try.Also the bluetooth connector works with all bluetooth devices.This it's self cost about 15-20$.The only problem is the software.The cd doesn't work.But you can easily download the newer version from the microsoft website.And don't forget the carrying case included ....It seems cool!!!...more info
  • Does no live up to it's potential promise!
    It seemed to work for a while then after it was too late to return it to the store it would change slides automatically in presenter mode and/or cause the cursor to jump around in mouse mode.

    I'll see if Microsoft will send me a new one but I doubt it.

    ...more info
  • Grear produc but price is high
    Wonderful product.

    It is expensive but worth it.
    Has a presenters mouse at the bottom and includes a laser pointer.
    One problem, has an On and Off switch and I always forget to turn it off.

    My father has one where the USB connector attaches at the bottom of the mouse and turns it off (made by someone else)

    Overall it is a great buy....more info
  • An Okay Product with Some Annoying Flaws
    All right, so this is just an okay mouse overall. It has some neat features, but it also has some major annoyances. Honestly, I would probably return the product now if I still could. The problems are as follows:

    * The mouse is somewhat small and un-ergonomic, and it causes my hand to fatigue more quickly than any other mouse I've ever used.

    * The left-click button squeaks obtrusively when pressed. The first one I purchased squeaked, so I returned it for a second--which still squeaks.

    * The scroll wheel is oddly hyper-sensitive, more so than other mice I've used. You hardly move it, and it suddenly jumps pages up or down much more quickly that you'd expect.

    * The presenter buttons on the bottom are presented somewhat like an afterthought. They are there, and they work, but it feels strange to use them. For instance, you end up kind of clicking the traditional mouse buttons at the same time, and the whole experience is, well, weird.

    * Battery life seems to be a little low.

    * When you pick up the mouse just barely to move it around to gain more room, the laser still picks up the surface below and moves the arrow on the screen--even when you don't want it to. This is my first laser mouse, as opposed to an optical one, so perhaps this is more a flaw of laser mice in general. Regardless, it's quite annoying.

    * Last but not least, given all these issues, the mouse is far too expensive for its own good.

    Summary: I've owned and used many Microsoft mice and have generally been satisfied with them. With this one, I feel like I spent a lot of money for something that just gets on my nerves all the time. Love the Bluetooth setup without the included USB receiver, though!...more info
  • Pros outweigh the cons
    - Top quality
    - Long battery life
    - comes with MS bluetooth dongle but works with widdcom too
    - Usable size/weight even though small and compact
    - Laser tracking is absolutely awesome
    - Presentation features make it a must for business users

    - Wheel has right and left tilts but they are not programmable so you're stuck with horizontal scrolling.
    - Right and left side-buttons are not comfortable to use on such a small size.
    - The wheel feels like it misses out on something because of its smooth-rolling (no clicks as you turn it). You'll need those clicks at times, believe me.

    Summary: I couldn't find a better tracking bluetooth mouse. And I don't want a wireless dongle unnecessarily when I have bluetooth built into my laptop. Forget optical mice, laser rules....more info
  • Great Mouse but a bit overpriced
    This mouse is amazing once getting used to. There are many features that you can customize your mouse to do. Such as: digital ink and a magnifier. However, the gettign used to part is the clicking and scrolling on the mouse. It's not like most logitec mice i've used. this one has a soft click and very sensitive scrolling. Even though you can adjest the settings, it's still is quite sensistive causing your document to skip multiple pages or dramatically zooming in or out when holding down teh cntrl key and scrolling. But besides that, the presentation features have been very useful to me. Especially the digital ink. Also, since the mouse comes with a bluetooth adapter, you can also sync in pictures from your phone and stuff. ...more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000
    Great little mouse with full of features. About the only mouse that offers multi-media functions to control volume controls. ...more info
  • Only works with Powerpoint - Avoid this if you're using Acrobat
    This product seems nice, but funny that they NEVER mention that this product ONLY works with the POWERPOINT for the presentation control buttons on the bottom.

