Brother MFC-665CW Photo Color All-in-One Printer with Wireless Networking
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Product Description

If you're using a PC at home or in a small office, an all-in-one printer, fax, copier, and scanner makes sense. Brother MFC-665CW is a complete all-in-one from its built-in Wi-Fi certified 802.11b/g wireless interface (also includes USB and Ethernet interfaces) to a digital cordless answering machine. It's designed for the home or small offce and offers fast print speeds, an automatic document feeder, a telephone handset and a digital answering machine. Accepts paper length to 14 Standard Memory (MB) 32MB Memory Connectivity ports - USB, Ethernet, 802.11b/g Wireless Interfaces Printer Driver Compatibility - Windows & Mac OS Faxing Capability B/W & Color Faxing / Fax Modem Speed 14.4K bps Fax Modem Out-of-Paper Reception Telephone Handset Message Center Yes (up to 29 minute built-in answering machine) Full Duplex Speaker Phone External TAD interface Caller ID Ready (service required); Call Waiting Caller ID Ready; Distinctive Ring Detection Ready Total Auto Dial Locations up to 80 locations Broadcasting up to 210 locations Up to 480 page fax memory Copying Capability B/W & Color Copying Design Style Flatbed Automatic Document Feeder Capacity - up to 10-Page ADF Stand-alone Copying - No PC Required Reduction/Enlargement 25% - 400% Scanning Capability B/W & Color Scanning with Interpolated Scan Resolution (dpi) up to 19,200 dpi with actual Optical Scan Resolution (dpi) up to 600x2400 dpi Input Color Scan Bit Depth 36-bit PhotoCapture Center Capability - Built-in Digital Media Card Drives and PictBridge capability Memory Card Slots - Compact Flash, Memory Stick Pro; xD-Picture Card TypeM/H, and Secure Digital media cards 2.5 LCD Screen Ink cartridges/Yield - LC51BK (500 pages); LC51C (400 pages); LC51M (400 pages); LC51Y (400 pages) Unit Dimensions (WxDxH) 18.4 x 14.6 x 7.1; Unit Weight (lbs) 17.7 lbs. Brother USA 1-Year Warranty

The Brother MFC-665cw is a powerful color multi-function center with wireless (80.211b/g) networking capabilities, making it a great addition to your home or small business office.

Color Printer
The MFC-665cw features a flip-up, 2.5-inch color LCD so you can control all of its functions at a glance. Enjoy up to 27 ppm black and 22 ppm color print speed, as well as photo quality printing up to 6000 x 1200 dpi. With a droplet size as small as 1.5 picoliters you can be assured of fine details and color accuracy. The unit's front loading paper tray holds up to 100 sheets, while a photo by-pass tray holds up to 20 sheets of 4x6 glossy paper. Borderless photo printing is possible, and USB, ethernet, and wireless 80.211b/g interfaces are included. The printer works with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Color Copier
With a versatile flatbed design, the MFC-665cw offers easy copying. No PC is required for copying, and you'll enjoy up to 20 cpm black and 18 cpm color copy speeds. The copier also offers up to 1200 x 600 dpi resolution, as well as multi-copying for up to 99 copies. Reduce or enlarge your copies from 25 percent to 400 percent, in 1 percent increments.

Color Scanner
Use the MFC-665cw for flatbed color scanning at up to 19,200 dpi (interpolated) resolution, and up to 600 x 2400 dpi (optical) resolution. The unit includes award-winning ScanSoft PaperPort SE with OCR Software for Windows and Presto! PageManager for Mac.

Photo Capture Center
Use the color LCD display to preview, print images or even an index--all without a computer. The MFC-665cw features convenient digital camera media card slots for high quality photo printing (Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, xD-Picture Card Type M/Type H, CompactFlash, Secure Digital, and MultiMediaCard). The memory card system also works as a removable disk drive, and there's also a PictBridge interface to print photos directly from your PictBridge-enabled camera.

Color Fax
When it comes time to send a fax, you can choose black and white or color faxing using the ITU-T30E standard. A 10-page auto document feeder makes big faxing jobs a snap, while the 14.4 Kbps high-speed fax modem delivers your documents quickly. The fax machine supports caller ID and distinctive ring modes. No PC is required for faxing. You can also take advantage of 80-station auto dialing, and 32 MB of total memory means you can store up to 480 pages.

PC Fax
The MFC-665cw comes with the Brother PC Fax Driver for sending and receiving faxes from your computer. The software supports fax broadcasting from your PC, as well as network PC fax send and receive. PC fax functionality works with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Message Center
The MFC-665cw's built-in digital answering machine records up to 99 messages or up to 29 total minutes. The unit features a built-in telephone handset, as well as a full-duplex speakerphone for hands-free operation. Volume controls for both the handset and speakerphone are provided.

  • Color multi-function unit with wireless networking capabilities prints, copies, scans, and faxes
  • Features a flip-up, 2.5-inch color LCD
  • Built-in digital answering machine records up to 99 messages or up to 29 total minutes
  • Up to 27 ppm black and 22 ppm color print speed; up to 20 cpm black and 18 cpm color copy speeds
  • Dimensions: 18.4 x 7.1 x 14.6 in. (WxHxD); weighs 17.7 pounds; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • The dirty secret about Brother Printers
    I purchased this model because of the "all-in-one" features. It can accomplish a variety of tasks, and for the most part, done it's job well.

