Trigon Electronics 02A00420 Castlegate III Single Residence Autodial Telephone Entry
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Product Description

The Castlegate III is a single residence, hands-free telephone entry system for use at a private residence. It uses the existing telephone line for communication and access control. However, since calls do not go into the telephone company network, there are no charges for calls made from the system. Visitors initiate calls from the entrance by pressing the "call" button on the illuminated faceplate. The call is received in the residence as with any other call. Residents can discern between entrance calls and regular telephone calls due to the unique ring modes available with the Castlegate III. A second relay allows control of an another device (gate or door). Residents, employees, or guests can access the premise immediately by entering their personal code on the Castlegate III keypad.

  • Provides resident controlled guest access for private family residence. Distinctive ring
  • Vandal resistant, #316 stainless steel construction promotes durability and security.
  • Remotely programmable from resident's phone. Call waiting" is a standard feature
  • Full front panel lighting. Battery-backup on clock, distinctive ring
  • Built in 7-day clock, allows the creation of automated unlock schedule