Digital Blue 625 Disney Pix Micro Princess Digital Camera
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Product Description

The perfect digital camera for kids of all ages. With the click of a button, photos are easily downloaded into your computer. Then get creative with the included Disney Pix photo editing software. You'll be picture perfect!

Turn Up The Fun and Never Miss a Shot!

Hook on your backpack, purse or keychain and you'll never miss a shot! These micro cameras are easy to use, hold up to 40 photos and priced so you can collect them all.

Exclusive Disney design: Princess.

Get creative with Disney Pix Photo Editing Software!

With fun and unique tools the powerful and easy to use Disney Pix photo editing software your photos will be picture perfect. It's interactive and let's you create, edit and customize your photos with Disney characters, stamps, frames and more. Just like a pro!

  • CIF Resolution
  • Holds 40 photos
  • Fixed focus
  • Status LCD
Customer Reviews:
  • Terrible product
    The pictures are horrible. It is not worth the money. You can not even make out what you are taking a picture of on the display. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Great product for the money
    This product is a really great value for the money. The camera is a very cute design and the software made the product that much more fun! I have bought several of these cameras and it is really great to see the kids use this camera on their own. If you are looking for something simple and inexpensive for kids this is a great option....more info
  • waste of money
    I purchased this for my son, after buying one on constructive playthings for xmas that turned out to be junk. The first cars camera didnt even work so I took it back and exchanged for another... it wasnt even compatable with my Vista computer so I couldnt even download the software, you couldnt even tell when you were taking pictures, total waste and now I find myself looking for another one . . . ugh...more info
  • More Chinese junk flooding the American market.
    We bought two of these cameras for the grandkids, age 5 and 7. Sad to say, neither one of them got any pictures. One camera won't even turn on, the other one downloads pictures via their software and then erases them, everywhere! The pictures disappear. I can't say how the picture quality is because neither camera has produced any....more info
  • Great camera for a child
    I recently bought the Hannah version of this camera for my daughter's 8th birthday. She loves it! We haven't really seen any of the problems that the other reviews claim, so maybe they were just unlucky and got a faulty camera. I've had that happen myself with a couple electronic devices I've purchased in the past, but I was able to exchange them at the places I bought them - and the replacement always ended up working fine (so it was just a manufacturing defect I'm guessing). This camera isn't quite 1 megapixel, so it doesn't take the best pictures ever, but what do you expect for a kids camera? Especially a camera that isn't even 1 megapixel - I think if you expect a camera that's less than a megapixel to have crystal clear pictures, then you need to stick with 35mm, or do some more research on digital cameras so you know what to expect and what you're talking about. My daughter loves Hannah Montana, and she also loves stealing my digital camera to play with. The fact that I found a starter toy camera with Hannah on it was the main motivating factor for me, because now she wants to play with her camera more than I'm not going to complain....more info
  • Less than one star
    Unfortunately, I didn't do my homework on this one and got burned. This camera is a complete waste, I agree with the other poor reviews....more info
  • Not bad for a toy
    Some people sure expect a lot for fifty bucks. Unless you've really trained your kid how to use a real camera (and can be sure they won't bust it) this is a good first one. You won't win any photography contests, but if your kid (or grandkid, as in our case) likes to point and shoot at anything and everything, he or she will have fun with this. But remember - it's a toy, and packs a lot more fun than many $50 do-nothing toys we've sent down the rathole....more info
  • too small
    I found out it is too small for my daughter's hand, even though she is 5!...more info
  • Very disappointed
    I was so disappointed with this camera. We bought the Pirates of the Caribbean motif but it's the same camera. I was so excited to give this to my son for his birthday. He is always begging to use my expensive cameras so I thought this would be a great gift. And it would have been if it took a decent picture. The best pictures taken by this camera are so grainy they aren't worth keeping. Now after wasting $60 (yes we paid a premium because we bought it at Disneyland - the happiest place on earth) I feel the need to go out and buy him a gift that actually works. Please, don't waste your money by buying this camera. ...more info
