CA Internet Security Suite 2007 3-User w/$6,500 Identity Theft and Virus Protection
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  • Not as good as free AVG anti virus and free Zone Alaram Internet Security
    I have been using Zone Alarm Internet Security and AVG Anti Virus for 4 years and I was so happy. First time, I have bought this CA internet security bundle which comes with Internet Security, AntiVirus and Spyware.

    Installation is very smooth.

    While CA internet security is running, I have found the following issues
    Firefox takes 100% CPU when CA firewall is running. I can't shutdown gracefully and I had to shutdown forcefully by holding the power button.
    Lots of ebay pages are not working properly from MyEbay page. While bidding, the firefox is trying to download the xxx.dll instead of running it on the server.
    Everytime, I have to add new website into the privacy -> manage websites to make all link work properly.

    Opening security center takes 100% of the CPU.
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  • Great product! Better than ever!
    I am a long time CA customer and with the release of this product I have not been disappointed. Works seamlessly with good performance and has a lot of great features--not to mention a guarantee that protects me from viruses or identity theft. It has my two thumbs up.

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