    HOWEVER... it's primary function is as a printer, and unbeknown to me at the time of purchase, Brother printers have a dirty secret, no one will tell you about.

    Imagine, it's well past midnight, and you are rushing to complete that project or report before leaving for work, or school, first thing in the morning. It's time to finally print the job, and then get some sleep. We're not talking a multi-color task here; basic black and white, essentially all text.

    The printer stops, and tells you the cyan cartridge is empty. Yeah, yeah, fine, will get a new one later this week, but for now, I just need to print this report, and then go to bed.

    It doesn't matter that you selected "Grayscale" under the Properties menu, meaning, you only want black ink. This machine will NOT print UNLESS it is loaded with ALL the color cartridges, even if you just want grayscale! There is no "work-around", you are screwed, unless you always keep an extra supply of cartridges on hand (the full set isn't cheap).

    Also, I never, ever had paper jams with my old HP as I have with this beast.

    Bottom line, unless you are willing to fork out extra cash to always have ALL FOUR replacement cartridges standing-by, invest your money in another brand of printer. Supposedly, Epson also has the infuriating restriction, but confirm that for yourself, should you be considering that brand.
    ...more info
  • Overall it's pretty good with some annoying limitations
    This is my first "all-in-one" machine so I can't compare it to other models, I'm generally happy with this machine with its ablity to do anything under the sun with an amazing price.

    However after a while I noticed there are two annoying limitations:
    1. the print speed is extremely slow.
    2. it drinks ink like spring water! I got the "ink lever is low" after about one month of usage with about 30 pages being printed overall. What a surprise!

    Another feature I wish is to have a cordless headset, I read there is acutally a step up model with that feature, but it didn't receive good reviews.

    Even with these limitations I still recommend this machine due to its very resonable price and versatility....more info
  • Great All-In-One, Small Footprint
    I did a lot of research before I purchased this Brother MFC-665CW. Other than the standard Fax, Copy, Scan functions of an all-in-one, my primary criteria was that it have a 802.11b/g wireless interface and a small footprint. Without the phone handset, which doesn't have to be installed when unpacking, this unit is only 15.5" wide. Depth is 14.6" and height is a tiny 7.1".

    The software installation and Wi-Fi configuration was very easy. The Control Center software is user friendly and using it with the unit is simple. Scanning documents to the PC over Wi-Fi is seamless. I was very impressed with how well the automatic document feeder works for a small unit. Another positive is that it has independant ink tanks so you only replace each color as needed.

    Definitely a great all-in-one that I am very happy with. Highly recommended....more info
  • Great all in one printer!!
    Bought it Sept. 07, not from amazon, and don't understand the negative feedback.

    Reviewers Mark Twain and Super Dolfan state cost of ownership is too high.. i can replace all 4 carts-3 color, 1 black for $50 total and have printed 100's of pages, only replaced the black once. don't do a lot of color printing. Cleaning cycle is not done once a week, more like twice a year.. never had to clean or clear the heads yet.

    As far as ownership costs go, take a look at HP or Epson and your costs are much higher.

    Carolyn Stevenson said the unit jams and doesn't feed properly.. this is user error. your overloading the tray and don't know what your doing. My printer jammed once, cleared it in a few seconds and that was it.

    It's obvious the 8 people who gave it one star should use a mac.

    The unit took 10 mins to set up with usb cable, never had a problem with printing color/black, copies or faxes. The wireless is slower obviously.

    No printer is perfect, they all have there problems, in the year i had mine, i had less trouble with this, than any hp, epson or canon in the past and i used them all and paid less than $130 for it.

    If your looking for a solid all in one printer with fax/copy and wireless features.. this one can't be beat. ...more info
  • Cost to Own: WAY TOO HIGH $$$$$$$
    This machine is on of the most expensive printers/all-in-ones ive owned. If you are planning to really use your printer (more than a few pages a month) please take this into consideration: This Brother machine will completely disable itself if it has a low ink warning on ANY of the 4 inks. The ink levels are based on # of pages not actual ink used. I am very conservative and set this printer to low quality black and whit mode to save money. in 4 months I have had to change all the color and black inks twice- almost $200! Keep in mind i have not used a single drop of color ink. By comparison the same amount of printing would have cost me $11 on my Canon....more info
  • Makes for good disposable fax/printer/scanner. But that's all.
    I purchased the Brother MFC-665 in Sept. 2007. Since I already had a color printer and a laser mono-chrome printer, this device would be used mainly as a scanner, fax and telephone (but not a copier).

    As a fax machine it is great, with many useful features.
    As a scanner it is great, with many useful features.
    As a phone it is great, with many useful features.
    As a printer it is pure garbage, with many money-wasting features. Allow me to elaborate.

    Being cognizant of the price of ink, I chose to use this printer only to fax, scan and make phone calls. As mentioned before, I have printers dedicated to printing both color and BW. About four months ago, when the printer was about six months old, the icon in my PC's system tray began to indicate that the yellow print cartridge was less than 50% full. This was not only surprising (as I didn't use it for color printing), but also annoying. Now, to be fair, I did have the printer print a BW fax confirmation page and I have sent about 60 faxes in the last 10 months. The fax confirmation page is in very plain font and covers about half a page and consists of about 10 lines, so not very much ink.

