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First your eyes capture the elegant design, the small black and silver earcups. Slip them on, and your ears tell you they're softly padded and fit comfortably. Finally, plug them in. You just may decide you're hearing your music with more lifelike clarity and range than ever before. What sets the sound of these headphones apart? The proprietary Bose technologies that produce full-bodied, lifelike audio in a compact on-ear design. Only Bose headphones feature TriPort acoustic headphone structure, for example. This exclusive technology?developed after years of Bose research?helps deliver the full range of audible frequencies in small, lightweight headphones. You hear the deep lows of your music, the warm mid tones and shimmering highs. Whatever your musical tastes, Bose on-ear headphones faithfully reproduce the subtle nuances and powerful choruses, across the spectrum of human hearing. Ear cushion outside dimensions - 3.0 H x 2.2 W (7.6 cm x 5.6 cm) Weight with cables - 5.2 oz (147.4 g)

  • The audio cable attaches to just one earcup, so there's more freedom of movement and less tangling than with Y-cables. Detachable 43 and 16 single-line cables are included. Use the shorter cable for armband or shirt pocket connections,or connect it to the longer cable for extended accesss.
  • High-performance headphones with small, pivoting earcups that rest gently on your ears. Proprietary cushions enhance audio performance and stay comfortable for hours.
  • Adjustable, collapsible headband - Up to three inches of adjustment in headband length. The earcups also fold up into the headband for increased portability and easy storage.
  • What's In the Box - 1 pair of headphones / 43 (1.1 m) detachable audio cable / 16 (0.4 m) detachable audio cable / Carrying case
  • Overall headphone dimensions - 7.3 H x 5.3 W (18.5 cm x 13.5 cm)
Customer Reviews:
  • What are you Waiting For? PERFECT set of Headphones!
    Nothing compares to the quality of these headphone! They are extremely comfortable, have INCREDIBLE sound quality, and are very durable. I use in combination with my IPOD, or laptop when watching movies while traveling.

    A few additional observations:

    1. Sound BETTER than the Bose "Around-Ear" model.
    2. Great zippered - professional case
    3. Not sound deadening - but completely blocks out background airplane noise!
    4. Headphones have a "Jack" feature - and includes a short & long wire.
    5. Wires are VERY durable - rubber like quality.

    EASY Recommendation - ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!...more info
  • OK
    Im completely satisifed with my purchase. Rate i still feel to be bit high when compared to other brands. But the Brand Bose made me to take this aside. It is very light and don feel like wearing it even after long hours. It reduces noise by almost 50 percentage by jst wearing it. Awesome design and sound quality. Nothing to complain abt....more info
  • Great alternative to the QuietComfort 3
    These On-ear Triports are like the QuietComfort 3 headphones, but the difference is it does not have the noise cancelling technology, cost less than half the price, and sounds almost as good as the QuietComfort 3, but not better, which is perfect for me because I already have the QuietComfort 2 headphones that I love and could not justify paying the higher price for the QuietComfort 3 when the tech specs for the the QuietComfort 2 were better. In fact the QuietComfort 2 battery lasts for 40hrs and is easily replaceable compared to QuietComfort 3 battery which lasts 25hrs, but the battery is not easily replaceable. The only advantages QuietComfort 3 had was the Size, design, fit, and probably comfort due to the memory foam ear-cup that adjusts to the shape of your ears and is like having an ear massage, which is a feature the Bose On-ear triports have too.

    Anyway I plugged these headphones into my Zune and the sound was amazing without burn-in, but that is probably because my Zune has gotten used to Bose audio engineering from headphones. In fact I also own the Bose In-ear headphones that I use on my Zune.

    Tip: To reduce burn-in time listen to music from your MP3 player or audio device without EQ or anything that electronically alters the audio signal sent to the headphones because these headphones work as advertised and produce life like sound....more info
  • buy these!
    i've tried a few sets of headphones, and fell in love with these. i bought them mainly for travel (planes, etc.) They sound great, block out plenty of noise on an airplane, are very lightweight and you can barely feel them on your head, so they're incredibly comfortable to wear for long stretches. The parts that go on your ears fold inwards to become compact and flat, and take up very little room in my carry-on. Also, the cord is detachable... it comes with two different length cords to choose from. I'm so, so happy i found these. they're not cheap, but worth every penny, in my opinion....more info
  • amazing
    damn this things are amazing, i put off buying these for a while because YES, They are very expensive, however i decided to buy them about 2 weeks ago and they are amazing, i dont even miss the money!!!! everything sounds absolutely fantastic with these, bass is superb and so are the mids and highs, crystal clear sound. they seem sturdy enough to carry around but the carry case is portable enough if you wish to carry them in your backpack to skool or work or watever. You will not regret buying these babies they are fantastic. it is also worth mentioning that they are not noise cancelling but because of the super-confortable memory foam cushion material that adapt to the shape of your ears, THEY DO BLOCK OUT ALOT OF OUTSIDE NOISE, i live in NY so blocking out traffic,horns,and people screaming on the streets is essential, and these sets brings all of those obsructions down to super minimum volume. 100% RECOMMENDED.

