Trigon 02A00311PED Telalarm PED Emergency Tower Pedestal
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Product Description

Trigon Electronics, Inc. has developed another addition to its series of Telalarm autodial emergency telephones. The new development is the Telalarm HF-2 Pedestal. The new HF-2 PED is triangular construction, 1/4 inch powder-coated steel, 60 inches high and 11 inches on each side. It comes with programmable site identification, an optional voice call location identifier and camera ready. In addition, the Telalarm HF-2PED has all of the numerous standard attributes of Trigon's Telalarm HF-2 veteran. The HF-2PED can be used with Trigon's Telalarm Intercom System to control up to 30 stations without outside telephone lines.

  • Intercom calls through the HF-2PED can be initiated by remote attendant.
  • Lighted panel. Public address calls can be initiated by remote attendant
  • Emergency calls can only be terminated by remote attendant. Camera ready mountings
  • Camera ready relay. Call Progress lamp for ADA compliance. Tamper resistant cabinet security screws
  • 12 volt AC with phone line power back-up. Optional programmable voice call location identifier