EFORCITY Replacement Premium NB-2LH NB2L Li-Ion Battery Canon Powershot S30 S40 S50 S60 S70 S80 Rebel XT XTi and Canon ZR Elura Optura Camcorders
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  • Our Canon NB2L equivalent is a high performance Lithium Ion battery with no memory effects. Specifications: 7.4V Li-Ion, 1200mAh, NB-2L Equv. Battery.
  • Guaranteed to work with the following: Canon Powershot G9 PowerShot S30, PowerShot S45, PowerShot S40, PowerShot S50, Powershot S60, Powershot S80, Elura 40mc Elura 50, Elura 60 Elura 65, Elura 70, Optura 30 Optura 40, Optura 60 Optura 500 Optura 400 Optura 300, PC1018 HG10 / HV20 ZR500 / ZR600 / ZR700 / ZR800 / ZR830 / ZR850 / ZR 900 / ZR 930 / ZR 950 / HV30 / DC310 / DC320 / DC330
  • Did You Know? The mAh rating of a battery indicates how "big the gas tank" of a battery is. The higher the mAh rating is the more power that a battery will store and the longer you can take pictures!
Customer Reviews:
  • Performance degrades quickly, but worth the price
    I've been using this as a backup to the Canon battery on my Rebel XTi; I've had it for about 11 months. It's to the point now where it doesn't last very long and doesn't hold its charge if left unused for long periods.

    At first it had very good performance, lasting about as long as the Canon. But as other reviews note, performance degrades pretty dramatically over time.

    Still, it has come in handy enough times when I accidentally let my Canon battery run low that it has been worth it. I still carry it with me, and occasionally, when I really need to take a shot or 10 and my main battery is down, it pays off. I never trust it when I'm transferring images to the computer anymore, though....more info
  • Battery for my Canon camcorder
    My friends are having a hard time when I tell them about the price I paid for this...but it is what I wanted and what the description said it was....very happy...will be ordering more in a few days...now that I know this is a good thing...more info
  • Great battery!
    I got this battery for my Canon XTI last year, and it works great! Never had any problems with it, and now that I have a Grip I am ordering some more! I also ordered it from Eforcity directly, not the other stores you can buy from, not sure if that makes any difference!...more info
  • More power, low cost
    This is a low cost power solution for my Canon EOS REbel XTi. It work in good way...more info
  • Do not buy this kind of battery no matter how cheap it is
    I bought two of these as backups of my canon battery and suppose they should work with my new canon G9. But none of these two work in G9. One can not even be charged with Canon NB-2LH charger (indicator quickly turns green indicating fully charged, but actually not); the other seems normal when being charged, but none of them work in G9, the camera simply can not be turned on when this replacement battery is in. It sounds cheap, but since it does not work at all, it actually is not worth the time and effort to give a try....more info
  • Save your money
    I used this product for canon rebel xti camera. This product worked good for 1-2 months, in fact it's life was comparable to that of the canon battery pack. But after 2-3 months its life just plummeted and now i can take 10-15 shots and that even without flash. It barely lasts to fire 2-3 shots with flash. I would say go for a original canon battery even if you are looking for a back-up cell....more info
  • Good price, works fine
    The price is acceptalbe. I got two of these, and they worked as good as the Canon one. It lasts a long time. ...more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money
    I bought two of these batteries in September for my Rebel XTI. By December, one battery was completely dead (would not charge) and the other is down to only a few minutes of useful time before it dies. It's cheap, but you get what you pay for....more info
  • Save your money. Buy the CANON battery.
    I've had this battery 11 months. It has seen limited use and I have alternated it with my Canon battery that came with the camera. They have both seen similar use.

    This battery worked great for the first 2 or 3 months. After that, it severely degraded to the point that now I can only take 10 pictures or so before it needs recharging.

    In contrast the Canon-supplied battery takes several hundred photos with the same charge and still retains it's charge.

    This battery is way to unreliable. I've lost several photo opportunities because of it. I'm tossing it and replacing it with one from Canon.
    ...more info
  • Works great and easy to use.
    I bought 2 Canon replacement batteries for my Canon Rebel XTi.
    Holds a charge and I get lots of shots from it in the camera.
    I have Canon brand batteries also and do not notice any difference in the quality of this battery and the Canon batteries.
    I would buy this item again and probably will when my current sets stop holding a charge like they always do after some extensive use....more info
  • Headed for trash can
    Bought this as a back up battery to the Canon supplied battery that came with my XTI. Seems to last just as long. Stays charged in the camera. I will most likely purchase another. Update as of August 2008.Battery goes dead in camera. Lasts about 1/4 the time in operation.Wasted money.Gets 0 stars. ...more info
  • Rebel xt replacement battery
    Great price and took 250-300 + pictures
    I have used it for two weeks and still works fine.

    Fast/reasonable shipping...more info
  • Wrong Title for Product
    This item does not fit the Canon Rebel XT as listed in the title. Nor does it look like the image shows. Unfortunately, the seller will not contact you back, regardless of how many times you try to reach them....more info
  • Having problems now. Note: I Can't change rating stars
    Note: I Can't change rating stars or I would change to a one.

    I bought this battery because it has a better price then the standard Canon battery and thought I would give it a try as my backup battery.

    At first it performed better then the Canon NB-2LH battery that came with my Rebel Digital XTi.

    But now after alternating between the Canon battery and the EFORCITY battery for about 10,000 photos I'm having the following problems.

    When I first turn on the camera it takes longer to turn on and the display screen on the back is just white with no readout. Sometimes the readout never comes on and I have to turn the camera off and back on. This has never happened with Canon NB-2LH Battery ever. Also when focusing the lens will often jump past the point of focus and then hunt and that's using a Canon 70-200 2.8 L Lens that has NEVER given a problem EVER with the regular battery.

    My camera equipment is just too expensive to gamble on this battery anymore. I am buying another Canon NB-2LH battery as a backup and throwing this one in the trash....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I was skeptical because these batteries were so cheap, but they work about as well as my Cannon battery. So far, so good. If you need some extra batteries but don't want to spend a fortune on the Cannon brand, these are definitely the way to go. ...more info
  • Sunshine
    So far so good. Works great and holds a charge. Just what I wanted!...more info
  • Eforcity battery is ok
    I needed to have spare batteries to capture my friends wedding. I ordered two from Eforcity and shipping time was really fast. The batteries last much longer than my original. They were much heavier too so I think thats a good thing. No complaints, I got my for about $ ten bucks each, I think this was the best price at the time.
    I would recommend this brand, gets the job done.
    ...more info