Sony Ericsson K610i Unlocked Triband 2 MP Dual Camera 3G Bluetooth GSM Cell Phone
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  • Bluetooth
  • 3G
  • 2 Megapixel Camera
  • unlocked Triband works w/ t-mobile
  • dual camera
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Phone
    Hey theres my phone.Got some great functions this phone.I got a memory expansion stick in mine and i can store mp3's and heaps of photos.It can take videos and has a zoom function.Nice color screen.Also has the internet.I have a bluetooth handsfree set in my car,which i use when i have pulled over to the side of the road of coarse.It even has video call.Has a whole heap of functions,its my new toy.Whats more it even makes phone calls....more info
  • Overall a good phone that has some setbacks
    This is a awesome phone. I have a bluetooh equipped laptop and I can use it to download and upload files to the phone. It's bad that this phone is not widely available in the U.S.

    When I got this phone, all I had to do to make it work was just put in my sim card from my old phone and go through the setup menu on the phone and that was it.

    Download files through bluetooth connection.
    Plays mp3's.
    Ring tones - use mp3's.
    Browse though phone memory and memory stick with PC.
    Speaker phone - Good playback sound for mp3's.

    Camera needs a lens cover. Can accidentally touch when normally using the phone.
    Battery life could be better.
    USB cable for phone can make the phone USB connection loose.
    Same phone port used for power and USB port.

    *When buying this phone unlocked, make sure you call your mobile phone carrier to see if the phone will work on their network.*

    ...more info
  • Great #g phone
    This phone is a breeze to use and has solid features in a nice compact size. The camera takes excellent photos, Although I highly recommend the add-on flash module if you want to take quality photos. Screen is bright and easy to see outdoors and provides a rich experience. The sound Quality is on par with any phone of this size as well as the speaker phone. Built in photo and video editing software is snazzy enough and easy to use that you will find yourself creating some home movies you will want to keep. I highly recommend this phone for the interface and 3G speed. ...more info