  • What a waste of money!
    The other reviews on here are correct. This camera was a piece of junk. I also have a eight year old that loves to take pictures. I thought this would be a great digital intro camera for him. The quality is terrible, the viewfinder is impossible to use, and the batteries barely lasted a week. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS CAMERA!...more info
  • A Recommendation
    I was very satisfied with the service i received from this seller. . . I made three separate purchases from this seller. . . I was never disappointed. . . Everything worked properly and contained all the items. . . ...more info
  • Another piece of Disney "Cars" garbage
    My mom got this for my 5 year-old for his birthday. The main interest was that it is a camera, and of course it was a nice bonus that it had the "Cars" theme. It is absolute junk. We're currently looking to see if there are any other kid-friendly cameras that will take a half-way decent picture in a similar price-range. You'd be better off just bying a toy camera, at least there is no expectation that you'd get a picture you could make out. If you'd like to get your child another "Cars" toy, just get him/her a toy car. So far, I'd say those are the only "Cars" toys we have that are well made (assuming of course they don't have lead paint)....more info
  • cute camera and editing program
    this is a really tiny camera. perfect for small hands. it comes with the software system called disney pics. its a really cool program once you figure it out. it was a little complicated even for us adults, and came with no instructions. the kids who are small enough to use the camera won't be able to use the software system. plus, its a digital camera, but you can't view your pictures after you take them. i just assumed with a digital camera that you could view the pictures as you take them, but not with this camera. the camera does take good pictures, esp for something so small. and the editing program is good for other purposes. we've used it to make invitations. so for the price, its an ok gift. i just wish you could view the pics as you take them....more info
  • Ok... not the best.
    Ok, this camera is not the best camera you will ever buy. My kids are 8 and 5, and I do not think they are really concerned about number of pixels and grainy images; they just have fun taking pictures of anything and then using the software to download and decorate their funny faces. If you are looking for a good quality camera, shop for something else; but if you want an inexpensive camera with pre-teen and child appeal you've just found it. The computer software is included!! Great looking, and FUN! ...more info
  • POC-Disney Pix Max
    I found this camera on clearance for $[...]. I bought it for my 8 year old son. We've been playing with it pretty much non-stop. It's a great camera for kids. I don't know what it is the other reviewers have bought, but this camera works fine. My 4 year old is even able to take decent photos with it. We love the view screen! The Disney frames are a lot of fun and easily turned on and off. If I could find a second one for the same price, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I don't like the idea of paying more than $[...] for a child's camera. It is painful when an $[...] camera gets a bath. But, after having found this would be painful to spend $[...] for a camera that is not of equal quality. ...more info
  • Not worth a single cent!
    My son got this for Christmas and its the biggest waste of money! My younger son recieved the V-Tech camera and it has a quick shutter response and takes better pictures and has a ton more options and is a better price. It may not look "cool", but its better quality than the Disney camera. All the pictures are useless and lacking quality. I have tried taking pictures with it thinking it was my son, who is 7, and its not. Its the camera. It has a slow shutter response and either the child will move the camera or the subject will move before a picture is captured. I hate this thing and what a waste of money! Don't waste your money....more info
  • Great TOY for young kids
    We bought this camera for our five year old daughter for christmas. As most people stated the quality of this pictures is grainy and must have good lighting to have any luck with it, but as a kids TOY, which the product is, my daughter just loves it. The photo software that comes with it is a huge hit, and is played with weekly! I would say that is main benefit of this product. Kids can add flowers, diamonds, bubbles, fireworks, etc, to their photos or disney photos that come with the software. The flowers, etc. go on in an animated fashion and just thrill our 5 and 7 year old.

