Motorola L6 Candybar RAZR GSM Unlocked Bluetooth Camera Cell Phone - Black
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  • eh...
    I suppose I'm being punished with this phone because I went for aesthetic pleasure and an affordable price instead of functionality. If that's what you're looking for, then by all means, purchase this product.

    My biggest problem with the phone is the keys. They're annoyingly close together-- I have to dial and text with my fingernails. The phone is just as small as it looks, and the keys are much more irritating than they look. Also, the phone doesn't have a T9 word function. That befuddles me. In a digital age such as this, what phone doesn't have T9?

    The service is also sub-par. Again, with a phone this size, I suppose that's to be expected? But really. I haven't had that many problems with it in places with good service (ie. Chicago city proper), but when home in the suburbs it's a big joke.

    The camera and video functions are again, ok. Not that spectacular, but I don't really believe in camera phone pictures, so that wasn't that big of a deal to me. If you do, again, get another phone.

    All in all, this phone looks good, but really isn't that great. Then again, it's very affordable, so if you're looking for a cute phone with mediocre functionality, this is the phone for you. ...more info
  • Keyword: Functionality
    Keyword: Functionality

    PROS: Functionality, Sleek design; Fall endurance; Scratch resistance

    CONS: Low-resolution display; Poor camera quality; No MP3 player; Poor speakerphone quality; Poorly designed keypad

    If there's anything that I have learned about this cell phone for the one good year that I have had it, it is the keyword: "functionality."

    I think this is a great phone to get for your teenagers, or people in general, when it's their first cell phone because of its pure and basic functions. Surprisingly enough, even with the release of the coolest phones around (i.e. the iPhone), I still receive compliments about the phone about its slim and sleek design.

    I mentioned "fall endurance" and "scratch resistance" as its pros because I have a horrible tendency of dropping my cell phone from places such as my pocket or my purse. For instance, just yesterday, I dropped my cell phone down a staircase of some 10 steps. I surely thought it wouldn't survive that fall, but it did! As for its scratch resistance, yes, it's still pretty in black and functional after the (I swear) 20 falls it has endured over the past year.

    Another important thing that I have learned from using this cell phone is what I want from the next cell phone that I upgrade to.

    I remember when I first got this cell phone I was initially disappointed with its low-resolution display and I still find myself still frustrated after all these months, especially when I see how awesome my friends' cell phones' screens are like, so crisp and sharp and clear.

    And it's true that this phone has low picture quality. Most pictures I take in a spontaneous moment ends up being lost and blurry. It's disheartening, really. You have to have a steady hand or else. Not to mention, I'm a photographer at heart, so I'm just plain picky when it comes to picture quality anyway.

    This phone is often confused with its older brother, the Motorola L7 which has iTunes capability. This one doesn't, although I somehow managed to have enough space in my phone to nearly download a full John Mayer song as my ringtone. But, make no mistake, I downloaded the song from a friend's cell phone (he has the SYNC with BlueTooth capability and all those fancy things). Oh, but this phone does have BlueTooth; I'm just not a fan of that usage, that's all.

    Poor speakerphone quality is a fact in this phone, which is a feature I use often. I find myself repeatedly asking "What?!" when talking to my boyfriend or whoever it is that is on the other line. Oh! I also find that when talking normally into the phone, that after hours of a conversation, the heat of the phone radiates through my ear and makes it uncomfortable.

    Poorly designed keypad? Oh, yes. I really don't know what makes it such of a discomfort, but it's there. Maybe it's because the keypad curves? Or maybe because there's that divide for each key? Eh, no idea, but it does bug the heck out of me and STILL does.

    So, take my advice: after a year, the only reason you would get this phone is because of its functionality, period. Maybe you're a parent who wants their kid to have a phone that makes and receive calls. Or maybe you're someone who's starting out and don't know what they quite want yet in a phone and can't decide until you actually have it in your hand. Well, guess what? I'm BOTH! Except, well, I was the kid.

    But, yeah, I'm ready to upgrade after A YEAR with this phone. I'm doing my research, and thus far, I'm leaning towards the Motorola RIZR Z3 (Rose).

    Hope this helps.
    ...more info
  • Poor reception
    I got this phone to replace my RAZR when a very unfortunate accident killed it. I like the size and the styling, but the reception is horrible. My RAZR got great reception and my wife's RAZR gets 5 bars when I will only get one in certain places. I bought an antenna booster, but that hasn't helped. I wish I had paid more for a RAZR!...more info