Adorama Wireless Radio Remote Release for Nikon D200/D2X/D100 Digital Cameras
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Product Description

Adorama Wireless Radio Remote Release for Canon EOS Rebel XT, Contax 645 and Hasselblad H Series Cameras.

  • Omni-Directional Wireless RF Radio Remote Release
  • Consists of Receiver which connects to camera's cable release socket and Sender
  • Range of over 100 feet
  • 16 channel
  • Two position switch (one for focusing of camera and one for shutter release)
Customer Reviews:
  • No Reliable Experience
    This item failed to trigger on critical family pictures on several occasions. Works only if a few feet from the camera. Cheap design & construction. ...more info
  • Works most of the time
    This product is designed very cheaply, but it does work. At first I didn't think it did, because when I pressed the button on the receiver it wouldn't come on. After fiddling for quite some time, I finally tried pushing and holding the button on the receiver, and lo-and-behold, if you hold the button about 3 seconds, the red LED starts flashing. I now realize that the flashing LED is the indication that the receiver is ON. Now, why can't they say that in the instructions??

    Then, to turn it OFF, you simply push and release the button on the receiver and it turns OFF instantly. No surprises there.

    Anyway, it works up to about 20 feet away as long as there is nothing solid in the way. The antenna on the transmitter needs to be extended for it to work past 3 or 4 feet.

    I also found that if you push the transmitter button just slightly, you get a 'half-press' shutter on the camera.

    I normally use it in conjunction with the Mirror Lock-Up function on the camera. One push on the button and the mirror raises and a second push releases the shutter.

    The plug that goes into the 10-pin recepticle on the camera is also cheaply designed. At first it was really tight, and I was afraid I might damage something pushing it in. However, after using it 10 or 15 shoots, it has loosened up to the point that it sometimes works itself loose far enough to disconnect one or more of the internal connections and it stops working. I use a strip of tape over it now to keep it from working loose....more info
  • Most useless dog in the world
    The receiver will receive the signal within the radius of a funnel approximately 6 inches tall and 4 inches diameter directly above the green light. Oh sure I lied. It does better than that. This is what I did. Hooked the sucker up to my D200. Pressed, nothing, pressed again, nothing. Go up closer, nothing, and nothing, and fired! Wow! Ok, I put the magic wand (antenna) very close to the receiver, click, fired, click fired. I move the wand away, nothing, moved back, fired! I now wave my wand slowed following the obit of an imaginary cone projected from the green light and it fires every time within approximately 6 X 4 inches.

    I changed batteries twice, my luck did not improve.

    Did I get a bad unit? Did anyone else have a different experience? ...more info
  • Disappointed
    It took me several minutes to plug in the 10-pin connector to my D200, and -- like another reviewer here -- I was worried I was breaking something; a lot of forcing going on; it never felt like it connected properly.

    Once I did make the connection, the wireless would only work from 3ft away or closer. And even then, it worked maybe 20% of the time. Most of the time I actually had to -touch- the remote to the wireless receiver to make it work, which of course defeats the purpose of having a wireless.

    I'm happy other reviewers here had an easy time with it; but man I wish I could get my money back on this one.

    Flickr has a small user discussion on this wireless as well. Search for "d200 wireless shutter release". Some got it to work, and most had trouble getting the plug to connect.
    ...more info
  • I am not a believer...
    Maybe it's just me, but I have to say for $100.00 (price I paid for it), I found this product to be quite weak and disappointing.

    I had a heck of a time getting it to work, half of the time the receiver wouldn't pick up the signal and I was just a few feet away. I fiddled with it for quite some time and it was bad enough that I became quite frustrated with it and rarely if ever use it anymore. I became frustrated as I would setup the shot, get all ready, and half the time the remote didn't work.

    You have to make sure you turn it off, there is no sleep or timeout mode, else the next time you want to use it, the battery is dead. Takes one of these batteries: Duracell Ultra Lithium Battery 3V, CR2 , 2 batteries.

    The construction is lower grade plastic and feels like a $19.00 product instead of a $100.00 product. Even the carrying case is low quality for that price. Every time I would plug it in the 10-pin connector I was worried I would bend the pins or screw up the connector due to "fragility" of the remote.

    I have this remote also: NIKON MC-36 Multi-Function Remote Cord ( 33.5 inches ) - granted it's not wireless and I get why one would want wireless, that's why I bought this product, but if you compare the two remotes from what you get for the price, this remote falls way short. Instead of using this wireless remote to take self portraits, I now program in interval timed shots in the MC-36 and I can get exactly what I want and never be frustrated with the remote.

    I am sorry, and maybe it's me and I am not smart enough to make this work, but I cannot recommend this product - but in my defense - a product like this, at this price, should be reliable and easy to use. My guess is if you drop $100.00 on it, you will be disappointed like me. Wireless technology is not that expensive these days so there is no justification for making something this "cheap" and charging a premium for it....more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I absolutely adore this product!! I love doing self portrait shots and I use it all the time. I have a D200 and it works wonderfully for what I do. I have even put the remote in my pocket and fired it from a range of about 15 feet (to conceal the remote in my hand). I have put the remote behind my back and not had the antenna up and I have found that it still works great!!!

    I agree that there should be a whote dot on the outside of the 10pin so that it is easier to plug into your camera but with some observation it isn't too difficult. Plus you can always put your own dot on there...come on now people, get creative and stop being lazy....more info
  • Great addition to the D200 accessory
    I purchased this remote for my D200 and found it to work very nicely for what I needed it for, mainley self portrait photography in a studio setting. I've released the shutter from up to 20 feet away and it works. There is a lag sometimes and the receiver won't activate without the antenna in the up position on the sending unit. It works best when its unobstructed.
    Also the receiver 10 pin connector could be improved by adding a Locating (White) Dot to match the White Dot on the D200 10 pin socket, as is you have to be carefull to match the connector slots before pluging in the receiver into the D200.
    Otherwise I do recommend this remote if you need hands off photography with the D200 and don't want to point with an inferred or be attached with a wire to your camera....more info