i-mate Momento 70 7-Inch Wireless Digital Picture Frame (Clear)
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Product Description

Rediscover all your digital pictures by putting them on display. The Momento&trade 70 wireless digital picture frame cycles through your digital pictures, and lets you enjoy them all the time. It includes wireless 802.11 b/g technology, a USB 2.0 port, memory card slots, and it supports Windows? XP and Vista computers.

  • 7-inch high-resolution display (800 x 480); portrait or landscape viewable
  • Enhanced for Windows Vista; Windows XP compatible
  • Supports integration of other digital media formats (audio, video, voice) as well as online access to advanced applications and services
  • SD/MMC/xD/SmartMedia/Memory Stick media; Wireless 802.11 b/g
  • Interchangeable mattes and frames as well as user-controlled settings
Customer Reviews:
  • Just does not work
    I bought this frame a few months ago. It stopped working after a couple of hours. Mind you, I didnt use any wifi. The frame just kept rebooting itself. I replaced the frame thinking I just got a defective piece, but the same problem in the second frame as well.

    As in other reviews, customer service is just non-existent.

    Given the excellent set of features, I so much the frame to work. But I guess, I have to look elsewhere.

    I do not recommend this frame to anyone....more info
  • Great gift for non-techie relatives
    I bought this in order to share photos with my mother-in-law. The free momentolive website is very easy to use and lets me and my brother in law send photos to the frame with ease. The only minor troubleshooting I needed to do was getting the frame to recognize my wireless network, but once I had that figured out, it was smooth sailing all the way....more info
  • Lukewarm Excitement, but even so
    I live in San Francisco. My mom lives in Vienna, Austria. We have two kids. I am an early adopter. She has Wi-Fi at home. I use Flickr. If you recognize your own situation, this gadget may be for you. If you don't need Wi-Fi, don't bother with it - there must be cheaper and better ones. I would say it worked OK at best. The Wi-Fi worked erratic, sometimes it would see my network, sometimes it wouldn't. Don't tell me that I use unusual Wi-Fi settings - I don't. All my other computers work fine, and besides, I don't care. Just make the thing so it just works. Rant #2: What's up with the dead space of the screen? Why is the only picture that fill the entire screen the settings screen? Why do my pictures show much smaller? Now the praise: With a memento account, you can actually map a Flickr album feed directly on to the frame. What that means is that I can show my mom the newest family pics without her doing anything, I just post them to the Flickr album. So, 5 out of 10 for this gadget. +5 for the boldness and the possibilities, -5 for the execution. ...more info
  • i-mate Momento 70
    After reading all of the poor reviews of this product, I was a little hesitant about buying it. However, it happened to come up at a discounted price through a "Deal a day" site that I look at, and I decided to for it.

    After receiving it in the mail, I plugged it in and followed all of the on screen instructions. In under 10 minutes I was adding pictures to my library in Windows Media Player and seeing them pop up on the screen of this frame. I had absolutely no difficulty getting this connected to my wireless network.

    The screen looks great, the features I've used so far are good...it seems like this is a pretty decent product overall.

    I just wanted to let people out there know that this does work well, despite some poor reviews.

    Also, in case it matters, the programs/hardware I am using are:

    Windows Vista Home Premium
    Windows Media Player 11
    AT&T U-Verse Internet (so I use their 2Wire wireless modem)...more info
  • Overall Awesome Frame - Size a Little Too Small

    The frame has a great look. I was able to connect it to my wireless home network in no time. It was able to see the computers in my home network easily except for some reason it was not able to see my work laptop running XP, but was able to see my desktop with XP and my personal laptop with Vista, just fine.

    Being connected to internet 24x7 is awesome. Sending pictures from MomentoLive is cool. You can bulk upload your pictures at MomentoLive site and the frame is notified of the new pictures and then it downloads them locally (caches the pictures in the frame memory) and plays them. You can also specify a personal message along with the pictures uploaded. The message gets displayed when the frame displays the notification that it has received new pictures. However if the pictures are big (which they usually are now-a-days) uploading too many pictures does not quite work very well at MomentoLive site.

    The MomonetoLive site also features downloading pictures from other sites like flickr etc and feeding them to the frame. There are several options there.

    Overall it is an awesome product for the price. The only thing about my frame that I did not like is that it was 7". I would recommend getting 10" instead of this one if you can, which I think is pretty decent size.