    p.s: if you are upgrading from those terrible ipod headphones you are in for one BIG improvement here, you will not believe the sound!!!...more info
  • Bose and Apple Set Standard in Customer Service
    Headphone cord for the Bose on-ear model got damaged so called customer service. They took my name and address, looked up my account and sent a replacement cord next day UpS no charge. They now have a customer for life. ...more info
  • Premium phones. where's the cushion replacement kit?
    I'll start by saying I am tired of reading all the reviews that state "exaggerated bass" lets try this the Bose on ear triports have successfully designed a very efficient method to bring out that bass that is in most cans but only Bose patented Triport Method can deliver that bass to your ears. One thing I noticed first is that there is a vent on each can so these cans are kind of like open air phones with a huge plus bass. The mids and highs are not drowned out like some say they are flat and perfect if you want more just give it a +2db treble increase. I also noticed when I place these on my head the sound is direct and solid they have a very quiet background ambience where the Sennheiser HD280 sounded like I was in an auditorium. When I tested the cans I did it at flat or +/-0 to be fair and the Bose just shined above the others. When testing on movies the Bose completely took that category with sound better resembling my home theatre. The one thing you will not need with the Bose is any type of bass boost circuitry just shut it all off and enjoy these cans. Has any one noticed all those reviews on other cans where they claim the bass is flat however they have to add up to +12db to extract a desirable amount of bass? The 180 clam price tag is justified in my opinion as you are paying for the R&D that can bring you something so fabulous in a nice small light weight package. One star is lost as the replacement ear cushion kit is no where to be had....more info
  • Great sound, perfect size, wallet is still staggering around
    The ear buds that I commute with broke and I decided to try a set of regular headphones this time. These appealed to me becuase of the reasonable size, and after listening to them I was hooked. They are worth every penny, but that's a lot of pennies!!
    But there is a downside to this quality - if you think your MP3's or Ipod tunes sound just like a CD, these will show you just where they fall short. ...more info
  • Bad Ergonomics, So so sound, Should cost a lot less
    The bose OE has very bad ergonomics, the sound is just a bit better than senheisser PX 100 but not as good as any sennheiser over 60 (the third part from the retail price for these BOSE OE).

    Ergonomics, difficult to fold difficult to extend, don't know why but they have an angle when they are over your ears imposible to accommodate what make them even more uncomfortable, the size is huge in comparision with the PX 100 which are a truth portable, and as you can see from the pictures i have uploaded the BOSE OE make you look ... very strange.

    Sound, the sound is good if you compare them with a US 10 dollars headphones or the ones that came with your mp3 player or phone, the sound is just a bit better if you compare them with sennheiser px 100 (much much more comfortale and portable and at US35 they rock) and the BOSE OE are bad sounding if compared to any sennheiser over US60 (Like HD 457, HD 497 which are basic headphones but with amazing sound).

    From the pictures and video i hope to be able to upload next you can see how portable and easy to fold are the sennheiser while the Bose are bulky, hard to fold and not as portable.

    CONCLUSION : The BOSE OE definitively don't worth the price payed. Just go and buy yourself a PX100, believe me, you will be more than happy with that great portables.

    Greetings from Peru :)

    Upgrade: It was difficult to upload a video diretly in amazon so i uploaded one in the tube:

    Take care

    ...more info
  • Another over priced Bose offering
    But I'll still give them 4 stars! All Bose gear is ridiculously expensive, but Bose does deliver the goods. I have been eying these headphones for about a year trying to justify the hefty price. Finally, completely fed up with the standard offering for iPod/Discman headphones I plunked down the $179.00.

    These headphones are impressive. They are comfortable. They weigh less than five ounces. Their earcups are padded with memory foam that conforms to the shape of your ears. They work well with an iPod, the computer, the stereo - well just about everything. They deliver excellent bass response. It's a frequency spectrum that begins challenge the big speakers!

    In the recording studio the AKG K240 along with the Sennheiser 2xx series have been considered the standards for years and I can safely say these Bose sound richer and enhance the listening experience better than both. The AKG K240 offers the most comfortable headphone bar none, but the older version operates at 500 ohms requiring a more powerful amp to drive them, no matter, the Bose are still more pleasing to listen to.

    They do have very decent noise suppression qualities - a big plus. They come with a nice carrying case and 2 cords that detach up near the unit, however for $179.00 you'd think Bose could have thrown in a 1/4 inch adapter for use with the stereo or in the recording studio.

    Durability is a question. My AKG's have been with me for 10 years and have held up perfectly. They cost about 1/2 what the Bose cost. I guess we'll wait and see. Right now I'm happy with my purchase. ...more info
  • Pricey but very good
    Yes, they are very pricey. The sound is very deep and rich. The bass is excellent, the mids are great and the highs fantastic. If you can get by the cost, they sound great and are very comfortable....more info
  • Way over priced
    These headphones are not bad over-all, personally I find them WAY overpriced. These Bose have good base but the mids and highs are alittle mushey though. They are comfortable to wear for an extended amount of time, the storage case is very convienient! The audio cable that runs from the headphones to your player seems very weak and fragile. Time will tell.

    All in all as far as the headphones go, they are not bad, however they dont come close to the clarity of Shure.

    I am not displeased with the performance of this produce, just the price. With these you are DEFINITELY spending your money on the name, not the quality of the headphones.

