SEC MUNL-24 Securitron Electronic Strike for Mortise Locks 24VDC
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Product Description

Mortise Unlatches for any application where an electric strike would be used for a mortise type lock. The MUNL is an electronic strike that easily screws into the existing door frame. There is no need for routing a special cut-out. Installation is fully concealed. The MUNL will operate any North American mortise lock and installs in wood, steel, or aluminum door frames and is field adjustable to work with any make or model of mortise lock. The Mortise unlatch releases under pressure and includes a latch status monitoring output as a standard feature. Current draw and voltage 12VDC-40mA continuous, minimum 600mA when operating 24VDC-40mA continuous, minimum 300mA when operating Higher capacity supply (1-4 Amps) is recommended for startup inrush to achieve best operation under pre-load.

  • SEC Securitron Electronic Strike for Mortise Locks 24VDC
  • Fits standard ANSI 4-7/8" strike cutout and no cutting on the jamb required
  • Motorized, no solenoids and fully concealed installation .
  • Maintains dead-latch function at all times and releases under pre-load.
  • Latch status sensor is standard and One model works with all North American Mortise Locks