    The colors and resolution in this frame is fairly decent.

    One thing that was not quite intuitive for me was that in order to delete a picture from frame memory you have to click on info 'i' button on the remote and then choose the option to delete. The quick start guide did not mention this. The manual was not present in the box. I sent a support request which I got replied for after 3 or 4 days so customer service is really bad. By then I already located the manual online and found the answer to my question. ...more info
  • Do Not Buy This Product....Customer Service doesn't exist!
    I purchased this product and in less that 6 months it had lines across photographs randomly. These showed up even on the sample pictures from the factory. In addition, after about 5 minutes...the power would shut off. After emailing customer service numerous times I finally obtain RMA info. I returned the unit almost a month ago and I get no response to emails. The one response I did get said it had been shipped by FedEx as per the attached Airway Bill. Well there was no airway bill attached...so nothing could be tracked. I responded telling them no airway bill was attached and I have not received a response. Considering this was a very expensive frame at the time I purchased it...I am extremely frustrated. I would never purchase another product from this company nor would I advise anyone else to either....more info
  • Great photo frame, easy to configure
    I wont belabor the fine points of the frame already covered, but I'll say that it was incredibly easy to configure to use with our WPA wireless network. I cant for the life of me imagine how this could present any sort of challenge to anyone other than technology neophytes.

    On following the instructions, it found my WAP, asked for my encryption key, and off it went.

    If thats too complex, you can even have the windows wireless setup wizard on a windows machine on your network make a USB key with all the configurations needed and just plug it into the side of the frame for a few seconds and voila.

    I set up my momento-live account, which was the most tedious part since you have to type in a long sequence of letters and numbers from the frames registration screen to secure the connection between the frame and momento's web site. I then used framechannel to pick a bunch of news, weather, photo and cartoon feeds to be send through the momento web site to my frame. Nice. Easy. Cool.

    I got it to connect to my vista machine and display pictures from it using the 3 steps in the instructions. Easy.

    I havent tried it with sideshow yet, but I really want it to be a standalone setup, so i'll just be copying a few thousand photos to an SD card and then perhaps using the feature that allows you to email photos to the frame from your mail account or phone.

    Only thing that concerns me about the product is that a fair bit of the functionality involves the momento web site as a source of information and channeling feeds. Should they go out of business and nobody picks up the slack, it'd end up a plain old digital photo frame with some abilities to display information from another wireless machine on your network.

    Four stars - I'd give it five if the company that made it had more solid backing and was very unlikely to go poof....more info
  • Worst product quality and technical support I've ever witnessed.
    I purchased 2 of these frames last Christmas for my relatives and my experience with this frame/company are as bad as what others have mentioned. The first frame did not work from the start. The frame did not respond at all to the remote and therefore, I had no way of operating the frame since there are no operating buttons on the frame itself. Neither changing the batteries, nor resetting the remote + frame helped. A quick email to imate resulted in a return email that simply told me to return the item for a refund. Fortunately, the return process for Amazon is top notch and relatively painless.

    My second frame responds well to the remote. However, when I try and register the frame to use online, the activation code from my frame does not seem to be valid. I sent another email to imate 2.5 weeks ago to which they replied that they would send my email to the "appropriate department" to answer my problem. I haven't heard from them since. So now I'm stuck with an overpriced 7" digital frame that doesn't work online.

    Thanks Imate. You really made my Christmas special....more info
  • Zero Customer Support...Tricky Setup
    I bought this as a gift for my parents this Christmas. They are not technically savvy, yet love to get pictures of the grandkids. I set it up for them. First of all, I work in IT, and so am usually pretty good with most computer issues. There is NO way that people like my parents could ever handle setting this thing up. It is very complicated. After struggling for hours, it finally found my network. However, it couldn't find my computer. I emailed customer support (yes, that's right, for $300 there is NO phone service). It took 2 days for them to respond, with basically the same information that is on their website. Obviously, having tried all those things already, I replied that I needed more direction. 3 days for the next response. Long story short, I never got an answer from them. Our "chain of communication" was cut off by them. They just never responded to my last message. In the end, I was able to get another IT professional to help set this up. But, between the two of us, it took HOURS. This frame is lovely, and the idea is great. But it is not ready for prime time yet. And just to re-iterate, if you want to charge $300 for a picture frame, it is unforgivable to not provide phone support. I would never touch anything from these guys again....more info
  • Best digital frame out there
    After all of my searching, this really is the best frame out there, and at a reasonable price. Got it for my boyfriend for his birthday, and he loves it. Other frames can be just as expensive or more, and they don't offer as much. I definitely want one for myself now....more info
  • Awful, both in usability and functionality
    I bought this frame, and have to say that it's easily in the bottom 10% of all gadgets I've bought in my lifetime. There are literally a dozen or more major issues I could elucidate, but I'll focus on the three that made me return both of the Momento frames I bought within 72 hours of opening their boxes.