    I would recommend these if you can find them for under $100.
    ...more info
  • Decent headphones if you like a lot of bass.
    Pros: I like that the cord is only going in one speaker (left), that the cord comes in pieces (many people see that as a flaw, I like it, if the cord breaks the headphones aren't junk), these headphones really can handle the bass, it took a lot to get these speakers to bottom out. The padding around the headphones are nice because they create a very good seal with your ears and quiets much of the background noise. These headphones come with a carrying case to help protect your headphones.
    Cons: The bass. Unfortunately Bose really handles the bass very well, but to the point of being too much. The bass really drowns out the mids and highs and it takes a lot of tweaking with an EQ on the computer to get the bass to balance out with everything else. The padding on these headphones really pushes against your ears and after a couple of hours of wearing these they are really uncomfortable.
    Other thoughts: I am certainly no audiophile, but I will say that I want a set of headphones that sound great. I will be keeping these headphones because I like bass, and with a lot of tweaking with an equalizer I can get these headphones sounding awesome (to my ears); however, many people don't bass so unless you have a couple of bucks burning a hole through your pocket I would find another cheaper pair with more mids and highs. ...more info
  • Bose is boss for iPhone
    iPhone users, beware, no bluetooth headsets work for music due to the iphone software. I returned two pair of bluetooth headsets before realizing, by reading chats, that you can not listen to music via bluetooth on the iphone. The phone portion works just fine. For some strange reason, apple has not corrected this programming problem. My guess is that they may seek to develop their own bluetooth headset, but don't want all of its existing iphone users to already have purchased an existing product. Okay, call me cynical. I bought these bose on-ear headphones instead and even though they are wired, they sound absolutely fantastic. Actually, we have the original over ear quiet comfort, but the headphones sound even better. The bose noise cancelling is amazing, which is very important for a NYC commuter. NOTE: These now come with phone capability, which worked beautifully!! I bought them at the apple store for $199....more info
  • Great headphones
    Since I'm obviously never going to find a pair of earbuds that fit correctly, I decided on these, and they are wonderful. I don't like noise cancellation because it gives me a headache. I can sit at my desk and listen to music and my iPod dies before these hurt! Also the sound quality is amazing considering I've been using those standard white ipod earbuds for about 4 years. I like the cord, which just comes off of one ear, and I like how they fold up and fit in my purse. Of course I can't run with them, but that's OK....more info
  • Amazing pair of Headphones
    You can only expect the best from Bose and this product only proves that nothing compares to a Bose. The sound quality is mind blowing and I can hear such a wide range of frequencies. I'm sure this product will stay with me for a long long time to come....more info
  • Great comfort not so great sound

    I love the comfort of these headphones I can wear them for hours and I hardly notice them. My only gripe with these headphones is the audio quality for the price. I paid $179 and would expect them to perform better in that aspect but for travel and watching movies ect.. they are great.

    With regards to the sound quality the bass is flabby and the highs could be more detailed. I compared them directly with a pair of Audio Technica ES7s which I paid half the price of the Triports for and they blow away the Bose in regards to sound quality but not comfort.
    ...more info
  • My search has ended.
    Been searching for the last 10 years for headphones that can reproduce bass, mid and high - without the bass being annoying or lacking tone (mush) - and for noise canceling that didn't have the uncomfortable pressure feeling of active noise canceling - and that I could wear all day without it feeling painful.

    Bose did it.


    These are absolutely the best. Bought the in ear - bought the active noise canceling set - finalized on these. I can comfortably wear them all day - they get rid of all the noise in the room (to my girlfriend's dismay, heheh) and reproduce sounds you've never heard before.

    Can't recommend them any more.

    Just lost my set on an 18 hour flight and I'm back here to buy another set. (and no, I'm not rich... but some things are just worth it when they make you happy...)

    Hope that helps some of you make your decision.

    // jayse...more info
  • Great Sound, but Undecided
    I bought these headphones last summer after hearing a demonstration in the store. I must say, over the past few months, they have really served their purpose. They have full range speakers so they don't skip frequencies. I must admit that when I read that you hear things in music you have never heard before, I was rather skeptical. But it's true, not on every song but they do bring a lot more detail than any other headphone I've had.

    Unfortunately, after about 4 months of use, a short in the cord developed. It was right in the left ear, so it was beyond fixing. I took it to a Bose store and they gave me a new pair, but did not extend the warranty.

    While at the Bose store I tried on the QC3s and I am now actively searching a cheaper pair on the internet.

    All in all, these are a little pricey, but they are definitley worth it. They are excellent in the airport on a plane. Provided you have music on, you will have a very hard time hearing other noise. ...more info
  • worth the money
    I finally bought an ipod Classic( which everyone said I had to have, as I have a tremendous amount of cd's due to my love of music ) So after hours of up loading, downloading and syncing, I put on the headphones's that came with the ipod and I can't tell you how dissapointed I was with them. So, I went on a search ( felt like it was the search for the Holy Grail ) I purchased and returned.....alot. Some fell out of my ear, some were delivering so much treble my ear drum's were aching, and then there were some that were just uncomfortable :-( Well, after decieding that maybe the ipod may not be the " thing I needed to have " I was walking in the mall thinking about what I should do......yeah I dwell, anyway I came across an Apple store and explaind my situation, then after more buying and returning,( I decieded to stay to listen to my purchase in case I needed to find another pairI) saw the Bose headphones on the wall ( like writing on the wall I guess ) There must have been a choir of angels singing, I bought them......attached them to my ipod and ahhhhhhh this was it !And the Apple store people lived happily ever after.

    I'm also quit a bit happier since buying the right headphones, all is right in ipod world. The sound is rich and the music sounds amazing. I would reccomend this set to anyone who asks. I dont use them to excerise ( o k but I use these headphones when I do cardio at home ) to sit back and relax or when I'm on the computer or when I travel, and they are so enjoyed. Please, if you looking for a good sound that are not noise cancelling, go out and buy these....more info
  • A bit expensive but worth it
    Great sound and bass. Worth every penny. Have had no problems with them. Comes with a nice case. A bit small though for my big head....more info
  • Sound good, but not durable
    They sound pretty good, and are fairly comfortable. The problem I have with them is the cord running from the audio source to the headphones. After about 3 months the cord starts to loosen up from the plug and the audio will constantly cut in and out in both ears. Your left trying to pinch the wire against the plug to get sound, which is not very effective. I'm Currently on my THIRD replacement wire, and I've had the headphones about 10 months.

