Axis 207MW Network Camera Network Camera- Wireless Megapixel
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Product Description

The AXIS 207MW Network Camera offers compact and cost-effective solutions for indoor surveillance and remote monitoring. The AXIS 207MW provides the best image quality in its class, with excellent performance even in low light conditions. It offers Megapixel resolution with AXIS 207MW.The AXIS 207MW Network Camera also provides the best bandwidth efficiency, thanks to its MPEG-4 implementation that includes motion estimation. Simultaneous MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG streams allow systems to be optimized for both image quality and bandwidth. The built-in microphone enables remote users to not only view, but also listen in on an area and increase the monitoring options.Thanks to the built-in Web server, the AXIS 207MW Network Camera can be monitored from a standard browser on a Windows computer or a Macintosh. In addition to the included AXIS IP Utility tool for Windows, the camera supports both UPnP and Bonjour, for easy location on the network in a Windows or Macintosh environment.Video can be recorded directly from the Web interface or via the included video management software. Video can also be uploaded over FTP, e-mail or HTTP when the camera detects motion or is triggered by a sensor connected to the alarm input.The AXIS 207MW Network Camera is supplied with both wireless IEEE 802.11g and Ethernet network interfaces for flexible installation. It supports the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and WPA2 protocols to provide the best security for wireless networks. The wide coverage provided by the high-performance wireless functionality gives the freedom to place the camera where required, instead of being restricted to network outlets.The AXIS 207MW is ideal for indoor surveillance of small businesses, home offices and residences, especially applications that require greater detail or wider field of view.

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Customer Reviews:
  • Good camera, but not for the technically challenged.
    This is a great product, but it can be difficult to get working unless you have an engineering or computer science degree. This is a product made by engineers for other engineers and IT pros. If you are experienced with computers, the web, networking, protocols, codecs, and IP addresses, then this is a fun product. The image quality is "good" - it's not HD quality video, but it's better than the average webcam.

    Out of the box. Camera comes with power cable/adapter, extension cord, mounting bracket, and a plastic C-clamp for attaching to furniture. I was surprised that it did not come with an Ethernet cable. Given the price of this camera relative to my perceived value of cogs inside it, it seems like Axis is being a little cheap in not supplying the network cable, which is rather critical in getting it setup.

    I started out by plugging both the camera and my Vista laptop into the hub in the back of my Linksys router. The instructions indicate that the first step was to use their software (or "arp -s" from the command line) to assign it an IP address. Neither the tools on the CD-ROM or arp could successfully discover the camera or assign it an IP address. After 30 minutes of fiddling around with all this and trying everything, I discovered that the camera was able to obtain a valid IP address via the router's DHCP service. I wouldn't have been able to discover this unless my router's web page config (Linksys box running Tomato firmware) showed the list of all nodes on the network.
    Once I had the IP address, I was able to bring up the camera's webpage. It prompted me to install an ActiveX control so the video could be seen. This was also troublesome. The ActiveX control it installed (from the camera's web server) wouldn't work. Every refresh of the page resulted in me getting re-prompted to install the same ActiveX control. I went to to download the latest version of this control. After I installed the newer version, all was well. I was able to see my camera's video stream on the web page!

    It wasn't too long before I got the camera working over wifi, and configuring the port forwarding on my router so that it could be accessed over the internet. Not all the protocol/client configurations for the camera work reliably because of NAT traversal issues, but if you know what you are doing, you can make it work reliably for your needs.
    I did a deep-dive of figuring out what else the camera can do. I'll spare the details, but it was all very geeky stuff including using Wireshark to assess the protocols used, analyzing the HTML source to understand how various video web controls worked, telneting to the camera to get a linux shell prompt, etc...

    While I really enjoy this camera, I have only scratched the surface of how to make the most use of it. I recommend exploring all the camera settings in addition to all the available software from the Axis website.

    ...more info
  • Works as described, read the reviews before purchasing.
    Works as described, very easy to set up and use. Great full light picture, terrible low light picture, but that was written in several of the reviews when I purchased the product, so I expected it. It would have been great if it had pan/tilt/zoom, but it doesn't, and the only cameras that I could find that have those features are much more expensive. It is what it is, I guess.