    First, let's talk about the frame's usability. The *only* way to control the frame is via the small remote that comes with it, and the frame's response to the remote is spotty at best. This might be because the tiny processor inside the frame is woefully underpowered, and frequently is busy doing other things (like showing pictures or trying to access the network), but in any event, between the remote control and the incredibly slow menuing system, it's a frustrating experience trying to get anything done with the frame. Even choosing which picture source you want to use is both slow and unintuitive, and that's what I'd consider a core function for a digital picture frame. And of course, if you ever lose the remote, you might as well throw the frame away, because there's honestly no other way to control it.

    Second, let's address the frame's ability to use an online source for the photos it displays: simply put, it's fundamentally broken, in that the Momento takes all the images it gets from online sources and *resizes them so they don't fill your frame's screen*. Seriously. So if I loaded a full-screen-resolution image onto the frame via its USB port, the image filled the screen, but the very same image gathered from Flickr or Picasa got resized by the frame so that it only filled about 50% of the screen. I honestly thought this was a bug, so I reached out to technical support to inquire about it, and learned that this is simply the designed behavior of the frame, with no way to disable it. So in the end, one of the main selling features of the frame is also its biggest flaw; if you're looking to buy this frame because of its ability to stream photos from an online source, look forward to being very disappointed.

    Finally, I'll address the tech support, which is functionally nonexistent. i-mate, the maker of the frame, only offers support via an online form or an email address, and it took a minimum of two days for me to receive a reply to requests sent via both methods. There's no phone support of any kind, and while I'm usually very, very good at ferreting out a hidden phone number that'll eventually reach a support tech, there's really *nothing* out there for i-mate phone support. So thus, my worst example was that one of my two frames stopped booting up past a certain point on the very first day I tried to use it, and I emailed them for support. Two days later, I received a reply that stated plainly: "Contact the retail store you bought the frame from" -- no attempt at diagnosing the problem or helping me get the frame working, nothing. Of course, to me, that means that I should just return the frame and move on, which I'm in the process of doing.

    In the end, I honestly believe that these two Momento frames -- this one and the Momento 70 -- are unusable, and clearly not ready to be in the hands and on the desks of users....more info
  • Getting i-mate to connect wirelessly
    I'm running Windows XP w/ WMP 11 w/ a Linksys WRT54G router. I'm running wireless security WPA TKIP. I was only able to get the Momento to connect to my router by doing two things.

    1) Reduce the length of my wireless passkey from 63 to 31 characters...only letters & numbers. I don't know the maximum but 42 was too long. So somewhere between 31 and 42 characters is the maximum.

    That allowed the Momento to see the router.

    2) Configure my Kerio firewall to allow local inbound/outbound UDP traffic on port 1900.

    That allowed the Momento to see WMP11 and sync up. Without doing those two things the frame would not connect.

    Hope that helps someone. If it wasn't for the passkey issue the item would be fantastic...it really is cool. Note: I'm not using any of the advanced online functions so I can't comment on them....more info
  • Won't connect to Network
    I received my Momento 100 but it won't connect to my Linksys WRT54GX wireless router. I've spent hours playing with the configuration and setup of the router and nothing. It sees the router but won't connect. There is no technical documentation what so ever with the Momento to describe what it's wireless capabilities are (e.g., B vs. G, type of security it is compatible with etc.) and they do not provide a phone number for technical support.

    I ended up by totally disabling all security on the router and while the Momento can see the network and tries to connect - nothing. Would not recommend this product.