    I use LaTeX and Beamer to create my presentation, and I use Acrobat for the presentation. Other presenters, like Logitech one, works fine with the Acrobat. But not this one. I figured out that general presenters like Logitech's send out "PAGEDOWN" or "PAGEUP" when the button on the presenter is pressed. This one seems to send out some instructions which is native to Powerpoint only. Worse thing is that the buttons on the bottom are NOT CUSTOMIZABLE. You CANNOT reassign these buttons for other purpose. Bottom line is that this one cannot be used other software than Powerpoint.

    If you only use Microsoft Powerpoint for your presentation, this is your choice. If you use something else like Acrobat, avoid this one since you'll be paying good $80 for nothing but a wireless mouse.

    The product description should include the comment saying that
  • Great Product!!!
    I have to say that this mouse is one of the greatest product I have purchased for my Notebook. Must people complained about this Mouse but I think is GREAT!!!

    You will always find a complaint from someone, but that does not mean that it will not work for you. You have to keep in mind that not all divices will work perfectly, after all, the are no human so they can break or get damage at any time. It's like bying a car; If it brakes after you take it out of the lot, it is not the dealers fault; it's just how it came out.

    Over all I recomend this device....more info
  • Very nice!!!
    I'm an IT Professional working for HomeLand Security. This item is very very nice. Perfect weight, Resolution and tracking is smooth. USB transceiver can be configured with other bluetooth devices. I use the bluetooth transceiver to send and receive files with my Nokia N70 Cellphone. Use the media keys on bottom for my Playlist on Windows Vista Media Player. All buttons with with WinAmp and Media players. Cool Laser Pointer also. Its a must have gadget. Can be used as a remote control with windows vista media center....more info
  • A great gadget, more than a mouse!
    Recently I bought a notebook and I needed a mouse, instead of using the touchpad, so I decided to invest in a good mouse because is something that I'm going to use everyday. Researching about the mice, this stylish, perfect size device got my attetion. It brings a hard carrycase which makes it perfect to travel anywhere. The mouse controls everything that you can pass forward and backward, I mean the display pictures, the movies, the songs in your playlist and play/pause just by switching pressenter mode/mouse mode. The magnifier works anywhere on the screen, even on videos. The laser pointer it's just great for presentations. I truly recommend this mouse, you will enjoy every feature that brings, after all it's a tool that you are going to use everyday!...more info
  • Fantastic mouse -- but no Mac support!
    This is a fantastic little mouse -- but unlike every other Microsoft mouse/keyboard out there, there is *NO* Macintosh support. This is quite bewildering and a bit surprising. There are hacks available to get the basic 4-button tilt/scroll mouse support working through the internal MacOS bluetooth driver (just google for "Microsoft Presenter Notebook 8000 Mac driver" or visit MacRumors) but no one has figured out how to support the presenter controls on the underside of the mouse -- the very reason for getting this model.

    I'm happy nonetheless. I'm sure someone will eventually figure it out and this mouse is a stellar mouse for just regular mousing. You'll need to load a third party driver (like SteerMouse) to slow down the mouse sensitivity since the default / native driver is a bit too jerky....more info
  • plug and play was so much better!
    As with most everything that tries to do two things well, this wireless presenter mouse also is weak in one area or the other. It functions well enough as a mouse, however I and others who are forced to use it (as Plug and play is being abandoned)feel that it is difficult not to press a wrong button durring presentation, it is awkward and expensive. However if you are one of the thousands who are currently paying to beta test Vista, you wil be forced to abandon your 15.00 plug and play for a 100+ blue tooth. Faced with that, this is currently your best if not only option....more info
  • Spendy but very cool.
    For full functionality the MS software needs to be installed and it doesn't play nice with Logitech Setpoint. I haven't figured how to have both installed at the same time. Since this is my travel mouse I give up a couple of it's features to keep my Logitech diNovo desktop operational....more info
  • Great Product - Lots of Features in a Small Package!!!
    The Presenter Mouse 8000 is all I hoped it would be. First, I downloaded and installed the latest IntelliPoint driver from the Microsoft website on my Gateway Tablet PC. Then I cancelled the driver's request to set up the Microsoft Bluetooth USB adapter. Instead I used the Windows Bluetooth manager to pair the 8000 with my Tablet's built-in Bluetooth transceiver. (Pressed and held the little button on the bottom of the 8000 for a few seconds and then selected "search for devices in range" on the Tablet.) Everything worked flawlessly on the first try, without even requiring a restart. The 8000 works right along with the touchpad and the tablet's pen. All three pointing devices are useable at the same time - who would have imagined that?

