Heath Zenith Outdoor Floodlight Kit with Twin Security Light and Wireless Motion Sensor, White #RH-6028-WH-A
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Product Description

Heath Zenith's outdoor floodlight kit is convenient for a couple of reasons. First, the floodlight is easily mounted where you want it to go, whether its on a wall or on an overhang, and it fits standard wiring boxes. Second, the motion sensor is completely separate from the lamp housing, so you can mount it anywhere within the 100-foot (max.) range of its wireless transmitter. Plus, it lets you select the duration of illumination after motion stops (one or five minutes). The floodlight uses up to 150 watt incandescent or 240 watt halogen bulbs (not included). Note that you will need to purchase two AA batteries for the motion sensor. For the same floodlight in a bronze finish, see Heath Zenith product #RH-6028-BZ-A. --Josh Dettweiler

What's in the Box
Floodlight, motion sensor, hardware kit

  • Two-light floodlight with PIR motion sensor
  • For motion-activated outdoor illumination
  • Wireless motion sensor may be mounted anywhere up to 100 feet from floodlight
  • Floodlight may be eave- or wall-mounted and fits standard wiring boxes
  • Floodlight base 5.125 by 1.25 inches (diameter by depth), sensor 3.875 by 3.125 by 3.875 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Poor function
    I purchased this item at a local retail outlet (Agent Orange) on clearance.

    The remote control switch worked very poorly at first and eventually quit working entirely. That had been the primary reason I bought it as the light was wired into a non-switched circuit and I wanted to be able to turn it on and off at will.

    I mounted the sensor in close proximity to the light and it worked as a security light somewhat reliably at first. Occasionally movement would not set off the light and occasionally the light would stay on continuously day and/or night.

    Recently the sensor has practically quit working entirely. It is hit or miss if the light is going to come on and after several mornings of waking to it flashing on/off repeatedly I yanked the batteries out of it.

    It's coming down now and I am on the market for a new replacement....more info
  • very short range
    I couldn't get mine to work beyond a range of about 15' -- not "as much as 100'" in my view. I returned it....more info
  • Poor Quality - returning product
    I purchased this at a retail do-it-yourself store. I was really interested in the wireless technology since I wanted to mount the sensor by one side of my deck, but my light fixture was on the other side.

    This product works spotty at best. At worst, it doesn't work at all. I can wave my hand in front of the sensor, I even see the red light come on in "test" mode, but the lights do not trigger. I am extremely disappointed in this and plan to return it first thing in the morning....more info
  • Best Outdoor Flood For the $$
    This is by far the best outdoor floodlight system w/motion detector for the money. Heath/Zenith has been in the electronics business for 80 years! The detector is adjustable to pick up the slightest movements or can be toned down to lower sensitivity so the wind, etc. doesn't trigger the lights to go on.

    Easy installation, good quality construction, and great value....more info
  • Forget about this light
    I have three sensors and the outdoor light. I am not at all happy with the setup. Range is limited, sensors do not detect consistantly, and the light remains on at times(all night). A problem with the light fixture is that it will not fit a floursent bulb. Do yourself a favor and forget about these. Get a RAB motion sensor light - They work!...more info