    Further Info: after contacting Momento by phone, they said that I should try Factory Restoring the frame as it sometimes would lock onto "settings" and would not refresh in order to try connecting with different settings. I subsequently managed to get the frame to connect to my network but continued to have glitchy problems with it. In the first two days of use I had to "factory restore" it 3 times. This product may be okay for people who are computer literate and like to fiddle but I don't think its ready for the rest of us. I still wouldn't recommend it....more info
  • Using FrameChannel with this frame
    This is a great frame to use FrameChannel with! FrameChannel is a free web-based tool that allows customization of the content displayed on your wireless picture frame, desktop widget, or RSS enabled device. FrameChannel enables customers to remotely manage their frames over the Internet and provides them with a library of interesting content to include in their photo stream.

    You can even add your facebook, flickr, picassa, etc. photos to your frame so that when you update photos on those sites, your frame updates automatically!!

    Check it out at: www.framechannel.com

    There is also a useful blog with info on wireless frames and devices: www.wirelesspictureframe.com...more info
  • Best product of its class on the market right now
    Great purchase! Lots of options and looks great. I am going to make a list of downsides for future buyers so there are no surprises:

    1. Wireless setup only supports one type of setup (i think it is 40 bit WEP AES), but if you read in to more of the reviews you will see others saying the same. the device will detect WPA and what not but will not connect to it.

    2. I use it from my media server over the wireless. I have roughly 4,000 pictures added to a playlist i created in Windows Media Player. The device will show these pictures, but what i have noticed is it will only show a handful of these pictures. It is almost like it pulls like 10 pictures over, then shows these repeatedly and will pull only one or two new ones over every few minutes.

    3. Loss of connectivity. The device will lose connectivity on my wireless from time to time even with a strong signal. It defaults to its cached pictures when this happens. It will reconnect automatically.

    This is a great product, but using it with a media server over wireless to share a mass amount of pictures does not work the greatest. I think the user has to have a much smaller amount of pictures shared or should use the USB port to show pictures if there are a lot of them.

    I do recommend it, but the product has a little way to go!...more info
  • decent features, horrible support
    I usually do not write reviews -- this turned out to be very frustrating and time consuming. The reason I gave it one star so that other users will hopefully see this post and it will save them time. I will not tell you all the pluses of this thing, you can read other reviews. Feature-wise it is probably one of the most compelling products at this time.

    I am an IT Professional and have over 7 years of experience configuring wireless networks -- it took me over 4 hours over a course of a few days to get Momento to connect to my network. I was very close to sending it back.

    I have Dlink DIR-655 router with two laptops connected to it wirelessly -- no issues. Momento refused to see my SSID, while seeing my neighbors' networks.

    After hours of tinkering, completely useless email response from i-Mate support, I found the configuration that works:

    Dlink configuration:
    + Install latest firmware (1.10 as of 2007/10/26); backup settings before installing this one -- it resets everything to default
    + Turn off "Wireless Protected Setup" - that allowed Momento to see my network ssid, but it wasn't enough
    + Change WPA Mode to "WPA Only"
    + Change Cipher Type from AES to TKIP - that allowed Momento to connect.

    I documented the changes I had to make in order to make it connect. Links are not allowed in reviews so search for: "i-mate momento and dlink dir-655 co-existence" in google. should take you to my blog post

    Hope this will help a few people save time and frustration

    P.S. I also expect phone support when spending $300 on a gadget -- not with i-mate...
    ...more info
  • Best digital frame on the market
    This frame blows the rest away with wireless networking and Windows SideShow. One gripe is that it forced me to stop using my old 40 bit WEP key (probably not a bad thing) and move towards WPA-PSK. The Momento frame didnt work with the 40 bit key at all. I have had some problems finding good SideShow Gadgets for Vista but that's not the frame's problem really. I expect that this will improve over time as SideShow devices become more prevalent. At the moment there are only three or four SideShow Gadgets that actually work. This is great for pictures because you don't need it insert memory cards. Just share the pictures on your PC and point the frame at the share. I also love the power saving mode that shut's down the screen during sleeping hours. This frame has tons of features. Perhaps a little too expensive for the average person. If you need the best frame on the market, this is it....more info
  • Best digital picture frame on the market today.
    This is the best digital picture frame on the market today. It works great and the ability to stream pictures works amazing.

