Gary Fong C3 Cloud Lightsphere II, Inverted Dome Flash Diffusion System.
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Product Description

This is a flexible, Opaque Vinyl diffuser with an internal snap on dome. Designed to fit a select group of flashes (see list of flashes below) The inside of the Lightsphere is completely textured to make the light dispersion even more "soft" than it would be otherwise! The new cloud colored Lightsphere provides the warmest softest light possible from your on-camera flash Studio quality light, that you can carry in your gear bag, makes the Cloud Lightsphere the perfect diffuser for portrait photographers and wedding photojournalists. This soft flattering light is the same light you are accustomed to finding in your studio when using a softbox, Calumet panel or large umbrella. If you shoot outside of your studio - you will love the NEW Cloud Lightsphere. The inverted dome allows you to softly diffuseyou will love the NEW Cloud soft source without creating flare on the front of your lens. The C3 Lightsphere II fits the following flashes Canon 380EX, 420EZ & 430EX Metz 36AF, 40MZ2, 54MZ-3, 54MZ-4,. Minolta 3500xi, 5200, 5400 Nikon SB-24, 25, 26, 28, 28DX Olympus FL40, FL50, G40 Sunpak MZ440AF, 355AF, 266D, Vivitar 728AF, 836-840AF

Customer Reviews:
  • Best diffuser money can buy
    I have used a variety of diffusers and this is the best by far. Not only does it perfectly diffuse light onto the subject, but it comes in especially handy when you are shooting multiple people at once. Because it sends out a 360 degree light beam, all of the people in the shot are lit evenly.

    I have used these with other flashes and they fit them perfectly. Unfortunately, this one does not fit the 430EX as perfectly as the others I have used fit their respective flashes. If you are going to be using the 430ex you will have to use some sort of adhesive, velcro, etc. in order to get it to stay on. If you don't it will slide off. Again this is the only Fong product that I have had this trouble with. I do want to say that the product works so well that it is worth the extra effort.

    Take my word for it: I've tried countless diffusers and this is the best for wide to medium focal length shooting. I use it for everything between 17 and 70mm. (I rarely shoot under 17mm and I don't normally use flashes when I do) For over 70mm I would stick to the traditional slip-on Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce or another similar product that can create more of a directed and lengthy beam. This product is for a nice puffy cloud of light spraying evenly in every direction....more info
  • Does what it says
    I hate to admit that I spent $40 on a piece of plastic, but I do believe it is worth it, my photos are very evenly exposed, the soft flash look is absolutely beautiful and makes shooting in all conditions more interesting. I would recommend this to anyone looking to do portraits, wedding photos, indoor or outdoors it just adds some great light in these situations.

    I wish there was something else to keep it attached to the flash but this is only a minor gripe....more info
  • This is the bomb!
    A lot of other pro photographers laugh at this thing, but I'll tell you the light this puts out beats pretty much everything else I've tried. It looks very natural, particularly when you have the inverted dome off and bounce the light off the ceiling. Before the Lightsphere, I'd have harsh shadows under the eyes. Not anymore! I'm buying a second one for my other flash, so I won't have to keep switching my strobe from one camera body to the other....more info
  • Wow! This makes flash look great!
    The cloud diffuser makes your flash look great. It's easy to use and faces / skin tones look natural. Even eye-color shows up correctly. It gets rid of harsh shadows behind the subject. $50 seems like a lot to pay for what looks like a leftover container, but it does seem to work as advertised. My one gripe is that it fits a little loose on my flash....more info