    As a recap, this is a TOY, and you get what you pay for. Quality of the photos is poor and having an understanding of taking good pictures is necessary to get any quality from it. I would hunker down and spend a little more if you are looking to use it for family purposes....more info
  • Fun for kids
    I bought this for my 5 year old daughter. She is very careful with all her toys so I figured a cute "adult" like camera would be good for her. It is a nice camera and has been used a lot. She loves it and makes her feel grown up...especially when she gets to download them onto the computer and use the software to work with them. The only complaint I had was you don't get to see the pictures until they are downloaded and the pictures can be easily deleted. However, this is a childs camera for only a few bucks you can't beat it. I would buy it again. ...more info
  • BEWARE- Horrible product plus keylogger spyware
    I would have to agree with the terrible reviews already posted here for this product. In addition, I was unable to use the software to download pictures because I did not allow it to install a nasty keylogger spyware program. DO NOT buy this product, and if you have, fire up some good anti-spyware software, and get your money back. I wish I could give negative stars for this potentially damaging product. ...more info
    Okay so these were like a really big deal during Christmas and i still have yet to figure out why. We keep up with all of the new electronics and this is probobly the worst buy weve made. The flash goes off when it feels like it and the button to take the pictue RARELY ever works! Its really that bad. ...more info
  • These reviews are TOTALLY accurate!
    I thought that maybe some of these bad reviews were for the other models of the disney camera. It doesn't matter! I got the more expensive disney pix max camera ($75) and it performed EXACTLY as every bad review on here states. Grainy pictures, way to bright with flash and too dark without. The wait time between pushing the button and the picture snapping is FOREVER.
    I am SO glad that I checked out the quality before giving it to my daughter. I will be taking this back tomorrow and looking for a new product....more info
  • Kids Disney Digital Camera
    I bought this camera for my little girl for Christmas, and it is a waste of money. It takes terrible pictures. The photo editing software is decent, but the photos aren't worth bothering to edit. Do not waste money on this camera!...more info
  • not so good
    I bought this camera and a disney princess one for my daughters. The camera's pictures always turn out blurry and it also has the habit of taking multiple pictures. Since there is no LCD screen you cant see what has been taken or if one was even taken, I ended up with about 10 pictures of my daughters legs....more info
  • This cam is great ... what are you talking about?
    After reading the bad reviews on the Digital Blue 747 Disney Pix Max Pirates III 3.0 megapixel Digital Camera I just had to leave my own. I purchased this for my 7 yr old. It is a 3.0 Megapixel camera and has flash and a nice LCD display. I have no idea why people are giving it bad reviews saying 1 megapixel, bad pictures, no flash, no LCD display, small etc. I figure they are Disney haters that do not even have this camera. Oh, I see now. Amazon is messed up and including "variations" linking many different Disney Cameras to the same reviews. Well, that kind of defeats the purpose of individual ratings section. What are they doing? I filed a complaint. Anyways, The camera I got has many nice features like the ability to add Disney characters to your pictures as you are taking them. You push the wand button and they display on the LCD showing what your picture will look like. Browse and select different chars (about 20) with the touch of a button Click ... Done. For only two AA batteries, the battery life is good. The SD card slot is nice to have considering a lot of lower priced camera do not have the best features. It holds like 700 3mp pictures on a 512mb card but supports up to a 2GB card. It also takes great pictures as it has a quick auto focus. My seven year old can take a good picture with this and we all know they can never be still. This is a nice, easy to use and durable camera that takes good pictures with ease. Five Stars!!!!! ...more info
  • Great!
    Got this as a first camera and he loves it! He took over 200 pictures on Christmas! Easy to use and operate....more info
  • Terrible
    Two of my daughters received these cameras for Christmas and were both very disappointed at how bad the pictures turned out. I tried to tell them that it takes practice to get good pictures but even when I used it the pictures turned out horrible. It is also disappointing that there is no screen to view the pictures and that they have to wait to see them on the computer. I have not seen either of my girls use these since the week of Christmas, huge waist of money....more info
  • Awful
    I can't really say anything that hasn't been said before. I bought this camera last July for my son's 4th birthday. It is small, about the size of a box of matches. Too small for small hands.

