Fuji FinePix 601z, NP-60 EQUIVALENT BATTERY for Fine Pix Digital Camera Models 50i, F401Z, F401, F402, F410 Zoom, F410Z, F440, F450, F601Z, M603, S601. Also for Klick 5000
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Product Description

Our Fuji NP-60 equivalent is a high performance Lithium Ion battery with no memory effect, and allows a longer run time for Fuji and Pentax Digital Cameras.

  • Our Fuji Finepix 601z, NP-60 equivalent battery for your Digital Camera COSTS LESS!
  • Guaranteed to work with the following Cameras: Fuji FinePix 50i, Fuji Finepix 601z, Fuji FinePix 401, Fuji FinePix 410, HP Photosmart R series: R607 DMW / R607xi / R707V / R707xi.
  • Did you Know the mAh rating of a battery indicates how "big the gas tank" of a battery is? The higher the mAh rating is, the more power a battery will store and it will last longer!!
  • 1 Year Warranty: We will replace this or any other item that you purchase from us for 1 year from the date your order is processed if it fails under normal wear or is defective. We always sell new high quality items and we are willing to back them up!