    As time went on, the warnings continued until a few days ago when the warning indicated that I was totally out of color ink (still plenty of black ink). Thinking there might be a problem, I contacted Brother's tech support. Here's what they told me. Even though you don't print color, color ink still is used when printing BW and once a week when cleaning (?? - where does the ink go?). The color cartridges are good for 400 pages at 5% coverage (one paragraph, so about 20 +/- pages at 100% coverage. The black cartridge is good for 500 pages at 5% coverage or about 25 pages at 100% coverage. (Following formula used: The Brother rep indicated the numbers regarding life expectancy. If the black cartridge is good for 500 pages at 5% coverage, then it should be good for 25 pages at 100% coverage 100% = 5% x 20. 500/20=25).

    So they are making a printer that, if used to print full pages, is only good for 45 pages?? That doesn't count the "cleaning" cycle, which also uses ink, and is done once a week.

    Replacement ink for the Brother cartridges is about $50 for the three color cartridges and $40 for the black cartridge. 3rd party ink, which Brother says they don't recommend as it may damage the printer, is much less expensive. I can buy the MFC-445 which doesn't have the phone feature on it for $80 and it comes with the ink cartridges or I can buy new ink for $90. Hmmm.

    Unless you have a large fund for ink, I suggest looking at alternatives to this multi-function printer.

    ...more info
    I have been very disappointed with this machine: poor quality printing, jams easily, feeds paper poorly, and the scanning has never worked.

    To make matters worse, the Brother's customer service is among the worst I've encountered.

    ...more info
  • Not reliable. Won't print black and white if out of color
    Answering machine crashed once a week. Had to be "rebooted" to reconnect to wireless about once a month.

    Mac, Linux support not great. I had to download drivers, the drivers weren't built into OSX and Linux.

    I printed only two photos, from then on I printed nothing but black and white, then one day it said it ran out of Cyan and won't print until I replace the cartridge....more info
  • Excellent product for home use
    Excellent product for home use and casual printing (it is somewhat on the slow side). Uses ink fast, but a set of compatible cartridges costs only $10 on ebay. Make sure you download latest version of software from the Brother web side and update the firmware. Otherwise no hassle except for occasional paper jams....more info
  • Good all around machine
    I bought this to replace another Brother MFC machine and this one is sleeker, takes less space and was much easier to set-up (with the exception of the wireless printing which required a lengthy call to Brother.) The only drawback is the quality of the color printing which is good but nothing great. Color reproduction is mediocre, but satisfactory for general printing (use a machine intended for photos for that type of printing.) ...more info
  • Brother MFC-665CW
    Nice machine but here are the drawbacks:
    1. Printing on an envelope is a disaster. You have to remove the tray, reset the sides and then print and then reset sides to your paper. Also, you HAVE TO USE THE PAPER TRAY in order to print a single copy let's say on colored paper. Poor design, other than that Other features are terrific. Would still buy again because I have a second printer that I now use just for envelopes....more info
  • What a dissappointment!
    I wish I had a dollar for every time this machine had a paper jam. (I really mean this.)
    In my opinion, the compact nature of this all-in-one has not been worth all the hassle, and every paper jam takes a rather significant amount of time to correct.
    After I contacted the manufacturer (and, yes, they told me nothing was wrong with my machine), they ALSO said that our business forms (invoices, letterhead, etc.) are "incompatible" and you can't use a certain type of paper in this machine. If I had known that, I would have found a more "compatible" all-in-one....more info
  • Outstanding quality for a low price!
    I love my new Brother 665 all-in-one. It was relatively easy to set up(as long as you read the set-up guide)and is a must if you have a wireless network at home. Just install the driver on all your computers on the network and your done(I did have to go to the Brother site to download the driver for Vista with no problems) The quality of the product is beyond expectations also. At $104.00 this product was a steal! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    This is the worst printer I've ever owned. From day one we couldn't get it to print wirelessly. Only from a Mac, not the XP or Vista machine. After over a week with tech support we gave up, plugged it into a wireless router and managed to get it to work. Their tech support is miserable. There have been many paper jams, and it uses up the ink fast.

    Seven months later it quits working, the ethernet interface with the router went out. In my local, the tech support is now through a 900 number that charges $1.99 a minute - even though it's under warranty. And they say on their web site they are proud of their support? Proud at how much they rip you off for. With that type of service I will never buy another Brother product. Tech support will cost more than to replace it. But I will be replacing it with another brand.