    It does case your PC that it is streaming from to stay awake, but if you have a deticated media server, this is the best option for showing pictures....more info
  • Simply Doesn't Work
    I gave this a one star rating only because the system wouldn't allow me to give it a zero star rating. I bought the Momento 70 7 inch Wireless Digital Picture Frame as a birthday gift for my wife. It would not power on, so I returned it. I got the replacement unit - same problem. I thought that I must be doing something wrong. I tried different outlets, unplugging the cord at the unit etc. Nothing helped (I even reread the instructions!) I attempted to get help from Momento's customer service. I sent them an e-mail, but they never responded. I am going to return this product and search for one from a different company that will work....more info
  • Great concept but poor software/networking options
    Other have written about all the positives, but I thought I would inform would-be-buyers about the big reasons they might not want to buy it. The product has great capability but really lacks in software and networking. Sure it can do wireless networking... if you network is in the stone age! Wi-Fi requires that new products like this support things like WPA2 and AES encryption at least. This thing will NOT work with your network if you have WPA2 and/or AES enable. I don't mean that you require WPA2 and/or AES for something to connect, no... even if you enable mixed mode where your access point allows WPA/WPA2 and/or TKIP/AES it will refuse to connect. You have to switch ALL of your network to WPA with TKIP to be able to use this device! What a rip off! And don't hold your breath for a firmware update. Either this thing can't do firmware update or the tech support for imate just fancies not replying me emails about them fixing their device to support the standard networking protocals REQUIRED by the Wi-Fi community for new devices like this. Sure they answer other questions, but somehow don't answer any emails about the networking problem or any firmware update.
    Second, the sideshow capabilies are EXTREMELY limited. You can use some sideshow gadgets with it but all of them won't really work well or in a very limited way. ...more info
  • Great Product, only a few quibbles
    After much research into all the digital picture frame in the market, I settled for the Momento Wireless and decided on the 10 inch because I thought the 7 inch would have been too small.

    I was not disappointed! A beautiful modern frame, solidly built and as a first release, well thought-out. I had it up and running in a couple of minutes with pictures from my SD card. The pictures are bright and clear. There is not too much of a problem with the viewing angle and the design is innocuous enough to sit comfortably on a sideboard or table without looking like an obvious piece of technology. I was able to trail the wire in such a way that it was not visible. In fact I put it on the sideboard for a family gathering and most people didn't notice it was a screen until it changed!

    Then I decided on trying out the wireless features - the main reason for my purchase. I have many devices connected to my home network and a Windows Vista Machine as well. The device's menu set-up is done through the remote control. It was a bit fiddly and the response times to commands were slow. It had some problems registering with my network and I had to enter the WEP key a couple of times before it was saved. Eventually though it did connect. It remembers your wep key after you turn it back on but sometimes lost its connection so I still had to go through the entire process of searching for a network and selecting the WEP key and searching for a computer which was a bit annoying.

    I did finally configure Windows Media Player to share some library files of pictures and after I selected the folder on the Momento, it works like a charm. The momento updates itself quite often from the computer so that the moment you add new pictures to the folder, they appear on the picture frame!

    Only a couple of minor negative points: I don't know how to connect to other Sideshow programs such as weather or webcams (I think there is a driver for this) and it would have been good if the manufacturer could have documented this. It would have been great if it could be run on rechargeable batteries, say when using the SD card which takes less power, it would be nice to be able to move it around without plugging it in so it would be truly "wire-less".

    I originally purchased this for myself and then was persuaded to part with it as a give for a 90th birthday - but when people realised how good it was, they allowed me to keep it!

    GOOD: Picture, wireless streaming, potential uses of Sideshow
    BAD: A bit pricy, no battery, sluggish interface
    ...more info
  • One of the best tech gifts for a mom!
    My children and husband got me the i-mate for Mother's Day. It's NEAT. I can load pictures into a file and "send" to the frame! Since it's wireless there is no downloading them onto a disk or stick and then loading them on the frame. Just goes right from my laptop to the frame. The pictures are beautiful, and changeable, with the click of a button. We programmed ours to "dim" itself at night so it's not too bright while we sleep. LOVE IT! ...more info
  • Great frame - wireless and online capabilities make all the difference
    The fact that I can connect wireless to one of my PCs at home makes all the difference when comparing to other frames. Two advantages:

    - I can put this frame anywhere where there is an outlet, without worrying about network access
    - I don't have to worry about loading and updating the frame

    You can point the frame to a folder on your computer and you can tell it to only show photos with a certain tag, for example. As I keep all photos on my PC, there is no extra work to get new content to show on the frame. The photos on my frame are always "fresh". If had to load and reload photos on the frame manually, I would just not do it (at all or as often).

