Gary Fong C1 Cloud Lightsphere II, Inverted Dome Flash Diffusion System.
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Product Description

This is a flexible, Opaque Vinyl diffuser with an internal snap on dome. Designed to fit a select group of flashes (see list of flashes below) The inside of the Lightsphere is completely textured to make the light dispersion even more "soft" than it would be otherwise! The new cloud colored Lightsphere provides the warmest softest light possible from your on-camera flash Studio quality light, that you can carry in your gear bag, makes the Cloud Lightsphere the perfect diffuser for portrait photographers and wedding photojournalists. This soft flattering light is the same light you are accustomed to finding in your studio when using a softbox, Calumet panel or large umbrella. If you shoot outside of your studio - you will love the NEW Cloud Lightsphere. The inverted dome allows you to softly diffuseyou will love the NEW Cloud soft source without creating flare on the front of your lens. The C1 Lightsphere II fits the following flashes Canon 420EX Nikon SB-50DX,SB-80DX, SB-600, SB-800 Pentax 330FTZ, AF500FTZ Quantaray 6500A Sigma 420, 430 Sunpak 4000AF, 383 Achiever 260 thru 828 - TZ2 Digslave DFS-1 Vivitar 273, 2800, 550/560D, The LightSphere System is also available in a see through Version What are the differences between the Lightsphere CLEAR and CLOUD? Which one is better for my situation? Which Lightsphere is best for any given setting is as much a mat

Customer Reviews:
  • The best diffuser you can buy.
    I have used all type and manner of portable diffusers and this is the best by far. Not only does it perfectly diffuse light onto the subject, but it comes in especially handy when you are shooting multiple people at once. Because it sends out a 360 degree light beam, all of the people in the shot are lit evenly.

    I have used these with other flashes and some fit them perfectly and some don't. Thankfully, at least with the Nikon SB-600, this is one of the ones that fits just fine without any adhesive or velcro needed. In fact, this fit the SB-600 just right. Not too tight, but still tight enough that you can shake it violently up and down and it will not budge.

    Take my word for it: I've tried countless diffusers and this is the best for wide to medium focal length shooting. I use it for everything between 17 and 70mm. (I rarely shoot under 17mm and I don't normally use flashes when I do) For over 70mm I would stick to the traditional slip-on Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce or another similar product that can create more of a directed and lengthy beam. This product is for a nice puffy cloud of light spraying evenly in every direction....more info
  • The best of its type.
    Most photographers have unrealistic expectations of slip-on flash diffusers. I've owned and used three of the most popular. They all work more or less, but all are pretty definitely limited in terms of their ability to give you the smooth, even lighting that you can get with studio lighting.

    I wish the other ones I tried worked better. It is a nuisance to carry this thing around in my camera pack. It rightly is compared to a Tupperware bowl. I've seen a clever DIY diffuser on the internet that might work about as well. But if you will buy a diffuser for your flash, get this one. It is the best.

    If you point the Lightsphere up at the ceiling, as you should, it is often smart to bounce the light from your flash off the ceiling and back down on your subject. That's difficult with other flash diffusers. With this model you can just pocket the diffuser dome. That has most of your light being directed to bounce, which is a very pretty sort of light in many settings; meanwhile you get some diffused light from the front of the Lightsphere.

    Most wedding professionals have learned that this accessory--awkward though it is to use--is the best thing on the market at this point....more info
  • Works as Advertised +++
    I am very pleased with the cloud diffuser on my Nikon SB-800 and Nikon SB-600 flash units. While the 600 and 800 are great units, I am very pleased with the softened light that I now have with this diffuser. I have used it close up with great results. Have not tried it in large room with large groups - but, that is not what I bought it for.

    It is true that people DO LOOK at you when you have this thing mounted on your flash. And, people DO ASK what the heck it is.

    Bottom line: Does everything as advertised. Highly recommended....more info
  • Great, but not the greatest
    I ordered the lightsphere for my assistant and myself after talking to a few other photographers who enjoyed the product. Our main focus is portraiture, and I was looking for a smaller, more easily portable answer to my beloved studio softbox. The lightsphere delivers a nice warm quality, and doesn't require bracketing, as the exposure stays true. I've yet to shoot any large group shots with it, but with couples or individuals, it works well. The DVD that accompanies it is laughable in it's low-budget quality, but was fun to watch. Overall, I'm happy with the (bulky- someone likened it to a tupperware bowl) addition to my camera bag, but will continue my search for other flash-diffusing accessories. ...more info
  • Gary Fong Shpere Lightsphere II
    I just purchased your Sphere II Pro kit.
    I was very eager to get after watching your videos on-line.
    My flash is Canon 580EXII and I ordered C2/P2 to fit.
    I double checked the spheres and it is correct P2.
    My problem is that both spheres fit loose.
    A couple little bumps and they will fall off.
    If I hang my camera over my shoulder on the strap and the sphere bumps
    my leg it falls to the floor. This make one look like a bumbling fool that charges $150.00 an hour and can't keep his equipment together.
    My other concern is the chrome dome will spin on the sphere after it is snapped in place. Again, a couple little bumps and the chrome dome is pointed in the wrong direction.
    The clear and amber domes snap and hold tight in place on the sphere.
    What is going wrong?
    It seems likem the part of the sphere that slides over the flash head needs to be longer to make the sphere hold better.
    Bottom line is it's more trouble than it's worth and will send back.
    But give it a try, I'm sure it fits better on some flashes than others.
    As soon as it falls off with a gust of wind or slight bump and falls to a place you can't pick it up, all is good......more info
  • Very Happy
    I am very happy with this product and use it all the time with indoor and outdoor flash...more info
  • So-so!
    The dome works but not as "phenomenal" as it was described in the commercials. works the same as an ordinary diffuser....more info
  • it works well.
    The product works as described, which is of course what it is supposed to do. However the fit of this item onto the speedlight is poor. Yes, I did buy the lightsphere specific to my speedlight. Worse yet, the lid does not fit with any security. When facing forward,it WILL fall off, making you spend as much time picking it up. Save yourself some bucks, and cut a hole in the bottom of a wonton soup container....more info
  • Throw away your studio strobes?
    Well almost. I am convinced this is the best $50 I have spent photographically speaking for many years. It literal preforms as well as a simple softbox set-up. It is easily transportable in a camera bag, it allows immediate change from landscape to Portrait shots on the fly without a strobe frame (Assuming your flash gun swivels), it is useful indoors with low ceilings and high ceilings, it works brilliantly outdoors as a soft fill light.
    What if it turns out to be the best $50 you ever spent on getting better flash pictures - won't you be delighted?...more info
  • Amazing diffuser
    I have been using diffuser's for a few years and settled on a lumiquest model.I then learned of Gary Phongs diffuser and was interested immediatly.The problem with my diffuser was that it was too directional.This unit spreads the light around much more evenly.I used it at a candlelit wedding ceremony and was pleased with the results.I plan to buy the other model as well....more info