    ...more info
  • jimmy
    great product it will do everything it says it will, good addition to any home...more info
  • Perfect........almost.
    I found this all in one at Office Depot first. I didn't even know wireless network printing and answering machine were options when i went looking for a fax. The answering machine is no frills but serviceable. the one button setup for the wireless was very fast and easy.... until i realized that it changed all my network settings. no harm, no foul. it was easily remedied. If you have more than one wireless device using your network, definately use the manual setup. it's not that difficult (especially if you manually configured your router) and it was fairly quick. all other functions work great. I haven't had it long enough to tell how long the ink lasts or how much refills are....more info
  • Very dissapointed
    The software package was terrible to use. The color printing was not very good at all. The entire system looked very cheap. Not impressed at all....more info
  • Brother MFC-665CW

    Great Product and easy to use and, for the money, one can't go wrong in owning one. I have had 2 printers before this, HP and EPSON, neither one could compare....more info
  • Good buy!
    Excellent color printer that you can do a lot (scan, fax, copy) with affordable price!...more info
  • Alex
    I love this product. I have a small house and not alot of room. I had a fax, scanner, and printer and this takes care of my space problem. From the time I got it out of the box only took me a half hour to set up. I played with all the features and love this product. Would recommend to anyone. ...more info
  • brother 3-1
    ok for my purpose, but clarity not the best. ink hard to find unless u buy it from online (ie. amazon)...more info
  • Adequate machine
    Everything advertised works well. Just refilled ink without problems and since this has a (wifi) ftp memory card access I might be able to use this as a FTP server. Will test that. Only negative it doesn't recognizes the hangup after someone leaves a message and keeps recording the busy ton.
    A firmware update could help.
    (update) Works as ftp server, just redirected port 21 to printer's (static) IP and used any password userID. Nice added bonus. Also be careful when refilling the ink. There is a thin plastic container/bag inside the cartridge that needs to be resealed afterwards.
    ...more info
  • great printer, nice quality
    This printer does everything advertised well. The wireless feature works very well and not slow at all, I had expected more of a delay. Also the setup is easy, software works well. I saw negative reviews on the recent HP models, and the HP models also felt cheap when I looked at them. This one feels a little more sturdy.

    I did find this on the Home Shopping Network site fir $129 including shipping, although they quickly sold out. Even at the $180 price, I think it is a good value....more info
  • Near Perfct
    We've had this printer since March of 07. Works very, very well and is very easy to use. We use the answering system and the fax machine the most. The few pictures we've printed have been fine. Our main reason for buying this printer was the fax and copy ability. Only complaint, the paper tray won't come out. Called customer support and found we have to put candle wax on part of the tray slide system. Not a big deal, but...
    I plan on buying another Brother all-in-one for my son. Highly recommend....more info
  • Don't get a brother-read this please-I can't change stars
    Bought this in March this year. Worked good for six months. Now it will not recognize that I have installed a new ink cartridge, and goes through a continuous loop of error messages that so far has not been resolved. I found a spot on brother help site that simply says if you get this type of message which is not resolved by reinstalling ink cartridge to contact a local authorized repair agent, and be sure and call them before you go to make sure they can actually repair the problem. Sounds like fun to me. Buyer beware.

    Update-just spent a while talking over the phone with a Brother rep named Tarrik, we were able to diagnose that the machine is defective. He is going to ship me a brand new machine(mine still under warranty), not refurbished, and it will be here in three days. This may not be as bad as I thought. It is good to know that when things go bad customer service steps up. Look for a further update.

    Update two-got machine today, couldn't get it to recognize my wireless router, their software did not agree with what was coming up on the small screen, I called customer service, was on the phone for an hour trying to get things to work, the lady managed to get a test page printed out, and said the problem is fixed, thank you for using Brother, hung up, and nothing works-my desktop can't print, my laptop can't print, I have no communication with the printer, and guess what? I called back and the office is closed. My wife has two term papers due Monday, and we can't print squat. The time I have spent on this mess-get a different machine. Don't get a Brother---don't do it.
    ...more info
  • Excellent all-around AIO printer with Wireless
    I have owned many, many, many printers. I was using a Kodak AIO model before switching to this one. I have this setup to print both to the pc via USB connection and wireless for the laptop users in the home. If you are going to setup to use with laptop to print wirelessly, guide will not be able to assist you if you are using a third-party firewall (meaning one that isn't the Windows one from Microsoft). I am surprisingly pleased with this one! Pros outweigh cons at time of this writing. I recommend highly based on current, overall experience.

    Individual ink cartridges
    Photos tested print reasonably well so far
    Photos come out dry to the touch
    Documents print well
    Can scan/fax/copy multiple, individual pages
    Can scan/fax/copy dimensional items using scan bed
    LCD screen is easy to read, shows wireless signal, ink levels
    Pictbridge enabled
    Card reader built in
    Many options to use a answering machine, auto-fax pick up, or completely manual mode
    Stores reasonable amounts of data
    Scans well

    Paper tray a bit unfriendly, have to pull it out to see what is in there
    Engaging the photo tray is a little bit unfriendly but is ok
    Have to reach in it to retrieve printed photos which is a little strange
    Won't print if 1 ink is out (but, other brands have exact same con!)

