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Convert LP to CD with the push of abutton! Give your old vinyl records a new spin with the Crosley Songwriter turntable CD recorder and convert favorites records and cassettes to CD with ease! Order this beautiful record player and CD burner today and preserve your music collection! One turntable CD recorder does it all! Now you don?t need a lot of wires, hookups, and computer expertise to convert LP to CD formats. Simply use the Crosley Songwriter to record your vinyl records and cassette tapes to disc. What?s more, this stylish record player and CD burner also features an AM/FM radio. Our record player and CD burner is both handsome and useful. Intuitive functions make it easy to convert LP to CD formats. Turntable CD recorder plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 records, cassettes, and CDs. AM/FM radio Constructed with beautifully crafted hardwood Hand-woven grill cover cloth and bronzed front plate 15" w x 18.5" l x 11" h. Play your records again with a stylish turntable CD recorder! Put on a record or cassette, put a blank CD-R in the tray, and press a button. It?s never been easier to convert LP to CD. And with hardwood housing, this record player and CD burner harkens back to golden days. But the technology ispure 21st century. Order now!

  • Intuitive functions make it easy to convert LP to CD formats.
  • AM/FM radio
  • Dimensions: 15" w x 18.5" l x 11" h.
  • Constructed with beautifully crafted hardwood
  • Turntable CD recorder plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 records, cassettes, and CDs.
Customer Reviews:
  • Crosley CD Recorder
    The Crosley is a piece of junk. Lousy speakers. Hard to read program buttons.
    Its a shame I can't give it a lower score than 1......more info
  • Major Wear and Tear On Your Records
    This turntable and most if not all the Crosley's turntables are overpriced for what it gives you. First off, the sound quality is not very good and the tone arm does not have a weight control to prevent the stylus from severely damaging your ablums if accidently kicked or knocked. Also without weight control on the tone arm, more pressure is applied on the sound groves and your albums won't last very long. You can definitely get a better deal for a turntable equipted with tone arm weight control so the stylus will ease up your fine albums and still give you excellent sound quality. ...more info
  • Just what my dad wanted
    My dad had been looking for an antique looking record player with the new additions as well and this worked out perfectly. The speakers have a good clear sound even when turned up rather loudly. You can easily record from a record or tape onto the cd. It is well worth what it costs....more info
  • Crosley songwriter lacks quality control
    The songwriter arrived inoperable. Crosley tech support told me to return to seller. The seller did not have another in stock, so I ordered from a different seller. This one also arrived inoperable. The 3rd one arrived with only a missing stylus; Crosley tech support is sending me a new stylus, and I believe this will solve the problem...but as of this date the product still does not work.

    Either I am jinxed, or quality control at Crosley stinks.