    Has an LCD on the back, but it only shows picture number, no preview. No flash. Holds about 50-60 pictures, that my son went through in about 3 minutes. He didn't seem to care that he didn't see a preview, but never asked to use it again after we downloaded the first batch of pictures and no one could tell what was in them. I uploaded some examples.

    The viewfinder is not lined up with the lens so even pictures taken by an adult are bad and cut off. Indoor pictures were just terrible, outdoor pictures wouldn't be too bad if viewed only in small preview size, not printed, and if the viewfinder lined up well enough that at least an adult could capture what they were looking at, and not decapitated lopsided pictures...

    shoulda just given him my old digital camera and bought a new one for myself......more info
  • Kids camera
    My son has fun w/ the camera but the pictures aren't clear. Pictures are fuzzy. ...more info
  • Not the best camera.
    This camera was purchased for Christmas for our daughter. My daughter does not even use this camera after she has wanted a camera for so long.The screen is very small and the pictures are not clear at all. This camera in not worth the price it is retailed for. I would not recommend this camera. I am very disappointed with this product. It would be better to purchase a regular digital camera for your money's worth. You are paying for the Disney name, not the quality of the camera. ...more info
  • not worth the money
    I bought this camera for my 6 year old. I tried to get a cute camera that still fuctioned as well as a "real" digital camera. The LCD screen is what you use for the viewfinder, which would be fine if it ever focused. Basically, the LCD screen is horrible. I have not loaded the pictures on my laptop yet, so I don't know if it actually takes good pictures or not, but as of right now, I am really unhappy with this camera. I wish that I would have skipped the cute pink color and just went for function. My daughter is disappointed in the camera as well. She prefers to use my old digital camera (8 years old and still works better than this one). ...more info
    DO NOT BUY THIS JUNKY CAMERA. I got this camera as a Christmas gift so I did not see the reviews until I visited this website. What a waste of $50! The pictures are grainy and washed out. The LCD is so small, and dark that you cannot even see the subject of the picture. The SW did not work. We returned the camera immediately and got our money back. ...more info
  • Poor Excuse for a Camera
    I got this camera for my son, and we know how well most kids take pictures. The reviews don't lie, you need a very steady hand, full daylight, and even then you MIGHT get an ok picture. Don't waste your time on this....more info
  • Unbelievable!
    This product would have to be promoted four levels just to reach the designation "Garbage". LCD screen? Horrid. Time between pressing the button to shoot and the actual shot? About as long as the end to Hey Jude. It shames me to admit I live in a country that would allow such junk to be sold under the guise of quality. And for Disney to put their name on it is reprehensible. You buy this camera, you can cross your name off the list of people who have a brain (I need the company)....more info
  • Worthless
    Trash. Junk. Worthless. Embarrassing.
    I cannot find words strong enough to express my complete disgust with this camera. I didn't expect a lot for $20.00; but I did expect that my kids would b able to take a simple picture, get it on the PC, and perhaps email it to grandma..... Nope.
    They take a picture, but if the camera powers off, there are usually no pictures on it once it is restarted. If they take a picture and immediately connect to the PC - before it powers off; there is sometimes a picture, sometimes nothing. In the RARE event a picture is actually saved to the PC, it is of such poor quality; it is not worth sharing with anyone.
    I spent an hour working with it and I had a very difficult time getting a picture out of it - and when I finally did, it was so blurry and grainy, there was no point keeping it.
    I am embarrassed for having given this to my child!
    ...more info
  • Horrible waste of money
    My son received this as a present for Christmas, and I can't imagine anyone buying this after seeing the already written reviews. DO NOT waste your money. We have not had 1 picture we could use or even see out of this thing. For the money, I don't expect much, but I would have thought we could at least see the images in the photo...but nope!
    Don't waste your money....more info
  • sofar so good
    works great nothing fancey but able to use with other photo shops and picture programs so i give it an A...more info
  • TERRIBLE Camera
    This camera is awful. My father got this camera for my daughter for Christmas on my reccomendation. I read the bad reviews and thought that it couldn't be that bad.....well, it is. The view finder is so dark (even after trying all 3 adjustments) that you can't even make out what you're looking at. That is what kids really want: to see what they are taking a picture of. DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA! I just returned mine and bought the vtech pink camera (just found pink for the first time at toys-r-us for the first time, thought it was only orange). My nephew has the orange vtech and you can see through the viewer and it is expandable, can take video, play games, and won't break if dropped. Go get the Vtech instead!...more info
  • I would not have bought this product
    This camara is very small. Easy to loose, and hard to see the picture. I wish I knoew this before I bought it. ...more info
  • Zero Macintosh Support
    With a perfect price point for aggressive little hands I thought this might be a perfect gift for a child I know. Sadly there is absolutely no support for Macintosh computers. Shame on the manufacturer for not using industry standard technologies to deliver what seems like a great idea.