    Haven't printed greeting cards yet since I don't have spare ink ready
    Haven't printed more color-intense photos since I have no spare ink ready
    Total cost to print based on ink cartridge costs when combined with normal use...more info
  • Great for the price
    The print quality is really good, even for photos. There's only one problem that can be either big or small. It all depends on how much you print over the wireless connection. When the printer is connected to your computer via a USB cable or the printer is connected through an Ethernet cable, it is fast. However, if the printer is using its wireless option and you try to print pictures, you will have to wait a long time. But other wireless options out there cost a lot more. It's like having the wireless option with this printer for free. If you can connect it directly to your router with an Ethernet cable, you will a have a great network printer that works just as fast as more expensive ones. All in all, I'm happy with the printer and its other functions (fax, scanner) and taking into consideration what I've mentioned, I would recommend it. And don't forget that you will save money in the long run by buying individual color cartridges....more info
  • Great buy
    This has proven to be a great all around device. I find myself printing on this rather than my laserjet. It prints decently but I haven't really checked it out in demanding tasks. I like being able to copy and fax and scan from one place. And after using it on a wireless network, any other device I buy will have to be wireless. The setup took a little time but the instructions were understandable. So a great buy....more info
  • As Advertised
    The printer setup on Vista went without A hitch. It performs well with a short learning curve. A real decent AIO for the home user....more info
  • Great all in one, except when one is empty!
    I've just discovered it's dirty little secret, and it's annoying. If only one of its four little ink cartridges is empty, the machine will not print! And these cartridges empty at different times, so you are going to have to have a supply on hand at all times, or you are not going to get that homework printed, that invoice mailed, or other important paperwork done when you need it most! If you are so organized that this is not an issue, then I recommend this machine for all of its other virtues, and I truly envy you! ...more info
  • Very Impressed!
    I just recieved this product in the mail last night. Total approximate time, with medium experience of printers and networking, to print my first test page, wirelessly, was 15 minutes. The ink cartridges load SO easy compared to other printers that I've been through. I also like the fact that if you run out of one color, all you need to do is buy that color. Not a whole new 3-ink-in-1 cartridge that you would normally buy for $25-$30.
    The reasons that I decided to spend the money on this machine are:

    1. Rave reviews by most others on this site.
    2. 802.11g capability. (the ability to print from another room w/o USB).
    3. Photo quality printing. After 20min I printed my first photo. WOW!!
    4. Paper is loaded from a tray. Not hanging out the back all crooked.
    5. Windows Vista compatible.

    On the Vista note, I did have trouble setting up the default printer suite. Instead of installing the whole thing just install the driver using the "Add new printer" option through windows. Select have disk, and it will recognize without issue. All in all, read the manual and you WILL be fine.
    I am very pleased so far with my purchase. I will never buy one of those "All-in-One Wal-mart deals" again! $30 for a printer seems like a steal doesn't it? Well, have you ever heard the saying, "You get what you pay for?"....more info
  • Best choice
    I wanted something like this for my business all in one machine. I am very
    happy with this product. The price was very good too. the delivery was on time....more info
  • Frustrating but FINALLY worth it...
    I thought I was going to pull my hair out to before I would ever get this installed! I'm not very technically savvy, but not an idiot either. I had a difficult time navigating the instructions as nothing seemed to mention Windows Vista, yet there was a disk enclosed labled Windows Vista. After two days of complete frustration, installing and uninstalling software, reading and re-reading the "destructions," multiple trips/downloads from the Brother website (not too helpful), I finally had to call in the big guns. (Wonderful IT neighbor guy...)He was able to load it in a couple of hours but was also challenged by the lack of Vista instructions and found it easier just to "build his own path."

    That said, after the dust has settled I'm pleased to say I'm thrilled with this printer! The quality is great, it's quiet, it has easy features, it's fairly compact for what it does, and I haven't had a bit of trouble with it.(If you completely disregard the above paragraph...)

    However, I recommend that if you purchase this and you're not a computer wizard, HIRE somebody to come and hook it up if you're running Vista. It will save you time and frustration which will be so much more valuable than the cash you'll drop for a quick set up!...more info
  • Great features for a great price.
    It is easy to set up and use, it prints and copies well, it has a handset and a message center, it faxes fine for home use, and it's also a scanner. It's also got wired or wireless networking, which is extremely simple to use, and it's got features like PC Fax, and many options(although I haven't tried them). As long as you don't need a super-powered printer, but want networking with these functions, the 665-cw can't be beat....more info
  • Good Machine
    I do have to mention that there are 4 ink cartrigaes required. If you do not have all of them with ink the entire machine will not print anything. Just one thing to be aware of. Most of HP models are the same way, although I heard one of there models may not be this way.

    Othewise, the machine looked nice and sleek and appears from other reviews to do a nice job and be user friendly....more info
  • Great aio printer for home use with many advanced features
    I was looking for a wireless printer for my laptop that would stand in a convenient location and I wouldn't have to carry it with me around the house, wherever I use my laptop. This printer is also network ready. It comes with a pc fax program. The quality is great, the setup was relatively easy and it came with clear instructions. The cartridges are a bit expensive, but it comes with the first initial four. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this AIO printer for a home use....more info
  • MFC-665cw review
    Most impressed by the ability to use wireless printing from two computers. A little slow but fills a need. Would like double tray availability....more info
  • Great Printer!
    I just received my Brother MFC 665cw and I am really impressed. It took me a little more than an hour to finally figure out setting up the wireless connections but all in all I am really pleased. This printer is a great value for the money. I have not used the fax or scan features yet. The print quality is really good and its so nice to be able to print from the laptop and not have to be in the same room as the printer. The look and compact size of the printer is a plus too. Great choice. I can finally say bye-bye to my HP inkjet which was a pain in the neck....more info
  • Wireless wonder!
    I have a wireless network at home on which I have both Mac & Windows computers. It's always been an effort getting both the Mac & Windows machines to print to a printer on the network. Not anymore.

