All in One Professional Counter Surveillance Device
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This All in One Counter Surveillance Device Gives You Protection from: Wireless Hidden Cameras Wireless Hidden Microphones and Audio Bugs Laser Audio Bugs Detect Phone Taps on Single Line, Multi-Line, Analog & Digital Internet IP Phones Real Time GPS Vehicle Trackers Listen to the Audio being transmitted by Phone Taps and Wireless Cameras Use to detect and locate hidden cameras or wireless CCTV cameras that may be located and watching you. Designed to detect and locate accurately by making it possible to hear the voice signal transmitted by wireless eavesdropping equipment, audio bugs and covert video. Specifications Detection Of Wireless Tapping: Sensitivity: 20db Frequency Range: 100Hz - 3.5 GHz 360 Degree Wavelength 850 - 1,050nm Laser Tap Protection: Frequency Range: 250Hz - 5KHz 10 Step Color LED Indication Uses 9 Volt Battery Detection Mode 16 To 18 Hours Laser Tap Protection Mode 8 To 10 Hours When Used Continuously Includes Hand Held Detection Unit Telephone Interface Ear Phones AC Adapter Detailed Instruction Manual

  • Wireless CCTV (covert video) Hidden Camera Detection.
  • Phone Line Tap Detection including Internet or IP Phones.
  • Detection of Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices.
  • Laser Eavesdropping Equipment Prevention.
  • Will allow you to Listen to the Audio being Transmitted by Wireless Hidden Cameras so you can hear what they hear.