    The seller was excellent. the machine arrived very quickly; and they processed the return and credit promptly and without hassle. I will definitely buy from them in the future. The seller gets 5 stars...the product 1 star....more info
  • bad choice
    Equipment is complex; instructions uncertain; reliability nil...which may explain the limited 30 day guarantee...a mistake I will not repeat with Amazon or any other internet vendor. R. S....more info
  • Crosley Songwriter
    The first Songwriter delivered to me came in a timely fashion, however it was defective. Its "function" button didn't work. Through the website I asked for a replacement which surprisingly arrived IN JUST TWO DAYS, even before I had a chance to package up the defective one for its return. We are very happy with Amazon's service and their replacement policy. The second Crosley that was sent to us works very well. We are quite happy with it and recommend it to others....more info
    I have lots of records and also audio books on cassette. Now I have a device to put them on CD's. I'm talking 3 floor to ceiling racks of books on tape. This unit has saved me thousands of dollars for replacements. The recorded CD's sound good for audio books. The unit looks good on my table too!...more info
  • not fit for the dump
    I have a large selection of old LPs that I wanted to be able to play and haven't been able to because my old record player from the 60's isn't hooked up to speakers. I thought the Crosley would be perfect to play (and record to CDs) the old favorites on. This Crosley is a piece of junk not worthy of even going to the dump. Nothing on it works well. The records sound warped, the tapes sound warped, and the sound quality could be what you might have expected back in the 20's. The tape deck doesn't open or close well and sometimes has to be pried open. What a piece of junk! It was such a great idea - too bad the quality doesn't match the appearance. Guess I'll hook up my old player from the 60's - it may not look like much but it works a zillion times better than the Crosley piece of junk....more info
  • LP's To Cd's
    This item works GREAT. Since I purchased the Crosley I have had nothing but pleasure. You get a chance to listen to some of your old LP's that you haven't heard in a long time. You can copy in a couple of ways (1) copy track 1 all sides of the album or (2) copy track for track. Haven't had time to copy from cassette to CD yet. No problems with equipment. If you have a lot of albums you need to get one. ...more info
  • Beautiful. But came with missing needle and 45 converter.
    This is a beautiful equipment. But it came with missing parts. Contacted amazon and the told me They could refund me if I sent the item back. Since I had already broken the box I decided to buy the needle and the 45 converter at an electronics store and got it with no problem. After this it works great....more info
  • Finally, an stero system that looks like furniture
    Item arrived much faster than time promised and in excellent condition. Nothing to put together. Performs very well. What fun copying our old albums to CD. Also fun to play some of them again. It fits into our living room nicely, looking like a piece of furniture. For stereo afficianados, the speakers probably wouldn't be sufficient but you can add on to the unit. ...more info
  • Noisy but it does the job
    After reading some of the reviews, I was nervous. But the Crosley does what it says it will do with simple directions. Yes, it is noisy when you burn a CD but I can live with it....more info
    This is a top of the line piece of equipment that does everything it claims to do and it does so very, very well indeed! The equipment looks absolutely beautiful on the stand and receives nothing but compliments from all who see it upon first entering the room. This is one classy number folks!...more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent product. This was a Christmas gift for a friend and he is truly enjoying recording all of his records to CD's and listening to them at his leisure. Excellent quality and extremely easy to use. Don't have to be electronically savvy to operate, which he isn't. I would recommend this product to everyone who has a record collection. It doesn't take up a lot of space and has so many features -- an all-in one unit. ...more info
  • Do Not Buy This Item!!!
    In theory, this gizmo sounds pretty awesome and great, right? Wrong! Granted, it does what it says it does, and is pretty user-friendly, but that's where the bargain ends. The sound is very tinny and 'Mickey-Mouse' and, on the one we ordered, one of the CD channels didn't play at all. When we tried to patch this thing into our higher quality stereo system, we still got an awful sound quality because it records based on the sound quality the component itself produces. I guess there are no quick fixes where this is concerned; if you want to make quality CD's from your old tapes and albums, go to an electronics store and get the components the store recommends. It may be considerably more complicated, but the quality will be well worth it. The Crosley CD Songwriter is nothing more than an expensive piece of garbage in an attractive cabinet....more info
  • This really is kids' stuff.
    I bought this because I wanted something with which to listen to my vinyl and which could be put in a home office. And while I was at it, record that vinyl to CD. However, it has all the fidelity of a AM transistor radio from the 70's, and while the resulting CDs sound good on a different system than when the vinyl is played, the CD recording process requires you to sit by the machine in order to manually enter the track breaks and to stop the recording process manually. So I find myself recording sides of an LP or cassette onto a CD/RW disc, ripping those onto my PC and using some MP3/WMA editing software that allows me to split the tracks manually and drop the silent space at the end where the record ended, but I was in the bathroom. So now I'm scratching my head thinking I should just put all the money this costs into a USB turntable and some software that automatically does track splits and noise removal. I definitely do not recommend....more info
  • Disappointed
    I bought the Crosley Songwriter CD Recorder because I wanted all of its functions in one piece of equipment that was fairly small. However, I did not think the CD sound was very good and the FM radio was full of static. I did not put up the hang-up antenna because I wouldn't want that thing hanging on my wall. Also the AM was not very clear and the directions said to turn the player around until it was good. No thanks! I did not try the record player. I had had enough....more info
  • Pretty Cabinet... Not $300 Worth of Pretty!
    While the cabinet is beautiful, the "brass finish" on the face plate looks to be made of cheap pot-metal. The dials and buttons feel cheap and tacky.

    But that wasn't the real problem. Once I got it set up, I was amazed at how out-of-balance the turntable was. The whole turntable assembly is cheaply made from plastic that I was afraid to put an album on (no pad - just bare-naked-cheap-plastic). While the tone arm queuing lever was a nice feature, it felt like it would break off in my fingers at any moment. I cannot understand how these guys get away with charging so much for something made so poorly. It reminded me of those old portable turntables made for children (except, not as durable).

    Upon checking out the radio receiver I found that it gave acceptable reception and sensitivity, but the speakers are obviously rejects from AM Transistor radios of decades gone by. The tinny sound almost hurt my ears, and my hearing isn't all that great to begin with!

