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Product Description

  • 50-name and number caller ID/call waiting (activation required)
  • Integrated broadband telephone adapter and built-in WAN/LAN ports
  • 1-touch access to Vonage? voicemail service
  • Transfer or conference an outside call between handsets (IP811 handset required)
  • Handset features hands-free speakerphone
  • Headset compatible (2.5mm jack)
  • Features:
    • Manufacturer Part Number: IP8100-1
    Customer Reviews:
    • Stay away from this pice of junk
      Bought one had it for 9 months or so, unexpectedly it died, called customer service, awfull experience, almost a nightmare. They now the power adapter is faulty. Why are they still selling it? Anyway after a LOT of calls to customer service and 4 months later they shipped a power adapter replacement, back to normal again this time for only 4 months died again. Stay away from this....more info
    • Piece o' junk
      Had it for just over a year. We have had significant issues with it most of that time. Now, the battery life is about 5 minutes. That doesn't really matter though, as the microphone stopped working on it about a month ago so it's just a very expensive answering machine/caller ID now with no way to effectively take calls.

      Buy something else....more info
    • Unreliable Phone System
      Purchased this product when we signed up with Vonage. The system worked great for a while then suddenly the base unit quit working. Since I'm out of US and thought it would be too hard to go through customer service I purchased another of the very same system. Now after 4 months of use the very same problem has occurred. On my own I isolated the problem to the power supply since the base works using another similar power supply, at least I can still use the phone.

      I have yet to use the customer service but overall very unreliable system.

      ...more info
    • I have had nothing but success since getting it working
      I have had it for almost two years now and love it. I know there are some really bad reviews here, but I must say I have not had their bad luck with this product....more info
    • Vonage phone bad
      Bought my first Vonage phone 12 months ago. 6 months later it didn't have any power. Because the warranty was out of date, I bought a new one. 5 months later the second modem went dead. Again, I was unable to get the modem to power up. Do not buy this phone. Try to find another option....more info
    • Major issues with this phone
      I bought this phone originally through vonage and within 3 months it didn't work. No dial tone. Just got all static and quit working within a few day. After many hours on the phone with vonage troubleshooting (what a joke), they sent me a new one. Needless to say 4 months later i have the same exact problem, but this time it was a "power addapter problem". and this time it wouldn't light up. So once again tried vonages customer service.They are sending me a new one since it is still under warranty. But i just went ahead and ordered a whole new system from Staples and fingers crossed this works....more info
    • terrible phone, unreliable
      Bought this phone when I signed up for Vonage less than a year ago. In 9 months, this phone has died twice unexpectedly. The first time it died, I could not receive calls or dial out. Trying to replace it through Vonage customer service was a joke. After at least 6 hours of hold times, and repeatedly explaining the problem they finally sent me a new one. I was without my phone for a whole month (completely unacceptable for running a business) and had to pay the shipping for the replacement phone. Thanks Vonage! Just four months later, the second phone has now completely died. Once again, Vonage customer service has proved to be no help. I took matters into my own hands and bought a Vonage/Linksys router with a regular phone. Everything works fine now so far. Fingers crossed....more info
    • 6 months life expectancy
      Purchased and installed about 6 months ago. Stationed overseas so Vonage keeps us sane. The service has been great but the phone died. After troubleshooting with Vonage over the landline phone, they determined the power supply was bad (the plug that goes into the wall). They said they would replace it. 1 month later, no plug. Called and they said they didn't show it was ever mailed. Said they would mail (again). After another month, no show. Took plug to electrician friend, said plug was fine. We took the box apart and the circuit cards were corroded with a white powder which he said was an indicator it got wet or was in a very humid environment for some time. Probably sat in warehouse months before shipping out to us. Ordered Linksys Phone Adapter which uses regular house phone and been gravy ever since. Should have known better, and linksys was cheaper. ...more info