ProTouch Keyboard Protector, MacBook 13" Blush
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Product Description

Lets face it. Hours upon hours at your computer exposes your keyboard to an endless barrage of particles that range from dust to food - not to mention key wear. That's why iSkin created ProTouch keyboard protectors for MacBook. They are specially made from a high-grade silicone that is far beyond yesterday's plastic keyboard protectors and are precision molded to fit over and protect each key without sacrificing the normal typing experience. Since silicone is moisture resistant it creates an effective barrier between you and your keyboard protecting it and ultimately your computer from possible harm.

  • Non-obstructive typing
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Washable
  • Works while you work
  • FOR MACBOOK only
Customer Reviews:
  • pretty bad
    doesn't stay on well like the marware. too bad. no great at all. but the service was great, came fast, etc....more info
  • good but leaves marks
    The protector is good because it protects against minor spills (you can't expect it to block out a whole cup of liquid, just the splash back) and keeps most of the keys from building up gunk as they are typed on everyday. However, it doesn't entirely fit so the outer keys (especially the "delete" key) have gotten slightly coated and need to be cleaned every so often. The best part is that it really quiets the keys which is great if you use your mac to take notes in class, during lectures, or at meetings. Also, the texture of the protector is great for a grip even if you have perspiration or water on your fingers so you can type after washing your hands and not worry about using the keyboard. The big drawbacks are the amount of static electricity it generates (every time I sit down to touch my computer during the winter it shocks me) and the marks it leaves on the screen. After a while of use you'll notice that the dirt left on the keyboard protector gets onto the screen when you close the computer. While this dirt can be gotten rid of with a screen cleaner, it has also created some slight permanent marks on my screen after about five or six months of use. A good protect for what its supposed to do but has too many problems so you might want to look elsewhere....more info
  • Loves it!
    I love this thing! It keeps my computer clean and stylish at the same time. I have a pink outer hard case on my macbook and having a pink keyboard as well really finishes the package :) I've gotten many complements and a friend of mine bought herself one just after seeing mine!...more info
  • Awesome Protection
    I wanted to make my macbook a little more "girlie", and read several reviews on different ones. After purchasing this one, I actually received the iskin model (which must be the same as this Dr. Bott one), and was very impressed. I've had it for a few weeks, and it has flattened out nicely and works perfectly. Gives a nice temporary accent to the computer and protects it as well- highly recommend the purchase....more info
  • Katies keyboard protector
    This was purchased for my grandaughter. She likes it for her laptop. I also purchased a clear one for myself to go on my desktop I don't like it. It feels stiky and cumbersome to touch. I would not recomend this to a friend....more info
  • Perfect keyboard cover for the wife's Macbook
    Excellent fit. Delivered swiftly and at a very fair price. ...more info