    I would also like to point out that this is from normal wear--I dont wear them to the gym or while running. I just wear them walking around, or sitting at my computer. I have cheap (7 dollar) headphones that I've worn while running, at the gym, in the sauna, and everything in between for 5 years that are fine.

    Bose does have good customer service, when the first wire started to head south on me they paid for me to ship back my headphones and sent new ones to me in a couple days. Right now im waiting for my replacement wire and its been over a week, so they're not as good this time.

    Perhaps Bose has fixed this problem for newer headphones--I dont know, but you might want to think twice before you spend 180 bucks. ...more info
  • Great Sound
    After much thought I went ahead and bought the headphones. I already own a Bose Sounddock and Companion 2 speakers and both of them have been giving me quite a good bit of service over the past 2 years. Though the price is a bit high I went on and bought these and I was not wrong. The sound is really great. Dont expect too much bass or treble: it has a nice balanced feel to it. I like it and if you can spare a few bucks you will not be disappointed.
    Cons: It is a bit heavy. ...more info
  • Excellent Headphones
    I had first purchased V-Moda's in-ear model and they were as uncomfortable as anything I'd every purchased. Decided to return and upon testing other models, I came across the Bose OE Triports.

    Pros: Seals nicely over the ear and is comfortable (with slight pressurization). Excellent and bassy without being a jackhammer. Comes with travel case. Includes two multi-length cords.

    Cons: Expensive. If these break, I would tell you they used way too much plastic in it's construction. If it doesn't break I'd tell you it's a design of genius....more info
    I purchased these Bose Triport OE's using my American Express Rewards points (No cash!!) and I truly believe these are the BEST headphones I've ever owned. I'm keeping my Sony MDR-NC6 Noise Cancelling but this is a definite 'step up' from the former. I will primarily use the Bose OE's for flights/vacations/etc. A nice sturdy case is provided for transport in a carry-on bag. You need to 'break' them in for a bit, but once you're set, you're set to go!!! Peace - Joe G **UPDATE** - I still love these headphones, but they are not suited for travel - So I decided to purchase the Bose Noise Cancelling QC-3 On-Ear Headphones (I had extra cash to spend...) and I simply LOVE IT!!! Worth every penny of the almost three hundred smackers - I fly on average once a month and it's just perfect while flying 'The Friendly Skies' - I gave my Sony NC to a friend and while I still recommend those headphones (The Sony's are great!!!) I'm in a stable financial situation where I could afford the Bose QC-3 and feel good about it (Because the Bose QC-3 will be the last pair of headphones I will need for at least ten years) Joe G ...more info
  • Best pair of headphones I've ever purchased!
    I was looking for a good pair of headphones for my Creative Zen Vision M, which I was using the earbuds that came with it. I had purchased a Bose Acoustic wave radio/cd/mp3 for my dad at xmas, and was impressed with the sound, albeit at a high price. So, i figured I'd spoil myself a bit, and buy the Bose over ear phones, even though I balked at the price. Let me say that I am glad I did. These phones are the best I ever purchased. The sound is amazing! And the bass is unreal! I'm a pretty big fan of Techno music, and all I can say is WOW! If you love techno/house/trance, these are the phones to get.

    I will admit, it may take some hours of listening to get used to. I know when I first put them on, I wasn't so sure about them. But after listening with these phones for about 10 hours, you really start to hear the superiority of these headphones. So give them time, they are worth it!

    The only negative about them is price. It is a bit steep to pay $160 for a pair of headphones. Can you find a better bang for your buck? I don't know. But one thing is for sure, I won't be buying a pair of headphones for a very very long time.
    ...more info
  • Very Clean
    Just picked these up a couple days ago. The store had a test station set up with these and a few other pair of various headphones including the original triport. Of all the tested headphones I chose these because of their clarity and dead on accurate bass. The original triports had good bass too, but the new O-E 'phones have much more body. Tested them out all night on my Ipod (all songs are recorded in WAV format 16-bit 48khz) playing everything from Bobby Darin, Boston, Barenaked Ladies, No Doubt...... you name it. Tried every EQ I could from my computer, Ipod, and Reciever and came to the conclusion that these headphones are very good. In the way of bass you can rattle your brain out with no discernable distortion at all or pretty much delete it. I havent had any trouble removing the bass contrary to some other reviews. Just always remember to feed it a good source signal.

    Yes they are mostly plastic.....but so are sennheisers, so I'm not worried much. They do feel like they could break with all the small moving parts but I havent had any trouble so far, but I'll update that in a month or so. They also have excellent comfort, though at times the earpads exert a bit more trapped air pressure than I like first putting them on....more info
  • Bose's Amazing On-Ear Headphones
    1. Sound is so amazing!
    2. Portable
    3. Very comfortable


    Basically, you get what you pay for and I consider these so great that I would have paid even more for them. You should rip to 320kbps and really get enveloped in a magical music tour. These are the best!!...more info
  • way better than overpriced bose noise cancelling headphones
    I bought this headphone 2 weeks ago and I love it! These things don't require battery that the more expensive noise cancelling cousin requires and when I have these headphones on my ears it deadens my environment noise by 50%!! I'm not even kidding!!!! These headphones have deep bass, which allows for lively music listen....After buying these headphones for myself I never went back to the included headphones from my ipod and my brother loved it soooo much that he bought it too(but over the ear headphone). These headphones don't have built-in active noise cancelling technology buuuut these headphones deadens some environment noise better than most $50-$60 noise cancelling headphones with their noise cancelling features on! These headphones probably offer same sound quality to their noise cancelling more expensive cousins except these things don't require battery just to play musics! I have worn these headphones over my car trip last week and it significantly reduced car's road noise significantly without my music playing!...more info
  • A different perspective
    So i'll write the review today, 24 hours after purchase, and i'll update in a month - in case there's a difference.