    I'm in love with this printer! Connecting it to my network was easy and straightforward - I just followed the instructions in the Quick Setup Guide. Next, it was running the CD on each computer. And just like that I'm now able to print from both my Mac & Windows computers. It feels quite amazing being able to print from anywhere in the house to a printer that's just sitting there plugged into the wall with no other wires going anywhere.

    I looked at Brother because my husband has an earlier all-in-one model that he uses in his workshop and he has been extremely happy with it. Well, I can say that this has been the perfect model for our home - the kids print to it all the time for their various homework needs & I use it for all my work needs. I'm really glad I found it.

    One last point that I've also found handy - not only can you control the fax, copy and scan functions directly from the Brother, you can also control them from any of the computers....more info
  • Can't go wrong!
    I feel like I've discovered a hidden treasure. I haven't been this happy with a hardware purchase in a long time. This thing does everything but cook breakfast plus it's tiny and easy to use. It does ten times what our previous machine did, a thousand times better in half the space. I haven't even networked it yet and I already love it ! Just got through scanning an old photo to flash. We bought it for fax and copy which it does really-really well but it's also a good photo printer. I still can't get over how small and cool it looks. This company put some real good thought into a product. Kudos to Brother.
    PS; I'd heard the model with cordless phone didn't fare as well, (low audio), so I purchased corded model instead. We already had cordless phones anyway....more info
  • Very Tidy Machine
    Just installed the system. The WLAN settings are really not that hard - you can simply follow the instructions on the little LCD screen. Something that is not clear from all the info about this device is that you can SCAN from the device directly to any computer on your network. Very nice!

    More after some time using it. ...more info
  • Very good all in one for home office with perfect price.
    I am very impressed with this printer. I use it for basic purpose. If you want faster printouts then INKJET is not an option I guess. For personal use this is very good. I like the wireless part. One tip though:- if your are using IP address for printer wirelessly, then you should select block/fix/reserver IP address in your wireless router. I was readinng reviews and saw couple of paper jam complains. May be they are using wrong or very thin paper. I did not use the fax functionality yet so I cannot comment on it....more info
  • More Than Excellent Value
    I've been using this printer for 2 months and have no complaints. It's a wonderful machine and a bargain for what it can do. In fact if I had known before buying it what the performance was like I would have gladly paid twice the asking price.

    The set up was not exactly 5mins but more like 30mins. The bulk of this time was spent setting up the wireless security code as my home wireless router is security enabled. This is the only negative I have. Not much of a negative point I know as setting up a wireless security enabled device of whatever brand or type is a pain anyway.

    The feature I like the most is that it's wireless and there are no frigging wires to get tangled up.

    The other plus points are the ink cartridges are all separate, that is 3 separate color cartridges and one black. How many times have you run out of say magenta with the other 2 colors still 50% full? The only option is to buy a costly whole new color cartridge? Not with this baby you only buy the color cartridge you need.

    The software that comes with is package is a joy to work with and hasn't caused any computer conflicts or headaches.

    Having had Canon and HP printers before I can recommend the Brother MFC-665cw and for me it was worth the step into the unknown.

    ...more info
  • Depends on your needs...
    I now have three printers in my home, this one, the only Printer I have that functions with the Microsoft Vista Platform, An Epson All-in-one and a HP all-in-one.

    I really love the Brother MFC 665cw for sitting in another room, laptop on my lap and wirelessly printing. Unlike the other reviewer, I had no problems with the Scanner or the fax, and the print quality is great. I have not used the message center, so can't advise about that...

    On the downside, the printer does not smoothly feed envelopes. I went to the Brother website to see if I was doing something wrong, and no, the envelopes were a standard size and weight, no gummy flaps or anything like that might mess up the printer, but every time I try to print envelopes they jam. I am extremely perseverant so have ruined more than 50 envelopes (really a pain with my Christmas Greetings!). Also, it goes through ink very quickly and the ink is more expensive than some of the other inks that I buy for the other printers.

    I recently bought a new HP for the home office (so that I can print envelopes and it will work with Vista) and will give it a try and inform readers about that one once I have given it a shot. This one will go into the office and function as a fax machine, and hopefully give the message center a try.

    If you are like me and are highly dependent upon mailmerge for your business correspondence, I would not recommend this printer until they work out the kinks with the envelope feed.

