Garmin City Navigator Micro SD Data Card for Garmin GPS Units, North America
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Product Description

No more stopping for directions. With detailed street maps of North America and hefty points of interest database at your fingertips, you have all the data you need to navigate North America. Garmin offers full coverage of City Navigator North America NT on a preprogrammed card, making it easy and convenient to load maps to your NT compatible Garmin. Just plug the preprogrammed cards into your GPS and go. The City Navigator North America NT data card includes the same detailed maps, points of interest and coverage areas as the traditional City Navigator North America data, just compressed differently for your NT compatible unit. It also includes traffic data that allows certain units to use traffic receivers. This product is for NT compatible units only. Your GPS device must be able to speak street names to use this data

  • Includes detailed maps containing highways, interstates, business and residential roads with attributes such as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories and other navigation features
  • Premium maps contain full coverage throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico including metropolitan and rural areas
  • Displays nearly 6 million points of interest such as - food and drink, lodging, attractions, entertainment, shopping, emergency services, post offices, gas stations and more
  • Automatically creates point-to-point routes in MapSource and on your NT compatible GPS
  • Enhances pronunciation data for compatible GPS devices that can speak street names
Customer Reviews:
  • sd card USA Garmin
    Received in time, inserted and worked better than I thought with a Garmin Zumo 550.
    ...more info
  • Be careful
    I'm sure this item performs admirably. BUT BE CAREFUL WHEN ORDERING. Amazon's website can be misleading if you don't read carefully. I accidentally ordered the item in the wrong incompatible with my GPS unit. Amazon's website implied that it was compatible; my fault...I didn't read carefully enough! I was unsuccessful trying to get satisfaction from the vendor so I am out $84; a bitter pill for retired fella to swallow. I have yet to try Amazon's Money Back Guarantee..........but I will try it and I hope to recoup some of my loss....more info
  • Very Good Maps
    Using this product probably could not be more simple, all you really have to do is plug it in. After doing so I was finding Geocaches faster than before and was confident to travel places unknown afore. Not only does this card unlock new details on top of the basemap but many more features I had no idea my Garmin Colorado could do. Bought it from Amazon because they are trusted and only a few bucks off the best price I found on the net. If you have a Colorado I highly recommend this product. I didn't give 5 stars because the maps certainly are not flawless but come close I suppose. My one negative; and this is being very selective shall we say, is because a couple days ago coming back from a hike I called up the nearest gas station and the map was 0.15 mile off....more info
  • Great with Colorado 400t
    This is a mini SD card with an SD card adapter. I've had no problems finding any road from firebreaks to interstates. Works great to turn the Garmin Colorado 400t Handheld GPS Unit with US Topographic Preloaded Maps into an automobile navigation unit as well. ...more info
  • Navigation
    Works great! I had no idea that the software would be so sophisticated. I use it all the time to navigate the streets in Atlanta....more info
  • Plug and Play Is The Way To Go!
    After reading all of the bad reviews of the software version I decided to order the pre-programmed micro SD card instead. What a great deal (I paid only $103.00)! For that I got all of the maps pre-loaded on a 2GB SanDisk Micro SD card with no headaches or problems. It works like a charm. The only drawback is that you cannot move the maps and waypoints to your MapPoint software. For me it is well worth it....more info
  • Great but.........
    The maps are very detailed and they contain a plethora of POI's (Points of Interest). On very important point though any buyer should be aware of.

    You can't download the maps contained on this Micro SD card to your Mapsource Software, which pretty much makes the Mapsource software useless.

    I contacted Garmin and the very friendly customer service rep. said that the Micro SD cards maps can't be downloaded off the card on to your PC. She recommended (as I would) that if you want to be able to view the maps on your PC and use the PC to map routes, edit waypoints etc. buy the DVD's not the Micro SD. They are the same price.

    Bottom-line. If you want to just pop the card in your GPS device and use it then this item is probably the way to go. If you want to do more, especially with your PC, then get the DVD instead. I wish I had known this before I ordered non returnable software.
    ...more info