Trigon 02A42000-2000 Minipak 4000 Multi-Residential Telephone Entry - 2000 Capacity
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Product Description

The Trigon Minipak 4000 is a high speed, high capacity electronic Telephone Entry System that offers resident/visitor control for up to 3000 residences. The easy to read, 15 line, scrolling, lighted LCD directory offers bright clear listings. Easy-to-follow directions aid visitors unfamiliar with the system. The Minipak 4000 includes a direct entry code PIN number for each resident protected by the system. The Minipak 4000 is constructed of durable restaurant grade stainless steel for decades of handsome appearance. Programming is a snap! Simply follow screen prompts, or program remotely via a personal computer and Trigon's TrigonLink remote programming software.

  • Provides resident controlled guest access for apartments, secured entry for office buildings
  • Built in relays allow positive entrance control in gated communities. Low profile case
  • Fifteen (15) line, scrolling, lighted LCD directory.12 volt AC or 12 volt DC powered
  • (2) 5 amp form "C" dry contact relays.ADA compliant keypad, supports all Weigand 26 bit protocol
  • Built in modem and TrigonLink (included with this unit) programming software.