    ...more info
  • Surprised and Disappointed
    I am an experienced computer user. I bot the MFC-665CW bec I wanted the functionality for light use. I ended up using a USB cable for connection bec the process to use 802.11g was long and arcane. The printing has been fine. I have faxed without difficulty. Yesterday, I tried to scan for the first time. No results. Got on the Brother website for support. Downloaded new drivers. Installation failed. Went to FAQs. Followed instructions (poor instructions, long procedures) to re-install drivers. Now I cannot scan AND I cannot print. I sent off email to Brother. They responded with the wrong help number. I waited 25 minutes to find out that they had to put me in another queue for 20 minutes. This is not what I call adequate customer support. I have, so far, spent around 5 hours on this problem....more info
  • Great MFC For The Price
    The Brother MFC-665CW delivers as promised and is a value at its sale price. It was easy to set up on my WLAN. The printer, fax, Copier,answering machine, and scanner features are satisfactory for light home office use. ...more info
  • Back to Brother and Glad I Did
    My last Brother machine was a Fax-175 thermal/answering machine that was so durable, it lasted perfectly for over 15 years. It sold easily on eBay. Why oh why I ever tried cranky Canon or hiccuping HP machines is beyond me.

    This time, when the HP 5510's cheap construction started to fall apart and I was sick of software hangups and HP's bloatware, I looked at Brother again. What a pleasure.

    My choices are somewhat limited by printer shelf space that's only 10" high...this unit is only an amazing 7". And it's solid, weighing more than the larger, klunky HP it replaced.

    Features I particularly like:
    * Keys are on the very front of the machine and angled towards the user
    * Paper tray easily and smoothly stows out of the way when not in use,
    * USB 2.0 (and, unlike some other reviews, I like the way it channels into the back under the scanner cover),
    * Relatively easy menus on a flip-up 2" LCD,
    * Seperate CMYK tanks easily accessable through a door on the right front corner of the machine, instead of being hidden deep in the machine's innards.

    I suppose my only annoyance, if that, was an excess of stickers all over the machine. Big deal, huh?

    I also considered the MFC-5460cn because of the 33.3 fax (the 665 is 14.4) and 1200x2400 scan (the 665 is 600x2400). Mine is a small graphics agency and we already use a high resolution Canon scanner. Our fax usage is only a necessary evil. We do, however, copy documents regularly.

    What pushed me over the edge was the b/g wireless capability, lower profile than the 5460 and phone/ans machine/speakerphone/rec capability as a backup phone system (yes, we have limited UPS we save for the computers).

    As I expected, the build is absolutely solid. I have no problem with the print quality whatsoever, for docs or drafts of adverts. It puts the old HP to shame...and for 150 bucks new!...more info
  • Amazing multifunction for the price - amazing support
    While this printer may not match up to others in the specifications department, It is an excellent multifunction device for the price.


    I was able to plug in this All-in-One, connect it to my wireless (WPA protected, 802.11 G) network, and download drivers to print and scan in no time. All of this can be configured using the controls on the unit. The wireless is a great feature because it allows you to place the unit anywhere in the house without having to worry about being near a computer or running wires.

    Setting up the device was simple, but the thing that simply amazed me is the support for this device.
    Sure, they have drivers for win 9x/NT/2000/XP and even Vista. No big surprise there, they even support 3 versions of Mac OS X.

    What absolutely blew me away is the Linux support. They have RPM and DEB packages for printing, faxing, and scanning. I was able to print with CUPS and scan with XSane on my Ubuntu laptop over my wireless network with very little trouble. I didn't even have to compile anything!

    I can now Print and scan from 6 computers in my house running 4 different Operating Systems (windows XP, Ubuntu 6.10, Ubuntu 6.06, and Mac OS X) and it only took one afternoon to set it all up!!!! This is unheard of. I will buy brother components from now on because of this alone.

    This is not the fastest printer in the world, but the speed is ok for light use. Pages come out clean and neat with decent quality.

    I have printed a few pictures on high gloss paper. They turned out really well, again, you can probably do better, but the average users should be satisfied.

    Scanning over the network is a snap (even in Linux), and I have had no problems with it. Again, there are faster scanners, and the document feeder only holds 10 pages at a time. This is targeted at home users. I think it holds its class very well.

    Memory cards:
    you can scan and print with memory cards using the on screen controls. This is a handy feature if you just need to make a quick soft copy of a document or print a snapshot off of your digital camera.

    You can scan documents to JPEG or PDF, and you can print from JPEG. The device lets you choose resolution for scans and print sizes and layouts for photos. It will even print contact sheets for you.

    This unit uses permanent print heads. What this means is that you do not have to buy a new print head every time you buy new ink cartridges like you do with lexmark and HP. The advantage is that Ink cartridges cost less, the disadvantage is that the printer needs to clean the heads more often (it does this automatically) to keep them from drying out so you will use a little bit more ink. This is really only noticeable if you don't use the printer very much. You will see the ink slowly get used up.

    This unit also has a fax and voice messaging (answering machine) built into it. I have voicemail and an online fax service so I have not been able to try these features.

    I have had this printer for 3 months, and I have been sold on it from day 1. It is a very practical and well thought out printer with excellent software support.

    UPDATE: I have had this printer for a year and a half now and it is still going strong. No issues. It works flawlessly with every operating system I have thrown at it (Ubuntu all the way up to Hardy)....more info
  • Good Product
    So far, I have found this product to be very good, especially for the price. I previously had a Brother product for almost 3 years without ANY problems and is the reason I wanted to replace it with another Brother product. I read the "bad" reviews, but I relied on MY previous experience and it was great. I received a defective machine on first order, called Brother Customer Service and received a new machine within 2 days along with return instructions and postage paid info. What happened to my other machine was the use of "compatible" ink cartridges - don't do it!! It ruined the ink heads and this machine was only a few dollars more than the cost to replace the ink heads.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Value
    I just received this printer today and finally retired my venerable HP PSC 500 All-In-One (for which I paid $550 back in 1999).

