LCD Keypad for Elk M1 Security/Automation Control System (M1-KP2)
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Product Description

Each of these low-profile, addressable keypads features a 32-character blue/white backlit display, which shows the system status and messages, and it also guides the user through system menus. Along with the ELK menu navigation keys, the M1 LCD Keypad features four programmable function keys, which can be set to alert central station to an emergency or provide instant activation of your garage door, curtains, or lighting when pressed. The M1 LCD Keypad gets its power from your M1 Gold's data bus.

  • Install up to 16 addressable LCD keypads for M1 Gold security/automation control
  • Blue/white Backlighted Hi-Contrast; LCD Display; Four Programmable Function Keys; Unique Menu Navigation/Direction Keys; Exit, Stay, Chime, and Bypass Keys
  • Operates from the M1/EZ8 RS-485 Data Bus
  • Built-in Piezo Sounder with adjustable pitch
  • Surface mounts to a standard 1 or 2 gang electrical box