    I love the look and feel of the 8000. Yes it's a little small, but it still fits my hand nice and I prefer the small size for its portability and sleek look. Usability seems unaffected by its size, and my hands are at least a little larger than average. The tactile feel of the buttons seem just right to me - with the exception of the scroll-wheel click which is to hard to click. However if it were easer to click, it would probably interfere with the vertical and horizontal scrolling functions of the wheel. And btw, none of the buttons on my 8000 squeak - they're all quiet as a mouse...

    The media buttons on the bottom of the 8000 work just as they should with Microsoft Power Point and Windows Media Player. Reliable wireless range seems to be at least 25 feet for me. And I like how easy it is to swap the 8000 from a pointing device to a media remote and back by pressing one button on the top of the 8000. Even the built-in laser pointer works just as it should - press an easy-to-find button and you get a predictable, tightly focused red dot on the wall.

    Fine-tuning the 8000's functions through the IntelliPoint software was fairly easy even though documentation is lacking. Probably my only real criticism is the inability to customize the functions of the media remote buttons like you can the mouse buttons.

    I don't take the time to write many reviews. But the Microsoft Presenter Mouse 8000 just strikes me as a very useful all-in-one device that is well designed. And hopefully it will install as easy for most people as it did for me. It works - I love it!...more info
  • This Mouse Squeaks!
    I should start out by saying almost everything about this mouse is flawless. No noticeable mouse delay after inactivity like some Bluetooth mice, tracking is great, battery life is amazing. It paired with my computer's built-in Bluetooth receiver with no trouble. The laser pointer and volume controls are great,it comes with a cool plastic carrying case, but there is just one problem that haunts this hardware. The mouse buttons squeak!

    This may seem like a minor issue (and maybe it is to some people), but it's like a chalkboard screech to me when every click is met by *squeak* *squeak*. I think one other reviewer noted the problem, I've discovered similar complaints via Google and I actually wondered if it was just my mouse but I returned my first mouse and the replacement had the same problem.

    This would be a five-star mouse if it weren't for the squeak, but the defect makes me feel like I'm being generous by giving two stars....more info
  • the caveat
    The Microsoft IntelliPoint software (as of version 6.2) that supports the mouse has neglected to include customization of the presentation buttons on the bottom of the mouse (only the major mouse functions are customizable). This means the mouse will ONLY work with Microsoft Powerpoint, but NOT Adobe PDF slides--which most competitor presentation remotes support. This could prove annoying for those of us that work with both software for presentation needs. In addition, the volume up and down button do NOT work at all on my Thinkpad T43! The media play button randomly brings up my winamp, which is the default MP3 player on my system, without letting the user define a media program of choice....more info
  • Great hardware, miserably bad software and documentation
    Microsoft should rename itself Microhard. All of Microsoft's hardware (keyboards and mice, etc.) i've ever owned have been great, including the Presenter Mouse 8000. But the software that comes with it and the documentation are just horrific.

    The mouse comes with a piece of paper that warns you to NOT use the install CD that comes with the mouse and instead go to Microsoft's web site for the latest software. So why didn't they just remove the CD from the package if they don't want you to use it??? When you go the web page that it tells you to go to for the software download, you find yourself on a page for Windows Vista support, which is NOT where you want to download the mouse driver from. A quick search for Intellipoint 6.02 (which the piece of paper claims you need) on Microsoft's web site turns up nothing. It turns out that 6.02 no longer exists. The current valid version is 6.1. Anyway, here's the correct software you need to download:

    The installation of Intellipoint 6.1 seems painless enough, until you reboot your computer and find out that it has completely wiped out your touchpad driver and your touchpad no longer works the way it used to. As with all versions of Intellipoint, it is too stupid to figure out how to co-exist with other pointing device drivers. But at least the previous versions used to warn you that it wipes out the existing drivers. This version simply wipes them out w/o giving you any warnings or options to cancel the installation. Fortunately the touchpad driver for my sony sz360 IS smart enough to figure out how to work with Intellipoint. So after downloading the touchpad driver from Sony and re-installing it AFTER installing Intellipoint, both the touchpad and the mouse drivers now work.