    This new Brother MFC is sleek and simple to set up. It instantly detected our wireless network and we were printing documents in photos in a few minutes. Anybody who complains about smearing of colors is obviously using the wrong paper - when you use the photo paper, you get the sharpest and most vivid photos I have ever seen for a printer this price. Normal text printing is fast, although a bit noisy. I have sent a few test faxes and that was a breeze but I haven't received any faxes yet.

    I wish the paper try held more than 100 sheets of paper, but aside from that I am very happy with the printer, especially for a mere $147.
    ...more info
  • Impressed so far
    I originally swore I'd never buy a Brother again after having multiple printheads fail on me with my previous Brother MFC unit. However the combination of features and price (OfficeMax was doing $30 any purchase over $150) made me want to give Brother another try. The machine is stylish and well made. It seems to have an incredible number of features. Setup was straightforward, including the wireless setup (although my case is simple because my wireless network is not encrypted). I'll know more about reliability in about a year or so I imagine....more info
  • Excellent value
    We bought this printer because of the combination of low price and good feature set. There are relatively few printers under $200 that feature a built-in networking interface, let alone a wireless one. The wireless setup is easy and supports WEP and WPA/PSK. For scanning, you can either "push" (i.e. select the receiving computer on the printer's screen) or "pull" (i.e. start the scan with desktop software), which is very convienient. The quality of the desktop software has been good so far -- we have scanned and printed around 100 pages and have not seen any crashes or hangs. The user-interface on the device is easy and intuitive. On the negative side, the print quality is not quite as good as some of the higher-end printers from HP, but it is certainly adequate and is as good or better than our HP OfficeJet v40....more info
  • lots of features, good value, convenient, so-so print quality
    Having gotten a new desktop replacement computer which lacked the parallel cable port for my old Xerox 490cx multifunction, I got this model because of its functions, wireless capability, and cost (one-fifty at office depot). It's also the first flatbed device I have gotten. Its relatively small footprint was also a selling point. My use is light home office and personal use - short work-related text documents, recipes for wife, color pictures the kids make, simple copying tasks, and for sending and receiving short faxes.

    Set-up - a little bit involved as far as setting it up for wireless on my somewhat old netgear router. Still it found my network, and entering the security key was fairly straightforward. It would be nice if its mac address was more obvious. It might be hard for a total novice to hook this up to wireless unless s/he were running an open and unsecure network. While the box touts its wireless capability, the instructions time and time again recommend using usb or Cat5 connection for best results. Rather disturbing they would choose to discourage you from actually using a feature they tout so prominently on its packaging. I had to turn off the computer's firewall for it to find the printer on the network the first time. You have to use the install disk on every computer you want to enable to access this printer. But I got it working, and all connected computers can find it and print to it. Nice to cut down on a single wire (usb or LAN), but you still have a power cord and a phone-in and phone-out cord so you still have a heavily wired set-up.

    Features - the LCD screen is a nice touch and it folds up so you can see it from different angles. It has card reader slots so you can print directly from flash memory cards. The print quality is just so-so. I easily could see the grain on text; on graphics the colors bleed a little. Even using photo paper the results are not satisfactory for printing photos. It has individual ink cartridges which is a plus, and they are very elegantly and easily accessed from the front of the machine. Can't comment on ink cartridge duration yet. I like to refill my own cartridges especially black, but don't know yet if these are amenable to after-market ink refilling. Print speed is a little slow for color, and adequate for text. You can load up to 100 sheets in the cartridge easily accessed at the front of the machine. As a scanner, the resolution certainly should be adequate for most home user tasks, but i found the colors of scanned photos lack vibrancy. This could perhaps be touched up using photo-editing software. After getting a question, i checked it out and you can indeed scan to PDF format - just set up a custom scan program.

    Other - It has a built in phone handset and answering machine which are a nice touch if you also want to get rid of a separate phone/answering machine. In retrospect the phone is almost useless to me. You can set the machine to answer faxes only, or phone calls also. The PC fax is a great feature, and you can create a cover page in a snap - all you do is "Print" and select PC-fax from the drop-down menu. Unfortunately you can't preview your scanned fax before sending. I have not received a fax yet, but you are able to save these faxes directly as computer documents - not sure which format yet but another great saver of paper and time. I haven't tried the document feeder yet but if it works for a few pages without a jam, i'll be delighted.

    I've not owned a brother brand printer before; I hope it lasts as long as previously owned canon and Xerox devices I've had. For its price, I'm satisfied but not blown away.

    It's Broken
    I bought all this Brother ink and now it doesn't work.
    Upon starting the machine there is a grating sound as if plastic gears are turning against resistance and then the "Paper Jam" message appears. But there is no paper stuck inside. Rebooting (which you can only do by unplugging) doesn't help. A plastic gear has broken off in the cartridge housing. It is out of warranty. This is after 7 months of very light household use, so you might want to refrain from buying this. And this after I bought alot of Brother LC51 ink....more info