    For me, the tell sign of a good headphone is whether or not my ipod sounds good with it. I don't mess with default EQ levels on my ipod - but i find an ipod with ear buds - even my shure E2c's - to sound incredibly horrible. IMHO you need over the ear head phones at a minimum for bass assist. In any event, that's the bar with which I measure the sound - i'm not looking for my $2k stereo system and $5k speakers on my head.

    I like the sound of these. Another reviewer wrote that they block a fair amount of noise and he's right. My office is just in front of the office printer and i rarely noticed it there today. I also didn't hear the delivery guy dropping off a package, asking me to sign. That was interesting. Walking to the breakroom to get water I was aware of my own foot steps - something i usually experienced with my QC's on the airplace.

    A couple of things I noticed, especially after reading other reviews here:

    1. Quality/construction: i'm used to using my studio headphones - Sony's - which are amazing, awesome, but heavy. Often, on flights to europe from california i find i have to take them off and give the top of my head a break - and it's not that they're on too tight or some such - they're just heavy. Here, with the Bose, i'm finding i'm welcoming the lighter weight. Yes, they feel .. "flimsier?" than the studio phones - but i don't think they'd fall apart. We'll see what 1 month shows.

    2. Sound: for me, this really should be sound/size. I really held off buying an ipod shuffle because it seems rediculous to put it on the other end of huge sony monitors. :) These are still bigger than i wanted - i really want over ear sound in ear, which isn't going to happen - but the fold up - a plus - and have a case - a double plus - and the bass is good. Yes, it's Bose - and yes it's $179 - but considering Shure in ears can't give you the same sound ON AN IPOD for twice the price - i'm happy with the sound.

    3. Ear squishing: When I put them on, it never occured to me i'd have to pull the ear pieces down. My head is fairly small and i've always used the smallest settings on headphones - these were the first that i had to pull down a notch. I'd suspect that'd make the ear piece on my ear "tighter" - i'd expect them to be looser as you elongate the extension/plastic bar to make the head piece bigger. I haven't noticed a problem at all. Squishing is not a problem - until i read it here, i'd not have even thought of it.

    Overall i dont doubt i'm paying a premium for the brand, but i don't know of anything else comparable at the same size/form factor. We'll see in a month how they hold up.

    July 6 2007 Update

    I re-read the review and I still believe everything in it is accurate. My ears get a little warm after working with them - but to be fair, that's at least 5-6 hours of straight use. On an airplane where i might be stuck for 8-12 hours i wondered if that's a good thing or not - but you're supposed to get up and walk around every 2. That short break on the plane - or for me, to the breakroom for more water - was more than enough to put them back on and be comfortable. My ears weren't burning, like another reviewers - just a bit warm. I think they're superb. I think they make my ipod sound like the $499 investment it was and not the crap it is without these headphones. I highly recommend the product....more info
  • Great Fidelity, Poor Construction
    These phones easily out-do their over-ear cousins in sound but again fall victim to poor construcion. Ear fatigue is prominant after about 1 hour of wearing.

    The double-jointed (folding) articulation changes how the phones form on one's head and require precise positioning of the speaker holes into the ear canals for full sound quality.

    Over priced and arrogantly boastful. Initially purchased to replace a pair of 15-year old Koss Porta-Pros.

    I'm gonna spring for a pair of the Porta Pros, also my recommendation for the home or portable user.

    Need a better build BOSE!...more info
  • Breakin time required! Don't return yet!
    I was on a recent buisness trip and purchased the Bose OE Triports to use with a new Sansa MP3 player. I listen to more jazz than anything presently and wanted something that would give excellant performance as well as good isolation. I purchased these grudgingly because of the price and my dislike of Bose marketing and pricing. But I thought that I would give these a try. I too found that the bass is excellant, better than most that I have heard. The midrange and highs were buried beneath the bass!! I thought only the younger generation who crave bass heavy music would enjoy these. I planned to return them at the end of my trip. I even stopped at more stores along the way to compare them against the $499.00 Shure earbuds (I forget the model)as well as some others. The Shures sounded more open, as I perferred but were expensive. I arrived home and let others listen to them and they agreed that they were bass heavy (Still hadn't made the return because of time restraints).

    It happens that I feel asleep with my player going. I awoke, removed the headphones, left the player going (by mistake) and went back to sleep. By some miracle, the next time that I put the headphones on, I couldn't believe the improvement in the sound quality, the openess, and the seperation!! I listened very intently over the next few days to countless tracks and tried to find something that I didn't like. The midrange, highs and bass response were all there. I think that the total listening time between the period that I really disliked the phones to the sweet spot was 15-20 hours. I don't know if headphones require breakin like speakers but I have no desire to make a return. I look forward to listening to my entire collection of music. The Bose are here to stay....more info
  • a good compromise
    I bought these headphones to replace a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones which I had worn out, and like them much better. (I don't like the noise canceling because there is a constant background hiss, and sometimes it hurts my ears as if the volume is too high, even when there is no sound at all.)

    The sound quality on these headphones is very good. The sound seems to be identical to the around-ear model, and is better than any other headphones I have heard, although I haven't tried high-end audiophile models. The detail is excellent by my standards. My only complaint about the sound is that the bass is a bit stronger than I would like. By the way, the cord comes in several segments which plug into each other, and when you use the phones for the first time you need to make sure that the segments are securely connected, or else the sound will be terrible.

    These headphones are also very comfortable. Soft leather pads rest lightly on the ear. I can wear them for hours without noticing. The around-ear version is a bit less comfortable but blocks out more noise. (I own the around-ear model as well, and which one I wear depends on how much outside noise I want to be able to hear.)

