Premium 1800 mAh BP-511 BP-511A BP511 BP511A Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Select Canon Digital Cameras and Camcorders
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $1.65

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Product Description

Our Canon BP511A equivalent battery for your Canon Digital Camera runs longer, and COSTS LESS!

  • Our Canon BP-511 equivalent is a high performance Lithium Ion battery with no memory effects
  • Specifications: 7.2V Li-Ion 1800mAh
  • Did You Know? The mAh rating of a battery indicates how "big the gas tank" of a battery is. The higher the mAh rating is the more power that a battery will store and the longer you can take pictures!
  • 1 Year Warranty: We will replace this or any other item that you purchase from us for 1 year from the date your order is processed if it fails under normal wear or is defective. We always sell new high quality items and we are willing to back them up!
Customer Reviews:
  • Mis-representation of battery rating!
    I purchased two of these, and I guess the old adage of "buyer beware" when faced with an unbelievable price is a lesson to learn again. The two BP-511's I ordered came promptly, but on first use in my video camera at an important marching band competition (for which we were representing the school as the official videographers) the battery dropped rapidly from full to half to quarter is 6 minutes, causing us to stop filming and losing precious minutes of the 10-minute performance.

    Don't bother with these... they are certainly NOT 1800 mAh as advertised (and in fact, the batteries are almost half the weight of my original BP-512's, 1.5 oz vs. almost 3 oz, indicating a serious lack of battery material packed inside the normal size casing)....more info
  • This battery will kill you digital camera
    I got 2 battery for my EOS Rebel Canon Camera. The first day I use one it just Kill my CCD on my camera. I test the battery volt's and find out that this battery give you a little more that this camera will need, killing you CCD system. My camera is know for repair. ...more info
  • Great bargain of a battery
    I've run these through a couple of cycles now and they appear to hold up as well as the OEM battery did (in other words, quite well). It was painful to pay as much for the shipping as for the battery, but when taken as a whole, it was still a fantastic bargain....more info
  • So Far So Good
    Bought 2 of these and only had them for a short while but so far so good. They are holding charge very well and performing better than my OEM battery (although this is now quite old so not a great comparison)...more info
  • Decent Cheap Batteries
    I had initially purchased two of these because Canons and BestBuys price was way too high for replacement batteries. One wouldn't work at all in a Canon 30d, but they were so cheap I tossed it and bought another one which is working fine.

    Very good value for the price. ...more info
  • It worked for a month
    This battery was a great price. I thought so anyway until I tried to take a picture with my camera and it wouldn't turn on. I assumed I just forgot to recharge it. But no, one month and a few charges is all it lasted....more info
  • why pay 6 times as much for Canon brand?
    I got two of these batteries for 8 bucks each, and they work even better (higher mAh is not just advertisement) than Canon's original battery that came with my Digital Rebel! Get a couple and have one in the camera and another spare, and you won't run out of power again. ...more info
  • BP 511 camcorder Battery
    Good OEM replacement. It seemed to last as good or better than original....more info