Trigon 02A00312BBFM Telalarm HF-2 BB Big Button Emergency telephone-Flush Mount
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Product Description

The Telalarm HF-2 Big Button is a hands free telephone emergency auto dialer with an extra large easy to see red call button. At the press of the button, the Telalarm HF-2BB dials a primary telephone number. If the number is busy or does not answer, the HF-2 will hang up and dial up to nine 'backup' numbers. A call progress lamp is provided on the front of the unit for the benefit of the hearing impaired. When the CALL button is pressed, the lamp flashes to indicate a call being placed. When the call is answered, and the unit recognizes that someone is speaking to the unit, the lamp glows continuously.

  • Emergency telephone for public areas. Security/Help telephone for parking structures
  • 'Area of rescue' telephone for high-rise buildings needing ADA compliance.Low profile case
  • Storage Facilities communications telephone. Extra large easy to see emergency call button
  • Ten (10) number rollover.12 volt AC with phone line power back-up.
  • Camera ready relay. ADA "Call Progress" lamp. Supports all Weigand 26 bit protocol