    Some reviewers have pointed out that the part where the earphones attach to the headband is a bit fragile, and I am inclined to agree. These headphones might not be so good for you if you want to be able to toss them in your backpack frequently. An excellent protective case is provided, and this is good for occasional travel; however it would be a pain to pack and unpack the phones in this case on a regular basis. Since I don't transport them much, this is not a problem for me....more info
  • can't believe Bose made them
    ok.. I don't know how anyone could write a good review for these headphones. It's true that they have good bass that is if you only want to hear bass. Because there is just so much of it that it kills everything else. Reducing it on EQ doesn't help. It's like having a thunderstorm in your head. If you're looking for headphones with decent representation of all frequencies go somewhere else. These headphones are not worth the money they cost....more info
  • WARNING: Listen to these on your Discman before you buy them.
    I originally owned a pair of the over the ear triports which I bought back in late 2003. I like those a lot and I got a good deal on them. The only thing I didn't like about them was that they were too big to bring to the gym or to wear with my mp3 player while walking down the street. Soundwise, those were quite good, bass was excellent (would not distort), and they sounded even when played softly and when played really loud.

    I went to my local audio store (6th Avenue Electronics here in NJ) and they had a display with the over the ear design and the new on ear design. I don't know how they rigged that setup but somehow they got the on ear design to sound amazing. I mean the bass was deeper than the over the ear design, and the music felt "tight." I immediately went home and put my over the ear headphones on eBay and when those sold, I bought these new on ear headphones.

    I was stunned when I started to listen to them and noticed that these headphones did not live up to the store demonstration (personally I use a Sony D-E307CK discman which is quite good). The bass distorts (mega bass off) when you push them, they sound amazingly bright (not good), and because of this I could not justify the $179 price tag. I kept telling myself I had to break them in or something but even after a month of listening I had no luck. On top of all that, they are real delicate. If you don't know how to fold them up or for that matter unfold them from storage, you could snap them very easily. I would stick with the over the ear design and skip these as the over the ear design sounds better, is stronger (ever so slightly), and most importantly is cheaper. Soundwise, to sum up the difference when you listen to the on-ear's after listening to the over-the-ear's, you'll notice that "something just seems missing."

    Luckily I sold these on ear headphones on eBay last week to an uninformed buyer in Europe. Right now I am headphoneless and I will be looking to see some offering from Sennheiser. If they have nothing good, I'll just go back to the Bose over-the-ear's as I was happy with those to begin with....more info

  • nice sound, comfortable, but...
    for me, comfort is a huge factor when listening to my music. i own standard ipod earphones, sony in-earphones, and etymotic er6i in-earphones. i tried on shures and some other brands. yes, earphones are convenient, they are barely noticeable when you're wearing them, and you can put them in your pocket. but for me personally, i just don't like the feeling of these things stuck into my ear canals.

    now i don't know anything about the physics of sound, but i think sounds are better when they hit your whole ear rather than just your ear canal. these bose headphones do just that. and they sound great. i think better than any of the earphones i've had. i also own sennheiser px-100s which i think are pretty good. but i definitely like this bose better. the bass is really great for hip hop, electronic, and rock. but i don't think it loses the midtones or highs either. i'm not an audiophile, so please take that under consideration. but i know what i like.

    before purchasing these, i was also looking at sony mdv, sennheisers, and grados, but the comfort factor is what led me to get these.

    now, the only FLAW. these headphones just barely fit me. they have to be fully extended to get to my ears. perhaps i just have a huge head, but i did not have to fully extend headphones by other manufacturers to fit me.
    in any case, they do fit me. but the flaw is that they look bad when fully extended. the bending of the band pops out from the sides of my head, and it just looks weird. just about all my friends agree with me. if you have a big head, go to an apple store, bring a mirror, and try them on. you'll see what i mean.

    they are designed to fold up nicely, but not to look good when extended. but i don't care about how i look enough that i won't use them. its just too bad because it was so close to being the perfect headphone.

    comfort: A+
    sound: A
    how it looks on a big head: C-
    ...more info
  • Not Worth It...
    These headphones are not ergonomically designed very well. Don't try to work, read or eat with them on (i.e. point your head down), for the top will begin to slide forward on your head. Plus, they begin to hurt the outside of your ears after about an hour of use.
    Bose did well to perfect the high and low end of this product; however, they have completely failed to offer a clear mid-range. If you are a fan of Radiohead, or groups that have intricate, technically savvy mid-range creations, then do not waste your money here. A 'for instance' is "You and Whose Army?" This song begins to break up almost seconds into the song. I don't know what the other reviews are so happy about. I honestly think people are afraid to criticize the Bose product simply because it is a Bose. It's like, "Oh, these are Bose headphones: they must be comfortable and support a heavy mid-range!" even though they are flimsy pieces of garbage that one could expect to be served before a movie on an airplane. Congratulations to Bose on a fantastic marketing campaign and a horrible product....more info
  • Great Product, but very pricy.
    I love Bose headphones but they are way too expensive. The sound quality is better than most but the difference in price just isn't worth it....more info
  • They are decent...
    They are comfortable, not the BEST sounding headphones for what you pay.

    I have the in-ear version of these as well that I use at work and they sound much better and very comfortable. The OE (On-Ear) version is ok, great comfort, although my ears get hot since they squished against my head, you think this is not a big deal but it matters because you sweat and just for overall comfort. The sound is nothing to rave about with these, need more detail. I also tried the noise canceling version of the OE and they put some very weird pressure on your ear-drums which made me very uncomfortable, felt terrible. Noise Cancel is awesome, but they put that pressure on your ears to achieve it, so make sure and ask about this if you consider them, you WILL feel it.

