Sentry Predator Locator
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Does a Sex Offender Live In Your Neighborhood? Would you know if one moved in? Sentry Predator Locator Receive real-time updates when a Registered Sex Offender registers and moves into your neighborhood. The application immediately alerts you, based on pre-selected location criteria- exact address, a cross street, and a radius. A map will appear which displays your location in relation to all the sex offenders within the pre-selected area. Also receive geo-coded Amber Alerts. If a sex offender moves into, within or moves out of the user's geographic location, the user will be notified by: An email sent to their inbox A text message sent to their cell phone The application icon, which will reside on the computer system tray, will pop up a message. There are over 500,000 registered sex offenders in the United States. SearchHelp, which is committed to child and family safety on the Internet, is also determined to make sure parents know where these sex offenders live. Once the application is downloaded, a small ribbon icon will reside in the system tray next to the computer's clock. Each user should login, enter their zip code, address or cross street and a radius. Once this is done, a map will appear and show the location for each sex offender in relation to where the user lives. Click on an offender's icon and see their image, exact address, first and last name with alias, age, height, gender and any information relating to their arrest and convi