    On the online front, you can also have the frame display pictures from flckr, from Live Spaces, or other online photo sharing sites, which is also useful if you have a group of friends or family that want to share photos online (instead of going through the hassle of sending lower resolution photos over email to each of the people).

    Last, you can send photos to someone else that has a frame (they have to accept the photo and allow you to send photos to them). This is great to share photos with parents/relatives, as they don't have to mess with transfering photos from computers.

    The image resolution is very nice and it works great, including dimming the backlight at night. Even the larger frame looks very good.

    I also tried the support for Windows Vista sideshow display, not that useful to me at home, but would be great for the office, as it could be used as a reminder for meetings or emails.

    I have not tried to play music through the frame.

    (...)...more info
  • Poor/no customer service / response
    The product itself works well. However, we wanted to sign up for the online service in which we could send photos to the frame via email. When we went to the website to do this, the site told us that our frame had already been registered by someone (even though it was brand-new from Amazon). Over the past month we have been repeatedly trying to contact the customer service reps over email and phone and have never gotten through to anyone, nor received a response from anyone. Seems like a good product, but they really seem to have no idea how to run a business or how to respond to customers.

    If anyone from Momento actually reads this posting please contact me so that we can resolve this issue. Thanks....more info
  • Does not work with all XP OS
    Well I thought this was great since I didn't feel like taking a chance and upgrading to Vista. When I got it out of the box it is a great frame, looks clean and has an easy setup process. But when I tried to download windows media player 11 onto my computer so I can share the folders I found out that I have the 2004 XP Media Editon which cannot download media player 11 and thus I can't use this feature unless I want to upgrade my computer or buy a new one.

    Other than that the frame is great and I plan on purchasing another one for my mom so that I can just email her pictures and she doesn't need to worry about putting items on a memory card and then using it in the frame....more info
  • This is THE must have gadget for 2007
    This digital picture frame wireless links to all the photos on your computer. I have literally thousands of photos on my computer that I never look at. With this frame you can select photos in a seemingly umlimitness matter. For example, you can select your entire picture folder or particular folders. Or by year only. A must have. If you have the space, consider the 10 inch frame rather than the 7 inch which is a bit small. ...more info
  • Best in Show, First in SideShow
    As a digital picture frame, the i-mate Momento 70 is as good as it gets, thus the 5 star rating. It's display is as detailed and bright as the category leading Philips models, which I also own and reviewed.

    But this is no ordinary digital picture frame. This is the first device in what will become a very popular computer peripheral category. The device incorporates Microsoft's SideShow technology. What's SideShow? It's Microsoft's name for a realtime standalone secondary information display. Think of Apple/Yahoo widgets or Google/Microsoft Gadgets. Instead of the *gets appearing on your desktop, they instead display on the picture frame. Get it? This changes everything.

    My mind boggles when thinking of the many useful display applications for this device; rss feeds, stock quotes, kid's GPS coordinates, instant vacation photo updates, computer performance measurements, social network updates, email alerts, caller id, remote control with display, HTPC status, security, realtime porn updates, and on and on. This technology has really explosive potential. This device, on the basis of it being the first in it's category, deserves to become a legend in gadget history. It should certainly be considered as one of the top 10 gadgets of 2007.

    So, how good is the device's implementation of SideShow? Well, it's time to suck back some of that gushed enthusiasm. It's definitely an early adopter experience. Some bads are: apparently SideShow only works with a Windows Vista PC host, installation is really rough, documentation is zilch, there's wireless connectivity and firewall challenges, paucity of SideShow software gadgets, lack of gadget configurability, and unpolished Microsoft host software -- so far. The good news is that it can be made to do some interesting tricks now. All the pain will eventually pass, after many firmware/documentation/software updates.

    Besides wishing for speedy improvements, I have a couple additional wishes. I hope the manufacturers foster an open source development community. There's lot's of potential and lot's of work to do. Microsoft has just released the first SideShow beta SDK. That should accelerate SideShow gadget development. I hope the device gets a microphone for voice input. Lastly, I hope i-mate, or someone, figures out how to make the device work with a universal RF remote control. The included remote is a dinky little RF thing, range challenged, that inhibits the device's potential.

    In conclusion, I can recommend this device as a very good digital picture frame. On that basis alone, the device is a good purchase. As a SideShow device, in the care of an early adopter, it's potential is awesome. Hackers apply here.

    Edit: oops, changed 3 occurrences of SideStep to SideShow...more info