Gary Fong P2 Clear Lightsphere II Inverted Dome Flash Diffusion System.
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Product Description

This is a flexible, totally CLEAR VINYL diffuser with an internal snap on dome. Designed to fit a select group of flashes (see list of flashes below) The inside of the Lightsphere is completely textured to make the light dispersion even more "soft" than it would be otherwise! Clear vinyl cuts down on light loss and also gives it a more sleek professional appearance while still delivering the soft diffuse light you demand. This version is designed for fast action, tight spaces and crowds. The new vinyl construction ensures a snug fit on a wide range of flash heads without the need for adaptors. Everything you asked for is finally here! The inverted dome allows you to softly diffuse direct light with a large, soft source without creating flare on the front of your lens. The P2 Lightsphere II fits the following flashes Canon 299, 540EZ, 550EX Minolta 5600 Pentax AF500FTZ Quantaray QTB-7500A, QDC-900/900WA, QTB-9500A Sunpak 5000AF, PZ5000 Vivitar 5200, 600N, DF200 The LightSphere System is also available in non see through Cloud Version What are the differences between the Lightsphere CLEAR and CLOUD? Which one is better for my situation? Which Lightsphere is best for any given setting is as much a matter of photographer preference and loyalty as anything. Many pros carry both styles in their gear bag for varying lighting situations. Both Lightspheres provide excellent diffu

Customer Reviews:
  • A must-have for event photographers
    The Lightdome is great at receptions for bringing in extra light. It's best when pointed at the ceiling (hopefully, a low white one) and boosting the flash output. This offers a great alternative to the old-fashioned, blown out, practically all black backgrounds from the reception shots of yore. ...more info