    I decided to give the CD Recording function a try. -- As long as you are willing to record a complete side of an album to a CD and don't really care about sound quality, you'll be fine. The record function was very easy to master. Unfortunately, what you end up with is a disk with two audio files on it (one for each side) which cannot be edited, cleaned up, or broken into single tracks in the native format. I had to rip the two files to MP3 files to my computer to accomplish those tasks. Since software is not included with the Crosley, I downloaded Audacity, a free (open source) sound editing package that I found fairly easy to use without documentation. Once the two files are converted to MP3, you can do any editing that you have the time to accomplish.

    Back to the wobbly turntable for a moment though... Besides looking silly, it was bad enough that it induced Wow on the CD. (This produces a sound of "speed-up/slow-down" for each revolution of the cheaply made plastic platter.) This is, as far as I know, impossible to correct outside a professional sound studio. It wasn't noticeable at first, but once you notice it, you'll not be able to ignore it.

    I had this item in my house for eight days before I returned it to Target where it was purchased. I assume that, considering the expense of this item, you must be paying a lot of money for the "hand-made, solid wood" cabinet because the electronics couldn't be worth more than twenty bucks. I liked that the box had speaker outputs and auxiliary inputs, but I didn't keep the item long enough to try these out.

    If you want a pretty, antique looking box to display, this is the one for you. If you want to use it for it's advertised capabilities, you will be sorely disappointed.
    ...more info
  • LP to CD player recorder
    We bought this because we wanted to be able to put our old records onto CDs and it does this very well. We were very pleased with the sound from the speakers and have this unit sitting in our living room. We listen to the LPs with our friends all the time. Being able to listen to our Lps from the 60's and 70's is fantastic. The Crosley CR248 Songwriter is easy to use and looks good. You may find yourself playing your LPs more than recording them, as this gives you the pure enjoyment of the original sounds....more info
  • Absolutely Love It
    Great product. Looks wonderfully retro. Looks even better with the matching cabinet. Works well, sounds good. Can't say enough to praise this stereo.
    Very happy to have it....more info
  • Great item
    I bought this for my husband for Christmas, my husband has a huge record collections, he has been busy recording them to cd. The first one we received had a defect, but when I called the company they were so helpfull, and within two day's we had a new one, they even took care of the shipping charge to send it back. I would not hesitate to buy this again, and I will try to go to this company for anything else their service was excellent.

    ...more info
  • Very pleased, overall.
    This item was purchased as a gift for a friend / co-worker who was retiring. Had a lot of old, one-of-a-kind albums, and we thought this would be the perfect gift for him. I was concerned because of poor reviews, but found out that the ones manufactured now (since April 2007) are considered 'second generation' -- more reliable and trouble-free than the earlier ones. The recipient of this one is extremely pleased to be able to put his older, over-played albums in CD format. Easy to use, other than having to insert breaks between songs. I've listened to a couple of the CDs he's made, and was surprised at the decent sound quality, especially considering the music source. After talking with him and listening to these CD copies, my fears about this product have been releived. I am now considering buying another one ... for myself....more info
  • Not bad at all
    This is a great product. I do not understand all of the negative reviews being left here. I got this first and foremost because I wanted a record player. I thought the added feature of transferring an occasional record or tape to compact disc was a great extra feature. Now for all of you audiophile's out there...the transfer quality isn't perfect. The hiss and pop sounds that come along with vinyl are still there. I never expected a miracle and didn't think the vinyl to CD transfer would sound like a CD I just bought at the store. Also, tape to CD quality is what I expected - once again not like a store bought CD. The quality, however, is very good with both of these transfers and I was actually surprised at the brightness of the sound. The sound is like one should expect a vinyl or tape transfer to CD. If you want to master the sound, rip the CD to your computer and use another program to do so. Also, the split track feature is excellent. You just have to be conscious of when the song ends so you hit the button at the correct time. Now, another person mentioned that the technology should allow for an automatic split track feature so one wouldn't have to monitor the machine all the time; this would be great in a perfect world and I trust that sometime in the future this technology will be available to the average Joe. For a couple hundred dollars I think owners of the Songwriter turntable should be pleased. It does the job well....more info
  • Crosley songwriter cd recorder
    Produces supurb sound quality CD's from records and tapes--very easy to use! Attractive compact unit. Great for anyone who wants to reproduce records and tapes economically. Speedy delivery service. Highly recommend!!...more info