    Overall, I would say good build quality, good comfort, sound is just ok, nothing stands out. Not enough detail for me. Worth the money? Probably not, look into Sennheiser or the Bose in ear version of these if you are looking for sound quality and detail and comfort. For on ear comfort these are nice, but they don't hit all the marks and they are in fact pricier.

    I am glad I knew someone at Bose and got these for $80 (still overpaid if you ask me) otherwise I would have been a little disappointed at $179. Not worth more than $50 or $60 if you ask me. But thats Bose, they think they are more than they are....Until you hear real audio, like Krell, VTL, B&W etc...C'mon Bose.

    ...more info
  • Bose On-Ear Triport vs. Shure E3c
    I just got the on-ear triport headphones. I've owned the Shure E3c ear buds for about a year and a half. They're both expensive and they're both great prodcuts with certain situations in which they're ideal.

    The Shure's provide "noise blocking" in that they form-fit to the inside of your ear canal which virtually eliminates any sound entering your ear except sounds produced by the buds. The clarity of the E3c's is superior to that of any product I've sampled. The mid and high frequency sounds are near perfect. Shure provides 7 differnet size ear bud covers to guarantee the perfect fit for any user. (personal note: I have odd ears; one canal is larger than the other. Not a problem with the Shures since you're free to mix and match the covers). The only problem with the E3c is that there is virtually zero low end response.

    The Bose, on the other hand, provide a great mix of sound at all frequencies. While the top end frequencies don't rival that of the E3c, they are more than capable of handling any reasonable amount of bass. (note: I don't listen to any rap, so don't get angry at me if you buy these and they don't thump enough for you). But, from heavy metal to jazz I find the Bose is able to handle the low end.

    Both headphones immerse the listerner in the music. I give the bose the edge in the comfort department. Lets face it, having padded leather ON your ear is more comfy than having rubber jammed IN your ear.

    Convenience? The E3c would have to get the edge. They're small and can be easily wrapped around an iPod or shoved in a pocket. I'd also be more likely to use them during a workout. If I'm sitting around the house relaxing I'll alwayse use the Bose.

    So, consider your personal preferences. If you want comfort, bass, and relaxing listening sessions get the Bose. If you want noise reduction without batteries, crystal clear sound and don't mind sacrificing low end for portability go with the E3c.

    One last note: I'd say I'll use the Bose for more than 75% of my listening. Either way you'll be making a solid purchase. Look at it this way: $300.00 for an iPod. Hundreds if not thousands on music. You've spent all that money on your music collection. What could be more imporatnt than having a high quality product to deliver that music to your ears? The only tough choice is picking the Shure or Bose. I'll leave that up to you....more info
  • Great balance, great sound, and comfy but pricey
    I just got these very recently after trying for 2 years to find the headphones of my dreams for both my audio system at home and my iPod.

    These allow you to take off any bass booster eq and really hear what's going on. My previous headphones were pretty good, but just missed the range around female voices. These have NO such problems.

    I am an audiophile and these would be considered on the "bright" rather than rich side, but it does very well in that. Hey, it's from Bose, so that's what you would expect, to some degree.

    The sound is very accurate in that I could tell (for the first time) that a drummer was using a set of nylon brushes rather than metal. That's a bit esoteric, but it does give a description of how accurate these headphones are in that range.

    I can not comment on durability yet as these are new to me. Bose does provide a semi-rigid case for them, so if you are good at putting things in their cases, it should be OK. If you just like to take your headphones off and let them drop, these are probably not your best choice.

    For me, it was between the Triport AE (around the ear) and this one. To my ears, these OE's are clearly less muddy, especially in the mid to high freq range. They are occlusive enough so that I could go around vacuuming with my iPod without being at full volume. That's pretty not bad, especially for non-noise cancelling headphones.

    If you realy can't tell the difference, I wouldn't spend the $180. If you can, these are certainly worth a listen.

    The biggest problem now is that I might have to go back and re-rip my CD collection using a lossless format versus MP3. That's not a bad problem to have.

    ...more info
  • Bose does better Bass!
    I went to Besy Buy and tried these headphones on. This product is just as, if not more, comfortable than the around-the-ear headphones. The look of them made me skeptical that they might deliver decent bass BUT from my experience, the bass is much better than the around the ear phones. the sound quality is still just as crisp and real sounding too.
    If you are deciding on a great pair of headphones with deep bass in mind, get these headphones.
    It seems as if the band is flimsy but thats only when you are trying to fold them. People have to just be careful folding them and make sure NOT to force anything. Overall, they look better for public wear, provide better bass with the same crisp sound and are very portable.
    ...more info
  • Not bad, but the headband seems a bit fragile
    I wanted to get the Bose QC3s for sometime now,[...] I just liked the supra-aural style better than the original Triport headphones. I was hoping that Bose would come out with a non-noise cancelling version of the QC3, and these are it! As soon as I learned that Bose had released these headphones, I quickly placed the order for them.

    I got these last week and have been listening to music like crazy with them, both on my computer and on my iPod. These phones are not noise-cancelling models, but they still block out a noticeable amount of noise. You can wear these in a room and block out the noise of cars outside, the A/C, etc, while still being able to hear someone speak to you. I think these would work ok on a flight, but definitely not the best; that's what the QCs are designed for. I'm no audiophile and the only time I've ever tried Bose headphones before these were the demo Triports and QC2s at the Apple Store, so I can't say anymore about the sound than that it is terrific. It definitely is a balanced sound, with the bass at a perfect level and not too-overpowering. The trebles also come out pretty clear too. I was pleased with the sound over my old Sony EX-81 earbuds, which have a muddy and hissy sound compared to these. The bad thing about the sound quality is it really emphasizes how badly compressed some of my mp3s have become, which may not be a good thing if you don't have the original CDs for some of your music. I would give the sound quality five stars, but I warn you again that I'm no audiophile.

