Adorama Wireless Radio Remote Release for Canon EOS 5D, 10D, 20D, 30D & 40D SLR Digital Cameras (3 Pin)
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Product Description

Eliminates the need for a cable release. Allows the camera to be fired from a distance up to 100 ft. uses RF (radio frequency) signals, not line-of-sight like infrared. Transmitter has a 2 position lightly for prefocusing, and then continue pressing to release the shutter. LED lights indicate prefocus and exposure. May be used on up to 16 channels...user settable.

  • Omni-Directional Wireless RF Radio Remote Release
  • Consists of Receiver which connects to camera's cable release socket and Sender
  • Range of over 100 feet
  • 16 channel
  • Two position switch (one for focusing of camera and one for shutter release)
Customer Reviews:
  • Does the job, doubts about longevity
    Got an identical set on eBay from the source in China for $25, free shipping.

    Pro: works! The receiver uses AAA batteries, easy to find.

    Con: not build to last. Using duck-tape to keep things together might not be a stretch in the future. The controller uses an odd size battery, maybe expensive to replace. The controller doesn't have a on/off switch. So I take the battery out when not in use.

    Look on eBay and it's not hard to find. I am not a seller or in anyway related to the seller(s). ...more info
  • Works as advertised AND WILD FUN
    This tiny little thing works very well. Used it on a Canon 20D and a 40D. Those who experienced dead batteries on arrival, I wonder if they noticed the near-invisible, ultra-thin hard plastic one of the batteries was wrapped in. I too, thought the battery was dead, until, a little upset, I finally noticed the thin layer of shiny plastic over the contacts. The silly stuff covered the whole battery; and so tightly, you don't even notice it's there, and it doesn't prevent the battery from being inserted! ...more info
  • Great Remote
    It works well
    has good range
    decent size
    SUPPORTS BULB! (turn off auto focus, then hold the button until the light turns off(about 2 seconds) then just hit the button again when you are done with the exposure.)

    the button on the remote is VERY sensitive for autofocusing(not too bad) but be careful when you are doing a bulb exposure because you could easily end it
    Speaking of bulb exposures, the light on the remote is really bright, make sure you cover it or aim away from your long exposures

    Overall the build quality is good and it works very well. I just wish canon would stop being so cheap and add an internal receiver to their cameras so that i dont have to have a stupid dongle hanging from the camera....more info
  • Piece of trash
    i wasted my money, it work only some times and only a couple feet of distance, very dissapointed. ...more info
  • Excellent value for money, works as advertised
    I have the exact same remote, but I didn't buy it from Adorama, I bought it from Link-Delight in Hong Kong on eBay for $27 including shipping to the US. Works great, am very happy with the product, especially that it has user-replaceable batteries. Can't beat it for the price!...more info
  • Works as it should.
    I wanted a wireless remote for my 40D for my vacation, however did not have the money to buy Canon's pricey remote so settled for this one instead.

    It requires two different battery types, a CR2 battery and an A23 battery, both readily available at Wal-mMart or most pharmacies- and thankfully so, because the CR2 the remote came with was dead.

    It's a pain to have to carry around two more batteries, plus my AA's and my 40D batteries- and it is pretty cheaply built. The remote is small and fits in the palm nicely.

    A great alternative to Canon's remote....more info
  • DOA
    I received this product, and the transmitter was dead out of the box. I wrote to Adorama (several days ago) and never received a reply back. As someone else mentioned it is cheaply made, and even the receiver side which did "work" had a sticking button. ...more info
  • Like a Mac Computer - Out of the Box, Everything Works!
    Worked like a charm, right out of the box. Even comes with a spare battery. Doesn't get any better. Anyone who enjoys nature and has a camera that is compatible with this remote, go for it!...more info
  • Made in China, but actually works with my 30D
    Having already been through some other after-market gear for my camera that was disappointing, I was SHOCKED to take this out of the box, pop in the batteries, and immediately begin using it with my 30D. What a bargain!! Other remote systems are over $300. Batteries might be tricky to find locally so order them online as soon as you can. No setup, no instructions required to use. Yes, it does seem cheap - because it is!...more info
  • Poor Craftsmanship
    I gotta say that this product has been working ok so far. The only problem I have with it is that the craftsmanship isn't that great. It just feels cheap, like it's going to fall apart. That is the reason for the 3 stars, but then again, if you have a 30D like me there aren't any cheap alternatives....more info
  • Excellent product without the hefty price.
    At first I thought, how well could this product perform seeing as though it is almost half the price of a wireless Canon remote? I own a Canon 20D and it works just great. I used it for the first time taking some professionally shot family photos and it worked out perfectly. The remote transmitting distance is great and because it is RF instead of infrared, I don't need to worry about me pointing it at the camera. I can simply hide it behind another person's back and press halfway to focus and the rest to shoot. Notably, it's much smaller than it looks here in the photo -- believe me, this is a plus (it's all about discretion)! The battery life thus far has been quite good.

    For those of you looking for a no fuss, inexpensive way of having a wireless shutter remote with your digital SLR, I would definitely entertain and recommend this product. I have had no trouble with it using my Canon 20D....more info
  • IR remote for Canon 10D
    Easy to use, works as advertised. Very small, even fits into small camera bag. Great for being IN the family picture instead of just taking it. :)...more info
  • Works great
    This remote works wonderfully for my purpose... taking my own family's portraits, or any photos that I want to be in. I have used it a handful of times and it seems to work great. It allows you to use different channels and I haven't quite figured that out yet. I just leave it on the same channel each time. My only complaint is that the instructions that come with it are pretty brief. It would have been nice to have more explanation about several of the functions. For the price, it's a great little remote....more info
  • Terrific product
    Works just as described, long range, no problems. I set it up with my camera outside next to the bird feeder and started snapping away - got some great shots of birds taking off and landing. It comes with a battery which was dead upon arrival (hence the 4 stars - would have been 5), so I thought the product was not working. A new battery added like $12 to the price of the remote, but even so it is much cheaper than the Canon remote....more info
  • Impressed wtih price and preformance
    This remote is extremely small, works well, and is priced right. Can't get any better than that....more info