Trigon 02A00311MT Telalarm Mini Emergency Tower
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Product Description

Trigon Electronics, Inc. has developed another addition to its series of Telalarm autodial wall mounted emergency telephones. The new development is the Telalarm HF-2 Mini Tower. The new HF-2MT is constructed of stainless steel, 42 inches high, 4 3/4 inches wide and 4 3/4 inches deep. It also has camera-ready relay and mounting studs, a 1,000,000 candlepower blue strobe, a white area light, and an optional voice call location identifier. In addition, the Telalarm HF-2MT has all of the standard attributes of Trigon's Telalarm HF-2 veteran. The HF-2MT can be used with Trigon's Telalarm Intercom System to control up to 30 stations without outside telephone lines.

  • 16 digit 10 number rollover autodialing. Low profile #316 stainless steel case.
  • Blue strobe. Vandal resistant polycarbonate protection for blue strobe and area light
  • Camera ready mountings. Emergency calls can only be terminated by remote attendant
  • Call Progress lamp for ADA compliance. Remotely programmable from any touch-tone telephone
  • Tamper resistant cabinet security screws.12 volt AC with phone line power back-up