    I was unable to get any further than taking a couple of snapshots and attempting to connect with iPhoto. This cannot even be mounted as a removable drive. I cannot recommend avoiding this device (or anything else this company makes) any more intensely without being rude. ...more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money!!!
    Please don't make the same mistake I did. Camera died after 1 month of use. Before it died, the pics were of poor quality. Lots of "white" flash in every photo, regardless of the lighting adjustments. After the camera died, I contacted Digital Blue. They won't stand behind these over priced poorly made cameras. They wouldn't even entertain the idea that it was a defective product. Disney really needs to end their relationship with Digital Blue. ...more info
  • Good for a really young child
    For those who said this camera does not have a flash - they are wrong. It has a flash. Someone also said it only holds 35 pictures. Wrong again. We had 145 pictures on his camera before I moved them over to the computer and it was not out of space. I recommend only getting this for a small child. It does have a display to see the picture, but it is very small....more info
  • Pretty and user friendly !!
    Product is really easy to use. I bought it for my niece as a birthday present. And even though she is 2 years old she had fun taking pictures with it !!...more info
  • Horrible camera
    We ordered this camera for our nephew and the princess version for our daughter. When they arrived, we were totally surprised by their size, they are so small they fit in the palm of your hand. It is more like a toy than a camera. The next surprise was that they don't work with our computer's operating system, so we needed to return it, our nephew did have a windows based pc, but based on the quality of the camera we returned both of them for a full refund. It is just not worth the money, even though it is inexpensive to begin with....more info
    I bought this camera for my daughter for her sixth birthday. She is quite familiar with picture taking as she uses my $400 Kodak digital camera all the time and takes really good pictures. I figured this would be perfect for her and I wouldn't have to worry about my expensive camera. I should have known that you get what you pay for! First, there is no screen on the back so you have to wait to see your pictures until you get to a computer. And it only holds 40 pictures. What do we do when we're on vacation and she's taking LOTS of pictures??? And then - worst of all, THERE'S NO FLASH. It's only good outside and then the pictures are just OK, but good enough for a 6-year-old. I turned on the light right above me - 75 watt bulb - and took a picture of myself and it was dark, you could barely make out my features. Go a few extra bucks and get a good camera that you don't have to replace in a few months because the kids get bored with it! Now I have to get another one for Christmas for her. ...more info
  • Don't buy this camera, it's a waste of money
    I bought this camera for my daughter thinking it would be a great alternative to her using my digital camera. We both used it to take some pictures and we downloaded them using the enclosed software. All of the pictures came out so dark. They all looked like a blurry black picture of nothing.
    What a waste of money!!!!!...more info
  • Very disappointing.
    My kids are always stealing my expensive Canon digital camera, so I bought 2 of these Disney cameras for them. They like to photograph silly things like their feet, their toys, and their lunch. This Disney camera is not even applicable to such silly-fun photography. I was fair warned that the pictures would be grainy when downloaded (only 1 megapixel), but I hoped that the act of photographing stuff would be a fun activity for the kids. No so. The LCD screen on the back of the camera is completely useless, as you can barely even make out objects within 1-2 feet away. When preparing to take a picture, you must hold the camera very still and about 12 inches from the subject. When using such a technique, you will be able to make out the outline of the object, at best. After the kids gave the cameras a try and discovered that the LCD images were impossible to decipher, the cameras were left in the bottom of the toy box. Do not waste money on this camera.
    ...more info
  • Inadequate digital camera
    The camera, although attractive in packaging, does not work at all. It would not download to a computer, did not flash and has numerous other negative features....more info
  • Returned quickly
    Really a piece of junk. The software it comes with is fairly good but not worth it. No flash, the viewfinder was way off so in the event you did get a good picture the person's head was cut off. You really can't take a picture with these and expect it to turn out. My girls liked them, they looked cool but an absolute piece of junk. You had to have a very steady hand to get a picture that wasn't blurred. My girls didn't have that steady hand. Thankfully the store took them back with no questions. Save yourself a hassel and just don't buy them....more info
  • Awful
    We bought this for our son, a fan of Cars and also a kid who always wants to use the digital camera and wants to see the picture after it is taken. We had wanted the Fisher-Price camera that was sold out everywhere. The LCD display is awful, cannot make out the subject when you are taking a picture nor when reviewing. The pictures are all terrible - put them on the computer today - both those taken by our child and those taken by the parents. He can easily take a decent photo with my old Canon S 110 and with my cell phone.
    So, let's hope that Best Buy will take this back!...more info
  • Junk
    This product is JUNK. It has no flash and does not work well even in sunlight, that is if you can get it to work. It is now three days after Christmas and one of them is already broken and won't delete the pictures. I wouldn't recomend this to anyone....more info
  • Poor. Very disappointing.
    My kids are always stealing my expensive Canon digital camera, so I bought 2 of these Disney cameras for them. They like to photograph silly things like their feet, their toys, and their lunch. This Disney camera is not even applicable to such silly-fun photography. I was fair warned that the pictures would be grainy when downloaded (only 1 megapixel), but I hoped that the act of photographing stuff would be a fun activity for the kids. No so. The LCD screen on the back of the camera is completely useless, as you can barely even make out objects within 1-2 feet away. When preparing to take a picture, you must hold the camera very still and about 12 inches from the subject. When using such a technique, you will be able to make out the outline of the object, at best. After the kids gave the cameras a try and discovered that the LCD images were impossible to decipher, the cameras were left in the bottom of the toy box. Do not waste money on this camera. ...more info