    LEN SCHIFF ...more info
  • as expected
    product preforms as expected but volume control is far to low And an extra needle should be supplied...more info
  • Crosley Songwriter
    This item works well right out of the box. I bought it to move my album & cassette collections to cd. Very easy to use. The one problem is that if you want each song to be a seperate track, you have to sit and manually close each track. It is very time consuming! I could do that by ripping the entire side to my computer and manually splitting it there...but that adds additional time too. The sound is OK but not exceptional. For those who aren't fussy and can move a complete side of an album or cassette without worrying about splitting tracks...this will work very well....more info
  • Crosley recorder
    Very nice cabinet, good quality sound from both the unit and the recorded CD. Easy to use and record. One problem with the recorded CD music format is that it is unrecognizable if one wants to make other CD's. It must be converted to say Mp3 or others and requires additional computer software. Overall, I believe its a great buy...more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware! That's my warning to anyone considering buying the Crosley "Songwriter'. Be sure you know why you are buying this and what it can do or you are likely to be very disappointed.
    When I saw the title "Songwriter" I thought it would meet my desire for a product which would turn my pop music cassettes and Vinyl into CDs with separate tracks for each song. My car cassette player can "fast forward" to the next track and I assumed the "Songwriter" used that same technology to know when to split tracks. The "Split Track Button" does not work that way.
    The directions say, "While Recording your record or cassette, listen for the end of each song. There will usually be a brief silence between songs. Once you are at the end of the song, press the Split Track button. The recording will then go to the next track number by increments of one. Once the recording is finished, you can ...go to the beginning of each song."
    Literally, in order to "write songs" to a CD you have to sit by the box the entire time it is recording, hitting the new track button at the right time and only the right time. It is much easier to buy replacement CDs for your albums.
    My advice to Crosley is to eith...more info
  • Good product features, but needs more
    The Crosley product I purchased has great features physically and
    is definitely versatile, but is lacking in good sound reproduction and unwaving playback. I'm not expecting this system to band-aid old worn recordings, but with today's technology I was expecting more bass boost
    and steady intonation. The unit does look attractive, however....more info
  • Crosley Songwriter Great!
    The Crosley CR248 Songwriter CD Recorder is an excellent value. It is very easy to operate and use. I have many old records (78's, 33 1/3's and 45's)and cassette tapes and this machine is exactly what I needed to perserve my collection. Play your record or cassette and press the record button and that's it. You can stop and restart recording at anytime. You can create your own albums on CD from your single records. The sound is very good for an all-in-one stereo. It is a large, beautiful piece of furniture and you will need to find a table top or record cabinet to place it on. I have really enjoyed this unit. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Crosley Radio CR248 Songwriter CD Recorder
    The Crosley Radio CR248 Songwriter CD recorder is great when it works. However, after 2 weeks, I had to return it for repairs. The tape cassette did not work and I couldn't record anything onto the CD. It is now at the shop. I had to call twice to get them to give me a return authorization and there was no indication in the packaging telling me to contact Best in Home, the place that shipped it to me. Best in Home contacted me and told me they would have replaced the whole unit free of charge, but that was after I had already sent it to Crosley....more info
    This isn't worth even one star. I've never purchased anything as worthless as this. Fortunately, I bought it at Target, because of the ease of returning purchases there -- I pretty much knew I'd be returning it since I'd already read these negative reviews (could it be the positive ones were written by Crosley employees?). I'd also had a lot of trouble with TEAC's version of the same thing -- though that's an infinitely superior component to this.

    Ease of operation, yes. Does it work, NO!!! Each time I put a blank CDR in the tray (whether SONY, MAXELL or TDK) it did the same thing: it started to record as it should, but then stopped recording while the LP continued to play. Only by looking at its very small screen did I notice it now said PHONO (rather than RECORD)and had stopped recording (each time after about 10 minutes). Starting it to record again made little difference -- and 3 of the more expensive "digital recordable" CDRs went into the toilet. I decided enough was enough and just now returned it to Target. I intend to let Target management know they're selling junk to their customers.

    Whatever you do, DON'T BUY THIS!!! You'll only be sorry if you do. I'm now told that you can use SONY's CD recorder/player (RCD-W500C)) with an interface to your own turntable and produce excellent copies onto disc without using a computer. That's going to be my next route if the TEAC, when it comes back from its 3rd trip to the plant in Calif for "adjustments," doesn't again work properly. The current best price I've found on this Sony unit is about $256, including shipping, here at Amazon.

