212 Ptz Network Camera
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Product Description

The AXIS 212 PTZ is no ordinary PTZ. It s the only PTZ network camera that provides full overview and instant one-click pan/tilt/zoom - with maintained sharp image resolution. And it s all done without moving parts so there s no wear and tear.

  • Axis Communications
Customer Reviews:
  • Great camera, but motion triggered recording needs work
    We have several of these cameras mounted on the walls throughout the office. In standard view they have a very wide field of view and then of course you can pan, tilt and zoom manually. With the old firmware I was able to zoom into an area and record only that area. Tech support had me upgrade the firmware without warning me that I'd lose that ability. Now the cameras only record on the standard wide view. In this view you capture more than you may want to and it's hard to tell who the people are. That's my first gripe. My second one is the motion triggered recording. Whether I use the camera's built in motion detection capability or the Camera Station management software, it's very difficult to program it to record exactly what you want to record. I either get continuous recording in the light or dark, or both, or not enough motion is recorded (the person is too far away, or slow moving). You would think if I set each camera on the exact same settings they would each record the same amount of movement but that's not true. I think the flourescent lights in the office make it worse. To be on the safe side I make sure the cameras are at least recording nothing so we don't miss anything (they record at night only for security). From there I continually tweak the settings and now have a few that record only motion in the light or dark. However most still record more than necessary, eating up disk space....more info