    If your laptop doesn't have built-in bluetooth and you're relying on the bluetooth transceiver that came with the mouth for wireless connection, then you're all set. Plug the transceiver into a USB port and you're all set to go. BUT if you want to utilize your notebook's existing bluetooth feature, the mouse has NO DOCUMENTATION on how to do that. And there is NO DOCUMENTATION on microsoft's web site whatsoever on this mouse. So after an hour or so of playing around with it, i finally figured out what to do:

    1. Turn the mouse on
    2. Using the tip of a pen or any other sharp tipped object, press and hold the little button below the power light on the bottom of the mouse for 10 seconds. This should make the power light alternate between green and red, indicating that the mouse is in a "discoverable", or "connectable" state.
    3. Open the bluetooth manager that comes with your laptop and click on "connect to new hardware".

    your computer should now find the mouse and everything should work.

    Once you get past installing the software and figuring out what's missing in the documentation, the mouse works great! Ergo is not nearly as comfortable as Microsoft's full sized mice, but given its compactness and all the features it managed to pack in, it's hard to complain.

    hope this help....more info
  • Just what I have been looking for!!!
    I am currently in school right now finishing a four year degree for business. I have to give at least one powerpoint presntation for each class. I also wanted something to remotely control the media software for my laptop when I travel. This 8000 performs those two functions besides as a mouse for my laptop. This is the best three-in-one unit I have ever owned. Plus, it also saves room in my laptop bag. The only bad thing I could say about it is the placement of the side buttons for the magnification and back functions. I wish they had been placed a little more towards the front than where they are now.

    The buttons on the top to switch the function from mouse to media/presentation is great. You can switch functions in less than a second. No more retrieving another unit from my laptop bag and switching the usb devices. If I am giving a presentation, I can use the mouse mode to activate the powerpoint, press the top button, and immediately start the powerpoint. With the media, you can forward/backward to the next/previous song, pause/play, and adjust the volume.

    One more thing you can do with it is add bluetooth to your computer. You can wirelessly exchange information between your computer and another bluetooth capable unit.

    My opinion is money worth spent. Like I said, it is a variety of functions in one unit. Great for someone who is on the go or would like the ease of an all-in-one....more info
  • Excellent features, with a few drawbacks
    The shape of the mouse feels really nice in the hand, and it's loaded with features. On-off switch is much appreciated, and it even comes with a hard plastic carrying case with wrist strap. The scroll wheel scrolls very smoothly. A button behind the scroll wheel allows one to easily switch between mouse mode and presenter mode, although you need to install the IntelliPoint software in order for that (and the rest of the special buttons) to work. I already had IntelliType installed for my Microsoft keyboard, and even without the mouse software, the volume buttons did work.

    The bluetooth is actually a nice feature, and the dongle can be used to connect other bluetooth devices, too. I was able to connect my bluetooth phone to my computer and transfer pictures from the phone to the computer. Note: you have to download IntelliPoint 6.02 from Microsoft's website in order for this to work (the version on the included CD is 6.01). The bluetooth range is pretty good, IMO, much better than the regular Microsoft RF wireless mice.

    On the con side, the side buttons have a strange placement. You have to reposition your hand in order to push them. Also, as with many of Microsoft's new side-scrolling mice, the middle click requires way too much force to execute. On the bottom, the presenter buttons aren't really in an ergonomic location, either, but they are tolerable. This is primarily a mouse; the presenter functions seem secondary. Finally, I think there is a bit of a QC issue because the first one of these that I got had a squeaky right mouse button and did not sit perfectly flat on a hard flat surface, sort of like an annoying chair at a restaurant that tilts a bit. I exchanged it for another one, which no longer had the squeaky button, but still had the tilt problem....more info