    Considering the large number of LPs still out there with people like us ready to transfer them to CD, it's a wonder no one has come up with something that really works....more info
  • Good recordings
    Some of the other reviewers of this product were less than happy with the quality of the product, or the sound of phonograph records or other media formats. Well, yeah, it doesn't sound all that great compared with other systems...but the buyer should already have something better for listening. As a recording device, it was pretty good, and that's why I bought the transfer old cassettes and records to the CD format for preservation purposes. It worked fine. I thought the design of the front panel was a overly complex and hard to read, but I got used to it. Crosley might have added a VU meter and adjustment to the recorder, but that would have jacked up the cost. All in all, and for the recording purpose, it's a pretty good tool. The object CD-Rs sound just like the original cassettes and records....more info
  • Works great
    Now I can convert my old vinals to C.D. The recorder works much better than I expecded. Teresa Brewer welcome back....more info
  • It's WONDERFUL!!!!!
    I was at a loss as to what to do with our extensive record and cassette collections. I knew that I wanted to put everything on CD, but was unsure as to how to do it until I discovered the Crosley Songwriter.
    The unit is so easy to use and produces a quality CD. I have absolutely no complaints about it at all.
    Ordering from Amazon was very quick and easy and I have already recommended them to several of my friends.
    All I can say is that "It's WONDERFUL!!!!" ...more info
  • convert vinyl, wax and cassettes to cd
    This product does a great job of converting records and cassette tapes to cds. Since i am not an audiophile, I don't mind the pops and so forth that show up in th cd. after all, isn't that how albums used to sound?! The touch of a few buttons and you have a cd. I love it!...more info
  • Looks Pretty but doesn't work well!
    If you are buying this item to make your room look nice, it's great...especially with the matching stand (ST-47). I read the other reviews here and I have to disagree with the comments about "ease of use" relative to vinyl-to-CD conversion; it is very easy & fairly good quality too. The speakers do have a somewhat "tinny" quality that's easily altered by using a set of external speakers or headphones. My chief complaints are the radio tuner's weakness in reception and the CD player's incompatibility. I have the complete set of Narnia Chronicles on CD and they will not play on this CD player at all (they play fine on every other player I have in my house)....more info
  • Easy to use, but that's about it
    I bought this item because I have serious amounts of vinyl and old cassettes I wanted to digitize.

    Sad to say, I started with the cassettes. For that purpose, this device excels. I digitized about 100 old (mostly spoken-word) cassettes.

    By that time, I was no longer able to return it; and when the first LPs came out sounding tinny and slightly fast, I found myself seriously wishing I could do so.

    I must say, this device was a snap to use. The reviews that refer to the controls as confusing may reflect a lack of willingness to RTFM (which I'll admit could be a bit better-written). It's well-constructed and sounds at least average.

    If you have *lots* of tape (comedy, books-on-tape, radio programs), and you're not particularly tech-prone (read: computer-savvy), this device may be worth it. If, on the other hand, your main goal is digitizing LPs, I'd recommend you pass....more info
  • disappointed
    I was very disappointed with the whole experience. Firstly, the machine never worked and also the accompanying directions and brochure was most inadequate and very poorly written.Furthermore, it took great effort and persistence to finally return the songwriter for another machine.I hope my next experience is not as trying!...more info
  • Great idea, poor performance
    It worked great at first, then the turntable started playing slow. Same thing for the cassette player. It worked great the first time. Now it is all muffled, if it plays at all. Sometimes when you try to record the machine shuts off. I whole heartedly do NOT recommend this item....more info
  • Crosley Turntable CD Burner
  • A Serious Piece of GARBAGE!!!!!!!
    I just received this item yesterday, and already found it does not work. The sound is poor, and when I tried to record a cd from a vinyl album, I found it did not work AT ALL! It records the first few seconds of the song, then skips all over the place. Very expensive piece of junk which will cost you an arm and a leg to return to whomever you buy it from!!!!!!!! (If they even take it back)
    I bought it because I have a lot of vinyl that I want to put onto cd and into iTunes, but it's worthless for that. A BIG WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!
    Does not even deserve one star....more info
  • Bad experience
    It played okay. Definitely not going to stand up to the new stereo systems. The recording part of it didn't work at all. We are sending it back. A big disappointment...more info
  • Big disappoinment!
    A great idea , but don't buy it. Listening to good quality stereo LP's is a dreadful experience. The speakers are so poor, and worse yet, that quality carries through to the CD burner. The CD's I produced are so bad I can't listen to them. When using the cassette player to make CD's, the sound is muffled, and you can hear the hiss and the turning of the tape reproduced on the CD! I am boxing it up, and returning it. ...more info
  • Do Not Buy
    Sounds great when you listen to the radio, cassette, or CD player, but sounds AWFUL when you play a vinyl record. For a product that is marketed as a great way to transfer all of your old LP's to CD, we were very disappointed in the inferior quality of the turntable. Recording was easy, perfect for someone not computer-savvy like my husband. Turned out to be a BIG disappointment on Christmas morning. Especially for $400! A kid's toy sounds better. We had to send it back....more info
  • Good-looking but poor performance
    We bought the Crosley Songwriter in October of last year at Linens 'n Things.The remote didn't work, but Customer Service at Crosley sent a new one, which worked fine.

