Trigon Electronics 02A30300-125 Minipak Multi-Residential Telephone Entry - 125 Capacity Flush Mount
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Product Description

The Trigon Minipak is a hands free, multi-number, Telephone Entry System for resident/visitor control. Visitors contact the desired resident by entering a simple directory code listed on the unit's directory. The resident then grants or denies access. The resident can utilize keyless entry by using the individually assigned access code entered on the Minipak keypad. TrigonLink programming software is available for direct RS-232 interface or optional modem interface. The Minipak has a capacity of up to 400* telephone numbers and up to 400* personal entry codes. It is constructed of rugged materials and is well suited to the access needs of residential and commercial properties. Its long-lasting, brush-finish, stainless steel housing and backlit directory with thick acrylic lens offers decades of durable service. The Minipak is equipped with valuable features and options that provide a wide range of guest and resident control including doors, gates, security lighting, camera, and more.

  • Provides resident controlled guest access for apartments. Allows secured entry for office buildings.
  • Assures privacy for condominium owners, low profile case.2 volt AC or 12 volt DC powered
  • 3" x 7" paper style, backlit directory* (up to 80 names).5 amp form "C" dry contact relay
  • ADA compliant keypad. Supports all Weigand 26 bit protocol, full duplex communication
  • 125-unit capacity flush mount. Programmable site ID,ADA compliant keypad