    The fit of the headphones takes some getting used to, as Bose's design is quite unique. These phones are on-ear being that they are designed to be worn like those cheap headphones that you would get with your walkmans and portable CD players back in the days before mp3 players. However, Bose put cushioned leatherette pads which conform to the shape of your ear; when you put them on, you need to allow several seconds for the pads to adjust and form the perfect fit for you. Once this is done, you are all set to go. The phones do not press on you ears hard; I think they are very gentle and should be good for prolonged use without having to take them off once in awhile. I also wear eyeglasses, and the cups definitely don't press down hard on my glasses. I would give fit 4 1/2 stars.

    These headphones come with a semi-hard zipper case similar to what is included with the QC models. The case is nicely padded on the inside and is custom-designed to hold the headphones when folded. There is a little mesh like pocket on the back of the case which can probably hold an iPod nano comfortably, though not a video iPod. Two cords are included: a short cord if you are plugging the phones into a wired remote control, like the iPod radio remote or similar; as well as a long standard sized cord. The cord attaches to only one cup and is detachable, so you don't have to worry about tangles. I would give the features and extras 5 stars.

    And now the big con: build quality. I've read the reviews about other Bose headphones having poor-quality headbands which snapped after several months of use. Having tried the original Triports and the QC2s, I don't think Bose made much of an adjustment on strengthening the band of this model. Well, the band is definitely much stronger than the Triport, which has a thin, flimsly and skinny metal band wrapped in cloth, similar again to the cheap walkman headphones of the 90s. The on-ear's headband is very much like the QC3s: thicker than the original Triport, slightly more durable and covered in both leather and cloth. However, I still feel like after a few months these could break easily, just like people have experienced with the QC3s (and even QC2s). They do feel kind of stiff and I'm afraid already that if I pull the cups too far apart that the band would snap instantly and without warning. Therefore, I have to give the build quality 2 1/2 stars.

    So my final verdict: I think these are a great design. They fit very well without any alterations or "custom fit kits" like those needed on premium earbuds. They have great sound, which I would expect for a pair of Bose phones. However, I'm not pleased with the build quality. I feel like I have to be patient and move slowly when handling the phones for fear of breaking them; not how I would act for the average pair of headphones. I am only in the 2nd week of my 30-day trial, so I'm going to see how this works out. But I am fearful of breaking a wonderful yet expensive and fragile piece. I'll update this review if I do decide to return this at the end of the 30 day trial. Overall, I'll give these headphones 4 stars. The sound and fit quality are impressive, and the bundled extras plentiful.[...]

    ---EDIT: 12/29/06---
    Ok, so I am updating this much later than I should have. After testing the phones for the full 30-day period, I did indeed return these and ended up getting a pair QC2s on eBay. I was still uncomfortable with the fragility of the band, but that wasn't the only reason for the return. As I said, I wear glasses and discovered that after a few hours with these phones on, I did feel some discomfort in regards to my ear being pressed down on my glasses. I should say that I haven't gotten such discomfort with the QC2s, but that's my judgement; each person will have their own opinion on this matter. However, do not let me dissuade you from purchasing these. These definitely have amazing sound quality (again, from a non-audiophile's perspective) which improved as I broke-in the pair I used. I would not hesitate purchasing this as a gift....more info
  • These are okay...
    returned my bose triport around the ear headphones 10 days after I bought them because the store just started stocking these and I assumed that this is the improvement over the AE triports (but not replacement according to Bose). Beware, I am no headphone audiophile and I haven't tried all the other high end headphones so my review is based on how it sounds for the price and compared to my previous experiences to other ones i used..........

    Ok I think i was in the minority when I say I loved the AE triports, It was extremely comfortable great sounding, but fragile (I researched on the net where it says bose fixed the fragility of triports but they are still fragile for active use) and still used the 2 cord coming out of earcup design. These ones your ear presses up against but it doesn't feel bad at all, but i preferred the around the ear. The cord is very rugged and comes out of the left ear only which is great. And the another great feature is that it comes with a nice case and folds up for on the go use.....

    Ok now for the sound. Everything is nice, crisp and clear. It's not as immersive and crisp as the bose AE but i think that's because the ae covered your whole ear. The tradeoff for these ones is that people who buy these probably want to use them for multiple activities other than sitting on a pc and using it like working out, digital music player and more, without worrying about this thing snapping in half. I wish I could compare these to the seinhessier hd 555 headphones but i've only used them once at tweeters on a 1200 watt reciever (the default plug is one of those big ones and only the big reciever accepted it). Plus I would probably need to be at home to get a more authentic experience.

    My assumption is that these aren't as good as the higher end headphones because it didn't make me go "wow these sound amazing!" and i'm using these on a pc with soundblaster xi-fi soundcard. I went through a lot of trouble getting these and i'm not returing them even though I don't think it's worth the price considering other options out there.

    I'm having a really hard time reccomending these because this thing seems to be designed with durablity first, sound second which is the opposite of the Bose AE....

    Ok i just compared these to my sony streetstyle headphones and i've come to the conclusion that these don't sound much better than cheap headphones unless your listening to high end music (not sure if this applys to every expensive headphone) It doesn't sound much better on the ipod compared to regular headphones.

    Overall i'm giving these headphones 3 stars because it's very comfortable for long sessions, folds up neatly into a case, durablity and great for using it on the go. Only 3 stars because the sound is average doesn't sound as good as triport AE imo and probably is not worth buying considering the compeition out there. I heard Bose has great customer service so take that into consideration too.

    ...more info