    All in all, it's a great security camera for the money. I plan on putting up several of them around my house.

    Here is a suggestion to purchasers of this camera: Get a 7 lb 3M removable hook that has the "sticky tape", and use the tape to mount the camera. That way you don't have to put holes in your walls, and you can move the camera to a different location at any time....more info
  • Wireless camera did not work
    I purchased this camera because of its supposed wireless capabilities. The camera worked okay when the RJ45 Ethernet wire was connected to the camera, but when I disconnected the wire and tried to use the camera wirelessly, it never worked. I corresponded with tech support at Axis for two weeks. After about 12 emails back and forth attempting to get the thing to work, I gave up and returned the camera.

    All of my wireless computers worked perfectly. My Tivo wireless adapter worked. My iPhone works wirelessly. I have six wireless devices connected to my home LAN, and they all work perfectly. Not so for this Axis wireless camera.

    If you are looking for a wireless camera that works, look somewhere else. This one doesn't work....more info
  • An absolutely amazing little camera...
    The Axis 207MW is well worth the price, in my opinion. While it may lack the PTZ options of higher-end options such as the Axis 213 and offerings from Panasonic, the crisp resolution, size, and MPEG-4/audio support make it the perfect wireless network camera for those looking at a home and small business solution. Take into account its easy setup and plentiful viewing options, and you'll find it very hard to beat for the quality and money.

    If you're looking for a megapixel outdoor camera--especially one featuring two-way audio and interchangeable C-mount lenses, without care about wireless capability--you might want to look at the Axis 211M. It's the only non-dome camera offered by Axis that comes close to the 207MW.

    For everyone else, however, this camera will serve you quite well....more info
  • Top rated camera
    The Axis 207MW is a very fine device: the optical quality is good, and the unusually high resolution gives a clear, broad field of view. The camera performs well in low light. It may have problems when the lighting contrast (exposure latitude) is too great; but I have encountered that only when trying to view outdoors scenes at certain times of day. This camera can be used through a window, but it is really meant for indoor use. The instructions say that direct sunlight will damage the sensor, so for outdoor scenes, one should arrange for a window with a north view.

    The Axis cameras are the most suitable ones for Mac users. The 207 series is compatible with Bonjour, which means that the camera will instantly work on your LAN. Following directions, hook up with Cat5/6 cable, go to Safari, and open Bonjour. From there you can make all the necessary set-up adjustments, including for wireless local and Internet use. I have both my Axis 207AWs programmed to be accessible remotely over the Internet. That requires access to the router for port-forwarding, but the Axis side of the set-up is easy, the directions are good, and the tech support is excellent. Use is comfortable, and the set-up options very clear yet versatile, when compared with other cameras I have used.

    I regard the Axis 207MW as a high quality product, outclassing its competition....more info
  • Best Home Security/Pet Watching Camera for your money
    Was looking for a camera to monitor my puppy at home, while I was at work. I was looking for a wireless network camera, so that I can use the camera for other reasons if needed around the house. I was told that the wireless versions were a bit more expensive, and with network cameras quality improves with higher priced cameras. After looking around, I initially tried the Panasonic BCL30 for about 3 weeks. I was initially impressed, but never got that crystal clear quality. I could see my puppy, and what she was doing, but it was never clear. Therefore I decided to return it and try the Axis brand. After all they have a reputation of being used in homes, stores, malls, hotels. But they also range from low end to very high end. The Axis 207MW is about $75 more than the panasonic, but the difference is breathtaking. The images are crisp, clear, and extremely detailed. Though it does not have the Pan/Scan feature of the panasonic, this camera was far an away better in terms of image quality. Setup was also easy. It does require a PC for initial setup. I have a Mac but was able to set it up using Parallels (mac users know this). I am planning to buy more of these cameras to set it around my house, for home security purposes. The quality is amazingly clear, and if someone does break in, then I will have a chance get a detailed shot of the intruder. The camera does have motion setup which can be setup to email snap shots of motion, or upload motion video to a server. The web interface is also a breeze. My family also watch my dog over the internet and also have made comments on how surprisingly clear the picture was. All in all, though a bit overpriced a great product, and I plan on buying a few more. To sum it up, the difference between this camera and the Panasonic BL C-30 is like AM Radio to CD....more info