    As a fourth-grade teacher, I have many cassettes that I want to record onto CDs (stories from the reading series, old books-on-tape), so I used it to copy these over. All seven of the CDs I made worked wonderfully. Transferring albums was equally easy, although I only did one. In both cases, the most difficult part was being present to press the button that manually splits tracks.

    After a month of use, however, the CD player would only play part of a CD--three songs--and then it would quit, locking up the unit. Powering off and back on freed up the unit, but didn't solve the problem. We have since returned the Songwriter to Linens 'n Things for a full refund. This is a great idea in an attractive package that just doesn't work....more info
  • The "Recordable Turntable"
    We bought this because we wanted to be able to put our old records onto discs. It does this very well. It also will put cassettes onto discs, but we haven't tried that yet. It plays records, cassettes, discs, and radio also. It's a good machine with one exception: the sound quality of its speakers is quite poor. However, by turning off its sound and routing it through our own speakers, it sounds fine. Only other quibble is that the remote isn't so easy or intuitive to use, takes some learning to figure out. Overall, we are really glad we bought this item and it is doing just what we needed....more info
  • Customer Service doesn't exist
    I was having issues with not being able to Finalize a CD once it had been recorded. Without that step, you can't listen to the CD on any other machine. I sent Crosley 4-5 emails and NEVER received a response. I was ready to return the machine, but was finally able to get a few CDs to work. I was using 80 min. blank CDs, but found if you get too close to using all 80 minutes, the CD won't finalize. So I now leave several minutes 'blank' to accomodate the machine.

    It's easy to use - I like that aspect. But if there is an issue with it, don't count on Crosley to help you out....more info
  • Crosley Songwriter
    The first item I received was defective and I was unable to use it. I returned it to the manufacturer at my expense plus a $19.95 return charge and they sent me a new one. I tried to record from 33-1/3rd records to a CD. The sound quality semed distorted as if the music was being played
    slightly slower than it should be. I contacted the mfg. again and they paid the freight to return the second item to their factory. I asked to receive a credit for the purchase amount--they refused because they want to send me another unit I don't want. I have contacted Montana Consumer Affairs in the meantime. Also, Focus Camera, that shipped the original item refused to credit me as well....more info
  • Poor Quality Product
    I purchased the Crosley LP-to-CD from Brookstone and after I got it home I was astonished to discover how cheap a product costing several hundred dollars could be. The turntable is awful. If you bought a turntable for $25 you would expect it to be better than this. The tone arm is not properly balanced and worst of all the speed is not consistent and is not adjustbale. This product is virtually worthless for converting LP's to CD's if you have any senstivity to sound quality. Stay away from this!...more info
  • Save your money!
    I purchased one of these from One-Way Furniture. It seemed like the perfect way to preserve some of my near-50 year old reel to reel tapes and LPs. I was very wrong. All the problems you read here in other reviews were the ones I had also. And don't let the needle in the tone arm on this thing come in contact with an LP you want to keep. The downward pressure is so great that it will actually deepen the groove in the vinyl...then try playing it on your high dollar Technics turntable. I sent it back but they kept $77.58 of my money as a restocking fee...Nice people, huh?

    This is being added almost one year later (10-30-2007). This morning I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a small crockpot. Just inside the door there was a large display with this same CD recorder. Only it was not the same. This one was a solid wood cabinet and all else looked like the Crosley except the buttons/control configuration. The price was (sit down all you folks that paid close to $399.00 for theirs), $199.99. I looked it over really good and it appeared to be very close to the Crosley unit. Since I sent that unit back almost a year ago, I was fasinated with this one...the price floored me. I bought it...and get this...I had a 20% off coupon and the unit cost me $159.99 plus tax. I have been "playing" with it all afternoon and believe me, it is far superior to the Crosley Songwriter. It performs flawlessly. It's has the name of Innovative'll like it......more info